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Kia Sedona (2005 and Earlier)



  • Beav3,I noticed it thanks to Wes19 and Jondot's posts making me more aware. It is still so much nicer of a ride than anything I've had before that it doesn't bother me as much as it probably should.

    re: Floor mats. Did you guys not get the matching carpet floor mats with Sedona printed on them, or are you wanting something else? My van was delivered with the carpet covered with plastic and these huge mats(especially in the center) covering the plastic. I haven't even taken the plastic off yet.

    Congratulations to you new Sedona owners!
  • After a little research, the auto wipers & heated mirrors appear to be a standard item for the Canadian version of the Sedona, Ours appears to have regular variable speed wipers and power mirrors. To see if your van does have the auto wipers there is a sensor I think on the upper windshield area. To BEAV3 "go Green", I have only seen one Kelly green and Platinum Sedona (I wish I could have gotten leather and ABS, but I could't locate a van which had them) so far in the Chicago area and it happens to be mine. On the tire survey "Kumho's" and after nearly 3 thousand miles I have not notice any steering problems.
  • beav3beav3 Posts: 14
    re:mom23girls I've only driven mine home from the dealer(45 miles) and to work today(2 miles) so I haven't noticed any pull right. Your right though it rides great. I'm afraid if I look too hard for the pull right I might find something that's not there. On floor mats, Yes it came with the ones that say Sedona in the front and a big one in front of the middle row. Nothing in front of the third row. No plastic though. Seeing that winter is almost here in upstate NY I may get some plastic though.
    re:brenice....Mine is the solid green, my first choice would have been the 2-tone with green/platinum, but there wasn't one to be found in the whole state I was told. But i did get ABS and leather.
  • I like the cloth interior, but with kids I would like something easier to clean, plus I tend to put my arm up on the door when driving and I have notice a slight wear spot already. Only time will tell how this holds up. But overall I am extremely happy with the van. Also what kind of supply was available when you purchased, in this area I found the Sedona was hard to come by and I still have seen very few (4) on the street.
  • beav3beav3 Posts: 14
    This is my first leather interior in any vehicle I've had. I really like it and we have 4 grandkids that we have a lot. As far as supply, the dealer I went to had 4 Ex and 4 LX of various colors and options. I was only interested in the EX. One was 2-tone, black and platinum loaded. It was nice, but black is so hard to keep clean. The other EX was light blue, but my wife didn't like it and then 2 green, one with ABS and one without. I took the one with ABS. I don't think I've seen any on the road around here. I had to drive an hour to the dealer. It's the closest KIA dealer to me. So far I love it.
  • jondotjondot Posts: 63
    I sent an e-mail to the dealer complaining about their shoddy service department. The manager invited me to come in and talk with them and I did this afternoon. He seemed intent in relieving my complaint and demonstrated this by test driving my van- the service manager AND dealership manager in person! Wow!? The service manager supervised putting my new spare on the suspect wheel and re-torquing ALL wheel lug bolts to specs. I couldn't do a real highway test drive with him afterwards because of time and traffic but had to promised I would give him a report in a couple of days. Steering seemed ok.
  • Just an update and responses to ongoing threads. We've now got over 50o miles on our Sedona (Ruby red/silky beige with Hankook tires) and have no complaints whatsoever. Virtually all of our driving has been around town and we seem to be getting right around 16 mpg. I continue to be impressed by the solid feel and handling. No pulling to the right yet - and our cigarette lighter cover closes fine. The only regret I have is that we couldn't hold out for one with ABS - that's the only option not on our van. As for power - the one time I've had our van on the interstate, I was watching the traffic as I pulled on and blended in and by the time I glanced down at the speedometer I was doing 85! The 5-speed AT is awesome...
  • And all's well.

