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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109

    Why remove it when you can fold it up? Who cares if it is not folded into the floor as long as it's out of the way? I prefer this design (assuming it is similar to the Sienna), since we have 3 kids and would typically have one of the rear seats folded away, allowing a lot more cargo area than the Honda. In the Honda, one of our kids would be sitting next to suitcases and on the big trips the magic seat would be not so magical-- it would be in the way.

    Power doors are stupid, I agree.

    This is an exciting value.
  • How did we live all those years without a hiding third row seat? Better yet - how did we live without minivans for all those years?

    I have not seen a single Pontiac Montana or Ford Windstar on a dealer lot with a towing package here in NJ. I even searched the local huge Ford dealer and with 50 Windstars in stock, not a one with a towing package.

    Pull my camper with a rear-wheel drive van? Well that limits me to basically a Chevy Astro or GMC van. Definitely not my choice in vans. Or I go with a full size van that my wife thinks is way too big to drive and get 13 mpg.

    The Aerostar is gone, so is the RWD Mazda MPV. So there's not much else to choose from in RWD vans. So I'll continue to drive my FWD Windstar until I can get some definite info on the Sedona towing capacity. So far the Windstar has done an admirable job towing, now with 57K miles on it to date.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Perhaps one of you Sedona owners can help out midlifecrisis by checking the maximum towing capacity in your owner's manual?

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  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    um, I think midlifecrisis is asking about the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (the maximum allowable weight of the fully loaded vehicle). fwiw, the maximum payload is 1186 lbs. and the maximum towing capacity is 3500 lbs (EX model). Anyone?


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  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    Most of the foldup ones I've looked at still take up a good part of the cargo floor space, which is much more important than the actual space volume. When you are trying to haul, say, small furniture the space above the folded seats is pretty much useless.

    I will be trading in my pickup truck for the minivan so cargo carrying capacity & ease ranks rather high with me. In that regard, no minivan will do a pickup justice, but I'd like to minimize the compromise.
  • There are actually three different tow ratings for a vehicle.

    The GVWR is how much the vehicle can weigh on its own with passengers and cargo. The maximum payload of 1186 would be the weight of the vehicle (4700) subtracted from the GVWR. The GVWR is developed based on the weight the vehicle's tires, suspension, etc can handle.

    The towing capacity (3500) is the maximum trailer weight allowable. But is only one-half of the equation.

    The GCVW (gross combined vehicle weight) is the rating for the vehicle, trailer, passengers and cargo combined. This usually governs for a vehicle like a minivan. For instance, my Windstar's GCVW is 7500, and the vehicle weight is 4000, passengers weigh 500 and cargo 400. That's only 2600 remaining for the trailer, even though the Windstar is rated to pull 3500.

    Perhaps the Sedona has no GCVW limit, and the 3500 trailer weight is the only limit.

    Hope this all makes sense!
  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109
    Anyone know if the Sedona engine has heritage with another car?

    Midlifecrisis-- good question. I also want to know the answer.
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    dplachta, I'm pretty sure the 3.5L V6 was sourced from Hyundai's corporate parts bin. Hyundai home market Centennial uses the same engine. The Hyundai XG300 is also slated to become XG350 after receiving this engine next year.

    Kudos to Hyundai/Kia for giving the Sedona the 3.5L instead of the 3.0L V6 in the current XG300. Even though I'm sure the 3.0L would have done an adequate job, no one ever complains about more power.

    I've been spoiled by Hyundai's 5/5/10 warranty that I'd feel shortchanged buying anything else. Now if only HMC would build a sister van under the Hyundai name with a disappearing third row seat... ;-)
  • How is the Hyundai extended warranty working out for you? How has the dealer been with repairs? Is it truly a bumper to bumper warranty for 60K and then a power train warranty for 100K? Just curious what people's experience has been with Hyundai and Kia warranties.
  • jlngwrjlngwr Posts: 51
    I'm refering to my Sedona manual about towing weight questions brought up by some of you. Since I know nothing about towing, I'm just reporting the numbers, you'll have to interpret them. Here goes:
    Max trailer weight without brake system 1250 lbs
    tongue weight 125

    Max trailer weight with brake system 4400 lbs
    tongue weight 440

    They mention that 4400 may be too heavy depending on conditions you are towing (road grade, temp,altitude). The tongue weight should be no more than 10% of trailer weight (loaded). They suggest weighing the loaded trailer and tongue separatley to make sure of this. The total GVW includes curb weight and any cargo or people in it and the tongue weight.

