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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • lolaj42lolaj42 Posts: 420
    The WSJ article stated that Ford's August sales were off 7.5%, and were, in fact, BETTER than anticipated. The biggest reason for the decline in sales were attributed to a drop-off in car fleet sales to commercial and rental companies. However, Ford's overall sales were stronger than anticipated, and SUV sales (particularly Explorer/Mountaineer) were strong, showing only a 4.7% decline from last year's RECORD pace.

    The WSJ article indicated that Ford is sacrificing profitability for market share through incentives. Unfortunately for the consumer, the Explorer/Mountaineer's sales are strong enough that Ford has not been inclined to offer much in the way of incentives. I, for one, am holding out hope that somehow that situation will change, as I intend to purchase a new Explorer in the near future. 1% over invoice sounds like a reasonable price to me.

    If you're not going to be towing, AND if you don't normally encounter large mountain grades, you will probably be better served by the V6. I have test-driven both engines, and the V8 is quite a strong performer, although it will undoubtedly have poorer fuel economy. I live in Arizona, and see quite a bit of steep mountain grades while driving on the highway. Consequently, I like the added passing power to get by large, slow moving vehicles on these grades. You really need to spend the time and drive BOTH versions to see which engine provides the performance you need.

    Please report back on your impressions/findings once you drive them.
  • rodsman,

    If you read back a few posts, you'll see that we were able to buy a '02 V6 AWD Mountaineer at invoice. The other large dealer in the area claimed to be offering them $500 below invoice, but they did not have a vehicle on the lot that matched our needs. I live in Madison, WI by the way.

    As far as V6 vs. V8, if you aren't towing anything, the V6 is probably enough. I have been impressed with the acceleration of our V6. It does get a little sluggish with the AC on, but not bad. Remember the V6 does get better mileage than the V8. We are averaging around 17 mpg (with only 1000 miles on the vehicle). This has been mostly highway miles with climate control on, but some city driving has been mixed in.
  • rodsman,

    Ditto on bang21's statement. I just purchased a '02 Explorer XLT V6 from a dealer here in Nashville over the Internet. I emailed 4 other dealers asking them for a quote as near as possible to invoice. Within the hour, I got one back that said I could purchase any Explorer (or special order) at Invoice. Made the deal last Thursday night, no hassles.

    I would not hesitate to ask the dealer to sell at invoice.

    Also, I tested both V6 and V8 and could not tell enough difference to justify the cost/gas difference. I would say it depends on your towing needs.
  • I live at the bottom of a VERY steep hill and currently have a 2000 170 hp V6 Pathfinder. It does OK, but I'm worried about in snow. I've been looking at the Tahoe, but it's really TOO big and was starting to investigate the Explorer V8, but now I'm seeing where the V8 really only helps in towing. Will the extra HP help me in getting up the hill (I'll have 4WD, no matter what) or is it just a waste? I'm also wondering why Edmunds list the V8 in "full sized SUV" and the V6 in "mid sized SUV" categories!
  • I currently own my 97 Mountaineer and have decided to purchase an '02 Mountaineer. I've been to two dealers and both have offered me $750 below invoice. They initially offered invoice price then included the $750 loyalty rebate. I was also told I can get the low financing (3.9/4.9/5.9. These incentives go thru 10/8/01. I am holding out another week or two to see what, if any, the incentives will be after 10/8.
  • rysterryster Posts: 564

    I have a 2000 Explorer XLS with the 4.0L OHV V6 (the smaller V6 with 160hp). It saw some snow time last winter and performed flawlessly. Even drove in 14" of unplowed snow only having to put it in 4high. I also needed to traverse some steep icey/slushy grades and had no troubles.