    I had two close calls this week. After the ice storm, there was a tree broke off mid-trunk into the road just as I topped the crest of a hill, the road was clear of ice but wet. Then tonight three deer ran out in front of me. Both times the Sedona stopped on a dime, no skid even on wet pavemnent. I don't have ABS. I was impressed.
  • The Service Manager at my dealership sent a letter to me saying that the Kia Manufacturer will be sending me a survey about my opinion of their service. They said,"if I couldn't answer "very satisfied" to each of the questions to call him personally, because he wants his customers to be "100% satisfied" in all regards to our vehicle service. Wow, I hope he really means that because this puts alot more power behind this 100,000 mi warranty.
  • I have been trying to locate a Sedona EX, leather, sunroof and ABS for a few days. Found a few over an hour from us and went to the dealer to look at one today. Has anyone else had a really bad dealer experience? Salespeople were extremely unprofessional, and even though we our rating is good, they tried to stick us with a bad rate. They also realllly low balled us on our trade and of course were adamant about not budging on MSRP. Hey, I don't want one that bad. Unfortunately, we okayed a credit check and signed an agreement to let them release our info to telemarketers - they wouldn't even talk price until we did - wish we had walked out before we got that far - when we saw another salesperson slam the phone down on a customer.
    They didn't even give me my Shrek video...Does anyone know if the 1.9% financing rate program over 60 months is still out there? Our neighbors got this deal just prior to 9/11, and in October when we first started looking it was still available. Don't know if I can post the dealers name, if it is okay I'll post next time I'm on.
  • I got my ex with abs the day before Thanksgiving. My wife and I had spoken to a dealer about a week and a half prior and were told that Kias were slow coming into the country since 9/11. We were told that cars come in boxes (?) and that after the terrorist attacks boxes that would normally not get a second glance were unpacked and inspected. That was the story we got as to why it took so long for Kias to make it here. That, and the story that people who had been driving Siennas and Odysseys were clamoring for a Sedona because of the price and the great options. Sounded like bologna to me. Anyway, we had just about given up hope on getting one. As a matter of fact we tried to buy one through a wholesale buying club but were told that it would be 6-8 weeks before we could get one. I thought I'd have to drive to Atlanta to get one. Glad I didn't.

    Anyway, we wanted to go to mother in laws for Thanksgiving but really didn't want to risk it in our '95 Taurus with 3 kids in the back and a squirrely transmission (we'd broken down twice on the way down there before and feel that we're jinxed with that vehicle). The internet dealer we'd been working with called us that Wednesday and did the usual feel good hype by telling us that the van had just been unloaded onto the lot and was still in plastic. My wife called me at work and we discussed it for about 2 minutes before we agreed to buy it, although it was slightly more expensive than what the wholesale guy quoted us. Personally, I don't think he would have delivered. Anyway, we got it, it drives like a dream, and I really don't feel emasculated while driving it!
  • Reacting to the postings on experiences with dealerships, I can sympathize with several of the turn-offs described by others recently. I, too, was given a low figure on my trade at first. I held out for nearly the minimum I had said I would accept - I still think I was taken a bit, but we (mostly my wife) were motivated to make the deal work. Nevertheless, I almost walked when I found an extra $980 (for some sort of bogus additional warranty I had never agreed to) added to the final paperwork. They deleted it without an argument when they saw how angry I was, but that's not the point. It irks me that virtually all these dealers play these standard games to increase their profit margin. I've come to expect it but don't think we should have to.

    On another note, does anyone know when crash test data will be available on this vehicle? I think it will do very well - hope I won't be surprised. (posting 309 from mom23girls regarding braking was somewhat reassuring - as I've said, the only option we didn't get was ABS and I hope I don't someday regret it...)
  • smahlesmahle Posts: 14
    After four months and over 3,500 miles I have had no real problems. It continues run well and we have averaged around 23-24 mpg on the highway and around 16 in town. The only minor issue has been the rear armrest kept getting loose until we sprayed some "wrench lock" on it, and it hasn't been a problem since. Much of the problems mentioned on this site, I believe, are isolated situations. My van does not have abs and I live in Minnesota. So far, this has not been a factor. This van has better brakes and handles better than the previous Venture and Caravan that was in my garage. Friends that have driven this van have been very impressed. Some still don't trust the quality, but are starting to lean toward KIA.
  • beav3beav3 Posts: 14
    I just bought my Sedona last week and the rates through KIA were 1.9% for 12months, 2.9 for 24 months, 3.9 for 36 mos. and 4.9 for 48 or 60. That's here in upstate NY anyway.

