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after two years of owning my 1999 civic ex i was beginning to get bored. last year i installed a bozooka tube. please bear in mind that if you splice the wires it will void your new car warranty. couple of months ago i installed an air horn system. again all work was done by me without splicing any wires. ask here or e-mail if interested in details


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    2k-EX. That could be relative. How did you hook up the Bazooka signal, speaker level? That voids your warranty - installation of a non-spec part. I swapped out the head/speakers with aftermarket units, and added a 10" passive bazooka. That effectively voids the stereo system.
    Personally, I saw no point in getting a connector/adapter to mate between the factory dash wiring connector and the Blaupunkt CD-Player. What for, since you have to splice somewhere - I made my own custom distribution-block. Besides, you're still out of warranty the moment you installed the aftermarket head (irrelevant of keeping the oem connector intact).
    I did, however, disassemble the speaker connectors and hooked up the spade female terminals directly to the Pioneer Front-6.5s/Rear-6x9s. No splicing, but still voiding the warranty - again, installation of non-spec parts (even though the oem speakers are Pioneer).
    Finally, when you plan and verify every connection with a multi-meter, then specific warranties are relative.
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    the bazooka is connected at the speaker level, i just stripped the bazooka wire and stuck it in the connector on either side, ran a power wire from the fuse block (i bought "add a circuit" fuse block) and put in the spot where the lighter fuze was. if i have to take my honda to the dealer and i have a suspision that he will be a prick, i can easily disconnect the bazooka, and take it out. it will take less than a minute. i am a little bit weary of replacing the rear speakers, it seems like i would have to remove the hat shelf (rear shelf), the door speakers are easily replacable, but i haven`t done anything, because bazooka gives me enough base, so i don`t have to crank the stereo, and i don`t get to the point where the stock speakers start fuzzing.
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    Has anyone installed Honda's in-dash 6 CD Changer? The installation instructions were not clear on how to remove the 12v accessory part of the console prior to removing the main area of the console.

    Thanks, Andy.
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    Anyone tried AEN cold air intake as a performance upgrade on 98/99 civic? Is it too noisy ? Does it worth the expense ?

    Any comments will be appreciated
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    Just purchased a 99' hatch back w/o AC. The dealer wanted $1,500 to install a Honda unit. Any help in how to get Air conditioning installed in the Boston, MA area for a reasonable cost, will be appreciated.
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    I'd like to convert my tape player to a CD player. I've been to Crutchfield--lots of choices. Does anyone have a suggestion.
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    The intake does give a big, throaty sound. I saw where the AEM Cold air intake was voted, " best thing to add to your car" I like mine. I have an 02 Civic EX
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    Just installed the Clarion DB225 AM/FM CD Player (with digital clock) in our 2002 Civic LX Sedan. Total price for the 50Wx4 player, including mounting kit and installation was $200.

    The system is in a brushed aluminium color that blends perfectly with the other interior components of LX. The blue display is particularly impressive.
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    I just got some of these and am a little disappointed with the fit. The holes on the driver's mat doesn't appear to line up with the anchors in the floor. Does anyone else have these? I'd appreciate hearing your experience with them.
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    I just bought a 98 EX Coupe and the dealer (Ford) can't find the remote. I would like to buy one on ebay, but need help and advise on programming it. Any help would be appreciated.
    [email protected]
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    Does anyone know the price to have an larm system installed by the dealer for my new 2003 EX.
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    Your Civic comes with anti theft system. Why would you need extra alarm? Alarm not going to do anything just annoying people. Dealer installed is too $$$$.

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    rays69 - You can check out It shows you how to program your keyless entry remote. Some dealers will do it for you at no charge. I think they ( also sell a brand new remote for about $80.00.
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    Agree, why get an aftermarket alarm. I cant tell you the number of times I have been in for service and have seen another customer in there because some after market alarm messed up their electrical system. And some of those systems were dealer installed.
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    I have a 2002 Civic Coupe EX. I notice the 2003 Civic Coupes have a different center armrest, alittle wider. Anyone know it the new armrest can be installed on a 2002?
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    The armrest is not attach to the seat as the 2002 is. The 2003 is attach to a center storage unit.
  • hounddog69hounddog69 Member Posts: 34
    Will it fit though?
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    I am not sure, I am in the process of buying a 03.
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    I want to add a 12 V lighter or power outlet to the right of the shifter where a blank button is located. Anyone done this and can you help me do it? The Si TypeR that is sold in UK has a lighter already installed in the location that I want to install one.

