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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • dms7dms7 Posts: 3
    I own a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Last month my fuel gauge, while driving, moved from full to empty and the empty fuel light came on. About a minute later it went back to full and the light went off. I

    I did not think much of it until it happened 4 mores times. Sometimes it happens when I turn the car on. I noticed that my digital trip meter that tells me how far I can drive has the same problem.

    Has any one else had this problem? Does any one know what the problem is or how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.
  • Okay, now I guess it's my turn. First I'd like to say that I owned a 1994 JGC Laredo V8 that I traded in with 118,000 miles on it. I loved that car. I never had any problems with it other than the normal maintenance and wear and tear items. I had an extended warranty that covered bumper to bumper up to 70,000 miles. I never received the value of purchasing that warranty. I had my rotors replaced on this vehicle (after 70,000 miles) and I got rotors with a lifetime warranty from my mechanic. Obviously not a DC rotor product...and I left the warranty information in the car for it's next owner. (I still have regrets about getting rid of this vehicle.) Now onto my current vehicle. I purchased a 2001 JGC LTD V8. I took the car in today for its 15,000 mile service and I also asked them to check the rotors.

    1. Rotors: The steering wheel shakes when braking quickly or at higher speeds. I was suspicious that this might be because of warped rotors so I had the dealership check it out. The verdict: the rotors are "slightly warped". Their recommendation was to wait until I needed new brake pads and then have them both replaced. The rotors are only covered by warranty up until 12,000 miles, so anything I want to do is out of my pocket, so they say. I don't necessarily mind waiting until I need new brake pads, but what I find disconcerting is that this shaking when braking does not provide an enjoyable driving experience, and for a car that has only 15,000 miles and is only a year old, I have much higher expectations. (Recommendation for anybody else: do not have your rotors "shaved" or "ground" never really fixes the problem and only makes it more likely that they will warp again.) My preference for fixing this problem (besides lodging a complaint with DC), is to wait and see if I can live with it until I need brake pads, but then when I replace the rotors I would like to take it to my handy-dandy mechanics (not the DC dealership) and have them put in the same rotors with the lifetime warranty that they put in my 1994 JGC. My question is, since it will not be a DC rotor, and I'm assuming it will need to be done before 36,000 miles when my warranty runs out....if I have any other problems with my Jeep within the warranty period, will they discredit my warranty because the rotors are not a DC part?

    2. Steering Column: I had the dealership check out a grinding noise in the steering column when turning right at low speeds (such as in a parking lot)at the 7500 mile service. This seemed to happen most when the car was parked for a period of time on particularly hot days. The dealership could "not duplicate the problem." Since the temperature has now cooled down some, I have not noticed this problem with any degree of frequency. I'm hoping it went away?!

    3. Timing Belt: To answer a previous question.....the Jeeps do not have a timing belt, they have a timing chain, which is significantly stronger. As such, I did not need to replace the chain at all in the 118,000 miles that I owned my 1994 JGC. My mechanics (once again, not the dealership) stated it was unlikely that I would ever need to replace it.

    Other than the rotor situation, I'm fairly happy with my 2001 JGC. I did not buy an extended bumper to bumper warranty on this vehicle, because it did not pay off on my 1994. I'm hoping that decision pays off this time. I do believe that if I have my mechanics replace my rotors and complete any other brake work I can satisfactorily resolve the rotor situation. The unfortunate part is that it will be at my own expense. Do you suppose I would have any luck in dealing with DC on this issue?
  • jackojacko Posts: 6
    Rear wiper on my 99 JGC quit working, out of warranty. Before it totally quit, it would work at times, but not always. Anyone had experience this? Fuse is OK, will get into it this week, just looking for help to save time.
    My wife had a similar problem with her 94 JGC, when it was under warranty the dealer replaced switch, but they never totally solved that problem. Dealer could never duplicate the problem, then we traded it in, so it was never resolved.
  • I had the rear wiper go on a 1990 Cherokee Laredo....the whole motor needed replacing to the tune of about $250....that definitely solved the problem.
  • jackojacko Posts: 6
    cameron9: looks like it's a short or bad connection, wiper worked one day and then quit again. Same problem we had on a 94 GC, which was never fully solved.
    Would appreciate help from anyone that had this experience before.
  • I need some advice. My tire started leaking air and so I took it into a tire shop to patch the leak. When they couldn't find anything wrong with the tire, they took the tire off and found out that the rim had a slight split at the seam. He told me that it was a defect and to take it into the dealership since it's still under warranty. Of course when I took it into the dealer, they conclude that it's not a defect and that it was damaged while "backing up into something". The funny thing is, I'm the only one that drives this vehicle and I never backed up into something that would cause such an impact and split the rim. I've never taken it 4 wheelin' and I would hate to imagine what would happen to such a fragile Jeep. Is the dealership taking me for a ride, or could this really happen?
  • Bought '02 Jeep GCL 4.7L w/ Quadra 17" tires.

