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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • I don't think you would want to trust a insurance company regarding the value of ABS. By them not giving you a discount they actually make more money.

    The reason ABS was found not be any safer was because people didn't know how to use them properly. When people began to feel the pulsing of the ABS they found that they would ease up on the brakes thus defeating the purpose of ABS.

    There is no doubt ABS is better than non-ABS(excluding off road) because it will keep you from skidding and allows you to steer the vehicle as well.

    Of course you have to use them properly but keeping the foot on pedal and don't ease up.
  • Yes, if you buy through carsdirect you can then take your van to any Kia dealership for service. I'm telling you it is the way to go. Absolutely no hassle and for an EX fully loaded minus the ABS and homelink service I only paid $21,444 and the dealership paid for it to be delivered straight to my door. Cash probably won't matter since you are already getting a deal - so you may as well take advantage of their 4.9 financing and put your cash in some underpriced stocks.
  • I contacted and the price they quoted for me was the exact same as the MSRP. Is this what we can expect due to low supply and high demand? No Specialist has contacted me yet.
  • When you say fully loaded are you saying it had Leather too? two tone paint??? Air deflector?? all for $21,144.00 ??? I cannot find a deal like that on Cars Direct.
  • Add my voice to the chorus of those singing the praises of Lisa Hoyer at Kia of Union City Ga.

    And yes, you can take it to the local dealer to have it fixed under warranty if you buy it from CarsDirect.

  • The specialist from CarsDirect called me last night. After asking if I would drive 200 miles to some town in my state that I've never heard of, (if they had a van; No, I would not) he mentioned Georgia. He said that they charge about 500 over invoice plus a delivery charge and that still put the price under MSRP. Being this was Friday night he can't find out anything until Monday. I'll let you know how it goes.

    I find it interesting that now Chrysler is giving 7 yr/100,000 mi powertrain warranty now.
  • Even people who do not buy the Sedona can be thankful for Kia having a 10 yr/100,000 mile warranty just as everyone can thank Chrysler for adding creature comforts to Volkwagen's idea of the micro-bus and re-christening it the "Minivan".
    Chrysler's addition of comfort greatly increased public interest that led to GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda, and now Kia building a nice, comfortable, convenient vehicle now referred to as the minivan.
    Those early creations by Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi, etc. were dismal failures until they more closely copied the successful adaptation by Chrysler.
  • Yes, competition can be a good thing for the consumer! 3yrs/36,000 is pretty sorry.

    Latest update on Kia search if anyone cares: A dealer some 3 1/2 hours from me called and said they had exactly the van I'm looking for color and everything for MSRP. My resolve to not drive may be crumbling.
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    Is there a web site at which consumers can actually read Chrysler's 7 year 100,000 mile drivetrain warranty? If I sound cynical, it is because I have found warranties can be written to be little more than useless despite their existence making people feel good--until they have to use them. Maybe Kia will force the Big 3 in this country to engineer for greater reliability so they can provide long term warranties without going broke.
  • You may be on the mark in this case with Chrysler. The only thing that their official website says about it is....See dealer for a copy of this "limited" Warranty, a deductible applies and offer ends 12/31/01. I wonder what the deductible is? If you read this copy let me know what it says, please....I'm curious.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    My '89 Voyager had a 7/70 (?) factory warranty, and that was a factor in my purchase decision (I expected tranny problems that never happened). I did have 3 head gasket jobs done under warranty and Chrysler didn't give me any hassle about it.

    But you're right, you have to read the fine print on any warranty, including Kia's - plus a good dealer will go a long way towards making things "right".

    Now back to the Sedona.

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  • I'm currently driving a '94 Plymouth Voyager that I purchased new. (Voyager is now put out by Chrysler) Thank goodness my husband insisted on purchasing an extended warranty because it dropped it's transmission at just over 37,000 miles, leaving me and my children stranded on the highway. This is why I'm very excited about Kia's 10/100,000 powertrain warranty. I think their confidence in their product is a breath of fresh air. I now have 107,000 on this van but the transmission replacement has never felt very stable (for lack of a better word). I'm hoping that the Kia Sedona turns out to be wonderful and the Rio will as well. My daughter's gonna need a vehicle sooner than I care to think about!
  • If you buy through Carsdirect, how can you get financing through Kia at 4.9%?
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    Steve, you're absolutely right about reading ALL warranties carefully. The thing that is sad to me is that manufacturers have built products and sold them to the consumer with such lack of reliability that now one of the key reasons for buying a vehicle is the warranty. And the warranty is nothing more than a promise from the manufacturer that they will do what is right and fix a defective product, which shouldn't even have to be said.