    550 miles and no complaints yet. love it.
  • An 11/19 News Article entitled NHTSA Releases List of Model Year 2002 Vehicles to Be Rated For Safety. (Go to Kia Sedona, go down and click on News Articles.) Says the Sedona will be fully tested, I assume this year. It gives a hot-line number to call if needed.
  • After deciding on a Sedona, I was a little intimidated by all the difficulties you message posters seemed to be having in simply finding one to buy. Turned out to be not too bad. Six dealers in the DC metro area; the guy up in Gaithersburg, MD had 15 in stock! Ended up going with the dealer about 2 miles from my house in Northern Virginia. Put $100 down last night to hold an incoming solid color Misty Blue EX with ABS, sunroof, leather, and Homelink. He even gave me $200 off MSRP, apparently a "steal" given what I've read here. Oh, and the stupid Shreck video. So, I cancelled all the other searches with all the other dealers and with all the internet services. It's supposed to arrive on the 7th.
    We'll see.........
  • jlngwrjlngwr Posts: 51
    The cruise control and rear defrost were not working. The cruise operated the defrost and the defrost didn't do anything. The new radio installed a few days after purchase (because the original didn't work) apparently was the cause. The radio was done at the dealership where I bought the car, an hour away. I brought the car into the local dealership to fix this problem. Apparantly, even though the wires are all color-coded, the original dealership managed to attach them in the wrong spots when putting in the new radio. Glad to know the local guys are on top of things!
  • re: Marcolius, congratulations! I'm sure the dealers will give better deals as the van becomes more readily available, unless the word really gets out, when crash test results come in that it is a great deal. Patients is a virtue.

    I was so proud when an older gentlemen questioned me in the parking lot of McDonalds about my van. He was really impressed with it.(I've never seen unother one in the Southern MO area) He said they just bought a Windstar for over $30,000, when I told him mine was $23,000 he about croaked.
  • A local Honda dealer that I'd contacted about Odysseys just called to tell me that he "has a van for me". Even though I had made it clear that I was shopping many makes and dealers, he was really taken aback when I told him I'd put a down payment on a Sedona. You could tell he wasn't used to hearing, "No, thanks". Said some ugly things about Kia reliability; rather unprofessional. All of you who have ever been treated by a Honda salesman as if they were doing you a favor by allowing you to shop for an Odyssey, may you enjoy my experience vicariously......I hung up on him. Hope I get the last laugh; in a few years we'll all look like geniuses or idiots.

    I too have yet to see a Sedona out on the road. And ours are very busy roads....
  • Hello all! This town hall sure is great. I bought a Sedona EX on 12/4/01 and would like to share my experiences with all of you. I have read every posted message and appreciate the sharing of information.

    Our dealer lives 2 miles away from our home in Dublin, Ohio. They just started selling Kias. They also sell Mercedes-Benz, Dodge, Jeep.

    There are two other Kia dealerships in Columbus. Finding an EX with ABS is difficult. My dealership did not have any with ABS until the one I bought came in. The other two dealerships had several EXs with leather, but none with ABS. I am surprised why Kia shipped so many EXs with the leather option, but no ABS.

    My dealer tried to convince me to buy an EX without ABS before he got one in with ABS. He said the minivan is so heavy you don't need ABS. I'm a big fan of ABS so I decided to wait.

    My wife and I were considering the Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey. The Honda was out for us because we live close to the Honda plant and every one of our neighbors has one.

    The Sienna looked like a good choice considering the resale value and durability and the all-important Recommendation from Consumer Reports. However I felt the current model was getting dated and would wait for the redesigned model.

    My father told me about the Kia Sedona. I told him I wouldn't be interested in one. He insisted I check out the Sedona. I started my quest by visiting I also remember reading about the Sedona in Car and Driver (October 2001) and they usually hate minivans. Since C&D had good things to say about the Sedona, I thought I should give it a look. Kia's web site alerted to the fact that there is a local dealer.

    The dealer doesn't even have the Kia name on their building yet. I figured since they were the new kid on the block, I could get a good deal.

    My wife and I stopped by the dealer in mid-November. I figured I would at least get a free Shrek video (no such luck - they were out of certificates).

    We test-drove a LX without leather and ABS. We liked the way it drove. We have not owned a minivan before, but I thought the acceleration from a stop was disappointing and the engine was noisy when I gas pedal was floored. Those were the only gripes - everything else we liked.

    I was pretty specific on an EX with ABS and the Blue Sapphire color. But all they had were two LXs and none of the other dealers had what we wanted.

    On 12/2/01, the local salesperson called and said they just got a Blue Sapphire two-tone EX with all options for $24,100. The interior is tan. Another Blue Sapphire EX with all options with a gray interior was due soon.

    I'm glad to report that the Shrek video certificates were in and I called the 800 number and ordered mine.