    Not sure how steep your hill is, but 4wd should be enough to get up the hill regardless of the horsepower. If your Pathfinder is 2wd, well I can see your concern. My previous car was a V6 Camaro, and getting up steep grades in the winter was quite a "treat" (always made it, though). It was kind of fun to see people back away from you when they realized you were driving a rear-wheel drive sports car uphill in the snow ;)

    The V8 would be fun from a performance standpoint and useful if you regularly tow anything. Otherwise, the 4x4 V6 should be just as surefooted in the snow.
  • I was just alerted to this by my insurance agent, of all people. She informed me that there are certain areas in the state(I live in New Jersey but I was told there are areas all over the country) that have been designated as Economic Redevelopment Zones by Federal and State governments. What this does is give incentives to do business there. For car buyers this means you pay a reduced sales tax. Normally in NJ you pay a 6% sales tax. In the ERZ you only pay 3% sales tax. This saves $900 on a $30,000 purchase! The specific Ford dealership I was told about was in Lakewood, NJ. I am searching the internet to locate other areas closer to me. But if I have to I will make the trip to save that kind of $. If anybody knows of any others please post it so we can all benefit. I will do the same.
  • We decided to purchase a 2002 Explorer Eddie Bauer but want both the adjustable pedals and telescopic steering wheel. Told by dealer that both will not be available until next year. Anyone know whether this is true and who we can contact to confirm?
  • a36a36 Posts: 10
    Just back from the 1,310 mile trip from Park City,
    UT to near Ft. Worth. Took the partially scenic
    route - Park City, Duchense, Price, Green River
    (where we hit I-70) Grand Junction (off the interstate there) to Ouray, CO. Ouray to Durango
    to Albuquerque (back on the interstates 25 & 40)
    to Amarillo. Then on to home - mostly 65 to 70
    mph state roads with numerous towns to traverse.

    Total miles driven for these numbers was 1,475.
    The difference in miles (1,310 vs 1,475) was
    city driving before and after the trip.
    Total fuel 68.027 gallons for 19.27 mpg. The interstate driving was at the posted limits of 60 to 75 with both A/C units running. Two ample adults and about 350 to 450 pounds of stuff piled half way up the windows in the rear.

    Best results were 21.9 mpg from Park City to Grand Junction (78 miles of non trip driving) and 21.48 mpg from Albuquerque to Amarillo - all interstate at 75 mph.

    A very comfortable car on such a trip. I can
    drive it 9 to 11 hours without undue fatigue. As
    previously stated a vastly more comfortable car than the '93 Explorer it replaced.
  • Our Mountaineer (all options except 4WD, sunroof, running boards - $35,400 with taxes) arrived Wednesday and is very nice. We ordered it June 19, before the factory summer break. It does not have the adjustable pedals or telescoping steering wheel, and I do not miss them. I can't understand why anyone would not want the V8. The V6 is lacking power above 40MPH and would be a real dog with a load. The V8 will also have significantly higher resale value. The slight fuel usage difference costs very little money, even for someone such as myself who drives 25,000 miles per year. Even if we assume the V8 gets just 17 MPG and the V6 21 MPG, that is only 280 gallons more per year, which at $1.50 per gallon is $420 per year, or $35 per month.
  • What is the difference between the Moutaineers AWD and the Explorer's 4WD. We plan no off road driving. Is there a advantage in gas mileage for one or the other?
  • Some vehicles in St. Louis have the adjustable pedals.
  • Many thanks! It's a VERY steep hill - I failed geometry or I'd give you the angle ;) I've been able to get a 2XFWD 4cyl up it, but it was struggling severely and barely made it the last few feet. A 4 cyl minivan had to be towed up it last week by AAA. And this is in the summer ;) I guess I'll hold on to the Pathy for now - it's a 4WD, but there have been times I've had to engage it during the summer which is why I thought I'd have better power with the V8 as far as actually getting to the top of the hill. Plus, in GA, since it never really stays cold, when it snows, it will melt and then freeze overnight. My Ex was from the north and laughed that we couldn't drive in snow until he tried it, hehehe. Thanks again - if I'm stuck and still have power and an internet connection, I'll let you know :)))
  • rysterryster Posts: 564

    Wow! That must be some hill :) Here in PA we have some steep hills too.

    Some things to try would be using 4WDlow and "crawl" up or down the hill (usually you shouldn't go over ~20mph in 4low). Several years ago we were out in a blizzard (2ft+ of unplowed snow) and were able to get around no problem in a Jeep Grand Cherokee using 4WDlow. My boss at that time had an Explorer and got around easily as well.

