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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • I have the same problem in a 2003 Sedona. The first thing I checked was the brake fluid. It is just more than halfway between min & max. Are you saying that is low?
  • mombeemombee Posts: 10
    My warning light is on for the airbag and it doesn't go off. About the same time, the horn quit working. Any connection to the two?
  • bwaynbwayn Posts: 13
    My airbag warning light is on but my horn is working. So I think there is no connection between the two.
  • marriedmanwmarriedmanw Roanoke VAPosts: 11
    The warning light for the airbag and horn not working shouldn't be related but possiable. The warning light for the airbag in earlier models was a bad connector for the seatbelt, mainly the passenger seat. I had to replace the seat belt buckle on the passenger seat of my 02 about 6 months ago.
    For the horn check the fuse panel under the hood and see if you have blown fuse. Unless the steering wheel was taken apart, I can think why the connections would be off for the horn connection.

    Let us know what you find.
  • mombeemombee Posts: 10
    My 2004 does the same thing. I called Kia and they said on my model ( 2004) that it would not honk when I locked it. Wish it would tho!
  • mombeemombee Posts: 10
    I did take the car to Kia and they put it on the computer. Apparently all 3 ( horn, air bag and cruise control) are linked together thru the clock spring. It's working fine now but I sure can't figure why the a/c quit between the time I dropped it off , and picked it up. Wondering if the green lights on the a/c knobs are a fuse? Still blowing hot air tho ( kind of like the repair guy I'm thinking!).
  • bwaynbwayn Posts: 13
    I just realized Kia has completely moved out of my state. Where and how am I going to get service? I was told that the transmission service is so hairy that only Kia would do it right. I had it done when Kia was still here at about 80,000 miles; when do I need it done again? :sick:
  • wst2wst2 Posts: 1
    Well in 2010 I bought a new car which had great range, and became more frustrated about my pitiful range with my 2002 kia sedona. It has over 150,000 miles on it now. So I searched here and found this, if ANYONE else wants an EASY fix, here it is.
    1) Take out the UPPER glove box. Two screws, one on each side, and 2 hidden ones in the center (you have to pry off some fuzzy round plugs). After you get it out, you will see the receiver behind it. It is a plastic box with a pitiful stubby antenna to the right. remove the 2 screws holding it to the chassis. About a foot to the left you will see a round horizontal metal tube screwed to a vertical bracket. All you have to do is take a stranded wire (14 gauge or so) and loosen this screw and wrap one end around it and re-tighten. Run the wire over to the keyless receiver and scrape the rightmost screw hole. Re-install the keyless receiver with the two screws and wrap the other end of the wire below the rightmost screw so that it touches the grounding plate under the screw. Before you re-install your upper glovebox try it! My range went from a pitiful 5-10feet to over 50-60'. If anyone still has the 2002 Sedona this should help.
    My dealer back in 2002 was no help when I took it in to him. Maybe you can get rid of this annoyance if you still have your van.
    Good luck!
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    thanks for the great tip! We have a 2006 Sedona now; upgraded from a 2002 (although I prefer certain aspects of our 2002's interior over the 2006's) several years ago.
  • alfredo12345alfredo12345 Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    i have an 02 kia sedona 3.5 i v6 and had a tune up thermostat and oil change inner tie rod end and alignment and i was driving home and it was jerking checked the trans fluid it was ok and i steeped on the gas and jerk like it wa trying to die and checked the rpms and it was under one and was at the red light and the rpms hit zero and back to under one i looked at the engine it was shaking also
  • my check engine light keeps coming on. i recently had it inspected at a kia dealer and they informed me it was a fuel sensor so i had it repaired. 4 hours later check engine light is on again. awww is this something that can ever be fixed? car won't pass smog with check engine light on. HELP.. :mad:
  • bwaynbwayn Posts: 13
    It doesn't seem to be able to be fixed. Same as you, after all the repair it comes right back. Mine stays on for a while like a month or two and goes off for a while and then comes back on. So I just ignore it. It is not a very good advice, lol
  • tonytlc1tonytlc1 Posts: 1

    My 2004 Sedona with just 78,000 miles blew the motor because the Intake Manifold Valve (butterfly) dislodged itself and was completely ingested by the engine pistons"... and "all that remains were bits of metal shavings".

    I found out that the 2002-2005 Sorento with same size engine (3.5, 6cyl.) has a recall: TSB#073/NHTSA ID#10025153 on exactly this same issue.

    AUTOWORLD KIA (DEALER#7096963), East Meadow, New York claims this is not a "Power Train" Warrenty and/or Recall Issue even though we are original owners with impeccable maintainence records.

    REPAIR QUOTE: $8,371.00 plus $35/day storage from June 18 (45 days and counting).

    Any advice appreciated.
  • darmdarm Posts: 2
    have a 2006 kia Sedona and like to know if there is a way to reset the computer so I can operate the windows without using the ignition key (like when the engine is off and there is no key in the ignition switch)?
  • Got an 03. In mine, the SRS light is on because the seat pinched the wiring in 2 under the seat. I was told there was a recall but it only applies to when it happens to the driver's side. On a trip, there was a very high pitched whine followed by the passenger side rear wheel coming off! They said this was a recall item too, but when I called to set up the appointment, they said my manufacture date was not covered. I resurfaced the axle and put in new bearings and seals. My neighbor has an 07 sedona, I'm over there a couple of times a month fixing something on it. Forget 'em. I'm going back to FORD as soon as financially feasible.
  • Liked the 03 Sedona a lot at first, but besides what has happened so far, with the door handles breaking , the rear wheel coming off, and all the other stuff, there is always some sort of excuse at KIA's corporate customer service as to why kia's recalls don't apply to my kia. If they would support their product instead of leaving their customers out-in-the-cold on stuff, (except those whose A/C has gone out) I wouldn't mind buying another one, but as it stands, no way in heck a new KIA will ever grace (wait, did I say "grace"? I meant clutter up) my driveway. hi-ho, hi-ho it's back to Ford we go!!!
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