    The EX we bought had only 10 miles on it. The dealer had not "prepped" it yet whatever that means. I noticed that both times we test-drove a Sedona, there was almost no gas in the tank (the fuel light was on). Perhaps dealers keep the gas tank low so you won't drive very far?

    I have only driven the EX on our test drive (4 miles). Some things I have noticed are: considerable wind noise above 60 MPH and the brake pedal felt mushy.

    I usually wait for Consumer Reports to test a vehicle before purchasing. But the long warranty and the closeness of the dealer changed my mind.

    Now to the not-so-fun part of pricing. I was able to get $1,200 off the sticker MSRP of $24,100 so I paid $22,900. It was not pretty in the sales room.

    I showed the salesperson the invoice price. He said is wrong - instead of $21,400 the invoice is actually $22,413. He showed me a copy of their invoice. I noticed there was a charge of about $500 for an advertising fee before the paper was hastily put away. Does anyone know if's invoice price is indeed wrong or was I shown a bogus invoice?

    The salesperson offered $1,000 off the MSRP because he is the new kid in town. He said that I would not be able to get an EX with ABS anywhere in town at his price. This price is still $1,700 over's invoice price.

    I told him that I could buy a Sienna at $100 over invoice...why wouldn't he sell me the Sedona EX for $100 over invoice? The store manager came in and yada, yada, yada'd about paying for floor space, advertisements, etc. and that Toyota has dealer incentives that Kia doesn't offer.

    I brought up the 3% holdback mentioned on The manager said that they spent all this holdback money on advertisements.

    My wife and I said we had enough and started to leave. The dealership was already closed and we told them we would just wait until the price came down to come back. I have heard that the best time to shop is at the end of the month and when the store is closing. One out of two wasn't bad because the manager had one last additional $200 off for a total discount of $1,200. We agreed. We found out later that we were their only sale of the day.

    Here are some things the dealer told me that I'd like to ask others in this forum if they can verify:

    1. The stereo in the EX is made by Alpine.
    2. You can only have one wireless remote with a Sedona. You can't even buy a second one because it won't work. By the way, Kia has free roadside assistance for up to 5 years - not an issue with us since we have AAA. The dealer did say that if they need to tow the Sedona, it would be towed up to 70 miles to a dealer. He also mentioned that the assistance included hotel reimbursement.
    3. The oil filters in Kia's are special. They insisted on us taking our Sedona to them for oil changes ($22) because other lube shops may not put in the special filters (he said the filter retain oil).
    4. The timing belt needs to be changed at 60,000 miles. My Honda and Acuras (non VTEC engines) required the timing belt to be changed at 100,000 miles. Why does the Sedona need it's timing belt replaced so soon?
    5. There is no local tire dealer for the OEM tires. I wonder if this will be a problem if we need to get a replacement tire.

    We got 3.9% financing for 48 months. You can get 4.9% for 60 months, 2.9% for 36 months and 1.9% for 24 months. Our insurance cost is $450 annually with a $1,000 comp/collision deductible for pleasure driving. We got a discount for ABS.

    Our dealer insisted that we give him the highest grades for the JD Power survey. I have never received one of these surveys before.

    How is the snow performance of the Sedona with ABS? It hasn't snowed here in Ohio yet, but I'll write back to share our experiences.

    Thanks for reading my long post!
  • wes19wes19 Posts: 48
    I too got the same story from my KIA dealer concerning the invoice price. IS the Edmunds price correct? I know the invoice price does not include advertising fees that the dealer might have to pay. I tried to buy a KIA SPortage after I purchased my Sedona van. I could not make a deal even after offering the Edmunds TMV price. We were about $400 apart. If anyone from EDMUNDS is reading this post maybe you could help us all understand the invoice pricing. OR what to say when they angrily tell you that you are wrong. Thanks. AND I really enjoy the TOWNHALL.
  • I am not a Sedona owner or specialist so I won't speak to all of the points in your post but there were a few that I found interesting.

    The line about the remote sounds like a dealer line to avoid having you try to force him into throwing in a second remote. There is no reason that you could not order a second remote and have it programmed to work with your car. Talk to the parts desk if you want the truth and plan on paying around $100 to order one and get it programmed (that's why the dealer doesn't want to throw one in).