    Under the specs the weights are as follows:

    Curb weight 4656 lbs for L 4676 for GL
    GVWR 5787 for L and 5895 for GL

    I hope this helps, all Greek to me. (Just call me mechanically challenged)
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    I couldn't be happier with the warranty service (and the lack of need for it) so far. I have only one service call on my Sonata so far in 2yrs/24K miles - the airbag light came on after I'd installed an aftermarket stereo system. It was probably my fault, and I even told the service manager that. They did a diagnostics on it and ended up replacing a passenger-side airbag module anyways. They even washed my car before I picked it up. BTW, the dealership was Powers Hyundai in OKC.

    Now I must say that the service quality will more than likely differ from dealership to dealership. I may just have been lucky.

    And yes, it is B-to-B and road side 5/60k, powertrain 10/100k. The Kia warranty is similar and, I hope, carried out just as good.
  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    Kia seems to be doing very well this year, with record earnings.


    Also it seems that Hyundai reduced their stake in Kia to 34% in May with the 12.5% being sold to an unidentified foreign source(s). Selling the shares of a domestic darling company to foreigners is a bold step and I am not sure what it means at this point.

    See: also has an article detailing the recent splittting up of the Hyundai and Kia sales departments to foster competition. Interesting. I read somewhere that Hyundai will be reducing the number of Kia/Hyndai vehicle platforms from 18 to around 7 or 8. We will likely see many more parts swaps such as in the high-end Kia and Hyndai sedans. The same source postulated that Hyundai will probably make Kia the up-market brand and keep Hyundai for economy vehicles. We'll see. I don't mind. Late-model Hyndai engines/transmissions have very good reputations and the Sedona powertrain is the best in a minivan that I have driven.

  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    Has anyone found a source for Sedona seat covers? The rearmost seats are wider than normal and off-the-shelf covers will not fit.
  • Make Kia the "up-market" brand? I honestly find that hard to believe. If you have ever watched Kia adds on TV then you would notice that they have a certain element of immature humor about them which generally implies that they are going for a less affluent market; Hyundai, on the other hand generally has adds which are classier, more targeting a wealthier, better-educated market. If they were to try and reverse this trend then they might hurt sales by confusing consumers. Could you provide a link to the article which made this speculation?
  • volfyvolfy Posts: 274
    I think it ought to be the other way around as well. However, HMC is under the opinion that the Hyundai brand name has sustained enough permanent damage from the Excel years to woo upscale buyers, whereas Kia is relatively new to NA and relatively stigma-free.

    I remember one Kia representative was quoted at the Optima intro as saying that their research has shown that given the same car (e.g., Optima vs Sonata), the Kia name is "worth" some $400(?) more than Hyundai. I personally find that hard to believe, but Optima's pricing sure reflects their conviction.

    OTOH, the addition of the near-luxury XG300 to Hyundai's lineup seems to contradict that marketing strategy. I really think they are still trying to gauge market response before making a final decision.
  • vick9vick9 Posts: 1
    Can anyone share some links or articles that address the reliabilty of Kia vehicles. I think the Sedona sounds like a good minivan but I have concerns about its durabilty. Also, what's up with their 5 yr./10,000 mile rust warranty?
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I read that the 3.5 was designed by Mitsubishi. It is no doubt manufactured in Korea by Hyundai/Kia.
  • I'm on the verge of purchasing a Sedona. From what I've heard, they're in big demand, in many cases selling before they reach the dealership. Having said that, how much over the invoice price have people been paying? It's too early to have shown up on Edmunds TMV feature.
  • I paid $19K for my LX (no options). The MSRP was $19,600. What you heard is true. Read message 45 for more on my buying experience. Message 36 also addresses price.
  • At this time I am getting around 25 mpg. on the highway. So far so good.
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    Thanks for the MPG update. I'll be glad to do a summary if I can get more inputs. I think we are on to something here. Typically user MPG does not go substantially over EPA highway estimates but we have 2 folks getting around 25MPG highway. This is near top-of-the-class and
    way better than the EPA 15/20 MPG. I'm gonna have to take another trip to the Kia dealer if this keeps up!
  • I got 24 mpg on the highway BUT only 15.6 with just city driving. Car is just new, so hope that will change.
  • With my Windstar, I get approximately 16 mpg around town and 20 mpg on the freeway. Getting 25 mpg on the freeway in a Sedona would be a huge benefit, especially since the horsepower is about the same and the Sedona weighs 700 lbs more!
  • There is a rumor going on that the XG 300 will get 3.5l with 210 horsepower. Even the horsepower isn't so great, the torque is all that matters--240 IL of torque!

