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Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

myg37myg37 Posts: 7
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I just got a new 2010 infiniti g37 sedan ( not sport model ) , maybe it's in my head but i think the car at some times doesn't shift thru 3 rd gear to 4 gear or 4 to 5 , at times it hesitates and rev's up then catches and goes. and sometimes it bog's down then catches. ( auto trans ) this is hard to explain , just curious if any other new g37 owners think they have this issue. thanks , mike D


  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    Hi, myg37,

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  • myg37myg37 Posts: 7
    my 2010 infiniti g37 sedan , i keep getting these weather alerts. telling me that bad weather in my area or 10 to 20 miles from my area , can somebody please tell me how to turn this off.
  • Just picked my G37x up last night. Mine does the same thing. i drove around for an hour trying to see if it corrected. I may take it back tomorrow.

  • myg37myg37 Posts: 7
    edited February 2010
    thanks for your reply , I took back to the shop on wed and the tech drove it and hooked it up to there computer , he said that it's shifting normal and the computer has no updates at this time. I believe that when the tech drove it he did feel what I said the tranny is doing. but infiniti has no fix for it know. if more people keep complaing maybe infiniti will provide a computer update for this problem. this problem is really bothering me I'm not happy with this. if no fix soon I am considering a lease transfer to get out.
    please let me know what your dealer say's if you take it back.
  • I took mine back after two days ad the dealer did the same thing. The fact that a trained professional couldn't sense the problem means that they won't acknowledge it yet. I do not plan on letting this issue persist. I will be contacting Infiniti USA until it is resolved. They don't want a transmission recall now, I'm sure Toyota is not having much fun with theirs.
  • Hi, congratulation on your new car, could you say what kind of gas mileage are you getting?
  • myg37myg37 Posts: 7
    Computer on car say's 18.5 mpg mostely city driving . not much highway.
  • myg37myg37 Posts: 7
    well this problem still is going on , i have around 800 miles on car know , i guess it's still going thru it's break in period. but what it's doing doesn't feel like it will fix it self after a proper break in. i wish infiniti would see that there is a real issue here.
    reddragon 7 please keep me informed with your results when you contact infiniti usa , i will be doing the same. thks , mike D
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    edited February 2010
    Go to This issue has been discussed at length there. There is 2 possible scenarios. 1- The car is going through its learning process of your driving style, since you are doing mainly city driving there is a lot of stop n go and maybe the car is taking longer to adjust properly. 2- There is a real problem, in which case there is a fix for that or the worst case scenario, this cannot be fixed and you may need a new transmission or car :surprise: . To be frank, just judging by your driving circumstances and your description, I think its not the worst the case scenario. However its best to discuss this with a wider audience of G37 owners.

    I have a '10 G37xS with similar mileage, no problems with the transmission to date.

    I noticed you also described your annoyance with the weather updates. I am in the same boat, whoever thought of bringing weather updates to the car is NUTS. This is technology that is beyond useless IMO. I have not tried to disable it however. After the 3 months free XM service, I will just renew the radio service only.

    Good luck and hopefully you will zero in on what is happening.
  • I have two G37/08 and 09 and yes they have transmission issues. I took both cars back at least 6 times each..they have change the slave cylinder..the car sometime pull back or hesitate into gears. The transmission also make noise..Infiniti know there is big issues with the transmission and they are denying it...The dash boards make rattling sounds and the breaks makes noise...All G37 owners try to turn off ur radio and listen to your car while you drive...there is big issues brewing.
  • Myg37,
    I just got back from the dealership. The tech took a ride with me in my car and agreed to sluggish shifting and acceleration. We took another 2010 g37 demo out and it seemed a little better but had the same issues. They are submitting an inquiry to corporae so the ball is rolling on addressing the issue. Please do the same at your dealership so we can mke this issues more urgent.
    The on possible reasoning I got was the adaptive 7-gear tranny may be more tuned to seek better MPG's than acceleration. I hope they didn't tune a 300+ hp engine to better gov't fuel requiremets!!!
    In any case, I will keep you up on my progress. Until then, I'm using the manual shifting mode.

    Red Dragon 7
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    Nothing is brewing. I get my info from As far as the transmission issue is concerned there is a thread there which is about 3 pages long with the majority having no problems. The high frequency issue is a problem with about 50% having the issue, but Infiniti has developed a fix for that. This is also on with a +20 page thread dedicated to that.
  • smarty666smarty666 Posts: 1,503
    hey guys, just FYI, that is the XM NavWeather that you get complimentary for the first 3 months you have the vehicle, along with the XM radio and navtraffic!

    I had the same thing on my 2010 Maxima and while I'm not sure you can turn it off, I lived with it until after the 3 month trial was over and didn't renew the navtraffic or navweather with XM; after the 3 months it will not do it anymore, unless you renew everything with XM, I just renewed the radio because I don't need to know what the weather is outside, I can just look out my window for free!!
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    edited February 2010
    "The on possible reasoning I got was the adaptive 7-gear tranny may be more tuned to seek better MPG's than acceleration. I hope they didn't tune a 300+ hp engine to better gov't fuel requiremets!!!"