    I have looked at the Kia website and their 10 year 100,000 mile limited drivetrain warranty looks pretty good--if you're the initial buyer, buy a used one from a close family member as defined in the warranty, or buy one you have been leasing. Anyone else who buys a used Kia loses that, but does get whatever remains of the 5 year, 60,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, which is still a good deal more than most manufacturers offer.

    I will say Kia has done a good job of writing the warranty so it is understandable by the average buyer, and the drivetrain warranty appears to be all inclusive. It is on their website,, in its entirety for those that are interested. I will warn you that it is rather lengthy, but only because it contains so much other information, such as lemon laws for specific states. The actual warranties are only on about five pages of that. If anyone reads them and finds a loophole in them that I've missed I would be interested in knowing, as a Sedona will probably be our next van, but if the one we have holds out it will be a couple of years yet.

    I don't know what Kia's reasoning is for not transferring the limited drivetrain warranty, and I would think that might hurt resale value some, but since I prefer to buy new and drive a vehicle for a long time anyway, resale is typically low on my vehicles when I finish with them, anyway, so it wouldn't really matter to me. What does matter to me is that a vehicle is reliable and doesn't leave my wife and family stranded somewhere.

    Does anyone know if the Sedona has a Mitsubishi engine in it? I have heard at least some of the Kia's do.
  • on the Kia might not be so good IF you traded for a different make Van. However if you went back to the Kia dealer it looks to me like you would get as good a deal as the the next guy. They surely wouldn't try to beat you to death on their own Van.
  • When the carsdirect people asked me if I needed financing I just mentioned to them that I wanted to take advantage of the 4.9% rate that Kia was offering at the time. They took my credit info and came back to me saying that I was approved. Try that. Good luck.
  • Yes, I have a cranberry red/beige two tone EX with Leather, moonroof and all the extras and I got it for $21,444. No ABS or homelink. It may be a regional thing. I am in Atlanta. That price may be different in CA or NY, for example.
    I was extremely pleased with the deal I got.
  • I can now say that I am an "almost" official owner of a Kia Sedona EX, Sapphire Blue w/Leather, sunroof, and Homelink. No ABS unfortunately. I dealt with a dealer in K.C., some 4 hours from me. They are delivering it to me. (CarsDirect didn't get back with me. I called their # to speak to my advisor and only got voice mail with no return. I e-mailed the Georgia connection to see if I could find out anything through that venue. Nothing so far.) I should be getting my van within a week. I didn't get any great deals financially, but I did get the exact Sedona that I was wanting -the ABS, for $5,000 less that a comparible van was going to cost me! I can't wait to let you know any opinions that I have about it as time goes by. The dealer said that I should be able to get a T.V. installed without messing up my warranty protection. Does anyone know facts?

    The Kia Dealer in my city told me that I'd better grab that Sedona. They've paid for some and have no idea when they will come in. He didn't figure to see any til after Thanksgiving, if then.
  • I live in the KC area and went to Independance Mo. to look at a Sedona this past week. They only had one of 3 left.
  • Wayne, I think we can be on a first name basis here. I used Jack Miller Jeep Kia. My salesman's name is Rob Bouler. He's over internet sales which is how I found them at [email protected] or toll free 1-888-250-7012. He e-mailed me to say they just got it in. He wouldn't deal at all on any front, no trade in nothing... period. I told him I'd buy it MSRP if they could deliver deal, a little earnest money on the credit card..done.

    My advice is to contact him via e-mail first. I have reasons for saying that but none that I will share.