    Armrest. Anyone know how and where I can get an armrest for my Si?
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    Have a black Civic w/ grey interior. Checked out mats at Pep Boys and didn't see any I really like.

    Are the Honda mats really nice looking and are they worth getting as far as durability, etc.?
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    Definitely. While a matter of personal taste, the one option I always recommend on Civics is the fabric floor mats. They fit like a glove and are extremely durable (or at least I've never put a hole in one under the right heel of the driver side, which I have in other cars).
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    I am a happy owner of a 02 civic 2dr lx a/t and a 02 cr-v the floor mats on the civic are twice as thick and look better than the cr-v. The cr-v are very thin and after a few month the right heel area was looking thinner i bought a set of all weather mats they are nice and thick and that will protect the mats.
    Greetings from sunny Miami
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    I purchased my 2001 Civic EX Coupe used with 10,250miles. The original owner had started to modify the car with a Apexi performance exhaust and Motegi wheels. For whatever reason he traded the car for a new Maxima.The exhaust was too noisy for me and I replaced it. I would like to sell it but don't know how. The list on it was $599.00. Would appreciate ideas. Thanks
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    Go to online auction sites such as ebay or to online Honda enthusiast sites and place a for sale listing. Do a search on google if you need help finding honda sites.
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    I just bought '03 LX Coupe and am looking to install security system and keyless entry. I know I could get the parts/system from but I was wondering...

    Are they pretty easy to install? I read in the installation instruction that Honda doesn't recommend the installation to the do-it-yourselfers...
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    I did installed a keyless entry on my o2 cr-v and it was very easy, about the Security System it might take a little more reading and time but, what tell you that if you take it to the honda dealer to have it done the guy might be doin the same thing "reading the instruction" and charge you lots of $$.
    Greetings from sunny miami.
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    Are there any CD Changers (other then the OEM model) that will interface with the AM/FM/Cassette in a '02 Civic LX without an adapter? Also, does anyone know if the Civic is prewired for a CD Changer and if so where are the wires located?
  • tdattdat Member Posts: 27 is selling them for $120 each ($240 total). I had one dealer match their price plus shipping with $100 for installation. the second dealer wouldn't budge from $190/$175 for parts and over $200 for installation! Guess which dealer I'm never going back to!

    I placed an order with Handa-accessories and am planning to install myself. I will report back with my experience....

  • tdattdat Member Posts: 27
    I received my order from Handa-accessorries and attempted installation tonight. After an hour an half, I managed to install the security system but not keyless entry.

    The installation instruction for security system mentions "removeing the bold that secures the cruise control unit to the steering column bracket". I looked everywhere for 30 minutes before giving up on locating the cruise control unit. Since the cruise control unit itself is not involved except securing the security system unit, I found another location to secure the security system unit.

    The manual for keyless entry system instructs "Remove the dashboard center lower cover by gently prying out the lower cover to release the six retaining clip". It looked to me, however, that won't be possible without either taking out entire center colsole from the dashboard or taking out the center console. I could figure out how to do either. So, I gave up.

    Any insight on how to remove "the dashboard center lower cover" would be appreciated. By the way, it's the one with accessory socket and the optional flog light switch.
  • tdattdat Member Posts: 27
    Turns out that Honda has an updated installation manual for keyless entry. It does require pulling out the center console before getting to the dashboard center lower cover.
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    I just bought a 2002 Civic LX sedan without a keyless entry system. Does the LX come pre-equipped with the keyless entry system? sells a genuine factory remote which only operates on vehicles already equipped with a keyless entry system for $44.00. I thought I read somewhere that all LX models have the keyless entry system installed at the factory but I could be mistaken?
  • tdattdat Member Posts: 27
    Finally got the keyless entry installed. Must admit it's sweet to be able to unlock without fumbling with keychains.

