2014 Toyota 4Runner Prices Paid

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  • shyboyshyboy Member Posts: 36
    The 2014 would start selling mid this month I guess.
    Please suggest the what would be the best price (how much below invoice)

    Any feedback, comments, your experience would be highly appreciated.

  • honeydoohoneydoo Member Posts: 1

    I have been a 4 Runner owner for many years and just purchased my very LAST Toyota 4 Runner! I purchased a 2014 Limited 4x4 V6 and truly believe Toyota dropped the ball on their aerodynamic design. The design seems to constantly blow moisture onto the rear window requiring you to use the rear window wiper a lot. The design of the vehicle seems to blow moisture up from the road and the top of the car where the overhang that houses the windshield wiper seems to create a circular wind action that pushes this moisture right onto the rear window. This may not be much of an issue when it's dry or raining but, when you have snow and/or muddy road conditions, this can be very annoying. Mud flaps and running boards are also an "option" on the Limited! Anyone looking at installing the running boards should ask to see a comparison of the automatic running boards ($1500) versus the standard running board ($350). The standard running board may be 5 or 6 inches wide - before installation but, once installed gives you only about 3 - 4 inches of step width. Again, under dry conditions this may not be an issue but when wet/muddy/snowy, they become very slippery and not up to the standards I had become familiar with in past Toyota vehicles. The slush/ice build-up in the wheel wells and under carriage is the worst I have ever seen on any 4 Runner I have ever owned!

  • carstripper00carstripper00 Member Posts: 4

    I'm thinking about what you said about your 2014 4-runner. I don't have one myself but I have been a mehanic for years and have driven many different suv style vehicles and have noticed alot of build up of moisture and road debris on the back windows of these style vehicles. Most of this is due to the larger tires, size of the back window and the more upward angle of the back window. The manufacturers have tried to alleviate some of this with a spoiler which sits atop of the window. I am a fan of mud flaps. I just purchased a new Toyota Corolla and bought the Flaps from the dealership for $80.00 I put them on myself but the dealer offered to put them on for me when I first bought the car. If you aren't interested in installing them I bet you could get your dealer to install them for nothing. They are there to make money but you purchased a New Vehicle and they should really appreciate that. With out having the Mud flaps on your vehicle you will be slinging sand ,gravel, road salt and dead animals up into your rocker panels and the bottom of your door skins. Also, remember that the first two things on your vehicle that will rust are the doors and the rocker panels. I think that every one should have Mud flaps.

  • rcummelinrcummelin Member Posts: 184

    In an effort to get this thread back on track: Yesterday we picked up a 2014 Trail Edition. List price was $39K and change. Although the paperwork claims we paid list price (dealers prefer that), we negotiated a $2K increase in the value of our trade-in, effectively reducing the total price paid by that amount. Next time we'll sell the trade vehicle BEFORE we visit the dealership, as this deal didn't leave us with a good opinion of the deal. Live & learn.

  • MichaellMichaell ColoradoModerator Posts: 192,957

    @rcummelin said:
    In an effort to get this thread back on track: Yesterday we picked up a 2014 Trail Edition. List price was $39K and change. Although the paperwork claims we paid list price (dealers prefer that), we negotiated a $2K increase in the value of our trade-in, effectively reducing the total price paid by that amount. Next time we'll sell the trade vehicle BEFORE we visit the dealership, as this deal didn't leave us with a good opinion of the deal. Live & learn.

    I get the impression that dealers hold the line on 4Runner pricing, so you did well to get them to up the value of your trade by $2K to compensate.

    Depending on what state you live in, there may be one other advantage of trading in versus selling privately - sales tax credit.


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  • rcummelinrcummelin Member Posts: 184

    @[email protected] said:

    Yeah, given that 4-wheeling season is really upon us here on the Western Slope, and we bought a very popular 4Runner version with KDSS, I feel we didn't do too bad. I just would rather negotiate from a better position by being to pay cash instead of trading. Trading in a vehicle has become a royal PITA, with local dealers regularly offering MUCH less for your trade-in than the internet sources say it ought to be worth--usually several thousand less. I left feeling like i had brought a knife to a gun fight, if you know what I mean. Fought the good fight, but still didn't come out on top.

  • 4funrun4funrun Member Posts: 1
    I got my trail edition on March 12th. Very happy and excited with. The sticker price was 39k and some change, invoiced it for $35,300. Really happy with the deal. Regarding the trade in, while we were negotiating I kept saying "I don't have trade in!" After finalizing the deal price right before signing the paperwork we told them if they buy our car I will trade in (note: we bought the trade in car from the very same dealer. ) So after almost 45 minutes of negotiation I was able to increase the trade in price they offered for $2800 ( just $500 less than the market price if I tried to sell it on my own.)

    So I would consider I got a great deal! Just FYI I intentionally went to the dealer two hours before they close on a Wednesday night. I think that helped a lot. And I live in Southern California.
  • danielw2danielw2 Member Posts: 2

    What's the best OTD price in NorCal of 2014 SR5 4WD (base model)?

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,457

    OTD is hard because we all have different taxes and fees. (It's a good term to use when buying though because it tells the dealer you are focusing on the bottom line and aren't so interested in negotiating each line item).

    Your goal is to beat TMV. Then watch for junk add-ons and high doc fees.

    Out here in the Midwest, TMV is running around $33,960 (that includes destination of $860). That's about $1,000 above invoice. My guess is that some people are getting closer to invoice, but I don't know what the "best" price is.

  • suviedudesuviedude Member Posts: 4

    2014 SR5 4x4 3rd row Entune Premium, exhaust tips, mats/cargo tray, Invoice. Plus they're being VERY generous on trade ins. Didn't really negotiate, advised I was offered invoice from another dealer so started there. They evaluated my trade and advised it was worth $3500. I figured it was worth $5k but hadn't really researched. Went to Carmax for an appraisal and they offered $4k. Based on invoice price dealership gave me $5500 for the trade in . Couldn't be happier with the deal. 2.24% interest rate through PNC, and 7 yr 125k ext warranty no ded. for $1150. And this also included the dealer having to find, trade, and transport the vehicle from over 100 miles away. This is a lot of info to share but hopefully it helps someone get a fair deal. And I wasn't trying to beat them out of every penny. This was a very simple, quick deal which I didn't expect with the trade in.

  • rcummelinrcummelin Member Posts: 184

    I want to go back to the March 5th post by Honeydoo and comment on his/her observation about the aerodynamics of the Gen 5 4Runner. That comment was 100% accurate! The aerodynamics allow ANYTHING to collect on the back of the truck as you drive. We have done several off-road trips in our new 4Runner and the deposit of dust on the back is amazing! Piles of dust, requiring a trip to the $.25 car wash to get it off. On the exact same drives, our neighbor's Toyota FJ collected only a small amount of dust, maybe 10-15% of what was on our 4Runner. I understand the truck's aerodynamic design was focused on improved gas mileage, NOT on keeping the back end free from debris. Really a poor job Toyota.

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