Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair

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I have owned my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo for about 2 weeks and have a very annoying problem with it. I get a rubbing/screeching noise from the steering column when I make a turn. It is even more noticable when making a sharp turn at a higher rate of speed. The dealership couldn't fix it and said it will work it self in.([non-permissible content removed])It took it to the mechanic that does our fleet work, he sprayed the column at the firewall and the noise got noticeably better. Alot of people warned me not to get a Jeep because stuff like this is common and I will have to used to it. Does anyone have the same problem? Any other areas of concern that I should be aware of?


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    Look forward to brake rotors warping every 3000 miles, power window motors that go out leaving the window imoperable regardless of whether it is up or down, fuel pump making your jeep hard to start and idle rough as well as stall at redlights, rearend howl, and oh yes the steering column squeak. If you haven't checked out the bulletin board on JGC's you should. You will find HUNDREDS of unhappy Jeep owners that have experienced the problems listed above. Best advice would be to take it back to the dealer and hand over the keys.
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    Since I bought my GCL, the engine makes a noise when I accelerate to or past 50 mph. It happens right at 50 mph, without fail, and never before. It sounds almost like engine knocking from bad gas (but it isn't that). They have looked at it 4 times. The first 3 times they said they couldn't hear it. The 4th time I made the guy ride it with me. Then, of course, they heard it. Still, they say they can't identify it.

    Does anybody else have this problem? has anyone had this resolved?
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    Cavman2x - I hate to say it, but buying the Jeep really may have been a mistake. I would take jwp248's advice and try and get your money back ASAP. Otherwise, you will be in the shop numerous times (13 times for me in 20 months and I usually wait until I have 2 or more problems before I bother to make the trip). One other problem, the resell value on these is TERRIBLE. At 18 months, mine was worth $15K - $16K in the market (less than half its sticker). Even Jeep, after torturing me with that car, said they don't think they're worth more than $15.5. It's a '99, stickered for $32K, and is in PERFECT condition in terms of appearence. A '99 4-Runner that stickered for the same price would go in the mid $20's.

    All in all, it was the dumbest purchase I've ever made. Okay, they do look good, especially in the shop.
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    I just traded my '99 JGC after owning it for 28 months and got $20k trade-in. That was 1500 more than the high end trade-in value I was quoted on the "Real World Trade-in Values" thread on the Smart Shopper board. Somebody is giving you bad numbers; keep trying and you'll get a better deal. BTW, I am SO THRILLED to be rid of that Jeep!
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    I have been trying to trade my 99 JGC 6cyl Laredo for approximately 3 months now. It too is in excellent shape "cosmetically". The best trade I've been able to get is 16000 in the south. Just attempted to trade it in Dallas, at a Chrysler dealer, and was offered 13200, and they wouldn't budge. Used car managers have been bit trading for these things and passing their problems on to their customers therefore are not interested at all in trading for them. So guess what-- I'm stuck with a Jeep that in 18 months and 26000 miles has had 7 window motors, 4 sets of brake rotors, 2 fuel pumps going on a third, and a front hub and wheel bearing replaced. I am also enduring a rough idle stalling condition the dealer can't find and on top of all that the rear end began howling and vibrating on acceleration on the trip back from Dallas today indicating the rear end is about to go. HELP!!
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    Yes, I agree, one of the reason I go to this site is to vent my frustration with my 2000 JGC Limited (v8, quadra drive, bells and whistles). But I also read about other people's problems to somewhat comfort me that I'm not the only one who take their Jeep in every month for one problem or another.
    Well, I have been having problems with the Jeep idling low/stalling. They updated the computer and raised up the RPM's. The stalling/low idling problem is solved, but the vehicle shakes every time I stop. I went to the dealer and they test drove the vehicle. The service manager stated that he felt the shaking, but stated that it was normal for the jeep. I test drove the 2001, and it had similar shake at the stops, at a lesser degree. I guess I will have to live with that problem.
    I then went and test drove, Infinity QX4, LX 470, and GMC Denali. None of them come close to all the comfort and luxury features of the Jeep.
    GMC Denali has similar power, but just does not feel right.
    Well although I hate the reliability of my Jeep, I'm considering taking out extended warranty because nothing comes close to the V8 power, 4x4 capability, and luxuries of the jeep.
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    well, i personally loved our grand cherokee. it was a very solid off-roading vehicle, we abused it pretty well for a yuppie-mobile. we were spared the little things that would keep it at the dealer, ie the steering column, windows, etc. i liked the ride, and the thing was faster than most cars, great power for an Suv. wouldve roasted the tires if it didnt have the quadra-drive. then, on a road trip, clicking began. turns out the passages had carbonized or something and essentially it was getting no oil, and never would again. the motor was trashed. managed to get full trade value, fortunately, and got a sedan instead. still, if someone could guaruntee me reliability, i'd take another one in a half a second.
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    Since the day I purchased my JGC new it has had a low pitched sound toward the rear of the vehicle which pulses. It sounds like a beat where two separate vibrations overlap.There is some vibration in the steering wheel.The dealer has checked all tires and replaced one. They have also replaced the rear propeller shaft, rebuilt the transfer case, and inspected both the front and rear differentials.The vibration may be somewhat less but the noise remains. Does anyone have a similar experience or any advice?
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    I've got 213,000 miles on my V8 1994 GC laredo. It now in the shop for only 2nd significant set of repairs. Water pump and ball joints. I'd take a new one at the drop of the hat, but a 2001 would cost $12,000 more than I paid for the 1994.
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    penalty22 - your potential mistake might be using the pre '99 jeep performance as an indicator of '99+ performance. their reliability ratings are significantly different.