    Salesman said to use spare for rotation. Is this true?

    Also, a friend of mine has a 96 Jeep GC Larado. He said that inorder to keep the 4wd system working correctly that I should always replace all 4 tires. Is this true?

    Finally, car color is Inferno Red. Why does Jeep add $200 bucks to the sticker for Inferno Red paint?
  • cv2121cv2121 Posts: 2
    I really like the new Jeep Liberty and am ready to buy one, but after scrolling through some of these messages, I'm wondering if a Jeep is going to give me trouble down the road. I've already lived through a new transmission on a Honda at 52,000 miles (a Honda I said) and I really don't want more problems like that again. Help! Any advice?
  • raym5raym5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 V8 Jeep. Generally happy with it. It has 12000 miles on it. Suddenly, last week the engine noise became four times what it was before! Noticed that the fan is on all the time and the noise is when idling (do not see a transmission problem). Took it to the dealer and they checked it out thoroughly. They swear it is within the specs and noise is normal! Is it normal for the fan to be one all the time at high speed and be so noisy? It is odd that it just happened and it was OK before. I appreciate any insight.

  • I just signed a PO for a new 2001 JGC. Dealer was giving them away and I could not resist. I was about to buy the 02 Lib Sport, but the JGC Laredo I bought was an unbelievable deal. I got it with the 26F pkg, Cold Wther Group, Full Spare, Leather, Fogs, Power Roof for just over 26K. Figured I can't go wrong. I had a 93 JGC and loved it (wish I still had it...).

    Anyway, I am taking delivery Fri 11/16 and the finance guy was offering me a 7yr/100K mile extended warranty for $1,500. I have read all the issues with 99/00 JGC and do hope the 01 fares better - especially the rotor and brake problems.

    Was wondering if anyone else had purchased the extended warranty and if so whether it was worth it? I recognize that that DC is giving 7/100 on the drivetrain thru 12/31, and also that the 01's are still kinda new, but thought I would ask the folks out there. Any input is appreciated.
  • My girlfriend owns a 1995 JGC Limited V8. When opening the driver's door, it drops about a quarter of an inch. A mechanic told me that the hinges on the Jeeps go out after a while (?!?) and the only fix is to cut off the old ones and weld on new ones. Has anybody had this problem? Are there any other fixes out there?
  • minikinminikin Posts: 389
    The 1997 GC doesn't have a belt, uses a timing chain. Change it at 150K miles if you want or whenever after that it wears enough to jump a tooth. Sounds like you found an honest garage; might want to go back to them.
    -- Don
  • My wife's Nissan did that because the lower hinge was bent due to the weight of the door.We fixed it by unbolting the lower hinge from the door and adding a thick washer between the hinge and the door to act as a spacer and that fixed the problem. I hope this helps you.
  • I have a 95 GC and have experienced similar problems. We have the extended warranty, and have had several complaints on the rear wiper.
    The first time they thought a connector was the culprit causing an intermittent problem. The second time they replaced the switch pad at the dashboard. The third time they replaced the wiper motor. It's only been a week since this repair. I'm hoping this will cure the problem.