    Some of you may wonder why in the world anyone would pay MSRP. My husband may be wondering that when he gets home! 1. I'm getting alot more bells and whistles for $23,000 in 2002 than I got for about the same price in 1994 with the Voyager. 2. The 10 yr/100,000 warranty that cost me nothing extra with the Kia would add a pretty penny to the other mini-van leaders. Chrysler will have to really prove their reliability before I'll go back to them.
    3. It's hard to turn down the exact package your looking for when no one, not even Cars.Direct or Nissan Kia of Union City Georgia has anything to offer. Yes, they called me back and both were barren.
    4. All reviews I've heard from professionals sound good to me except some snide remarks like,"Well, if you want to drive the cheapest mini-van in America."

    I'm looking forward to seeing how it does for me. Even my dealer here in Springfield told me that I will have no trouble getting my warranty work from them and he even sounded like he was frothing at the bit a little
  • Yes, you can use Kia financing if you buy from CarsDirect
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    In answer to BMAIGE, I read some time ago (I think the source was Popular mechanics) that the 3.5 is a Mitsubishi design. I would bet it's the same design as the 3.5 in the Mitsu Montero, but manufactured in Korea under Mitsu license.
  • Glad you found what you were looking for. I tried Olathe and St. Louis too. It is really hard to find a Sedona exactly like I want. We are in a catch 22 situation . When we sell our Van then we will be without wheels until we can find a Sedona. And as hard as they are to find ,walking 7 mi. into town may get pretty old. LOL. my E-Mail address is :
    [email protected] Let us hear from you.
  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    It is always a good feeling to get exactly the vehicle that you wanted. The dealers and manufacturers seem to want to force so many compromises on us these days.

    We chose a green/beige ex loaded when we purchased last August. The blue only became available a month later. We would have likely chosen it if it was available in August. Very classy-looking vehicle.

    Odd that ABS appears to be absent in US vehicles. As far as I know, all the Ex's have it in Canada.

    Ours will go back to the dealer next week for the FIRST time since purchase for a few adjustments. One rear door is binding a bit and the hood is not as tight against the stops as it should be.

    We are also trying to figure out the rear heater switch controls before it gets about minus a million degrees here soon. The push-button switch on the dash for the rear heater redirects the airflow from the rear roof outlets to an outlet on the floor near the 3rd seat. Good so far. However, said airflow does not appear to be controlled by the dash temperature selector. It seems to blow full hot whenever the button is pushed. This may not be a bad thing here in about a month, but is a pain currently. I'll be discussing it with the Kia service department.
  • for your reply. Wayne, I sure hope you can make a connection with the Sedona that you want. You'll probably be able to get a much better deal in a month or two. Really, it's pretty unbelievable that I got this one, the odds weren't too good. Maybe I should go out and buy a lottery ticket next. I really needed it. I can't trust my current van to do much more than take kids to school. Keep me informed on how the hunt goes, I want to rejoice with you when you get what you want.

    mcperr, I've never talked to anyone from Canada before. Hi. Thanks for all of your information. I read your prior posts and saw what you gave for yours. gggrrrr But I'm still thrilled. Tell me how things continue to go with your van in the future.
  • from lunch. Some of my friends(?) said "I see you are selling your Van" "What are you going to buy?" when I told them a Sedona you would have thought I had throwed a dead chicken on the table. Everyone said "Aaauuugggggggg" "you are not going to buy that junk from Korea are you?" I said "YES" eat my lunch and left.
  • Cookie,I'm sure you didn't mean for that to be funny, but your post struck me as hilarious. Thanks for the laughs. Honestly, that's what I thought too when I saw the add in the paper for "The Cheapest Van In America", until I started reading everything I could get my hands on about it. If Kia had tacked $5,000 onto the sticker price and billed it as the next of Kin to Toyota and Honda, everyone would have thought it was great. But then I wouldn't be near as thrilled with the price. I personally don't care what the crowd says,"He who laughs last, laugh the loudest." Hopefully after 50,000 miles we'll still have a big satisfied grin on our faces (and not egg)

    When I compare everything about the Kia to a Town and Country Limited and see that I've saved $13,000, that makes me really, really smile.
  • In that I couldn't get a hitch from Kia and I couldn't find one from u-haul etc., I ordered one off the internet. had a Hidden Hitch(tm) for the Sedona. Total cost with shipping was 122.56 dollars (US). Next, I needed the van wired. Again, I tried the dealer, the KIA home office, u-haul--all the usual suspects. No joy. So I took it to a local RV shop and had a custom wiring done. I had it done right with a Modulite and all that jazz, so it was pricey. Total cost including the $35 installation of the hitch itself was $140. Hitch looks sharp, not quite hidden, but inconspicuous nonetheless.