    Regarding ABS, it has its ups and downs. On the positive side, ABS is great on dry roads or when it rains. The downside to ABS is when there is loose material on the road like gravel or snow. When you lock up the tires on loose material without ABS the tires dig in and the loose material piles up in front of the tire help to slow you down. If you have ABS the tires continue to roll keeping the loose material under the tires and extending the time it takes to stop. As for the steering aspect, I have ABS and I have used it in the snow several times and was not able to steer the car or stop. However it is excellent on wet roads.
  • Thanks to steeleng for the info on the keyless remote. The Kia salesperson said that when their dealership attended Kia school, Kia told them a second remote is not possible. After reading your post, I will definitely go back and talk to the dealer. I would say if anyone is thinking of purchasing a Sedona to make sure the dealer throws in an extra keyless remote for free. The standard package is one keyless remote and two keys.

    Thanks also for the ABS explanation. It is nice to know that my insurance company offers a discount for ABS (Erie Insurance).

    Thanks to wes19 for sharing his invoice price story. Hopefully an Edmunds Host will confirm if the Edmunds invoice price is correct.
  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    Your dealer must have been trying out for some Salesman of The Year B.S. Award. Must be a common competition, the Manager of the dealership that we bought our Sedona at last Aug. told me that the small button on the side of the driver's seat was to activate the heated seat feature. Hmm, so it adjusts the lumbar support AND heats the seat? Right.

    In their defence, ours was among the first shipment of Sedonas in Western Canada and nobody at the dealership knew all the features.

    Re: Oil filter
    The Sedona uses the same filter as a Kia car, the Optima, I believe. I bought a supply of them from the Kia dealer and take them with me to the local stand-alone oil change place. As long as they use warranty-compliant oil your vehicle warranty is not affected. Must be in a difficult location on the van, however. I heard a considerable amount of muttering and cursing from the gentlemen in the "pit".

    Re: Keyless Remote
    I too, thought that the provision of only one transmitter was a rather crass method for Kia to save $2.95. However, in practice we really do not miss it. The fact that the driver's door lock unlocks all 5 doors makes the 2nd tranmitter almost redundant.

    Re: ABS
    I am not sure that ABS is important in a van as heavy as the Sedona. This vehicle has excellent traction in winter conditions. I notice small amounts of wheel spin only when turning sharp corners in the snow/ice. Otherwise it just digs in and goes. I have also not been able to invoke the ABS when stopping. The back brakes appear to be very well modulated and the van stops in a straight line on quite slippery surfaces. However, it is nice to have the insurance discount if available.
  • Has anyone received their Shrek video? I'd sure like to get it before Christmas.
  • markljmarklj Posts: 10
    A nice write-up of the Sedona.

    1/4 mile times of 17.4 seconds @ 81 mph

    0-60 mph in 9.8 seconds

    60-0 in an average distance of 132 feet

    19 MPG average

    2002 Kia Sedona

    Program #2108

    When Kia first arrived in the U.S. in 1994, it did so with just a single, inexpensive car that was sold only in several states out West. From those humble beginnings, Kia has now grown to nearly 600 dealers nationwide, become a part of Hyundai, and offers six distinct models. The latest Kia to hit the streets is a new minivan called Sedona. And unlike some import minivans, the Sedona looks very much like its U.S. made rivals...

  • Some thoughts on braking and ABS, for those of you who are concerned about the availability of ABS-equipped Sedonas:

    The most likely reason for those owner of non-ABS equipped Sedonas NOT to have experienced skids is the strength of the brakes. While the weight of the Sedona does improve the grip of the tires, it also adds to the momentum of the vehicle and the amount of effort required to bring the vehicle to a stop. The two effects of increased weight don't quite cancel each other out as the brakes can only supply a given amount of braking force, and so may never get the tires to reach the limits of their traction - the net effect is a longer braking distance, all other things being equal.

