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Ford Explorer Mercury Mountaineer 2005 and earlier



  • gregb5gregb5 Posts: 82
    My XLT V8 makes the same whine you described. I don't know the source of the noise, but, like you, I back off the accelerator and it stops. After the truck is fuly warmed it doesn't happen. Let us know if you locate the source!
  • I have to agree on the great sounding radio's. I have XLT V-8 with 6 cd changer and it has a very good sound for factory. I love a music and volume and for the money I will not change a thing! Also on the sound under the dash my wife has also complained about it every now and then, then it goes away as soon as it comes!!
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    "transferred" from Mercury to Lincoln in the next year, to become the "Baby Navigator?"...if yes, will they upgrade any of the amenities on the vehicle?...if no, will Mercury keep the vehicle and Lincoln just get a new vehicle entirely?
  • I think you are referring to the 2003 Lincoln Aviator announced on Aug 31. It will be an upscale Explorer/Mountineer (not a Mountaineer replacement) with a DOHC 4.6 V-8. It will preview at the New York Auto Show in March and is supposed to be available in May according to my dealer principal who saw it at a dealer's meeting recently.

    I have started a discussion group in Edmund's Town Hall under SUV. so hopefully you should see additional information as it becomes available. I called Lincon today and the above is about all the information available from them. I own a Lincoln LS8 Sport and am a LLSOC member.

    Google has many duplicate postings if you type in Lincoln Aviator.
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    thanks for the answers the question I posted on the Aviator topic...
  • zderfzderf Posts: 44
    I am getting ready to take delivery on my 2002 Mountaineer. It has the midnight gray leather interior. While inspecting before the purchase, I noticed that the material (vinyl I suspect) on front side of head rest on the passenger front seat was loose. Not attached or bonded to the core of the headrest. The driver side and all other headrests weere nice and taught against the hard form core.

    The dealership (Ford and Mercury) planned on removing one from another unit. They have just advised that every other Explorer and Mountaineer in their inventory have front headrests with the loose front face. The only taught one is the drivers side on my unit. They plan further research, but are baffled at this moment.

    What???? It looks cheap and used. Good grief, I would think they could get that vinyl to adhere to backing... this is 2002!

    Has anyone else noticed this problem?

    Thanks in advance for your favorable consideration and reply(s).
  • sencsenc Posts: 44
    I'm thinking of buying a 2002 EB. Can anyone with a few miles more than 5000 tell me if they are having any problems with their truck? I've had several of the past Explorers and they were all well-built/problem free, but problems with my wife's '01 Expedition has spooked me with Ford. I can't handle two problem-plagued vehicles at once! How has yours been? Is the v6 4x2 adequate? Is there any rear-end vibration like in the Expedition(which they can't fix)? Any feedback would be appreciated...
  • What should the "Out the Door" OTD price be for a 2002 Explorer XLT with 3rd row seats, indash CD and leather? My area (Texas) dealers are quoting around $32K. Seems pricey to me for a Ford. What's your experience???
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    You should check

    You can use it as leverage with your dealer or buy from them. I purchased a car from them once this time I used it to start the shopping process.

    I settled on a loaded V8 Mountaineer for 33k.

    Good luck
  • Hello!!?? How about checking Edmunds for prices?
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    what kind of gas mileage do you get with the M'eer and the V8...also, how did the power/acceleration compare with the V6...I realize the numbers for the V8 are higher, but does it provide a noticeable improvement in performance compared to the V6...also, why the M'eer over the Explorer EB or Limited???
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    Actually I get the new truck first week in January.

    I went for the V8 due to the small increase in price. I think it was an additional $800.
    Considering in a German car to go from a V6 to V8 it usually costs 4K. Have not had a V8 for a long time. In addition the lost gas mileage was not that significant.

    Coming out of an underpowered QX4 Infiniti truck.
    Did not want to make the same mistake with this truck.

    I only test drove the V8.
  • joeadpjoeadp Posts: 68
    Personal preference on the style.

    My wife liked the front grille and distictive style.

    I guess the marketing guys at Ford target someone like me for this vehicle.

    Really wanted the third row seat. Look at Sequioa
    seemed to big and expensive. Better value with Mountaineer. If money was no object would have gone Lexus 470.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
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  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    thanks for the response...btw, if money was no object for all of us, 80% of these topics would never exist :):):)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The Explorer and the Mercury Mountaineer, which share the same design, earned a "best pick" designation from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The test results were released Tuesday.

    You can read the full article here.




  • mazman1mazman1 Posts: 229
    Here is the Institute for Highway Safety press release on the Explorer vs other Mid size SUV's. Note that the test was done on a post 10/01/01 produced 2002 Explorer because the 2002 Explorer frame was strengthened from the original 2002 design.