    The big rush for getting the hitch was a trip my wife had planned to begin tomorrow. Now she is thinking of going at a later date. Arrgggg!
  • bmaigebmaige Posts: 140
    Cookie22, I have been offline for a little while and just caught up on all the Sedona posts. In response to the tradein value of a Sedona, I wouldn't think even Kia dealers would offer more than they felt they could sell a used one for and still make a profit on it. If they did, I imagine they would raise the price of the new one to offset it.

    I guess that's one of my pet peeves about tradeins. Dealers want to make money on both the new vehicle and your tradein, or at least get your vehicle for no more than they feel it will bring at a wholesale auction if that is necessary. The result is a new vehicle price will have profit built in, and the tradein price will be low enough to allow them to add profit to it and sell it, or wholesale it and not lose anything.

    I had a brother-in-law who owned a used car lot. He usually bought his inventory at wholesale auctions, and sold each vehicle for $1,000.00-$1,500.00 more than he paid for it. Some he had a lot more markup on. The thing is, dealers will be trying to do the same thing.
  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    Does anyone have experience with installing one of these on a Sedona? They should be manditory on minivans and SUV's. Especially for those of us with vertically-challenged spouses. I have one on my 99 Explorer and love it.

    The usual ones require drilling several holes in the back bumper to mount the sensors. Apparently this is quite tricky as they have to be carefully positioned. Hence the installation cost is high.

    There is a system made in Italy( that uses a flexible strip antenna mounted inside of the rear bumper. No holes and no obvious sensors. Does anyone know of anybody on this side of the pond that has tried one?

  • I just installed one of these sensors on my Villager. I purchased it at K-Mart for $40.00 and my son installed it for me a couple Sat. ago. It took about an hour and works perfectly.
  • "I just installed one of these sensors on my Villager.....". Is K-Mart selling the Italian made sensors or is another brand???? Will like to know the brand name in order to check it at K-Mart. Thanks in advance.
  • I noticed the website "I Hate Kias" and read several posts. Nothing was said about Sedonas that I read after 4 pages of horror stories on the '97,'98,'99,'00 Sephias mainly. Is there grave reason to be concerned about the quality of the Sedona or whether Kia will come through on their warranties?
  • kojak3kojak3 Posts: 25
    I'm reading this board and seeing how people are faring with their new Sedonas. I see many people "concerned" about the quality. Let me help ease your concerns.

    I'm in the USAF and was stationed in Korea a few years ago. I made many Korean friends and rode in their vehicles whcih are now available in the states. Believe me, the quality of the Korean cars is good (as well as many of their other products). I'm more concerned about the junk the US puts out and calls "quality". Unfortunately, I purchased a 2001 Dodge Quad Cab in January of this year. Had I know then that the Sedona was going to come out in August, I'd have waited. The "Five Star" dealer where I bought my truck is a joke and refuses to fix things under warranty. My mother has a Kia Rio and on the few times she had to take it back, they immediately fixed the problem, washed the car for her, and one time thru in a free oil change.

    Any car, regardless of price, is only going to last as long as you take care of it.

    Forget about worrying about the quality, enjoy the van and life. Quit worrying about resale value--drive it till it dies. If you can predict resale value, I've got some good stocks to sell you.

    BTW, the Koreans are FAR ahead of the US in many regards. When I came back to the states, I couldn't believe how backwards we truly are. The people of this country need to lose that old stereotype of the Asians.

    Although my truck suits my needs, I'm trading it in next spring for a Sedona. I'll never buy another American made car again--unless I like hanging around the delaer trying to get it fixed.