    when you read this and the jgc topic consolidation, you'll see that most jgc compliments are regarding either pre '99 jeeps, '01 jeeps with too few miles to tell yet, or from people who are very loyal and therefore toleratant of the problems in exchange for luxury and great off-road performance.
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    Please Help, Our 97 JGC, bought new has been overall a good perchase! One problem that annoys us is the vehicle sounds like the shocks are gone. We've had them checked, but we're told their fine. Even over a moderate back road, the sound is a loud thumping, very noticable. Can anyone help, rather than trade, I'd like alternatives. Ted
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    Hello All :o)

    Just wanted to say I am a happy... and very pleased owner of a 1999 4.0L I6 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Exclusively Dealer serviced and maintained, I don't even check the synthetic oil they recommended between 5K mile oil changes.

    Engine is so quiet, more than once I have tried to start it from idle while parked because I couldn't hear (or feel) that it was already running! My rear end diffs were apparently failing... but it brought me home faithfully from a nearly 1,000 mile road trip without a single complaint. Didn't know that anything was wrong until I took it in for a routine oil change shortly thereafter and the technician noticed something was amiss.

    Vehicle is just over 40K miles... nearly two years old... and I drive the umm... err... (can I say pee?) out of it. (Very much a lead foot... did you know they can handle over 100-105 mph fairly well?!? 85mph is a nice Sunday drive... 65 feels tragically slow, unless you are exploring some creative alternate routes.) Not sure what the difference is between my experience, and the horrors told here... but I absolutely adore my Jeep. Wish I could clone it for those of you obviously up to your gills in service visits.

