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2014 Mercedes-Benz M-Class Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Karen_SKaren_S Member Posts: 5,092
edited January 2014 in Mercedes-Benz
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    prolific77prolific77 Member Posts: 8
    2014 Mercedes-Benz ML350

    Premium 1 Package, KEYLESS-GO, Pre-Wiring for Rear Seat Entertainment, 3.5L V6, RWD, automatic, 6 miles, Black, stock # EA301844, new... view details Price $53,455

    Dealer is saying max discoutn they do is 6 but since it's a new model and not many on the lot, I might not get the full 6%.

    What is a good d/c percentage of this car? Those Mercedes Lover.. Please let me know.

    Thank you
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    frosenfeldfrosenfeld Member Posts: 1
    Look elsewhere. I ordered a ml350 Bluetec to my specification last month. I got 10% off plus the "mandatory" dealer fee of 499. Should receive my car late this month. Also if you read previous posts many have received 8% or more.
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    fbmokfbmok Member Posts: 2
    I want to buy my first mercedes-benz for my family. I received an quote from the local dealer in the san Francisco bay area for a ML350W4 with the following options. Dealer is offering $55k out of door, is it a good price or should I bargain more? Please advise, thanks.

    ML350W4 $50,290
    792 Palladium Silver Metallic $720
    108 Grey MB-Tex
    P01 P01 Package: Driver's Side & Interior Au $3,920
    P49 : Mirror Package
    U80 : 115V AC Power Outlet
    049 : iPod/MP3 Media Interface Cable
    249 : Auto-dimming Driver and Rearview Mirrors
    275 : Power Front Seats w/Driver Memory
    441 : Power Tilt/Telescoping Steering Column
    500 : Power Folding Mirrors
    512 : COMAND w/ Navigation
    518 : Media Interface
    536 : SiriusXM Radio w. 6 mos. service
    543 : Double Sun Visors
    R55 19" Twin 5-spoke Wheel
    218 Rearview Camera
    293 Rear Side Airbags (SPC)
    550 Trailer Hitch $575
    734 Eucalyptus Wood Trim
    846 Brushed Aluminum Running Boards $670
    866 Pre-Wiring for Rear Seat Entertainment $170
    929 Flex Fuel Capability
    993 993 Lane Tracking Package: Blind Spot A $875
    22P : Lane Tracking Package Code
    234 : Blind Spot Assist
    476 : Lane Keeping Assist

    SUBTOTAL $57,220
    TOTAL $58,145
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    pic4pic4 Member Posts: 2
    fbmok isn't the sales tax in SF around 8% so with other fees your MSRP is around $63k/$64 and he is offering it you for $55 out the door. Seems like a very good deal.
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    morris230morris230 Member Posts: 2
    Anyone with experience on special ordering a new ML350 and what kind of deal you can get with the dealers? True Car says discount is averaging about 5-6% off MSRP.
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    cal2013cal2013 Member Posts: 1
    We finally purchased my first ML350 over the weekend in SF Bay Area.
    - 2014 ML350W4 with MSRP $64K.
    - Paid $55K+ TTL.
    - Total out of door is little over $60K.

    Negotiation with this dealership was reasonably smooth. Initially, they offered just $500 off MSRP. After couple rounds of negotiations, finally.. got it $9k off MSRP. We are happy with the car and the price. They quoted us for ELW 7/75K for $3600 and the 5 year pre-paid maintenance for $2400. They weren't willing to discount those, so we didn't take those. Plan to shop for ELW with 7/75k at other dealers.
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    wheresmyhondawheresmyhonda Member Posts: 6
    Any recent experience to share buying 2014 ML350w4? This thread just went dead...no posts since Nov 11!

    I am in NJ looking at this ML350w4 with MSRP 64000. Looking to buy it for 55k. Best offer I have so far is 58000. Hoping deals get better as year end nears. Any good dealerships to recommend?

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    mlevinemlevine Member Posts: 581
    Find out invoice of the vehicle you are interested in on edmunds. I believe there is money available off the ML350 as part of the winter event. If so subtract this from invoive and work you way up from this price. 2 dealers in NY you may try are Prestige in Paramus/Ramsey border and MB of Freehold(David Michael I believe in the past). Good luck with your purchase.
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    qthqth Member Posts: 25
    Please share the detail order and dealer name & location. I want to order one too. Thanks. Qt
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    wheresmyhondawheresmyhonda Member Posts: 6
    Have spoken to Ray Catena and MB of Morristown. Will try Prestige and Freehold as well. Thanks for your input.
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    juelichjuelich Member Posts: 1

    Hi All,

    Are there any suggestions on the dealer/agent in Bay area where we can ask for a good price? e.g. the 8% - 10% off as said above?


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    ulsuls Member Posts: 7

    Got a 2014 ML 350 over the weekend. Here are the details
    ML350W4 - Polar White - Black MB - Tex interior

    • Eucalyptus Wood trim
    • P01 package
    • Rear View Camera
    • 19" Twin 5-spoke Wheels
    • Harmon Kardon LOGIC 7 Stereo system
    • Brushed Aluminium Running Boards
    • Lane Tracking package
    • Pre Wiring for Rear Entertainment system
    • Trailer Hitch

    MSRP - 58,925 (plus TTL extra).
    Paid - 51,575.

    Got a TFV for the trade in as well.

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    kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 241,340


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    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

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    ilbarbaroilbarbaro Member Posts: 5

    Nice deal, Uls. Did you leverage any special incentives to get them that low (eg. Fleet program)?

    Did you use a buying service or work straight through the internet sales manager?

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    ilbarbaroilbarbaro Member Posts: 5

    Just got a 2014 ML 350 4Matic Polar White/MBTex Almond MSRP $63,907 in Chicagoland for $56,336 including $2,000 fleet discount. I'm pretty sure we could have done better if we waited (can already get $2K fleet discount on 2015s), but my wife was growing impatient.


    Harmon Kardon
    Lighting Package
    Lane Tracking Package
    Parking Assist
    Panorama Roof (makes a difference)
    Running Boards
    Ambient Lighting
    Lighted MB Star (kinda cool although overpriced)

    Love the car. Great ride. Technology could definitely use some improvement from the likes of Apple to make it more intuitive.

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    manyadarlingmanyadarling Member Posts: 1

    Got a quote for 2014 ML 350 over the weekend. Here are the details ML350W4 - Polar White - Black MB - Tex interior - Eucalyptus Wood trim - P01 package - Rear View Camera - 19" Twin 5-spoke Wheels - KEYLESS GO - Harmon Kardon LOGIC 7 Stereo system - Brushed Aluminium Running Boards - Lane Tracking package - Pre Wiring for Rear Entertainment system - Trailer Hitch

    MSRP - 58,925 (plus TTL extra). Dealer is offering $49,000 with fleet discount

    Any opinion if that a good deal ?

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    steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    Sounds like a sweet ride; you can look up invoice here by clicking the make/model tabs above. I bet you're going to be close, not to mention under TMV.

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