    Drive on!
  • No , the one I bought is not the Ilalian product. This one from K-Mart was put out by
    Sterling Distributing Co.
    23500 Mercantile Rd.
    Beachwood, Ohio 44122
    It is simply labeled as "Early warning Back-up Alert"
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Chicago Tribune Review

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  • I have also noticed that if you look for them you can find alot of horror stories about not only Kias, but also Hyundais (who own Kia). When I was buying my Hyundai Elantra I was slightly concerned, but I have found one thing to be true: I know very few current owners of either Hyundais or Kias who are dissapointed in their vehicles. Everyone I know who has one loves their purchase. On the internet you see lots of problems and I have started to wonder if most of those stories are really true. I am not going to say that all those stories are lies, but I certainly take them with a grain of salt. After all, on the internet you don't even know if all these people actually own these cars. I have had my Elantra for 1 and a half years, 23,000 miles. Knock on wood, I have had no problems yet. I know that based on my experience I would definately buy HyunKia products again. In a year or two, when I buy a new minivan, I will more likely buy a Sedona than not. Baring, of course, the ever present possibility that I win the Lottery. In that case all bets are off. LOL
    Good luck with your Sedona,
  • I thought I read a post somewhere that said you were no longer hosting?! Was that a lie, or have you just come back to haunt me after deleting all my anti-Aztec posts? LOL.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Actually Drew is no longer hosting for Edmunds. Tidester is co-hosting in SUVs (and A&A), but I think he's heard all the Aztek jokes before too :-)

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  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74

    Does the Kmart backup alarm use several sensors drilled into the rear bumper? Or do they have the long, flexible antenna that mounts inside of the bumper with some sort of adhesive?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    There's also a Reverse warning systems discussion in Aftermarket & Accessories.

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  • All you hosts look alike on my computer :-)
  • valhsvalhs Posts: 63
    After reading all the appropriate car magazines and studying the road tests......after digesting the 242 posts on the Town Hall......after researching on KBB and Edmunds my wife and I resolved to buy the Kia Sedona. Sounds simple but is proving to be a challenge.

    I visited relatives in GA this past week and called no less than 7 Atlanta area Kia Dealers. Not one equipped the way we want, 2-tone White w/tan, all options. Here comes the fun part. Of the 7 Atlanta dealers we called only two returned our calls to tell us they did not have the vans. 3 dealers told us they do not give this info. over the phone and we must come down to the dealership. I've heard this one before.

    We even tried the Union City, GA Dealership which has been mentioned here twice. They are also dry. We visited Mall of GA Kia, the self proclaimed volume leader in the U.S., who also has only been in business for 4 months, they don't have it.

    We also have dealers telling us that Kia is not shipping vans with ABS or the Homelink. This is false, I found several (all the wrong color of course). They are also telling us that there will be a price increase in December and we MUST buy now to avoid paying more. One dealer told us that the plant is shutting down so we should just choose one now before they're all gone.

    Finally we have a dealer in VA who will find us the van at $1,000 over MSRP (Honda Oddy all over again). I argued with him that I couldn't see spending more that $1,000 over dealer invoice to which he said "there's only $500 profit in a Sedona." I told him I beg to differ that both Edmunds and KBB show dealer invoice at $21,400 fully loaded with destination. He claims that Edmunds and KBB are both misinformed.

    Needless to say I am not very eager to work with dealers that:

    1) Have been in business for 4 months
    2) Lie about availability of vans or options
    3) Lie about invoice price
    4) Don't return phone calls of perspective customers

    "The dealers will ruin these fine vehicles!"
  • I either can't find one or I have a difficult choice. just e-mailed and said they had a Blue/Silver one(My husband's football teams colors!) with ABS no less!! Darn it! I really have no choice though because I paid earnest money on the other one. Oh well, someone out there is gonna get a better deal than I did cause the price is better too. Whoever gets their blue/silver Sedona from New York you can thank me!
  • jondotjondot Posts: 63
    Had a problem with my EX--had to keep one finger on the left side of the wheel to keep from drifting right. The wheel seemed to want to ride turned a little bit to the right. First trip to dealer, they blamed unequal tire pressure but it still did it after they adjusted pressure. Second trip to dealer, they said it was the crown of the road even though it pulled right on level roads AND on a slight left leaning road. Third trip, they switched the front wheels--- now it seems to track fine- no pull. What is happening. Do I have a bad tire or rim? Or something else? I don't think they ever put the car on the alignment machine.
  • mom26mom26 Posts: 1
    Does anyone know if the captains chairs in the EX are compatible with all kinds of car seats - we will be using three car seats.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I test drove one of these last week. Kia was offering a free Shrek video, so we figured "why not?"