    All-terrain (A/T) tires might help as well, but you probably already have those on the Pathfinder. I have the Goodyear Wrangler RT/S on my Explorer and have found them to be very good in all conditions (never had the Firestone Wilderness AT; my parents did on their Mountaineer and hated them. Replaced with the Goodyears and they are much happier).

    It sounds like your biggest problem is ice. Honestly nothing, not even 4wd or AWD, will help on ice. Bridgestone and Dunlop make some very nice winter tires that may help, but they are a hassle to deal with (putting them on, taking them off, etc). On days like that, I prefer to sit at home and watch the news coverage of all the people who tried to venture out only to wind up stuck somewhere :)

    I am not trying to discourage you from getting a new truck. If you want one, go for it! I would have loved to have bought a Pathfinder when I got my Explorer but the 0.9% Ford financing at the time made the Explorer more affordable for me. The Pathfinder probably would have been a bit better built and held value a little better as well. Maybe next time...

    Take care!
  • Hi,

    Thought I would follow up on my earlier posts. My wife and I did go test drive the V6 '02 Mountaineer and we both loved it. We were working through an internet salesman and ended up driving about 45 miles to see him (Koons Mercury in Owings Mills, MD), but it was worth it. As with many dealers here in MD, they have a small inventory and so we ended up ordering the exact SUV we wanted, but the timing works out for us and that's fine. We ordered it with everything except the upgraded sound system (wife wants to listen to tapes) and we should have it in 6-8 wks.

    As for price, we went with the 1% over invoice and while I could have haggled, the experience was so nice, and different from any previous car buying experience, that I didn't really mind. The rep. spent the afternoon with us and we went over everything.

    In any event, we cannot wait, although we'll have to, and I will report back after we get it.

    Thanks again for all the great posts and the interesting and informative reading.

  • True - I like to "listen" to the others slipping and sliding in the ice ;) I only live about 1/2 up the mountain, but the wrecker driver said he spent 4 days solid on the top of our mountain getting people out of ditches! I really don't have a reason to leave UNLESS it's an emergency and I can always park at the top (and hope no one slides into me ;)) if I know it's coming and I need to go somewhere. I do need new tires, though - just using the Toyos it came with. I have several 10 pound bags of rock salt, so if I can't get up the hill, I'll just drink margharitas!

    The pathy is good - it's had some moments, but on the whole, I know I can count on it. The only japanese repair shop is 12 miles away down 2 dirt roads, so I was also looking at being able to get it worked on easier, lol!

    Just wanted to look at getting a pretty, shiny new truck with a killer engine :) I guess I'll stick with the pathy at least through the first winter - if I were a Ford dealer, I think I'd bring a few F150's and V8 SUV's and just sell them as needed during the first snow :)

    Thanks again for the info!
  • robz3robz3 Posts: 28
    Who supplies the premium soundsystem for it and how does it sound?
  • After two months, I finally acquired a "Mercury Accessories" catalog to order a front end cover for my '02 Mountaineer. I had my local dealer place the order for me using the Part # provided and the part returned is for a 1998 Mountaineer. This has happended on three separate occasions and I'm stumped (as the dealer is) on how to resolve it.
    Part 19A414 is specified in the book. Don't believe it!!!
    Does anyone have the correct Part Number???
  • 3 weeks and 700 miles into my Ford 2002 EB explorer and I'm delighted. Not one squeek or rattle, no starting probles, etc. Only downside is the damn ignition key situation--it comes with two transponder keys which cannot be readily duplicated. You're talking $75 for a dealer key. However, you can save a bit by searching for "Ford Transponder Key" on ebay. I got 2 of the "new style" for $22 each. The manual gives easy instructions on how to program your new keys after your friendly hardwear store charges you a whole buck to cut them. You must have BOTH origional keys to program new ones so you have no choice but the dealer if you loose one. It took four tries, but I now have two working spare keys.
    Charles Davant
  • After 3 weeks and 1,000 miles in our 2002 Mountaineer my wife and I were hit head on by a driver that lost control of her car. We could only hang on and watch her come into us, we had no where to escape. We hit head on at about 40 mph. My wife was driving and we both opened the doors and walked away. We both have broken sternums from the seat belts, and some stiff necks and backs. The Mountaineer held up very well, the damage was not too bad. Those of you wondering about the safety, it was very good. Belts locked, air bags deployed and we could open both doors and get out. No frame damage. Hood, both quarter panels, bumper, tires, rims, etc. We were lucky.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Florida Times Union review

    (I know both of you are still sore mountainowner - y'all get well soon).

