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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)

jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
Kia will be releasing their Sedona Mini-Van in the US in 2001. It's aproximately 192" long and they are dropping a big 3.5 litre V6 in it for the US market. It's been in Europe with a 2.5 litre V6 for about a year. Good design, good value, some typical Kia quality issues.


  • donleungdonleung Posts: 22
    For anyone who is interested:

  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    See . They've raised the hood to

    fit the 3.5 litre V6. It's of Hyundai/Mitsubishi origin and the tranny is a 5-speed auto.
  • alexjr1alexjr1 Posts: 19
    I saw it at the New York auto show fully loaded it costs around 22,000.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    2002 Kia Sedona

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Another article about the '02 Kia Sedona:

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  • gudanovgudanov Posts: 4
    Any clues as to what the price point will be on this thing? I like what I've read, but it's hard to compare without a price.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Our Future Telling section still claims it'll debut at around $20,000 US.


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  • toddrphtoddrph Posts: 1

    Does anyone know specific dates of availability of the Kia Sedona?

    Also, does anyone know of crash test results of the Sedona or any other Kia? Crash tests are not talked about alot for this manufacturer......
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    The first Sedonas were supposed to be on their way to the U.S. on a boat a month or so ago.

    If Kia has hopes, it had better turn in decent crash test ratings - the new Optima (aka Hyundai Sonata) has done OK, but most other Kias are pretty dismal when it comes to crashworthiness.
  • enviromanenviroman Posts: 13
    Looked at Kia sales stats for last month and they show approximately 650 Sedona's being sold. Apparently, they are available in some parts of the country. I am in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area and local dealers are saying late August or early September.
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I had my first sighting today. Saw one with plates on the road in San Jose California. The local dealers must have them. It looked good, relatively clean styling.
  • coolmatt44coolmatt44 Posts: 54
    That it look A LOT like a ford windstar?
  • DTKWOKDTKWOK Posts: 131
    Unfortunately it does, at least the current generation looks a little better. For KIA's sake, hope that their crash ratings are just as good.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    "Kia's first minivan will be the lowest priced van in America when it goes on sale in August."

    Please see the First Drive review linked in the Additional Resources box on the left navigation bar.

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  • ehaaseehaase Posts: 328
    According to AutoWeek, the Sedona weighs about 4,700 lbs - 400 to 800 lbs more than the competition.
  • alexjr1alexjr1 Posts: 19
    I saw a lot of them in a holding lot before they get shipped to their destinations in New York. At first i thought they were a bunch of Windstars than I was on my way than turned around and said those arent Windstars. They look great about the same size as the Sienna. There are two models the lx and ex the same thing as the Odyessey. When i heard it had a 3500cc engine I thought it the horsepower would be at least 220 seeing how small it is. According to magazines the horse power is around 185. I guess the engine will be refined over the years.
  • jjburakjjburak Posts: 2
    I had a chance to drive the top of the line Sedona in Delaware on July 21. This van has attractive styling. The gearsift on the center console was a little odd. The van drive really nice, great power in the engine. The van was MSRP around $23,000 which had every option you could get in it. (EX: dual AC and heat vents, leather seats, power sun roof, Alloy wheels. Darn, no fold away seats 8-(. I am really excited about this van after what I saw. I am waiting for the lower-end model starting around ($18000) since I do not want the leather seats of the captains chairs in the 2nd row. I really hope this van does some damage to the competitors.
  • Found two Sedonas in Joliet, Illinois. Test Drove both of them. One was completely loaded
    with all available options. Drove well. Ran it up on the expressway. Wind noise was not to bad.
    Dealer said they are introducing them with 0.9 financing for 60 months. Dealer would not talk
    any discounts off sticker. The Sodena EX we drove listed at $24,000.00. Leather, Roof Rack,
    two tone paint, moon roof, power driver and passenger seats, the works. Was impressed with all the options that it came with for the price.
  • jondotjondot Posts: 63
    marklj, thanks for the link to the Kia Parts catalog! I brought up the Home page and found how to establish an ordering chart by VIN and vehicle details. If you want to establish your own page just go to the url below and have at it.
  • bluewindsbluewinds Posts: 100
    I like the styling of Sedona.

    You can watch Kia Sedona movie file.

    Find the Kia Sedona.

  • Has anyone purchased a new Kia Sedona? If so, how did the pricing/negotiating go?
  • I got to check out a Sedona on Sunday at a local dealer who happened to leave the van unlocked. My first reaction to the fake wood grain dashboard and chrome trim parts, as well as the shifter was not too enthusiastic. But it seemed to grow on me as I sat in every seat and played with all the mechanical options. This van had the 2nd row captain chairs that I so desparately want to keep the kids separated! I like the mechanical sliding doors - I'd rather have them then the automatic ones. I also like being to take out the seating components easily because they are light. The benches in my Windstar give me a hernia each time I take them out.

