2004 toyota Sienna manual sliding door handle broke off due to sticking doors...

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I have read many complaints in this Sienna forum concerning the sticking door problems for these vans in cold weather. Well, I have had the same problems with our 2004 Sienna from early on and it's never been resolved. It's been a reliable van if talking about the engine/transmission, but I have had my share of many other problems that many have written about in these forums, as well.

What I would like to know is if anyone can guide me to a site where it will show me how to fix the outside sliding door handle on a manually operated door to my 2004 Sienna? Since my van is old now, I try to do these type of repairs own my own. Any help would be appreciated!

BTW- I have looked on google search, but I cannot find anything with step-by-step directions and pictures for this.

Thanks everyone!


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    Mr. Shift,
    Will this video be applicable to a 2004 Sienna, as well? If, yes, it's going to be a simple fix. Thanks for replying.

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    That I can't answer. Hopefully you can view the video and write down the instructions and see how they apply to 2004. I checked and the 2004 is another generation of Sienna so this video might not help directly. Didn't realize that when I posted. I'll keep looking for you.

    Here's a Sienna forum where people are talking about doing it on a 2004 model:


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    Thanks Mr. Shift, I appreciate your help!

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    You must grease the rubber seals, otherwise the doors will stick! I like Shin Etsu grease, but even Meguires rubber conditioner will work well.

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    I will try the grease. Thanks fibber2.

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