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  • We had to drive from southern CA to St. Louis on the 11th and just returned today (19th) in our 2002 Mountaineer V8 (all options except 4WD, running boards, sunroof). We left with only 400 miles on it. With two adults and luggage and some other items, the mileage steadily improved, reaching a high of 19.0 MPG, with an average speed of 73 (speed limits were either 65, 70, and 75 for most of the trip).
  • After several dead-ends, I sent off an email to the "Owner Connection" department of Ford Motor regarding the mis-identified part number in their accessories brochure for a "Full Front End Cover" for my 02 MT. I also informed them of the lame excuses I rec'd and how I was even told to check back in 6 months when theres a better chance the part would be available. Heck, if its in the brochure, "its available". 48 hours later I rec'd a return email from the Customer Relationship Ctr at Ford apologizing for the inconvenience(s) and the correct part number which is 1L9Z19A414BA. This is a more lengthy part number for the 2002 model than advertised in the accessories guide. The dealership called me this week (to my surprise) to tell me that they have the part in stock and I could stop by when convenient. Even the price was less than the older covers!!! I'll hold further comment until I pickup the cover this weekend. It was nice to finally get the "Customer Service" I'm paying for. This was not the case starting out and I made lots of noise about it too.
  • kbaerkbaer Posts: 16
    For anyone who may be interested in the above, I just received a response back from the Mountaineer Product manager. Currently the combination of the Auxilliary A/C and Moonroof is unavailable. However it will be available beginning in the Spring of 2002. Also the telescoping wheel and Stability control should be available before the end of the calendar year. It was not made clear to me whether they meant calendar 2001 or 2002.
  • dardson1dardson1 Posts: 696
    Had a 93 Explorer. It was definately a "better idea" from Ford (especially for the time). I found the power modest but adequate, and the ride, punishing. Otherwise, it was very well done, great interior, good stereo, reliable, and the perfect size (not too little and not to big). Now that the power is up and the new ind. suspension is in place....seems like this car ought to be just about perfect. I'm shopping next week and hope it's true.....good ride, good power, and the perfect size.
  • bajasbajas Posts: 14
    A couple of questions - I am close to purchasing a 2002 Mountaineer but noticed the rear hatches on most of them are not centered - meaning the clearance is different. Kind of bad fit and finish - has anyone had one adjusted? Second, I opened the rear passenger door and a bunch of water drained from the bottom of the door. Does it collect there normally or do you think there might be a drainage issue with this particular vehicle. I know these are nits but I am getting ready to dump a bunch of money and I would like to think I am doing the right thing. Thanks!!
  • Can anyone tell me if they have information on crash test results for the 2002 explorer. It seems everyone is talking how nice this SUV is but not thinking about safety? I'm concerned as I own a 2000 F150 and it came in last on the off set crash test! I was very surprised to see toyota to come up the best out of all the large trucks as they just jumped on the band wagon for large trucks. Ford has been making trucks for years and my F150 looks like a very bad design if saftey is a concern.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The IIHS did not officially test the '02 Explorer/Mountaineer in their offset crash test. The reason according to them was that Ford is currently making structural changes to the Explorer's design so as to improve crashworthiness. They will test the Explorer when these design changes have been completed and implemented.

    The 1995 to 2001 Explorer's results are as follows:

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  • Thanks for the info on the crash test data. So I guess I will wait for Ford to fix or make the new explorer better. I'm getting tired of everyone telling me My F150 was on the news showing it failed the crash test. I don't want another poor designed vehicle for my family.
  • zman3zman3 Posts: 857
    Andrew, others:

    Are you saying that Ford is re-designing some of the structure of the 2002 Explorer so that it would perform better in the offset crash test? My God, didn't Ford realize that this test existed? They didn't design for it? If that is truly the case they are a bunch of morons.

    Where did you hear this information?
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