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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • dwilliamdwilliam Posts: 128
    Thank you... sincerely.

    I am glad you have a great dealer in your area. We are trying to be the "Premier Dealer" In the Houston market and just need to keep providing great service and we will get there!

    WAR EAGLE! (sorry... wife graduated from Auburn!)

    The Anonymous Dealer
  • jopadmanjopadman Posts: 27

    you said "houston". where are you in houston, what dealership do you work for?
  • hi2ux4hi2ux4 Posts: 11
    What is a fair price on a 2006 Honda civic EX sedan , manual transmission? Thx.
  • Reliance Honda
    Lake Jackson, Texas

    EXCELLENT rating for dealership and entire staff. Experience was comfortable and enjoyable. Price paid: $17,060 for LX. Dealership went out of it's way for days to locate the car I wanted and have it brought. Can't speak highly enough of their courtesy. Price was as good as I could get even using an independent third-party negotiator. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dealership. And of course, the Civic LX is a great vehicle. It is replacing a 2005 Civic which was rear-ended at highway speed by a drunk driver, spun out, smashed into a concrete barricade. Both driver and passenger (my son & girlfriend) walked away with only slight bruising. If I hadn't been a believer in the safety of this vehicle before, I sure would be now!
  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96
    Lots of posts on what it would, or has cost for the Purchase of a new Civic. However it has gotten very confusing, being some are adding in other costs like Taxes and tag fees etc. Taxes and other "State fees are different from State to state, and are not "Negotiable". The Dealer only collects the money for the State. and we have to pay them.

    THE ONLY $ references should be to what you are paying for the vehicle itself and the "Dealer Fees" if any.

    Remember that the dealers like to keep us confused on the costs. So if we stay focused, on what we can negotiate then you will more likely get a "FAIR DEAL"
    Being Honda does not offer many options it's easy to stay on track.

    I suggest the following facts be included
    1. Model EX, LX or SI
    2. Auto or Manual
    3. Nav if included.
  • jopadmanjopadman Posts: 27
    Congrats on your purchase. What was the total drive out price of the car after tax, title and fees? I'm dealing with them now and so far they've quoted me the best price.
  • dwilliamdwilliam Posts: 128
    I apologize for not answering the question. I use the forum to assist in the car buying experience for all of you good folks from the dealer perspective. The forum is not supposed to be used to solicite/advertise and although it would be GREAT to scream out the name of our Dealership it would most certainly violate the "Rules of the Road" and I have far too much respect for these forums to do that. (not really ethical to "toot my own horn" either... how can you trust the guy to say "Buy from me at Honda XYZ we are the best and lowest!") I would hope you would after buying a car from us. Hopefully I have passed on some good information for prospective buyers. I comment in several of the Honda Prices Paid forums.

    Suffice to say I am a General Sales Manager in the Houston area.

    Anonymous Dealer OUT!

    I hope that all made sense!

    (not affiliated with or any online advise column. Past sales do not predict future purchase prices. All information contained herein is opinion and not to be taken as fact nor fiction. Always decide for yourself what is right. The majority of this disclaimer is made up and is not legal in any kangaroo court or ardvark for that matter :P )
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Nice post, but don't forget dealer or doc. fees as well as destination. Basically everything except state fees for sales tax, title, and registration.
  • jopadmanjopadman Posts: 27
    well, how could i buy a honda from you if i don't know what dealership you are from. I understand and respect your angle but could you at least recommend a dealership in the houston area. ;)
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Posts: 2,882
    Why don't you two update your profile and make your email addy public? Then exchange emails.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,637
    dwilliam has it exactly right... He can't post on here and give advice as a dealership employee, if he identifies where he works....

    ...or, even tries to hint in the teensiest, eensiest way..

    So, there ya go.. ;)

    Host-Prices Paid Forums


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  • dwilliamdwilliam Posts: 128
    LOL I was wondering if I was showing up on your radar. I am pleased that I haven't done anything to wrinkle your brow!