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    I presently own a '92 Grand caravan, I bought this van in'95 and started to notice the paint peeling off the hood , it is about 90% gone . Why am I telling this? All I would like to know is anybody out there who owns a gcj have this problem since they are made by the same o..
    I do not want to get stuck with another one of these paint jobs, Dodge offered me $300. to fix
    it when even Macro wanted $1500. just to strip down to bare metal.
  • tonychrystonychrys Member Posts: 1,310
    This is a well know problem that happened in the mid-90's. Apparently some paint did get contimated which would affect it's stability and cause it to peel some time later.
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    I too have had the same problems discribed by others here with my 99 GJC. I noticed a roaring noise coming from the rear, and took it in. They replaced the pinion bearings. A couple of months later, I noticed a terrible smell coming from the rear of the vehicle. The differential fluid was leaking out and burning on the exhaust system. That was "fixed" but happened again a few months later, resulting in my being stranded 200 miles from home on Easter weekend. I have also had the window motor replaced, and the rotors turned 3 times, and only have 27K miles on it. I have also experienced the JGC rough idle stalling condition mentioned in other post here. Nikiblue, your shaking problem probably means that your rotors need turning. Have it checked by a "competent" mechanic who doesn't have a vested interest in Jeep. My brothers, we have been screwed, and I will tell everyone who will listen, and I suggest you do the same.
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    I have owned two 4x4 JGCs in the last 51 months, though of late I see more of my dealer's rentals than my current JGC. I purchased a 97 new that I traded in in 3/99 due to continual problems (worst... blew through 2 intersections at 45-50 mph without brakes... DC could find nothing wrong either time!!). After researching the 99 (focusing on redesigned brakes) I purchased the redesigned model (taking a bath on the trade-in) and had about 30k miles of great service (discounting the constant front brake squeeling that I have been told is inherent in the new pads). Since then it has become one problem after another... in 2000 I had 2 differential replacements along with the general minor distractions...but in 2001 the nightmare began... in the shop 8 days for a water pump... 4 days for engine check light resulting in replacement of a cylinder head... 10 days for engine check light resulting in replacement of computer... and this weekend the transmission quit shifting out of first gear... and this is all within the last 8 weeks. I have researched Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Ford, and GM products and nothing is more comfortable or enjoyable to drive than my JGC. The dealership I use is outstanding but it does me no good when I'm four wheeling in the Sierras on a fishing trip. The extended warranty will expire in 23k miles and you don't own a JGC without an extended warranty. High trade-in value is less than half what I bought my latest model for in 99. Buyer beware, owning a JGC is an on-going nightmare in heaven.
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    I really want a 2001 JGC but I'm a little hesitant because of all the bad reviews I've read in the past( especially the brake problems). Do the problems still exist in the 2001 model or has Chrysler fixed them? Does anyone recommend buying the 2001 model? If so, what are the pros/cons. Thanks!
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    You folks are not alone. I have had my 99 back for stalling/rough idle 4 times now. Each time they find a new solution. This time they replaced something called "motor air", which they told me was creating an open circuit and causing the idle/stall problem. I have had it back for a week and it still idles poorly, but has not stalled. I also had the driver window motor replaced as "rwigley14" did. This was after two weeks of ownership. I have 24K on the Jeep. It is my second one and if it wasn't for the smooth ride and comfort, I would find something else.
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    I think the quality has improved dramatically on the 2001 models. Consumer Reports in the reliability charts rates the 2000 models very high, and the '01s have even improved more. JDP & Associates put the 2001 JGC in second place in their new Initial reliability Ratings. I have owned one just a month but so far has been absolutely perfect. Time will tell, but I have read a lot of posts from owners of '01s going on a year with 0 problems. Check out the other newsgroups, every manufacturer has some lemons and they all have their share of problems. The GJC's are great vehicles with a lot of advantages over the competition....
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    Well for those of you looking at new suv's I can tell you that I owned a 99 grand cherokee limited fully loaded up until last week. After 50k miles of driving I decided to trade it in on the new 2002 ford explorer. WHAT A MISTAKE,not because I am having any trouble with it, it's just I think the jgc was a much nicer vehicle in every way. But at least this time I did not buy so in two years when the lease is up I will be able to go back to a grand cherokee.
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    I have a 2000 Grand Cherokee Laredo White. So far my rotors warped at 7k and were rotated or switched or what ever they do to them, my brakes are now squeaking at 11k and dealership says its normal and my pads are not worn down.

    I have paint chips on my hood, and edges of 2 doors. Dealer says they were caused by rocks etc. All my driving is city, highway & suburban not off-goading. I have owned cars for 20 years and never had paint chips occur or shall I say any that were noticeable. Last year I sold a 92 white Grand Am that didn't have a pic or scratch. Is there some sort of defect with the paint or clear coating etc?

    Lastly, my sunroof visor covering is ripping in the front at places where it contacts the car when closed.