    jp2002: although my car is 03 model, I'm guessing you are pretty much in same situation I was in. Your LX should be equpped with harness to hook keyless entry system into. You need to purchase "keyless entry system" and will cost you $120 from
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    I just purchased a 96 Civic 4dr Lx. Its nice...spent $1,800 on repairs. And now I need to get some nice seat covers. Has anyone found a place where I can get some. I need front and back seats. On a budget:)...Thanks.
  • miksmiks Member Posts: 33
    96 Civic 4dr doesnt support 96 and I dont think that the original radio is in there. So how do I go about getting Keyless entry?
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    Seat covers try Costco they have some front seat cover within a budget. Keyless Entry try if you are handy if not try your local Bestbuy stores.
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    i think someone on installed the lighter into the hole to the right of the shifter. all you need is to buy the cigarette lighter/ashtray kit.
    honda japan has a center console with armrest for the CTR, it is about $120 if you can get someone to pick it up. i am investigating whether it will work with the floor consoles in the US civic si, as we are the only ones that get cupholders.
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    Honda Japan is The armrest that I know about is actually for the rear seat.
    In order to install the power outlet to the right of the shifter you must splice into the wiring for the lower outlet since the wiring harness is different than the UK and Japan CTR. I decided I did not want to cut and splice so I am living with just the one power outlet. No one at EP has added the extra outlet yet TTBOMK.
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    Thanks for the info on the seat covers. I will look there. BTW do they make seat covers for the rear seating as well? I don't know if the 96 Civic actually has a key less entry already installed and perhaps I just didn't receive the remote. Does anyone out there know if the 96 Civic LX comes with the key less remote system already installed?
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    Costco's Crosscountry (waterproof) front seat cover is less than $19.00 for a pair, I don't think they make any for rear seats.
    Typical Civic LX doesn't come with Keyless entry, Keyless entry is standrad on EX.

    Good luck!

  • miksmiks Member Posts: 33
    Thanks, I'll look at Costco and let you know what I find. The car is in really good mechanical condition but lacked care on the interior. I have to use the key to lock the doors. Purchased the car for my son and had the mechanics do a thorough going over before/after purchase. Seems very sound but needs a major detailing and perhaps interior seat covers etc.
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    I just purchased a 2003 Civic EX with side air bags and no other options. The dealer offered me the "security" system for $500. Hahaha! I have the keyless entry, but what is the security system? Should I even think about a aftermarket alarm, like the Viper? Thanks.
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    You could get the security system module from for $120 and install it yourself. Pretty straightforward.
  • pedrokimpedrokim Member Posts: 8
    I saw the site, but I still don't understand the advantage of having one, the other or both. I would like to hear the justification of $120+. Is it just a noisemaker? If so I'll skip it.
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    I love the keyless entry. Very convenient. Thought it was a gew-gaw, until it came on a car I bought and I started using it.
  • tdattdat Member Posts: 27
    Well, it's an alarm, integrated with keyless entry system. I would say it's more than a noisemaker. :)
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    Would like to upgrade for better wet traction.

    Selection for 195/60/15 v-rated is very limited.

    Looks like 205/55/15 is the choice.

    What have you changed to?
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    Has anyone replaced the rear shocks on their Civic to improve damping control. I am getting tired of my 02's floaty jumpy rear ride. Are there any aftermarket adjustable shocks that will work in conjuction with the perfectly acceptable front stock struts? Cheers
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    My baby Bichon puppy chewed the button on the emergency brake. The blank leather around the button has teeth marks. I need to replace the damaged tip of the handle. Who, how, what and where? Any ideas?
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    I've got the stock head unit in my Civic and I'm finally gonna add a CD changer (mounted preferably in the trunk). Two questions:

    1 - which changers will work with this unit? I've heard the Alpine CHM-600 would do the trick, but how about later models like the 620 or 630?

    2 - out of curiosity... who makes the head units? Alpine? Blaupunkt?
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    Civic's manual doesn't recommend to intstall a roofrack. Is there anyone who has one? If yes, what is the heaviest load it can hold?
    Thank you!
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