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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Stick or automatic? Mine was an automatic sedan, but I'd really like to drive a manual 91-93 someday.
  • We had a 91 EX sedan and a 93 EX sedan both manual transmissions. One of the best cars made if you ask me. At the dealer where I work we regularly see them come in with 170,000-over 200,000 miles and some of them can still pass for new. You almost never see any upholstery tears regardless of the mileage and they all run great. VERY reliable car.
  • agreed. As soon as the used price gets down to about $1000, I'm buying one back.
  • Silver, Automatic, 4D, CD, Keyless Entry, CD, 36000 miles, Excellent Condition, Certified. I offered 11.5K total price (tax, title, etc). Dealer wants 15.5K. What is a fair price for this car in the area code 35803?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    According to Edmunds TMV, the dealer retail price in your area should be somewhere around $11,352(coupe)/$11,492(sedan). So your offer isn't that unreasonable.

    You can appraise the value here.

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  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    with the incentives out there and 1.9% financing you can get a brand new LX for about $14K.
  • sirarcysirarcy Posts: 1
    Is $10900 for a used 2002 Civic LX with AT,9k Miles a good deal?
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    That is not a bad price, if it's in perfect condition and it wasn't a rental or demo car.
  • sfuzsfuz Posts: 4
    Just bought a 2003 Honda Civic Coupe HX in Silver last week... got the 1.9% APR financing. Was looking for a DX model the lot didn't have any. We liked the extra fuel economy with the HX, and got dealer-installed a/c for a total of $15,300 + Tag, Title, and Tax... Anyone know if this is a decent or good deal? Haven't been able to compare it to any other HX prices out there.
  • ax02ax02 Posts: 1
    EX, auto, w/o side AB. is $15.5k a good deal? decision pending. thanks
  • You didn't specify coupe or sedan, but I've seen coupes advertised in the Indianapolis area for $14,995. I've had an offer of $16100 on an '03.
  • tonto037tonto037 Posts: 3
    Great site!

    My head is spinning....
    My best quote for a '03 manual EX Civic coupe with side air bags is $15850($202 under invoice, $523 under TMV)plus TTL. How's that look for Northeast Ohio?

    Another dealership is offering $16300 but I end up saving another $300 via a better trade in price for my old car. It's a '95 EX coupe, manual, no air, 92K miles, a few dings including a minor crease in the hood. I'm wondering if I stand a chance to do better than $2800 trade + the $300-400 I'd put in the old car if I were to sell it myself. It seems that '94-'95 Civics with comparable mileage in this area are most often advertised for $4500 and up, though I imagine few of those have a crease in the hood. Any guidance is appreciated.

  • ghulettghulett Posts: 1
    I paid $13099 on Friday for my new silver Civic with no options. The car was in stock for a couple of months and they had to move it out. This is So. Cal. and the price of gas is going up by the minute! I got it just in time.
  • mellee01mellee01 Posts: 1
    I can get a lease for a 2003 Civic LX (no extras) for $200/mo for 36 months and $1000 out-of-pocket. Anyone gotten better terms?
  • hb74hb74 Posts: 1
    Paid $ 17500 drive out in houston, tx
  • supermausupermau Posts: 1
    Bought my new black 03 LX for $14,065, total financed was $15050. I think if I'd waited longer I may have been able to save a couple hundred more but overall I think it's a fair price. Got the floor mats and mudflaps and pinstripe thrown in. My first Honda. Looking forward to driving it.
  • 808surf808surf Posts: 5
    I'm shopping for a '03 Honda Civic Sedan(AT)w/ SRS side airbags. Went to a dealer who has one in silver & is the only one on the island as i checked the remaining 2 dealers. Dealer is offering me $18750 out the door.this includes doc fees,reg,& title.I've noticed that when we went for a test drive that there was some scratches next to the key ignition.I'm counter-offering them a $18500, but they won't bite.
    Any suggestions? There also offering the 1.9% financing.