    I am worried about the brakes the most, for obvious reasons. I don't know if I should believe the dealer or take the car to someone else to look at.
    Anybody else in the same boat?
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    try a junk yard lot cheaper than dealer just call around look in yellow pages auto recyclers
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    Bought a 1999 JGC late in the 99 year. Have had the rear end overhauled. Then we get to the vibrating problem! First time: front rotors turned. Second time: Front rotors turned new pads. Third time: Front and rear rotors replaced and new pads. Fourth time: Front rotors turned. Dealership is polite but don't think this is an ongoing problem with Jeeps. The brakes squeal all the time. This Jeep only has 27,000 miles and is gently driven. Definitely a bad choice and with this many problems recurring again and again with so many people means that Jeep should be held responsible for such poor quality.
  • sj6sj6 Member Posts: 13
    Hello, has anyone towed a 17' to 22' travel trailer with their GC? If so, any thought? My main concern is highway speeds and sway control.
  • jc86jc86 Member Posts: 18
    I have a 95 JGC 6 cyl, does anyone know when the timing belt should be changed? It has 58K mile on it.
  • middel00middel00 Member Posts: 1
    I am a happy owner of a 1999 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4.0 with 14000 miles on it.
    The only thing about wich i wonder if it is normal is the "bump" with is heard when i put the automatic gear in the rear.
    Can anyone tell me if he/she has the same experience and if it is normal?
    ([email protected] )
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    I too am looking at buying a '01 JGC. It is a very appealing vehicle, but I am concerned about all the problems listed. Most of them seem to be concerning the '99 model and I'm wondering if they've improved the quality over the last 2 model years. I currently own a '99 Oldsmobile Alero. It's a great car and fun to drive, but it has been in the shop more times than I can count. I can handle a few trips to the shop here and there, but I don't want know the Jeep service department as well as I know the Oldsmobile service department. Any advice or experience from owners of the '01's?
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    I think the quality has been improving. Most of the problems I've read about so far have been on the '99 models. This shouldn't be suprising since its the first model year of a new design. I bought my 2000 JGC in Oct 1999 and has 29k miles. So far the driver side window has quit working twice. And right now I'm experiencing a problem with it pulling to the right. I had an alignment done but only the toe-in and toe-out adjustments can be made. Goodyear informed me that the Jeep does not allow for Caster and Camber adjustments. It still pulls to the right so maybe now I'll try rotating the tires. Other than that I've had no problems, just a couple of minor annoyances.

    One question I have for anyone out there is this: I am alittle concerned about the depreciation value of the JGC. In Oct 2002 I plan to turn in my JGC otherwise I pay an 18k ballon payment. Edmunds says the car is worth 18k now (trade-in) and the '99 GJC is worth 15k now. This means I can assume that my Jeep will be worth about 15 k this time next year in which case it would benefit me to just hand over the keys instead of trying to sell it or trade it in. If I turn over the keys in Oct 2002 with the vehicle in perfect condition, will Chrysler try to nit-pick the JGC so they can gouge me for cash to make up the difference for what the car is really worth?
  • devlopperdevlopper Member Posts: 44
    Yes! You JGC owners out there that have not experienced the problems that the rest of us have are in for a shock when it comes time to get rid of it. My $34,000 vehicle, a 99 JGC with only about 20,000 miles is worth a little over half of what I paid! Guess what????? 13 months ago I hooked up with a competent lawyer and we sued under the lemon law. 3 weeks ago, Chrysler aggeed to settle. Full price less 10 cents per mile. I have been very lucky and learned two things:

    1) Never again buy a new design on an American car

    2) Never expect a good resale on a car that has such a large market share. Like the JGC, the Ford Explorer looses a great deal of value simply because of the large supply out there.