    I wonder if the Sedona will get this engine?

    By the way, Terracan is Hyundai's luxury SUV.
  • I moseyed on over here from the Odyssey board since the Sedona looked like an interesting vehicle. Curious to see what y'all had to say.
    In post 73, jlngwr's mileage is about what most people are getting for Honda Odyssey; every now and again someone in a new Odyssey will complain about 15 or 16 MPG around town, but go for a highway trip and get 24/25. The weight and aerodynamics of stop and go traffic really cut into the minivan's mileage around town.
    Let me add that Kia is very smart for not making power sliding doors. True, a major convenience (and cool thing) but when they fail (and they certainly do, even in some Hondas) it is a tremendous hassle.
  • We also have noticed a large difference between hwy and city gas consumption in our Sedona. On the highway we get 30mpg (Cdn gal) which is almost 25mpg US. However in the city we only get 20mpgC/16mpg/US.

    My current theory is that the superior aerodynamics of the Kia help lower the hwy consumption. This van is extremely quiet at highway speeds which implies a clean exterior. However the weight of the van causes stop and go city mileage to suffer. Also it does not help the city mileage that the engine sounds and power encourage fast take-offs.
  • Has anyone figured out where all that extra weight comes from in the Sedona? Is it from heavier cheaper material or is it just more durable construction? BTW, I got to do a little test drive and sure do like that smooth transmission. I'm still trying to decide between the Kia and a Chrysler non-grand model (Voyager or Caravan). I'm a two time Grand Caravan owner--'88 then a '96 but I'm ready to go smaller this time.
  • I've been carefully studying the Sedona since it went on sale a few weeks ago and am convinced that its the real deal, but am having great difficulty finding a dealer in St. Louis that has a fully loaded ES model with all possible available options. Is this the case across the entire country? What kind of wait is there if you have to order one? If not could anyone recommend a trusted dealer that might be more accessible than those in this area?

