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2013 and earlier-Honda Civic Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Well, I got a quote for an EX with 5-speed manual $16942.36 out the door. The car price is 15431 + tax and fees = $16,942.36. So thats $1595 more. I'm in San Francisco, California.

    Basically I got quotes from Edmund's "Free Quotes" where a local dealer will e-mail you a quote. Car buying just got easier!! Its giving me more time to think and time to bargain.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I think you could shave a little off of that. I've got a dealer offering $400 under invoice on an LX, there's no reason another won't do the same on an EX. It's a strong buyer's market where you are.
  • Thanks Raybear, you've been helpful. I managed $15,331. I'm going to go look at it and test drive.

  • branco_fbranco_f Posts: 1
    Just got it. 2002 Civic DX 2 door w/o side air bags, dealer installed A/C (to get 3 years warranty):13,600.00 plus 6% sales tax (NJ), $150 MV fees,$ 149 Doc fees. I think I got a good deal.
    Dealer: Bob Ciasulli Honda
    Jersey City
    Salesman: Leo Olazabal
    Zero pressure, very pleasant. I will buy from these guys in the future
  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    What is a blast fax email?? How does it work?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    An offer to every dealer in a given area. Email and fax numbers can be found on Honda's website.
  • I bought the Civic EX Coupe. $15,331 plus 8.5% tax, $151 license, $5 ca tire fee. I pick it up in a day!
  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    So you look at Honda's web site and what....make offers to a bunch of different dealers?

    Raybear what is a good price for my area? What is realistic to shoot for (civic ex coupe automatic)?
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    The site lists the dealers. You can then email or fax them an offer. Start a couple hundred under invoice and see how that does. There are online services that do the same thing, but for a fee.
  • I just purchased a 2002 Honda Civic Ex Coupe (Manual of course) for $15200. This included floor mats, and I was also able to haggle for a free metal console kit. It took me a total of 4 hours at 2 dealers, but man!!! What a deal huh??? I suggest anyone looking to buy a car in the near future to go to several dealers, haggle them down, and then go to another dealer and ask them to top the previous dealers price. This strategy has worked extremely well for me! $15,200 for an EX Civic Coupe... WOW!!!! I'm loving my car by the way!!!
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    That's better than $300 under invoice.
  • boo25boo25 Posts: 1
    I can't find a 2002 Hx 5 sp with AC (I know that's extra) in the southeast. Is Honda still making them?
  • I want a 2002 Civic Coupe EX w/side air bags AND alloy wheels, but Edmunds didn't give me the option with a price for alloy wheels.
    I went to the dealer today and they gave me a quote of 16,661 (EX w/automatic transmission) + 820 (mounting & balance of alloy wheels) + TTL for a GRAND TOTAL of 18,768.76. Is that good (considering it's an automatic w/alloy wheels)? Edmunds gave me a quote of $16,488 invoice without alloy wheels added.
    I am not good at haggling, but does any one know if I can get them lower? How low should I counter considering the addition of the wheels? Thanks for your help guys (and gals)!
  • Invoice price $15,318 + $440 Destination + Automatic Trans $730 = $16,488. Add alloy $820 = $17,308 + tax + license

    I haggled with the car price. I couldn't with the indash cd-changer, splash guards, fender trim, door edge guards.

    Try the dealer quote option here on Edmunds. The dealer will e-mail you a price with the options you select. Use a different zip code so you're sure a DIFFERENT dealer contacts you. Between the two or more, pick the lowest price. If its a dealer you don't like, go back to your first and tell them that another dealer quoted you this lower price (show them the e-mail). See if they'll match or beat the price.
  • bostontbostont Posts: 37
    Why do you have to get the alloy wheels from the dealer? Why not buy the car and get them from a discount tire store? It's usually cheaper isn't it?
  • Yup, i agree with bostont. It is much cheaper to get all accessories from anywhere BESIDES the dealer. The dealer will try to make money off of anything you buy from them.

    I just purchase a manual EX civic and also purchased alloy wheels. Try They have genuine honda parts and accessories at whole-sale prices. Even with tax and shipping costs added to the purchase, it is much cheaper than what the dealer charges. I got 4 15'Civic Si Alloy wheels for my 2002 Honda Civic EX. Then after receiving the alloy wheels in the mail, i made an appointment with my local Honda dealer to install them. I was able to install the 4 alloy wheels for only $50!
  • manualtrans, got any pictures?
  • Thanks for your advice everyone! I bought my Civic last night in Conroe, Texas after using one of those dealer quote services via the Internet--I got quotes from more than one dealer and picked the best. That gave me a MUCH better offer than when I asked in person.

    I now have a 2002 Civic EX Sedan Automatic w/side air bags. I got it for $16,839 (that amount includes destination charge, side air bags, & automatic trans). With 4.9% over 60 months, I didn't do too bad, I think. Thanks for your opinions! I REALLY like my new Civic!
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    Hi guys, bought a Civic EX Auto without airbag (ES2672MW model) yesterday, We paid $14,988.- plus tax $1,240.22 + $45 doc fee $153 license=total $16426.22 out of the door. Also get 36 months 2.9 % from American Honda.
    I can't believe EX comes with moon roof but no floor mats? Go figure.
  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    Am I wrong or is 14,988 over a grand under invoice? Are car dealers in CA desperate? They are not that motivated in other parts of the country, especially not in Chicago!