    I am now the proud owner of a Lexus RX 300 and I wish the best to all of you!
  • byronskibyronski Member Posts: 4
    I reluctantly traded my Jeep 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited 3 weeks ago for the new Mazda Protoge5. I got a trade in value of $21,000 here in Alabama on a fully loaded 2WD. I had to trade because I am back in school and couldn't afford the high monthly payment. Plus, to be honest, I could not stand driving the thing around knowing that people were driving 2001 models at 1.9% APR. I drove the Jeep for 27,000 miles and never had one problem. The V8 was top notch and I really miss the unlimited power. I am sorry to hear so many horror stories about the 99 models. I think part of the problems experienced were because of a lack of maintenance. In the owners manual the service intervals are sooner than people who drive small cars are used to. People have to understand that the wear and tear on these larger vehicles is much higher than that of a Honda Civic. I changed the transmission fluid at 12K miles and used Mobil 1 synthetic with every oil change. I also changed the rear differential fluid at 12K miles as stated in the manual. I think the window problems are history and as far as the steering column I never had one problem. Go buy one today, its the best SUV on the market in terms of power, handling and equipment. Plus, its the most macho looking ride on the road if you add some BF Goodrich AT tires!
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    read another comment. my rotors are warped at 7K also. dealer wants to recut them. i think chrysler should replace them. also have a squeal or a moan when i turn the wheel sharply left or right when vehicle is standing still. and my head rest keeps creeping up .was supposed to be fixed but wasn't. also anybody notice it's tough to keep it running in a straight line on the highway at 55 to 65 with out allmost feeling like you;re fighting the truck ?
  • bob_grahambob_graham Member Posts: 63
    I've had three Grand, 96, 98 and the 2001.

    Never had any real problems with the first two, and when there was a problem, it was fixed the first time.

    But now HELP!!! I have a Champagne LTD 2001 V-8 4X4, every option with 9100 miles.

    Here is the list, If anyone has any ideas please HELP.

    1. Brakes, mine started the vibration. The front cylinders were both leaking and the rotors were warped. Sounds like this will come back. They did say there was a service bulletin.

    2. An intense vibration in the steering when you turn the wheel to the right, while stopped. This just started. They replaced the steering box assembly. Drove it for 15 miles and the problem was back. They started giving me that song and dance about this being normal.

    3. When you turn right into a drive way you here a metal to metal snap. The dealer even heard the sound and then wrote on the repair order that they could not duplicate, another, this is normal line.

    4. Stains appear on all the windows except for the windshield when water or dust gets on them. It's like some type of stain. They cannot remove this. I think it must be some chemical used in

    5. Rough idle from time to time.

    This is a shame that such a beautiful ride is turning into a nightmare. What get's me is the "could not duplicate" and "normal" lines.

    I told them that I expect a car with 9100 miles on it to feel and drive EXACTLY like the other 2001 units sitting on the lot, and if they cannot fix the car then they should contact DC and start the process of returning the car.

    By the way, if anyone is interested, I know a great group of attorneys in San Francisco that deal with massive failures of autos.

    If you have heard of the Dodge Dakota CT then you know that DC lied to all of us about it's owning capacity. To make a long story short, we won in a court in LA.

    The sad part is I love my Chrysler Products, I have a 94 RAM that is a great truck.

    This may be the last straw, this time. maybe some of us should write the new President of DC.
  • deputydog2deputydog2 Member Posts: 2
    I love this vehicle. Great pickup and has all the features anyone would want. No problems so far. (knock on wood) Hope they make a 7 passenger for 2002.
  • dhparker62dhparker62 Member Posts: 1
    I too am beginning to see paint cracking on the hood of my black JGC. My brake rotors warped at 13k and the warranty only covers brakes to 12k. I just logged 20k miles and an starting to find that it's occasionally hard to start, especially when cold. And the most annoying thing - clicking windshield wipers. I've replaced the blades and the whole arm/blade combination 3 times. The clicking drives me CRAZY!
  • rms7rms7 Member Posts: 1
    Been reading about all the problems. I have a Black LTD 2001 V-8 4X4, every option with 3600 miles. Haven't had any brake/rotor problems yet but have experienced the following:

    Front Axel Leaking
    It's currenty at the dealer because the left front axel is leaking. Not more than a weep but its still unacceptable. Service mgr says first one he's seen leaking. Can anyone dispute?

    Rough Idle
    It idles a little rough and had the service manager sit in it when it was idling where he quickly responded "its normal".

    Excessive Steering Wheel Movement
    The steering wheel moves excessively (1-2" radially) when going over bumps or uneven surfaces on paved roads. This is supposed to be an off road vehicle and I was expecting a more stout feel. Dealer says its because of the 17" wheels. Yeah right. Anyone experience similar?