    Its frustrating that Kia would not anticipate high demand and adjust their production accordingly. Any thoughts?
  • We ordered our sedona from atlantic auto mall in islip long island NY on the 28th of July. I have been on the phone with the dealer every week. They always tell me it will be in next week! Well it should be in AGAIN by the end of next week the 14th of Sept. Maybe that will give everyone an idea of how long the wait will be. On the good took about 8 weeks for our last car (chevy). I test drove the sedona twice, and both times fell in love with it. I don't care about the weight factor (even though it might help in the crash test area). Can't wait to have that van, just wish I got a better deal, just a few hundred off the 23805 price. They wouldn't slide on the dealer fee (I was the first one to order the van). I just hope it holds up!
  • The word I got from my local dealership was that each dealer is allocated so many vans per month. They have no control over what color, trim, etc... they are going to get off the truck. I wanted the EX with leather. I took an EX without leather and the dealer is putting in leather (when they make a pattern). Of the vans that have been sent, not one has had factory leather. I know other dealers are not trading their Sedona's with other Kia dealers. Hang in there on the wait. I have had the van for one month and it has just been a great buy.
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I had the impression from a test drive that there is a lot of sound deadening material in the Sedona, that could account for up to 200 lbs. It's really quiet, couldn't hear the engine at all unless you really got into it. The engine is really terrific especially when you consider it is straddled with 4700 lbs. It's a real torquer and very smooth.
    Results of the MPG survey are self-evident. Everyone reporting said about 15-16 city and
    24-25 highway, much better than the EPA 15/20. The 15 city is a matter of physics, accelerating 4700 lbs just takes a lot of energy, the 25 highway is an excellent showing and I think another testimony to this great engine. I think the engine's most efficient torque band is right around highway speed and this may account for the good showing. Typically MPG improves after a few thousand miles so it could get even better. The transmission shifts are excellent. I thought the brakes were solid but feel like they may not have much reserve for towing. I think an owner could verify this sometime. Overall, what a deal... the LX is really loaded and has everything most people need. In my book, this is a luxury van. My dealer had quite a few in inventory and had no problem talking MSRP prices.
  • jasdmwjasdmw Posts: 118
    Was in Atlanta 2 weeks ago at Wifes conference. Took a tour of CNN and noted a Sedona in the lobby, open! Was an EX model. Sat in and climbed around it. Bottom line, very impressed! Nice leather, lots of options, build quality seems good. For instance, switches accessible to occupants in last row seats for, I think, rear quarter window operation (battery was disconnected so nothing electrical was working). Hatch was locked so couldn't play in the cargo area. Sunroof looks a bit small, engine has complete cover ala VW. See lots of fasteners joining the front cross member to the 2 sides of the front end. Most others weld this. If this passes offset crash tests well, this van could be a category killer!
  • I just validated my statement that you do not own an Odyssey, you're wannabee dreamer status has been verified. "I drive my sisters Odyssey...." was your post on another board.
    Hey, that '78 Chevy gas mileage must be tough on the wallet when you can drive for free, ehe?. Nearly every post that you have offered on other boards has been argumentative, and you certainly are a proven Sedona basher, and bash others as well. We got your number. Run along little boy.
  • 4-yr old daughter just pointed out that the headrests in our Sedona rotate forward on a ratchet mechanism as well as moving up and down in a normal fashion. This places the headrest much closer to the head and are the first useful headrests that I have encountered in any vehicle.

    The armrests on the captains seats also have several positions, although I am not sure why anyone would want an armrest to be locked partially down.

    Confirmed that our EX does indeed have auto-on headlights. However, the intrument lights must still be switched on with the headlight switch.

    Finally got to try out the automatic windshield wipers. I haven't figured out how they work yet, and my wife won't let me take them apart. They adjust the wiping speed from variable intermittant to high speed according to the amount of rain on the windshield. They work well but are a bit too sensitive. I will be contacting Kia to see if the sensitivity can be adjusted.

    Continually amazed at the stereo quality, on the few occassions that I can pry the keys from my wife's fingers. A couple of extra tweeters cannot cost the manufacturer much but make an incredible difference to the buyer. I especially like the way that the volume comes up gradually when you start the van.

    Over 2500 kms so far (1500 mi) and absolutely no problems. No squeaks, no rattles. Nada.
  • A few other observations about this van. It has a full size spare with aluminum rim, stainless steel exhaust, and they did a real nice job with the undercoating from the factory. Getting to the oil filter is a real battle. You must put it up on a lift to get to the filter.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    "Kia's first minivan in the United States, the 2002 Sedona, puts a new spin on the idea of a price leader, at least where family vans are concerned." Bergen County Review

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  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    The Detroit News was somewhat less enthusiastic:

  • If anyone out there has ordered a sedona make sure you tell the dealer not to have the van preped on the out side. My dealer Atlantic auto mall had some $5.00 and hr. person wax and wheel buff the paint making it look all ringed and circled. It looks really bad. I will be going bad for a fight. That ruby red paint should not be buffed. Bad call on the dealers part to have that work done!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Its a real nice van. I was very impressed with its quality feel and beautiful tastefully designed interior! In my city, they had 6 vans on the lot and they were all EX models. At least 3 of them had the factory leather, which appears to be hard to find elsewhere. The sliding doors were the easiest operating sliding doors I have ever seen and they closed with a quiet and solid thunk (a 4 year old could close the door with no problem). As far as I'm concerned, leave the doors alone and don't worry about offering power doors because this van doesn't need them. The seats were comfy and I think the van had plenty of room. It was real neat how they put the power rear window controls in the rear seat area. The only gripes I could find with the van were: the walking space between the second row captain's chairs was a bit too narrow and the little door covering the ashtray next to the shifter took 3 hard pushes to reclose. But these are very minor gripes. I do find it odd though that it weighs so much when it's a smaller van. I'm one that wouldn't want a huge van and all the weight that goes along with it, so its porkiness is a turnoff. Hopefully, it doesn't drive like its that heavy. Anyway, I was impressed by this van. Kia seems to have done a great job building a solid, well-designed minivan at a great price. If it proves to hold up in the long-term, they will have a hit on their hands.
  • I went to the local Kia dealer on Sunday to see what Sedonas they had in stock. About a month ago they only had one van. This time they had six. One was a top of the line EX with leather and sunroof. The others were all base models with no captains chairs in the second row.