  • I wonder what the difference between pre 10/01/01 explorer's are, and do us pre owner's have any chance of getting ours fixed, like the post 10/01's. Any ideas?
  • mazman1mazman1 Posts: 229
    I read somewhere on Blue Oval News that the 2002 Explorer frame was stiffened and extra bracing was put around the gas tank.
  • I purchased a "demo" with 1267 miles on it. At 2300 miles I had an oil leak that turned out to be a crankshaft seal!!! Anyone else have this issue? I also used my rear window washer for the first time and it spewed yellow "stuff" all over the back! The dealership wanted to re-paint since it wouldn't come out. I insisted that they try to "buff" first. Now I wonder if my clear coat was sacrificed during buffing. The stain did come out.Anyone else have this? It also happened to my salesman's car.I am so disapointed, this is my first Ford. I have a 1988 chevy S10 Blazer w/158k miles on it and am wondering why I switched to Ford.
  • cabrpt, What engine do you have and what did they say the yellow stuff was?
  • I have a v6. the yellow stuff is yet unresloved. The only theory so far (as bizarre as it sounds) is that yellow sealant got into the system and was flushed through on the first use. There is a hose visible when the tailgate is raised with yellow sealant all around it.
  • If anyone knows this person or if tybrain still reads these posts,pls. let me know the result of your yellow stuff problem. The dealership tried to say I parked under a tree or drove through paint (with no signs of any yellow anywhere else). Thank goodness a salesman's EB did the same thing.
  • starrow68starrow68 Posts: 1,142
    Looks like advanced trac is still to be available in early 2002. It also appears to be more than just stability control as well, so will be interesting to see how they implement the system when it comes out. I've read elsewhere that Toyota Sequoia system is fairly intrusive for the driver and will be interesting to see another take on this system.
  • I do not have a stain on my Mountaineer, but I do remember a 'yellow coating' on the rear washer spray head and a small spot or 'yellow coating' on the glass directly below the rear washer spray head after I drove my Mountaineer home. The 'coating' was not heavy or thick, I just thought it was washer fluid. The spray head is black and the yellow color really stood out. It came right off, I cleaned the head and glass with glass cleaner. Sorry to hear about your problem.
  • It really would have been nice to have foglamps on our 2002 XLT but just couldn't rationalize going up to an EB for just that. We haven't received ours yet so I haven't taken a close look at the front bumper yet. Is this the same bumper they use with a foglamp option and the holes are just cut out? I guess my question is, Am I screwed if I eventually want the factory foglamps but have ordered a model without them?
  • I recently purchased a fairly loaded 2002 XLT V8, and I have a copy of the 2002 Ford SUV Accessories brochure. It appears that factory fog lamps are available, and that the kit includes replacement front bumper inserts to accomodate these lamps. (See pg. 10, item #36. MSRP = ~$193.00). However, I've extensively driven a friend's '97 Explorer with factory fog lamps, and I've found those lamps to be pretty worthless, and little more than gingerbread. Why? Firstly, they're too dim, and not well aimed; second, they're wired into the headlight switch, so even if they were bright enough and well-aimed, you can't run them with the headlights off and the parking lights on. I've been talking with a well-regarded local after-market dealer (as well as doing some research on the web), and I'm thinking about adding a set of one of the more expensive models of PIAA Ion Blue fog lamps, in which the after-market dealer would wire these on a switch that's separate from the headlights. However, this may require them to get creative as far as where and how to mount them on the front bumper, since I plan to add Ford's optional front tow hooks, which would use up those spaces on the front bumper intended for the tow hooks. At any rate, my web readings seem to indicate that PIAA is making the best fog lamps for the buck. (See )

    FWIW, I recently bought the new Escort Passport 8500 radar/laser detector, and it is very, very sweet.
  • gregb5gregb5 Posts: 82
    I have installed the Ford foglamp kit on my '02 XLT. It is a good kit, including everything necessary for the job. A bit of a pain to do the install since ALL of the wiring has to be installed (the factory harness doesn't contain any of the stuff for the fog lamps) but I got it done. It has a separate switch and can be operated independent of the headlamps. The kit contains relays to ensure that the parklamps are on before the fogs will light and that the high beams are not on (engaging the high beams turns off the fogs). I didn't connect the high beam cutoff relay and it caused no other problems.

    I agree with the earlier post that they are not the brightest lamps (I had PIAA 90W fog lamps on my prior Explorer) but they do help the already good headlights. I like the looks, and did them as much for that reason as for lighting. I'm sure other '02 owners are confused by them, too!

    The kit retails for around $220.
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