    Other than that its been ok.
  • janzjanz Member Posts: 129
    We had a 300 i. trip planned and about 45 minutes out of town, my husband nearly turned back, but he didn't and it was a nightmare. Will never do it again, way too unstable, especially when being passed by semi's. Stabilizer bars would be a necessity if we ever considered it again, but now that we have our new AC 2500HD Silver ado, we won't be pulling the trailer with the Jeep any more.

    As to satisfaction, I am overdue in getting into the dealer ship for my warped rotors. It's a '99 Laredo, V8, QT II just hitting 20K at 22 months. The only time it's been in the shop, after a few small details at purchase, was for a recall on emission.

    Am not excited to hear the answer to the rotor question, but aside from that I LOVE MY JGC!
  • trainiactrainiac Member Posts: 24
    Just drove a Limited, loaded V-8, Quadra drive, sunroof, soft leather, Patriot Blue and all the other stuff you'll never use. List price is $36,690, sell outright for #31,987, or with the 3.9% financing for 60 months. $32,987. Good deal or should I wait? Thanks.
  • gohuskiesgohuskies Member Posts: 40
    I had a 99 Grand Cherokee Limited that had a right pull problem. Jeep finally admitted that it was a Quadra-Drive problem after many alignment checks and the installation of factory provided off set ball joints.
    I drove a 01 with Quadra-Drive and it had the same right pull problem. Quadra-Trac and Select-Trac do not have the right pull problem. There was no Quadra-Drive cure when I went to arbitration and won in March of 01.
    Jeep sold my 99 at a Chrysler Dealer auction and then the dealer sold it to an unsuspecting buyer who was not apprised of the maintenance record/problems.
    The new owner found my insurance tag in the vehicle and called me. They had experienced some of the problems that prompted my arbitration hearing in their two days of ownership. They were headed back to the dealership after our conversation.
    All prospective buyers of used Chrysler products, from a dealer, should question and demand the entire vehicle record from the dealer to help determine vehicle reliability prior to finalizing a purchase. Buyer beware.
  • kmuldowneykmuldowney Member Posts: 1
    I'm looking at purchasing a 97 JGC Laredo. During the test drive a short time following shifting from 4wd back to 2wd the vehicle will buck slightly when cornering slowly.

    The current owner said that the dealer told him this is common and it works itself out after a few minutes of continued driving. Which it did during my drive.

    I'm concerned that there is a problem with the transmission or axle.

    Anyone have this problem? And what action was taken?
  • rok9900rok9900 Member Posts: 4
    I need your help!! I'm looking at a leftover 2000 ZR2 with everything but a sonroof and a 98' Grand Cherokee Limited V8 w/36,000 miles and every option known to man. The ZR2 price is $23,000 and the Cherokee is $18,900. I drive 45,000 miles a year and often have about 400-500 lbs. in the truck. I love the Cherokee for the toys, 4 doors and liftgate. I love the ZR2 because it's brand new and reinforced chassis. If anyone knows, just how special is this ZR2 package?
    Is it that big of a difference? I need whichever one will last longer and be tougher. Please HELP!
  • tcn2ktcn2k Member Posts: 277
    I have a 2000 Grand Ch. Laredo. My remote control works intermitently. I tried it with both keys, and replaced the battery as well. What can be the problem? Has anyone have this problem before?
  • arefeenarefeen Member Posts: 4
    I have a 1996 JGC Laredo with 121000 miles. The engine oil pressure goes down to zero during idle and/or low speed. The engine starts with normal pressure at the beginning but goes down after a while during idle/low speed. Any suggestions on what may cause this? I have no oil leaks and oil level is always in sfae region. An auto shop is suggesting a faulty pressure sensor and asking about $200 to replace that. Thank you in advance for your comments and/or suggestions.
  • rinkinkinrinkinkin Member Posts: 35
    2000 GCL V8 Qt II with 19500 Kilometers(11700 miles)
    everything works beautifully EXCEPT the rotors ---I am going in for the 3rd set and the last under warranty (expiring at 12000 miles under warranty)tomorrow morning.
    My 93 I-6 GCL had no similar defect.
    Thinking of putting in Stillen rotors after this saga . Any one had experience with Stillen on a GCL??
  • wobblerwobbler Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Jeep Cherokee Country 4WD. Does anywone have any information on how to solve what is commonly known as the "death wobble"?