    And I must be on base with my comments, cause you obviously know your stuff and haven't come down on me.

    Three Cheers for the Host! ;)

    (and don't worry. I have already declined Email and location as you are aware!)

    The VERY ANONYMOUS Dealer :shades:
  • wavegwaveg Posts: 2
    " Best I'm getting is abouty 20,500 OTD.

    Or 18,964 before tax and license."

    It is about one month later and I am in similar situation.
    I am in Marin looking for Civic EX Sedan AT. I am ready to travel ~100 miles to get a good deal.
    Were you able to get a car you wanted at the price you wanted at the end? Would you please share your knowledge with me- I am sure you became an expert at the end of the process.

    Thanks a lot.
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    I'm looking for a 4dr/EX. one dealer quotes me $18964 plus tax/title/tags OTD $20,515. He said the $18,900 was employee pricing which is $700 over invoice??

    Another dealer said $19500 plus tax/title.

    Does anyone know what a good price to be at on this vehicle? I have never purchased a Honda, usually the vehicles I buy I can get pretty close to invoice. The dealers I have talked to said they don't discount much on Hondas? :confuse:
  • gwarrenflgwarrenfl Posts: 96

    I believe that the $18,900 which is truly $700 over the Invoice price "IS A VERY FAIR DEAL". I did a lot of searching before my purchase as I bought "TWO" at the same time. I had a lot of negotiation before getting to that same price. Right now they sort of have the upper hand as the demand still exceeds the supply. Even more so if you are looking for a coupe like I was. Keep in mind that these cars are "Not" sitting in the lots too long, so when you have a good deal take it.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 551
    Nope, they haven't budged and neither have I.

    Haven't had contact with any dealer since then.

    I'm open to other models so I haven't pushed it as much.
  • I'm interested in getting the Civic LX Sedan AT. I'm a first time buyer, and I don't know much. I went to a dealership yesterday to check things out and they said $19,600, but after a little bit they said $18,400 (They said they were slow and this was a good deal, but that seemed too high). This was before all the CA taxes and fees. Then I went online to get some quotes and have gotten prices at $17,100 including destination, but without fees. Can anyone tell me the current prices for the Civic LX in San Jose/Bay Area? Any help would be much appreciated!
  • gazinegazine Posts: 2
    It is an AT and I did bargain a bit but not too much compare to my previous experience to get that price. I envy people who only have to pay 2% sale taxes because it makes a $800-$900 different in the OTD.
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    Yeah, the 2.5% (.5% is for the county) is great for the pocketbook, but our public school systems (AL) suffer. As a teacher, I somewhat envy the 6-9% sales tax revenue other states get.
    As a consumer, I still would have had the same OTD price even if the sales tax was 6-9%. The dealer, had he accepted my offer, would have had to take a cut in the price of the car.
  • bf, i think there's a misunderstanding between you & the dealer you went to. 06 lx auto sedan msrp should be about $18,060 (destination charge factored in). fair price should be $ 17,068 ($500 over invoice). i got mine (so cal) for $600 over invoice in May.

    be careful with some figures being posted here specially bout "out the door" price as they are not specific on what other costs were added from the negotiated price of the vehicle (e.g. extended ins, gap coverage, local taxes and other add ons). negotiate your price of the car then deal with other costs.

    standard cost in cal should be: state tax between 7 - 8.25% (depends on which county you are), cal tire tax - around $8, doc prep - mine was $45 (definitely question if this cost more than $75), dmv registration. it's up to you if you'd like to purchase the extended warranty, gap coverage, lo jack and scheduled maintenance coverage. any other costs are bs (at least in cali).
  • craig14craig14 Posts: 8
    We bought an 06 Civic EX Coupe Auto last year when they first came out. I thought demand was high then but it looks like it hasn't let up at all. We first tried David McDavid and I can honestly say they were the worse car dealer I've ever had the displeasure to contact. They lied to me telling me they had the car I wanted and when I got there it mysteriously was gone (and no I don't think it was sold and off the lot inn one hour). Then they sent me an e-mail (we did the e-mail referral thing) saying we were approved for financing when we hadn't even applied for it. In fact I only went there once and refused to return. Then they started calling the house over and over. I was so annoyed with them I called the manager and ask that they quick calling the house. Then they sent e-mails asking how I liked my experience with McDavid. Needless to say I had a lot of feedback for them. A friend of ours had a similar experience. I guess it works on some people, not me.