    Ultimately the tire grip and brake strength will determine if the wheels lock up. If brake strength is greater than tire grip, you'll skid (duh!). I suspect that the brakes on the Sedona, which appear to be quite reasonable given the weight of the vehicle and published stopping distances, are not strong enough to induce wheel-lock under most circumstances. You could therefore conclude that ABS is less of a safety feature for the Sedona, as it would rarely be activated.
  • expert1expert1 Posts: 133
    Special oil filters? Give me a break!!! What they are talking about are oil filters with check valves in them. Almost every manufactuer does this one way or another. Some better than others (ex. Wix) some worst, Fram. I have heard it all. Even so far as filling the oil filter with oil before you install it. With the check valves the oil pump stays primed and your valves don't knock on startup. Most cheaper oil filter drain back even with this "special" feature. Oil filter mounting also plays a part in this. Most filters hang on the bottom of the motor, ensuring that they stay full. Toyota likes to mount them horizontial and in some cars they are mounted right side up. Making changing them a real mess. At least Chevy installs a little plastic oil diverter that directs the oil down to the ground instead of all over the hoses and belts like Caravan does.
  • hokumhokum Posts: 26
    Last week, I noticed that the engine was not idling smoothly. I also noticed an annoying whine, similar to the whine/groan made by the power steering pumps on older GM pickups. 2 days ago, the check engine light came on. 5500 miles, not a good feeling.

    I took the van to the dealer, at the end of the day, he said that the reason the check engine light came on was because my gas cap was not tight (code indicated a "leak in fuel system"). Hogwash. I realize that it must be tightened such that 3 clicks are heard (see inside of fuel door, yellow label), but I was the one who fueled the van, and know for certain that the gas cap was tight (clicks > 3!). Anyway, nothing was done to the van, and the rough idle, and Chevy pickup-like groan is still audible.

    Anyone else had similar experiences?

    As for the second keyless entry FOB, When I bought the van, the dealer and I thought that it was a mistake that only 1 FOB was included with the they ordered another one (free of charge) immediately. When the dealer attempted to prgram the second FOB, the first one no longer worked. When he reprogrammed the original, the second one then did not function. They called KIA, and (claim) they were told that the computer cannot handle more than one remote, so 2 FOBs is not possible at this time, and that KIA "is aware of the problem and is working on a fix". Long story short.....even if you buy another keyless entry control, it won't work anyway. At least that is what I was told.

    Does anyone out there have 2 remote entry controls....that work?

    As for the Shrek video, I received it shortly after calling the number indicated on the coupon. You are not missing much.
  • I do not own a Sedona, but I do own a Sephia. Going at the end of the day is a definate plus. We also bought at a new dealership that needed to sell cars. We found out that we, too, bought the only Kia from that dealer that day--so we got a good deal. As for the oil filter, this may or may not be true. I had one "quick change" place refuse to change my oil because my car requires a special filter that they don't keep. No other oil change facility had any problems, though. Maybe everybody else is improvising? I do, however, have to go to a Kia dealer to get an air filter. My check engine light came on about 4 years ago. After 2 trips to the dealer to get it turned off-only to have it come back on within a couple of months--I ride around with it on. Finally, if you don't enjoy Shrek, I don't know what to tell you. Try watching it without interruption. It's full of great things!
  • Re:
    What did the dealer say about the idle and groaning sounds? I always have to get an appointment with my dealer for service (I bought our previous mini-van from them) Maybe they brushed you off because it was quitin' time. If you don't get some satisfaction the next time you go in, I'd let them know that you'll be anxiously awaiting a service survey from the manufacturer to arrive so you can critique them. If you don't receive one, the only address that I have for J.D. Power and Associates, who was commissioned by Kia to obtain feedback from owners, is J.D. Power and Associates 30401 Agoura Road Agoura Hills, CA 91301. I'm assuming they will be handling Service as well sa Sales Satisfaction. At least you could write and request a Service Survey. So far I've received a Sales Experience Survey(that was fun!) and my dealer said that I may be getting a Service Survey as well. Good luck!

    If nothing else this gives you a little something to vent your frustration on.
  • When it arrives......
    Put down money (see above) on the only one int the next shipment with anti-lock brakes, $200 off MSRP. Due to arrive maybe the 4th, then certainly the 7th.
    Still waiting. I think I'm beginning to see a pattern here.
  • Nice to read real world experience on gas mileage.
    In the real world, my brother-in-law stated his 2001 Odd EX gets 20 to 25 MPG at each refill on a 3000 mile round trip. We got 26 to 27.5 MPG on 6 long trips of 1380 miles on our 99 GC w/3.3L V6.
    We were very impressed with the comfort, quiet and smooth ride of the 2002 Sedona EX we drove a few months ago. I think the Sedona would deliver 26 to 27 MPG on a long trip if kept under 75 MPH.
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I came to the same conclusion, posted a while back. One possible partial explanation, Kia programmed the engine and tranny 100% for real world driving and not to squeak extra MPG out of the EPA cycle. The Sedona tranny shifts superbly in my opinion and does not have the funky shift points I have often felt in "Big 3" vans. Regardles if this is a valid explanation or not - the highway MPG reported on this group seems to average about 25 and that # seems very consistant, much better than the EPA 20MPG.
  • I can say that the stereo on your sedona is made by Alpine. Kia owns a factory which manufacture all kinds of car stereo and this factory is joint venture of Alpine.