    I have to disagree. Although I am still in break in period for the '10 its right on par with the 08 G35 I had as far as acceleration concerned. I am not exactly following the "break in rules" as I am training her for my driving style, once its broken in she will be exactly where she needs to be. Believe me it takes a lot to be at par with the VQ35HRs in the acceleration dept. Once its fully broken in it should start to edge the VQ35HR, but only just a bit.

    I still think you really need to go to a G37 forum with your issues since not every dealer out there knows these cars as well as the guys there. In addition, you have a very tiny audience here. It helps to use multiple sources, this one included. I remember how my dealer knew probably 50% of what I know, I just wanted him to shut up and just let me drive, not that I needed the test drive.
  • aed1aed1 Posts: 3
    Just bought a 09 g37 coupe w/sport pkg. Had an 04 and loved it. Assumed it would be the same - just with updated interior. 2 weeks and 900 miles and I hate the new one. The transmission is so busy finding gears it's hard to get it to go! Would take it back if I thought I could. Have an appt. with the dealership but sounds like they cant' do much. Additional gripe - the fabulous tight steering on my 04 is gone on the 09. Too much power assist -
  • liberating2009liberating2009 Posts: 1
    edited March 2010
    I am the proud new owner of a G37 Journey, and this is my first time working with a preowned. I have owned it for 3 months and 2 days after I had the car the VDC/off and Slip lights came on. Yes it affects the car. The cruise will not stay on and it slips into "safe mode" which will not allow the car to go over 30 mph. The car can be reset if the motor is turned off then restarted.

    The company is not having any success (after over 35 days working on the car) of fixing this. Has anyone else had any problems with the VDC/off and/or Slip lights? Any suggestions?
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    edited June 2010
    aed1: Man, are you ever correct !! I just picked up a new 2010 G37X. I only test drove for a 10-15 minutes with the same Dealer who leased me a 2007 G35X. The 7 speed AT is terrible. It has affected the Driveability of this great car so much, I'm FLOORED.... It "hunts" for the right gear as you said, lags a little on the downshift (in D Mode anyway), and has that......funny Overdrive type feeling at 30 to 40 MPH when driving on local streets. Oh yeah, the mileage is better - seen immediately even w/o full break in. Only have 180 miles on the clock. I'm 58 years old, Loved my G35X, it was a fantastic car, terrific in the snow and all kinds of weather, stuck like glue on the road, Still haven't learned my lessons: TEST DRIVE VEHICLES 10 TIMES IF YOU HAVE TO; AND DON'T REACT TO YOUR IMPULSES. I should have bought my G35X which had only 25k miles. Similar to your response, you know that there is no Fix For this - ECU upgrade, etc. the design was to improve mileage ratings, sacrificing driveability. Also, I fel the steering has been lightened - less road feel, too.
  • wjv1wjv1 Posts: 3
    Good evening,

    Any luck on getting your transmission issue resolved? My '10 G37Sx automatic does the same thing. Has about 1300 miles on it. Didn't notice it initially. Funny thing is, this issue is most noticeable first thing in the morning or after it has sat for a while. Once it has gone through a few cycles, the shifting is smooth as silk. I'm taking it to the dealer tomorrow for its first check up. This is so very frustrating.

    Thanks, Bill
  • myg37myg37 Posts: 7
    No luck with Infiniti fixing my tranny issues , I have taken back twice and each time they played it off that it's normal. We are waiting for an ECU update to fix this proplem which i hope comes soon. I have called infiniti usa and got no help from them , I'm sorry I'm stuck in a lease because i would have allready sold the car and taken a hit just to get out. such a great car sad to think infiniti can't fix this issue. Mike D
  • clamboclambo Posts: 1
    I bought a 2010 G37S, same issue, especially noticed on the highway when i'm lane changing, it sits there for a second and "thinks" about what gear to go in, by then i've pushed it to the floor to get the heck out of the way of the car ready to hit me because the tranny isn't reactive enough.
    I'm sure you all have found this out, but the DS mode helps, and i got the paddle shifters, that eliminates the issue completely because i'm doing the "thinking" and you can blip up and down quicker than the car will do. Clearly they designed this to get better MPH when in D. A friend of mine has a 7 series with an 8speed tranny, his does the same thing.
  • mazzmanmazzman Posts: 8
    I know this isn't much help but..... When I was shopping for a G37 sedan last year, I had to do the demo drive in an automatic car since no manual-transmission cars were at the dealership. So I asked them how many manual transmission G37's they had sold in 2009. The answer was.....none. I eventually bought a 6-speed manual car that was shipped in from some outta state dealer, (New Jersey, maybe) and so far, the manual tranny is working fine.