    I know that the cost of living is high... but don't you think $18750 is still a RIP OFF??
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    You have got to be pulling our leg. I know prices are higher there, but come on. You can buy that same care here out the door including all fees and 6 percent sales tax for right at $16,000 in Florida. Try buying it on the internet, rather than going down to the dealer. My sister lives in northern California and got an EX Auto sedan out the door for under $17,000. Your price should definitely be way lower than you are finding so far. Good luck.
  • 808surf808surf Posts: 5
    I tried the internet & got the same dealer. They wouldn't budge on it.$18750 otd.There saying that fees total approx. $1200, IT THAT TRUE?! I thought that was ridiculous.HELP ME!
  • 808surf808surf Posts: 5
    I tried the internet & got the same dealer. They wouldn't budge on it.$18750 otd.There saying that fees total approx. $1200, IT THAT TRUE?! I thought that was ridiculous.HELP ME!
  • anonymouspostsanonymousposts Posts: 4,202
    Even if that is the case $17500 is too much for the car. Go to and get their price for the car, find out what your state sales tax + any other fees equal up to, and take it the dealer. If they choose not to meet the price then purchase the car through
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    You may be stuck. I guess that's the price for paradise. I checked with a friend of mine today who is from Hawaii and she confirmed your over pricing situation. Go ahead and try carsdirect like already suggested or another buying service to ease your pain. Make sure you are getting a price quoted for the car itself(including shipping charge). Sales tax and tag are additional and nonnegotiable. There is always a dealer processing fee of anywhere from $99 to $299. Yes it's pure profit, but most of the time it is actually stamped on the contract. Don't pay for mats, paint and fabric protection or anything else above basic stuff on the factory Honda sticker. Also, use Edmunds fair market pricing tool. It should figure in your high cost area. Good luck. Let me know how you do.
  • 808surf808surf Posts: 5
    OK ok, now I'm running out of patience as carsdirect dos not have any dealers here on the islands that deal with carsdirect.I'm now considering btwn the Toyota corrolla.Is this a wise choice.Let me know what you guys think.I really appreciate all your feedback & ,thanks again.
  • bd21bd21 Posts: 437
    The Corolla is a great car too. I drove the Corolla and Honda extensively before I decided on the Honda and here is what I found. The Toyota felt and is more powerful, it had a bigger trunk and a comparable interior, but it wasn't as quiet as the Civic. Both are made well and the Toyota actually comes with a better warranty and can be bought for a little less than the Honda here. I went with Honda because it felt a little more refined and I like a very quiet car. Regardless of your choice, you will probably end up with a similar pricing situation that you have now. Work out the best deal and financing that you can. You can't go wrong with either car. Your local market and demand will drive your price. According to my friend, a former native even if you were looking at a Ford Escort you would be paying more than normal mainland retail. Hang in there and good luck.
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451
    buy the car mainland and have it shipped. would that come out cheaper?
  • rivertownrivertown Posts: 928
    Yo, Surf

    I did a Yahoo search on 'freight + Hawaii + car' and found several companies which ship cars to Hawaii. I only checked one of them, but found they'd charge something like $1,600. Dunno if ya'll get to the mainland much; but, if you're traveling anyhow, it looks like you could save a chunk by buying here and shipping it home.
  • I paid 15,250 for a 2002 EX Auto W/O side airbags back in September, I would think you could do better than 15,500 now.
  • I'm a female looking for a new car. I know what I want and I'm getting some good advice form this web site, but I'm just curious what others are paying. I live in Maryland so if there is anyone in that area that could help, that would be great. I'm looking at the dark blue 03 Honda Civic LX, 4door, 5 speed, no side airbags. The MSRP price is 15,920 where I'm looking. I have a good down payment and the TMV is 14,562. So, now I would like to know if the price is right?!!?
  • dudkadudka Posts: 451 price for this car is $14,114 which includes destination. The invoice on the particular car is $14,364. If the local dealership does not want to match or beat carsdirect's price buy it from carsdirect.
    good luck
  • tonto037tonto037 Posts: 3
    Based on my recent Civic shopping experience I'd suggest holding out for $200-$250 below invoice. I believe that would be in the $14100-$14200 range in your area. As dudka suggests, use the quote from as leverage. In the current market I've got to believe you'll find a local dealer who will sell the car to you for that, particularly as we near the end of the month. Also 1.9% financing is good through 3/31/03. Good luck!
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