    This is a problem whereby when you hit bump at highway speeds (like 50-65mph), a violent shaking occurs throughout the front-end and steering. It's as if the front wheels are shaking back-and-forth, or up-and-down, or left-to-right.

    It doesn't build up or die-down gradually, as if it where wheel balance, but generally requires a trigger (like a bump...even a small bump). And it doesn't attenuate smoothly as I rapidly slow in utter fear for my life...sometimes it remains very intense until I get down to about 30mph!

    I've spent $1100 dollars already on new:
    steering damper, trac-bar, all tie-rod ends, steering link stabilizer bushings, shock absorbers, brake rotors, and front-end alignment.

    This is really scary. (And expensive!!!)
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Member Posts: 867
    No experience with the Stillen rotors. I did just put a new set on my wife's '00 GCL last evening. The parts would have been about $102, but I got them for about $75. Autozone sold me the wrong rotors last week, did not find out until I had spent quite a bit of time making a trip back to get a better (6 pt.) 18mm socket and 1/2" drive breaker bar. They had to order the correct one's for me. The receipt shows 2 year/24 month warranty.

    It took less than 45 minutes to change them last night.. jack up one side, put on jackstand, remove wheel, remove 2 bolts, slide caliper out of way, replace rotor, 2 bolts on caliper back in, replace wheel, etc. Cured the problem for now. I have the original in case Jeep ever answers my complaint... warped at about 15,000 miles. The '99 I had previously warped at 5,000 and 20,000. Jeep still declines to admit they have a problem.

    If worse comes to worse and the new one warp after their 24 month warranty, I can at least get the original ones turned and put on just before trading....

    Good luck.
  • rinkinkinrinkinkin Member Posts: 35
    Yes, I got the last rotor replaced under warranty this morning and the service rep explained to me in detail that after this set I have to pay and the set they put on this morning will only be covered until coming Sept when the factory warranty on rotors expires.
    So I am on my own after Sept and so far one friendly garage reccommanded Power Stop rotors and also my service rep has been using Power Stop on his Labaron for 3 months . No negative feedback so far. Any one has comments??
    They cost is C$149/side. Stillens are more --US$350 both sides and they don't have distributor here. I will fight with DC first and Power Stop later.
    Also Parts rep and one Jeep mechanic said 2001 GCL has the same rotor problem as '99 and '00 even though they have 17" wheels vs 16" on '99 & '00 (dumb move not to enlarge the rotors and cut DC warranty cost at the same time)
    My brother's '99 GCL with QD gear-whining problem had been solved finally after 2 years of repeated attempts. It's been a few months since the repair and no recurring noise. He mentioned a DC bulletin and replacing a diff yoke.... or axle. I can get specifics from from if anyone needs.
  • rogerm4rogerm4 Member Posts: 10
    I was interested in trading off my 98 Blazer, because like the JGC, either you get a great one or a bad one. I noticed after reading just a few of the posts on this board, that many JGC also have problems with the rotors corroding or warping, which has also been a chronic problem with the Blazers/Bravada's. Any ideas on what we can do about it? cost me over 600.00 to replace my rear rotors on a blazer with only 29,000 miles. of course the dealer wouldn't cover it since i was a couple months out of warranty.
  • rinkinkinrinkinkin Member Posts: 35
    I would definitely try after market rotors and pads like Stillen , Power Stop or ......
  • rwharcharwharcha Member Posts: 19
    I haven't read all posts,but my Jeep just started to have this loud vibration sound which is at almost all speeds, and is,of course, loudest at 55-60 mph. Sometimes, it goes away when it makes the last shift, then comes back at 55 mph. Very annoying. Dealer says its vibration in either drive shaft, or transmission. Possibly needs several stabilizing bars added. Then not guaranteed to stop it. They want close to 1 K. to do this. Has anyone else experienced this , and did you get it fixed, and what price? There has been no official recall, but there has been a service bulletin about the vibration. Would like to hear from anyone . TIA Russ.
  • aspiaraspiar Member Posts: 1
    i recently aquired a 97 jgc,
    but the gas is killing me.
    Is it normal to get about 12 miles per gallon???!!
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