    One thing I noticed was that the sticker price for the EX had been modified to include a regional adjustment of almost $1000! Anybody know what that's about? The only other time I saw that type of thing was on a Plymouth Prowler.

    Also, all the Sedonas had some type of environmental package option added by the dealer, which cost $600+. I have no idea what that is.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    That's usually car wax or perhaps some greasy stuff for the dashboard. Like the "regional adjustment", it's just a profit center for the dealer.

    Only you can decide if the value of the van merits the price the dealer puts on it, and market forces will dictate whether the dealer can sell his allotment at premium prices. Due to the recent horrific events in NYC and DC, market forces don't look encouraging for dealers at the moment.

    Have fun shopping.

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  • Guess the Kia dealers want to put some extra cash in their pockets since their van is so much cheaper than the competitor. Ahhh - capitalism at its finest!

    But I agree with you about the market changing since last week's events. I can't imagine too many people are in the mood to be buying vehicles right about now.
  • Please stop shouting! We can hear you loud and clear without all the capitals!
  • We took our first trip in our Sedona last month in 37C weather (99F) and the a/c handled it just fine. The rear air really cools the van down quickly. From our location we are actually more concerned about the capabilities of the heater!
  • Can some of you Kia owners give me an idea on the price you paid?? The 2002 EX I priced was $22661.00 leather and all the goodies.
  • Sounds like your getting a pretty good deal. Invoice with ABS, leather, sunroof, two tone paint is $21150.00 MSRP is $23805.00. You can judge for yourself, each dealer is getting 3% holdback. I paid a little bit more then the price you were quoted. Good luck...I love the van so far.
  • I am considering the Kia Sedona EX, and have a question about the automatic headlights. My local dealer does not have them in stock right now, so I can't go check it out myself.

    What, exactly, do they mean by automatic headlights? If this means that the headlights come on as soon as the car is turned on, or put into gear like my wife's Grand Am, then that would count this van out for me. If they do come on when the car is started, is there a way to override this feature?

    May seem a little strange, but I am into amateur astronomy and go to a lot of dark sites. If the lights came on when I turn the vehicle on, I would be shot by my fellow astronomers!
  • I've had my Sedona LX about 1000 miles so far and enough time to see it's pros and cons. All comparisons made against the 95 Caravan I traded.

    The good stuff: great ride, comfortable, wonderful climate control (the A/C very powerful, heat great and fan system strong), wonderful turning radius, passenger areas convenient to use and comfortable (so the kids say). Cargo area easy to use except (see below).

    The bad stuff: lousy gas mileage in town (the 15 mpg is for real) but respectable on the highway (24 mpg). With what's going on these days, gas prices and availability may become an issue. Visibility out the rear is limited - had to remove the back seat head rests- haven't used the "touch system" of backing out of parking spaces in years (like when I was 16 - a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away). This is what really irks me about the van, never being able to see where you are in tight places. The mirrors don't really help with this. The rear seat folds easily enough for cargo space, but you have to remove the head rests or move the middle seat up to accommodate their space. This is fine in pre-planned uses, but a pain when out there and you need to fold down the rear seat for some reason.

    All in all, I would recommend the van - but depends on your driving needs. Lots of highway and long trips - absolutely. Mostly around town, not so sure. I would probably shop around more than I did if money wasn't a big object - it was for us. So the LX at $19.5K looked really good. It still does. Don't know that I'd pay the premiums some dealers are asking though. Then you're up there with the competition.
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