    My point. Since it would seem that the *vast* majority of G37's sold are automatic-transmission cars, you think Infiniti would "get it right." Maybe all
    the cars need is a button that disables the "learning mode" feature and lets
    the auto transmissions upshifts come at specific, pre-set rpms, that are
    based on throttle position.... You know, like in "the old days"......
  • Purchased 2010 G37 last month. After owning 2003,2005, and leasing 2008, we decided to purchase a new 10 instead of buying the 08 with 12000 miles. What a mistake. The car does drive much smoother in town, but out on the highway, I'd rather be in a Honda that will go when you hit the gas. My G37 isn't just hesitating, the tranny is definitely slipping. Because of other travel have not taken it back to the shop. I already can hear that " we can't find any problem". Actually had a similar problem in the 2005 G35 at 30,000mi. Eventually Infiniti replaced the transmission. Is anyone else experiencing a definite slip?
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    edited August 2010

    Infiniti released a TSB reflash for the Transmission Control Module (TCM) to resolve this issue.
    (7 SPEED A/T; HARSH 4-3 DOWNSHIFT ON DECELERATION; ITB09-032). The software patch made a world of difference in my Infiniti. The transmission now is much better shifting in all gears as well as Gas mileage improved!!! I don't think any other tranny in this price range compares. Bravo Infiniti Bravo!
    I'm happy now and have gained acceptance once again in Infiniti.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    m4m: You have RAISED MY HOPES !!!!.... When did you get the Reflash done ?

    Do you have a 2010 or 2009? with the 7 spd Auto Tranny. I now have 1800 miles on my 2010, the tranny is better after the break in, But NOT a Helluva lot better. In fact, I drive mostly in DS mode, that too is totally different from my 2007 G35X. Man, I miss that car. What a mistake not buying it. "New Is Not Always Better" and in this case, much worse. I brought my G37X in to dealer to apply reflash - ipgrade to Navi system to supposedly work better with iPhone 4 - bluetooth. I really didn't experience what others were mentioning on other forums about the iPhone. I don't use my iPod or iPhone to play music yet....

    Please advise the forum on this fantasic news !! Also check !!
  • Anyone having any luck? I bought a new 2010 G37 Sport with the 7at for my wife and when the car has sat or is cold the tranny jumps and bucks and slips. When its hot it runs and shifts great. The dealership says that they dont know how to fix it! They said they are aware of the problem but dont have a answer! They said Infinity hasn't told them what they can do or how or when they can fix it! Am I paying $700 a month for a pos? 1st Infinity and probably last! My wife loves the car but what good is a 47k "luxury car that jumps and bucks and cant be serviced? Its been in 2X for a window leak,STILL LEAKS, and now the window has a gap and if and when it rains it will leak. They will have to redo that. The offer to come pick up but who wants their sports car hot rodded by some stranger plus the increased liability of if a wreck occurs. I'm very disappointed and think they should refund my money or give me another car but they dont see it like that. They say "it will be fixed" but they dont know when!
    what to do?????
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    atvridernc: How many miles on your G37? I have noticed now with over 2k on the Clock, the tranny is better, more responsive, less buckying and jerking in D Mode, it does Rev match in DS mode and seems to Buck more in that DS mode than my previous 07 G35X. I have a 2010 G37X with the 7 AT tranny. Don't know 'bout the window leak. Other than my complaints in many sites about the 7 AT (many others have the same complaint, and many others don't complain & think it's fine), and unproperly claibrated dashboard out side Temp indicator [alway off by 5 or more degrees], everything else seems very good. I haven't put the Radio / CD Music Box thru the paces yet. But I will this weekend. Break in the tranny by driving it hard, in DS mode. I followed that advise from another Forum member and it seemed to help.

    Also, the Reflash TSB I beleive refers to the 09 model. The 2010 models are all up to date with ECU and Drivetrain software according to my dealer.
  • m4mm4m Posts: 76
    Even though mine is '09 but according to Infiniti site 7 AT tranny TSB Reflash ITB09032 is for '09 -'10 G37 (V36), any way I love my new car and have no other issues what so ever. Good luck with yours!
  • I just bought my G37 last week and noticed the bucking right away...almost always between 2-3 and 3-4 gears. Going to let the car get to 2k to see if it evens out...otherwise I'll hit up the service department for a fix.

    My only other possible complaint is that the steering is too over-compensated for at low speeds. Feels disconnected to me compared to the TSX I just left. Otherwise a fun car.
  • almattialmatti Posts: 164
    DB from NC: Yes, you are correct, the Steering is different from the 07 G35X, I had. It is less "tight" and at first I didn't like it either, but it seems quicker to me and you will feel the Road at higher speeds. The Tranny is more driveable too as I noted with some mileage. I took the advise of another Forum ( member and drove it much harder than the Manual instructs and in DS mode as my Dealer suggested. I didn't have thesde quirks in my 07, but now that the quinks are workinh themselves out, I'm enjoying the car Much More. BTW, there is nof "fix" for the tranny issue: It is what it is....
  • I appreciate the post, almatti. I'll try your suggestions.
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