    Too bad for us!
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142
    Was $16,504- invoice price. There wasn't a dealer in the Northern VA/MD/DC area that was willing to go under invoice on an EX Auto Civic sedan with side airbags. I used to get the best deal plus the usual free online sites but those actually didn't accumulate many offers- or good ones at that.

    Yes, it is strange that it comes with a moonroof but no floor mats. I went with the floor mats (love the all in one back mat!!), mud guards and the alarm. Only the alarm I wouldn't do again... *sigh*

    Enjoy your new car! What color did you get?

  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    $16,716.28 is the invoice price according to Kelley blue book & Edmund website, both of them put down $460 as destination charge actual destination charge is $440 on window sticker.

    I was looking for a LX 4 dr auto with side air bag. I used Edmund's free quote service, 3 dealers replied. One of them quoted me just below the Edmunds TMV. I emailed him back and mentioned some other dealers' ad price was lower, even their own ad price was lower. He emailed me back that he will honor any email or ad price as long as its not expired. Then I saw another dealer's ad on LA Timees $14,988 for EX auto without side airbag, which is $1700 below invoice. To keep a long story short, we showed up at the dealership and showed internet sales ad on the paper he gave us the car $14,988. Total took me 24 hours, I sent quote out on Friday and picked up the car on Saturday.
    BTW I shopped toward the end of the month. One thing I learned is always car shopping toward the end of the month better price. Following week I saw same car other dealer's ad for $600 more. Guess LA has lots of dealers so you can shop for a better deal.

    Carrie (aka alyssazmom):

    My daughter picked silver with gray interior. She was thinking blue but her friend has blue one already. I like green but kids won.
    Our EX came with mud guards, one of the must have accessories for car. Since EX comes with keyless entry and immobilizer already we skipped the alarm.

    Did you get trunk tray? I went to ebay, didn't win the bid, then I found one online site which is cheaper than ebay, I ordered one today.

    What did you get carpet mats or all weather mats? Did you get discount on those mats? I like those all weather mats. I used all weather mats on my 01 Odyssey I love them. Thinking to order them thru online.

    What do you think about the cheap plastic steering wheel cover? I am thinking to get one wheel skin leather steering wheel cover with two tone Gray on top and bottom and Black on sides.

  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    When I look up the invoice price here it is $16,260 not $16,716. It is an INCREDIBLE deal that I am sure I could never duplicate here! Congratulations!

    I used to live in CA. in the L.A. area (four years ago) and it is more of a buyers market.
  • alyssazmomalyssazmom Posts: 142
    My EX is in Blue but I think the Civic looks great in silver, green and white as well. I don't care for it in black or the red that comes on the sedan.

    I did get carpet mats, I purchased them at the dealer so I'm sure it was marked up considerably :) I didn't know at the time that you could purchase Honda accessories online for less.

    I do want the trunk tray, my dbf has one for his 2002 Accord and loves it. The steering wheel cover doesn't bother me. I know Honda could have made it a lot worse! For winter I probably will get the all weather floor mats. Sand, salt, slush and mud have ruined past floor mats on my previous car.

    How do you like your Ody?

  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    abby :

    $16,716.28 included destination charge. For a Civic or Accord, it is a buyers market in LA, but for my 01 Ody was not I had to pay MSRP for it. :( , Too bad you move, or else you could get a good deal in LA.


    You could get any accessory online. If you want a trunk tray, check this one out. This is the cheapest place for trunk tray $66.78 including shipping msrp is $99 there are a few other website too. Like h and a accessories but since its in CA I have to pay Sales TAX and shipping it adds up the total price.

    I love my 01 ODY, but 02 is even better, more horsepower and leather stuffs...

  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    I just want to make sure I understand...I'm going to try and buy the car this coming Saturday.

    When I look it up for a Civic EX coupe automatic on Edmunds it says 15820 invoice + 460 Destination = 16280.

    bjk - is it an additional 460?

    I want the right numbers to walk in with!
  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    Is it a good idea to get the splash guards? Where is the best place? If you get them at the dealer how much should you pay?
  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358

    You are right invoice price for civic coupe EX auto is $15,820+ $440=$16,260 destination charge is $440.- not $460.- well at least that's on my window sticker.

    Our EX 4 dr came with splash guard. I am not sure whether EX coupe comes with splash guard or not. I think EX sedan and coupe equipped different, for example coupe comes with CD and 6 speakers, Sedan comes with CD and 4 speakers.

    Spalsh guard list price is $89.00. Installation is pretty easy. I installed them on my 01 Odyssey, it took my 1/2 hour. I am not a handy person, if I can do it in 1/2 hour anyone else could. I like splash guard, they will keep the lower portion of the door and rear panel clearer. Especially in LA summer time lots of road tar will splash onto the car.

    If you go to H and A they are selling $58.80 plus shipping (depends on the distance I think) you could check it out, The other fair honda parts selling for $57.02 + $3.95 shipping charge. I know dealer typical sell accessory at List price.

  • abby70abby70 Posts: 12
    How do you get them on the car? Glue or what?

  • bjk2001bjk2001 Posts: 358
    LOL! Well, yes you could try super glue or elmer glue if you want. As a matter of fact you use some Stubby phillips screw driver to install, each one is holding with 3 screws and hardware.

    Here is the instuction from H and A accessories web site.



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