    I read the Kia website spec and it states that the Sedona can tow 3500 lbs. It mentions no trailer towing package as an option, so I'm assuming it pulls 3500 lbs with no add-ons. But I don't know what the gross combined vehicle weight limit is for the van. This is a concern, because the van is 600-700 lbs heavier than my Windstar.

    Can anybody tell me why this medium-sized minivan is so heavy? Does anyone else intend to use the Sedona to tow a camper or boat?
  • I first saw it two weeks ago as it blew by me while i was on vacation. I wasn't sure which one it was (so many minivans) so i sped up. When i saw it was a Kia, I had to find out all I could. My local dealer got four in last week. 2 were lx's and 2 were ex's. I was definitely impressed. Like midlifecrisis, the wood grain and chrome threw me, but it grew on me fast. All seating positions were easy for me to get in unlike the sienna (but I am only 5'6") very comfortable. They were asking 23200 with leather, sunroof, and two tone paint. If i was in the market right now, bye bye caravan (piece of junk). I was also surprised by the full size spare with matching alloy rim in back. I am definitely looking forward to a test drive but waiting also for the crash test results. As far as weight, two possibilities for some of it is the larger engine and 5 speed, them in themselves can add some weight. May some also be from the side impact beams (heavier duty?). I can't find any specs yet to prove or disapprove this. Overall, the weight is probably from alot of little changes to make this a better vehicle than the others it used for templates (rivals).
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    All vehicles have to meet certain government side impact standards, and as such, all have side impact doors beams.

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  • I know about the gov standards on the side impact beams, I never said nor would I say that there were not any, but that there is a minimum standard for those type of beams, the manufacture can go heavier (stronger) which could account for some of the weight (as saturn did for example). I made no other implications with that statement nor should any other be drawn.
  • If anyone is still looking in this forum, does anyone know when the gov is planning to do the crash test on the sedona? I am considering this vehicle and this is one test i am really waiting for. thanx
  • smahlesmahle Posts: 14
    I just worked out a deal on the new Sedona. I am getting rid of my 99 Venture which is in the shop constantly. I test drove the Sedona and what an improvement over the Venture. With all the options, it is well over 7k savings over the Venture. It drives and handles better than my old van and feels very solid. I talked $500 off the asking price which is about the best you can do since they are priced close to cost.. The four vans I looked at were already sold and they won't get more until the end of the month. Can't beat the low interest and warranty. Even my Chevy guy said it is the best deal on the market. Good luck finding one.
  • ckmccoy5ckmccoy5 Posts: 24
    deal did you get and on what model? What options were included and what did you add? Can you give us some numbers - trade-in, price, discount, tax etc...??
  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    We picked up our EX Leather on 8/13/01 and have been enjoying it greatly ever since. We compared lifetime costs between lease-return 2000 Detroit vans, new vans at 0% financing and the 2002 Kias, which have 5.9%/60 mo financing in Canada. When we calculated total payments for each plus downpayment less expected resale in 5 yrs the new Kias came out substantially cheaper than a new domestic van and very close to the (almost 2-yr old) lease returns. No contest, even allowing for greater rates of depreciation for the Kia.

    Likes/Dislikes so Far:
    the power of the van is very good. Close to the Windstar level and far more powerful than the 3.3L Dodge. The low ratios of the first couple of gears of the 5-speed probably helps in this regard. I am not sure where the Edmunds reviewer found a lack of power.

    Fit/Finish in this van is very good. Certainly on par with domestic vans, Honda or otherwise.
    Handling is also quite enjoyable, with much more feel than the Ford and less body roll than the Dodge.

    This van has so many features that the salesman knew nothing about that every trip is a voyage of discovery. It doesn't help that the manual is a sometimes obtuse Korean translation. They certainly try, though. This is the most comprehensive manual that I have seen with a new vehicle in a long while.

    Does anyone know if the Canadian versions of the EX have Auto-On headlights? The dealer manager also said that the leather driver's seat is heated. If so, I cannot find the switch for it.
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    I live right behind a Kia dealer in Plano, TX. They had about six Sedonas and now they have one. To me they look like half Windstar, half Odyssey. Only trouble I thought of was getting into the third seat, there was little space between the captain's chairs and they didn't move too far forward to go behind them. But I'm fat, so maybe it's just me! LOL!!! Gearshifts on the dash are common in Japanese and European wagons and vans, saves floor space and doesn't complicate the steering column, gives you more stomach room. Obviously important for me. I think they'd make a great taxi, wonder if the mileage would be good with such a big engine, and did someone say it weighs 4700 lbs? Didn't 1975 Caprices weigh 4700 lbs?
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