    We bought from Honda of Clear Lake. It was the most pleasant car buying experience I've had. We got the car for 18,500 which was a fair price at the time and seems to still be a fair price. They also gave us $500 more than I planned for a 9 year old trade in. The car came in 2 weeks later and off we drove. If we buy another Honda we will go back there. It is also the nearest dealer to our house.
  • jopadmanjopadman Posts: 27
    Thanks for the info!
    Unfortunately I almost had the same experience with them. We negotiated an OTD price that they matched at another honda dealership, then they told me the car with the color i had been looking for just came in on the truck so i drove in the pouring rain and when i got there, they said it had been sold. They then tried selling me a royal blue one they had on the lot which i refused and then they said that for the price i was quoted it had to be on the lot and that if they ordered one, i would have to pay extra. Needless to say, i haven't gone back and will never go back because you can't trust what they say. Thanks for the info.
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    Drove through the lot at Sunny King and saw at least 4 Civics. Didn't stop to check the trim levels b/c I didn't want to talk with a salesman, esp. since I'd been moving furniture all morning.

    Maybe this helps or maybe you've moved on.

    Best of luck,
  • pete_rocpete_roc Posts: 11
    Hi all

    Need some advice here. A neighbor is selling her LX do to job relocation. What is a fair price for her car? It has no added options and is an automatic… very clean too. There is no KBB data to reference so I'm thinking between $14,500-15,500. Is this a good range to start the negotiations?

  • dwilliamdwilliam Posts: 128
    well. Figure your invoice is $16,567.62

    Her mileage is over the average. so yea.. 14,500 oughta be your starting point.

    The Anonymous Dealer
  • jopadmanjopadman Posts: 27
    Her mileage is way over average. Already 17K and it's a 2006? Just for that, i wouldn't offer anything above $14,000
  • jlemoinejlemoine Posts: 25
    I'm live in Western Massachusetts and was concidering a new Honda Civic LX until I stopped at the local dealer ship. What I ran into was an attitude of what you see is what you get.Salesman tells me prices are all listed on the window and ifI want to buy let em know. All prices of course where retail with some add-ons. First thing I thought was the dealership should can all the salesmen, what do they need them for since there's no negotiation might as well just have an order window. Looks like I'll be buying another Elantra as I just refuse to deal with such arrogance no matter how popular the car is.
  • roundtriproundtrip Posts: 105
    They had Civics on the lot and were going to play hardball???

    If you really want a Civic, try e-mailing the Internet sales dept. (with your OTD price already in mind) and see if you can do some negotiating.

    Also, try another dealership when you are ready to buy. I don't think it is a good idea to browse a car lot during business hours if you are not sure about a make/model or not wanting a test drive. You're not really taken as a serious buyer i.e. you have a checkbook in hand or a printout of TMV, KBB, NADA, etc. prices, something as evidence that you want to spend your money. I wish it didn't have to come to that, but often does.

    Anyway, it sounds like you really did not want the Civic if you were so easily discouraged. As has been said before, you are not at the car lot to pick up a new best friend.
  • gcroftgcroft Posts: 15
    Pretty much the same at a dealer in NW Houston today. Stopped in to look (1st time) and the salesman seemed fairly upfront "had 8 yesterday, 2 left today and we don't come off sticker, they're msrp." Included a bunch off add-ons you had to buy also, I said thanks!
  • atlratlr Posts: 22
    Does anyone know if 2006 Civics are still being shipped to dealers?
    I have not found a dealer yet that has more than one or two Civic EX AT sedans.
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