    If you overlook all the outdated stereotypes, you'll find a pretty nice van at a great price. We drove a loaded up leather-and-moonroof model that stickered for just $23.7k. That's $6-10 grand less than most competitors with similar equipment.

    Any how, off on the test drive. The engine is torquey and gets the job done nicely, though it's a little coarse when revved up. The tranny seemed to do its job well, I hardly noticed it.

    It felt big because I'm used to small cars, but the ride was nice and smooth. It leaned a bit much for my tastes, but a tall vehicle will do that.

    My biggest complaint was the driver's seat. The leather and power controls were good, but the lumbar support felt lumpy, right in the lower back section, and even fully retracted felt like they protruded too much. I just could not get comfortable, though my wife liked it fine. I even tried a cloth seat to see if it was any better, no luck. It's a shame but I wouldn't buy it if I can't get comfortable.

    I didn't like the plastic arm rests that pair up with the leather seats. The cloth ones were actually nicer.

    The dash has good ergonomics and plenty of gizmos for people that like that stuff. Good storage abounds, lots of nice touches. Room is also good, except the 3rd seat can be a little tight. It would be nice if it folded, like the MPV and Odyssey, but I guess you can't have it all. Cargo space behind the 3rd seat is only OK.

    So, overall a positive impression, but that seat is a deal killer, at least for my shape.

    We visited a Honda dealer just minutes later, and they had only one demo in stock. 3 month wait at full list price for an Odyssey. Ouch. They are a bit roomier and have some really nice features, but certainly cost a lot more. Leather would put it at $30 grand and still no moonroof.

    I would also compare the MPV, which is smaller but also has some nice touches, such as rear windows that open, the folding 3rd seat, and the sliding 2nd row seat. But that'll have to wait until the 3.0l engine arrives.

  • Have the captains chairs in my toyota which are very similar. I too was concerned and almost bought my van with the bench, I'm happy I didn't. I have2 car seats in the captains chairs, an evenflow and a century booster seat, both fit with no problems with the exception that the booster seat is a little crooked because it is supported by the standard 3 point seat belt. The top (at the shoulder) and bottom (at the hip) on one side and only the bottom on the other (at the latch) the belt is pulled very tight and causes the seat to tilt slightly (about an inch or so). Had this condition by a seat belt safety inspector and they said it was not a problem. I found that the inspection was very helpful, you can find out about when they give these in your area if you contact either the store where you buy the seat or through your town traffic safety dept.
  • I picked up my sapphire blue/platinum EX/leather/sunroof/ABS ysterday afternoon. Took me four days of internet and telephone searching to locate it. It is beautiful, solid, stable.....definitely worth the effort!

    Dittos to the person above who noted difficulty in finding knowledgeable, trustworthy salespersons. There were a lot of incompetents out there--even one service manager that was promising a $2000 rebate. I seriously doubt his integrity--pretty sure he just wanted me to drive an hour east to his dealership hoping he could close a deal 'in person' without the rebate. I called immediately before departing and demanded he 'verify' the rebate. Sure enough, it was "Oh, sorry. I got it mixed up with a rebate on an Optima." Right! For what it's worth, his quote without rebate was good: an EX with twotone paint, leather and sunroof (no ABS) for several hundred under MSRP.

    Then there was another that assured me the that an EX "just off the truck" had ABS. He eventually reversed himself when I forced him to pull up the actual invoice. He also wouldn't come off the MSRP more than two or three hundred.

    Luckily, an internet manager at a dealership four hours west of me called back during the discussions with the two clowns above to say he had an EX with ABS suddenly available because a deal had fallen through. Using the quote from "Mr Rebate" as a tool, I finally worked the internet manager down to a price well under MSRP. Considering all the talk about non-availability, Edmunds TMV of full MSRP, and the quotes of "MSRP plus" that I've read about in this forum, I think I got a great bargain! Had to drive four hours one-way to get it, but absolutely no regrets.

    Keep looking--they are out there, but it is up to you to find them. Out of 7 internet requests I placed for on-line quotes, I didn't receive a single quote via email. Only two of the 7 contacted me (by phone) to say they would help search for what I wanted. Only one of those two stuck with it -- that was the dealership I evetually bought from.
  • I get to pick mine up Thursday finally. They are delivering it to me atleast from 4 hours away. I hope they turn out to be great.
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