  • hokumhokum Posts: 26

    They said they "could not duplicate" the sounds. I asked them to bring a new Sedona over to the shop, so we could do a "side by side" comparison. That suggestion fell on deaf ears. As did most of my other comments.

    I have another appointment at the end of this week. I think I am going to "test drive" a new Sedona down to the shop while they look at my van, so they "can duplicate" the problem and get it fixed.

    I appreciate the address for JD Power.

    The thing is, we are driving back home to PA in two weeks, and that is a 1400 mile way.....with 2 small kids.

    Happy Holidays Mom23Girls, and to all.
  • It sounds like you've got a good plan. The line,"We just can't duplicate the problem" is pretty lame when the vehicle does it the minute you drive off! I'd like to know how it turns out, good luck.
  • markljmarklj Posts: 10
    For all those out there trying to find a Sedona at a good price and with the options may I strongly suggest

    I tried virtually every Internet service I could find to locate the Sedona my wife and I wanted. An EX with a minimum of ABS, Sunroof, and white with silky Beige.

    After several false "Hey, we got your van" leads, it was a pleasure to do business with and Lisa Hoyer at Nissan/Kia Of Union City. While it took 2 weeks to find what I wanted, they never lead me on. And even though they had to transfer the van from out of state they got me the lowest price and well under MSRP! BTW - The local consumer advocate and radio personality Clark Howard likes too…

    The Sedona I got also had leather, homelink. I picked it up last night. We were in and out of the dealership in well under an hour. This is THE way to buy a car.

    I'll post a full driving impression next week after I've had a chance to drive it a little more.

  • Thanks to expert1 for the useful information on the Sedona's oil filters.

    Thanks also to bluewinds for confirming that the Sedona has an Alpine radio.

    Has anyone noticed that in the Sedona brochure there is a button in the lower right side of the dash labeled "ECAT?" What is this for and what does it stand for?

    My Sedona has two blank buttons on the right side. I'm curious if these buttons are used for other things (like the auto wipers for Canada?).

    The brochure appears to be for the US.

  • mcperrmcperr Posts: 74
    The Canadian autowipers do not have a dash switch. The only control is on the windshield wiper stock.

    Our models have a few blank switches as well. In particular, the blank in the driver's armrest for the power folding side mirrors is interesting.That's a UK option, I believe, though it would be certainly handy in my narrow garage.
  • Thanks to mcperr for commenting on the Canadian Sedonas. I agree a power folding side mirror for the US and Canada would be a great feature.

    After driving our Kia Sedona EX for about 150 miles, I have a few suggestions for Kia:

    1. Move the keyhole to the dashboard. Even though the keyhole is lighted, you have to strain your neck to see the hole.

    2. Light the parking brake release handle. I have on accident pulled the wrong handle more than once and popped the hood!

    3. Add a left-foot dead pedal to rest your left foot on long trips. Many cars have this useful feature.

    4. Make it easier to take out the seats. They are really heavy. As Car and Driver put it, taking out these seats is a honey-do item that I will dread having to do.

    5. Make the headrests in the middle and rear seats swing down like some cars (Volvos). This makes it easier to see out the rear window without having to take out the headrests.

    Other than these minor grips, we love our Sedona!
  • More things to add for future Sedonas:

    6. A compass display for the middle display that currently includes the time, DTE, etc.

    7. Wireless remote that doesn't require the user to hold the button in for a long time - we got spoiled by our after-market car alarms that unlock/lock doors with a quick push of their buttons.

    8. On the EX, move the sunroof button farther away from the overhead driver map light. In the dark, I have opened the sunroof more than once trying to turn on the light.

    9. We have not been able to figure out how to properly program the Homelink (option on the EX) with our Sears Craftsman rolling code garage door opener despite closely following the manual's instructions.

    10. The chrome doors on the EX look nice, but feel kind of flimsy.

    11. A lockable gas door would be a nice addition.

    We averaged 22.9 miles per gallon recently. We drove mostly highway miles and we have 350 total miles on our Sedona.

