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"That police cruiser you see in the rearview mirror is increasingly likely to be an SUV.

That’s because last year an SUV — not a sedan — was the best-selling police vehicle in the United States. It’s the first time that’s happened.

The sales crown went to Ford Motor Co.’s Police Interceptor Utility, which is essentially a specially decked-out version of the Explorer."

Ford's SUV winning sales battle for police vehicles (Detroit News)


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    I know some folks who have had a chance to 'open up' the throttle on a DODGE Charger Police Interceptor.... For pure chase-down speed, I doubt any SUV could match it.

    However: Many modern police vehicles are heavily laden with electronics and other stuff. I would guess a SUV-style vehicle might better fit the needs of that kind of police-work.

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    my town has a couple of SUVs. Not sure if they got a Ford yet (the small town which is way overstaffed because they are a speed trap just got one) but we have at least 1 Tahoe.

    makes sense. Especially in a suburban town. No highway pursuit (no highways!), and considering a cruiser now looks like a rolling Best Buy, seems to give them a ton more room. Plus, better visibility. Probably just have to be a bit more careful careening around turns.

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    My county had mainly been using Impalas and Crown Vics. In fact, there are still a handful of the older 2000-2005 style Impala in service. I have seen some Explorers and the new Taurus starting to pop up, though. The District of Columbia is using mostly Explorers these days it seems, with some Tauruses.

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    My hometown uses Chargers. My current small city uses Chevy Caprices.

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    Philadelphia has a very diverse fleet: Both 2000-2005 and 2006-2013 Impalas, Crown Victorias, Dodge Chargers, Ford Tauruses, SUVs, vans, motorcycles, trucks, etc. Has anybody seen a 2014 Impala police cruiser yet?

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    I saw a Chevy Caprice police car in the next county over a few months ago. I think I saw one up in Baltimore awhile ago, as well.

    I see a lot of Chargers manning the speed traps on I-95 whenever I do down through Virginia. I also see a few being used in local jurisdictions. I see an occasional Tahoe/Suburban as well, so GM's not totally down for the count.

    Lemko, is the new Impala even being offered as a police package? I was under the impression that the platform was a bit too "premium". But, the Caprice/SS are hardly cheap cars. And ditto the Taurus/Explorer, or Charger.

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    I took a look on GM's fleet vehicle site and it seems they are using either the Caprice or the last-gen Impala as police vehicles.

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    The Caprice police cars used here are decidedly 'downscale', trim-wise, compared to the SS. They have a column shift. Hell, I'd buy that!

    Made in Australia; no I wouldn't. ;)

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    My town got two Caprices last year - one B&W and one unmarked. They just got two marked Explorers this year. I think the Caprices were on a trial as I have not seen either around for a while.

    The Explorers and Tauruses are designed to easily retrofit the existing equipment from the Crown Vics. I makes up-fitment of the Ford PI's cheaper and quicker.

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    My local PD still has mostly Crown Vics, but some Explorers are nosing their way in now - maybe sensible for the ever more militarized in equipment and appearance city law enforcement agencies, as it hauls more stuff. I think the WSP has a lot of Caprices now.

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    The Crown Vics in my town are slowly being replaced by Chevy Tahoe's. They have gone to a very slim light bar so when one is behind you they look like an SUV with a roof rack.

    And talk about BRIGHT, INTENSE red and blue lights! WOW!

  • MichaellMichaell Moderator Posts: 233,835

    @isellhondas said:
    The Crown Vics in my town are slowly being replaced by Chevy Tahoe's. They have gone to a very slim light bar so when one is behind you they look like an SUV with a roof rack.

    And talk about BRIGHT, INTENSE red and blue lights! WOW!

    The town I live in is also the county seat - the town PD has mostly Fords (Explorer and Taurus), but they also have a few unmarked cars. One Magnum and one Challenger.

    The county sheriff does Dodge - I see lots of marked Chargers. Same with the State Patrol.

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  • lemkolemko Member Posts: 15,261

    Philadelphia Police "Expressway Patrol" Charger:


  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342

    I think all cop cars should be black and white!

    We have two motorcycle cops in town that are sneaky beyond belief. they will park their scooters around a corner and just stand on the sidewalk maybe hidden by a tree.

    They don't wear their helmets and they wear dark pants and light blue shirts. It's only when approaching cars get close that they raise their arm containing a cordless radar gun.

    They must earn a ton of revenue for our town!

  • fintailfintail Member Posts: 56,728

    I have seen those small stealthy light bars.

    Not revenue, safety. Think of the children, on that underposted area with little foot traffic. Safety! Gotta pay those salaries and pensions somehow, not to mention all the new gear.

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