    Some of the things we love about the Sedona:

    1. The CD player resumes playing at the same spot where it left off.

    2. Rear vent controls.

    3. Two trip odometers.

    4. Hazard light control located in the middle of the dash.

    5. In the EX, the folding table can hold the biggest drinks from the fast-food chains without tipping over.

    6. Variable wiper control for the front wipers and int. control for the rear wiper.

    7. The lockable storage compartment hidden under the passenger seat.

    8. The horn button is located in the middle of the steering wheel (instead of little buttons located on the steering wheel like in my Acura).

    9. Power seats for the driver and passenger. Would like memory settings for the driver side though.

    10. We got our Shrek video within 2 weeks. Any one else that would like to add to the like/don't like lists?
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    what the real cost of driving a Sedona will be when you factor in depreciation. I drove one and was very impressed (enjoying the Shrek video too!!) My concern would be reliability. Sure - the warranty is nice....but not if you have to utilize it all of the time. I'm going to continue to monitor this site and look forward to reading mileage updates. Keep posting about different milestones like 20k miles, 30k etc....Also I wonder what kind of trade values it will hold. I know Kia's & Hyundai's have been terrible in this regard.
  • wes19wes19 Posts: 48
    After a 100,000 miles on a vehicle it has no trade in value any way does it? Not min-vans anyway.

    I think the key is making sure that the KIA dealership is up to doing the warranty work. A warranty is only as good as the dealership backing it up.
  • After 176,000 miles, my 1991 Mazda MPV still has
    a trade in value.

    Still loving the Sedona at 2000 miles. -dwh
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    Lets face it. Most of us don't keep vehicles for 100,000 miles. We tire of them way before then. Its interesting that the Kia/Hyundai base warranty (power train peace) isn't transferrable. I feel like they might be counting on folks trading in way before that.
  • wes19wes19 Posts: 48
    Who is "most of us"? The last five cars I have owned over the past 20 years have all had more than a 100K.

    I attempted to trade in my Aerostar with 160k and got no where with the dealer. However I managed to get 2500 for it from a private buyer.

    SO called "Bumper to Bumper" is 5 yrs 60K. Power train and Engine is for 10/100k. Surely most people plan to keep it 5 yrs (at least long enough to pay it off)

    I plan to use ALL my warranty from KIA.
  • jonbgoodjonbgood Posts: 157
    You are to be applauded for "driving the wheels off" of a vehicle. This is the only way to effectively lower cost per mile. Talk to any dealer however, and you'll find you're the exception and not the rule. Most will trade before the vehicle is paid off. That could be trouble with any vehicle let alone one that might depreciate more than the norm (based on past history of Kias). Is there a board where we can try to talk each other out of trading vehicles? I'm struggling now wanting to trade/sell a perfectly fine '99 Mazda 626. I need somebody to talk some sense in to me. We could all retire much sooner & with more money in the bank if we'd follow your example with your Aerostar.
  • I test-drove a Sedona EX w/ ABS this afternoon. Everything looked fine except two problems:
    1. At 60mph, I noticed wind noisy. The sales rep. said that that's because it was very windy outside. He was right that it's quite windy in Vancouver this afternoon. Can anyone tell me how to distinguish wind noisy caused by the car and that caused by windy weather?
    2. Compared with a Sienna I test-drove a month ago, Sedona's engine is more laud when accelerating.

    However, I didn't notice any problem of right-pulling as mentioned by numerous posts, neither at 60mhp, nor during accelerating, nor during braking.

    As to the price, the MSRP of Sedona Ex in Canada is 27590 CND (About 17800 USD, yes, it's much cheaper in Canada, but we pay 14% tax!). After 40 minutes negotiation, the dealer is only willing to offer 200 dollar off from MSRP. I finally walked away, but with the intention to buy it in the netx few days, probably from another dealer.

    I know TMV is not available in Canada. Can anyone who bought a Sedona EX recently give me an idea whether it's a good deal (200 dollar off the MSRP) in Canada?

    Thank you very much.
  • Talk me out of it too jonbgood. I have a perfectly good "99" Villager Estate that I'm itching to trade off for a Sedona EX. What is wrong with guy's like us? My wife says we could have retired 10 years sooner if I hadn't traded cars so often. Darn that Sedona looks good !!!!!
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