    #2.I am having thoughts that perhaps the wiper motor was not built to take the jarring when the tailgate is closed, as that was our temporary fix until we could get it to the dealer. I say this only because the solenoid for the tailgate lock has also failed. The first time the mechanic just repaired it when he found that several rivets holding it together had pulled loose. Since, though the solenoid seemed to be working, intermittently, we could not lock or unlock the tailgate using the key. We had lubricated the mechanism as well as did the dealer which did not solve the problem. This solenoid was also subsequently replaced at the same time as the wiper motor. We think we will about break even on our extended warranty; however overall, we are generally pleased with our 95 GC.
  • jackojacko Posts: 6
    I've found the problem to be a loose wire at the plug to the wiper motor. I found it by pulling on each wire to see what happens when the wiper was on, and bingo, it would cut the wiper off and on. Put a tooth pick to jam it tight and electrical tape to hold it in place, works just fine. Dealer guys just replace parts, they don't use their brain and common sense. It was the main power supply wire, it was red or pink, don't remember, but it was the top of the plug.
  • Using the spare will extend the life of the tires and you will need to buy a set later than if you rotated only 4 wheels. Personally, I don't. I want a perfectly good spare when I may need it. Make sure they rotate the tires correctly. The front two go to the opposite rear wheel (x pattern) and the rear move to the front ones on the same side.
  • I have 36,000 miles and the dealer says it is worn and needing replaced. Plus he says the carbon on the throttle body needs to be cleaned out. The belt does not look very worn to me. What is the normal life of these belts on this vehicle? Also, any opinions on cleaning carbon out of throttle body? Thanks
  • If you still have the problem take it back when it starts to make that noise again and ask the service dept. to look a Technical Service Bulletin #190600 Dated Sep 2000 (NHTSA #SB6092237). This relates to "Steering Gear Honk on Turns". It was written for the 1999 JGC but it may be the same problem. I don't have any other details on the report. Good Luck.
  • I've owned my '01 JGC 2WD with V8 for seven months now and have accumulated 8,000 miles. All trouble free. I'm an avid cyclist and love the room in back, especially with the seats down as I can carry my bike without removing the wheels. I've experienced absolutely no problems, although I am conscious of the rotor problems and I'm carefully watching out for this since I recently had my first tire rotation. I love the seats, the leather certainly felt like the cushions were more supportive than the fabric ones. The motor is extremely powerful and I'm never in need for any more power. The gas mileage, around town averages between 14-15. The truck is nimble around town and I certainly prefer it over my old 4wd Ford 150 pickup when it comes to turning radius and finding tight parking. Things that were all very important to me, convenience, power and comfort have all been matched with my JGC and I can personally recommend the two wheel drive version.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    I've owned 3 JGC's so far, a 93, 98 (went back under WI's lemon law) and currently, a 99. Loved all 3, despite some problems and annoyances, which all vehicles seem to have today.

    I've had the warped rotor problem on all of them. DC vehicles in my opinion have always had poor disc brake rotors since their inception back in the 60's. Fortunately for me, my dealer has replaced my rotors when they warped on my 98 and 99. I would definitely insist upon this with your dealer.

    Many vehicles today have this problem, not just the JGC. In an effort to reduce cost, rotors today are made from cheaper materials and more susceptable to damage from heat build-up. We all know this and it's not rocket science. It's an unfortunate part of life today that a lot of us are forced to live with.

    Keep in mind that even if your dealer is willing to replace your warped rotors, you're only starting the same problem all over from the beginning. MOPAR replacement rotors come from the same supplier as the OEM rotors, so the dealer's MOPAR replacement rotors are no better than the originals. They too will warp in a few thousand miles and your dealer may not be willing to replace them a second time around.

    Let the dealer replace them if they're willing to. But when you fry these, don't waste your time going back to the dealer. Find a reputable service center (or do it yourself) and have the rotors replaced with any decent aftermarket brand that you can get from a local automotive parts supplier (like NAPA or Midas).

    My 93 had warped rotors from day one. On this vehicle, my dealer would only turn them (what a joke). After the problem returned, I had them replaced for under $100 a pair (remember, the 93's had drums in the rear) by a friend who owns a service station (remember these?). Never had another problem with the rotors in the remaining 80K miles I drove it.

    I see a lot of people here advising you to spend upwards of $1000 to buy these fancy, hi-tech aftermarket rotors that probably work no better than a decent set of "no-name" rotors do. That's absolutely senseless advice, but hey, it's your money and you can do what you want with it.

    Now, here's a couple of real annoyances that I've experienced on all 3 of my JGC's, but yet I've never heard anyone else complain about these. Anybody else live with this or have any suggestions on how to correct?...

    Everytime I get in the draft zone behind a big truck, or have to drive in a crosswind of 20 mph or so, all 3 of my JGC's have been tossed around like a rag doll. Never in my life have I owned/driven a vehicle that's had such P-poor lateral (side-to-side) suspension stability and control.

    A commute to or from work is physically tiring, not to mention scary at times because I just don't know what direction my vehicle is going to want to throw itself under those conditions. Man, if a cop was following me, he'd probably think I was driving drunk. I don't see this happening to any other vehicles in the traffic I'm flowing with at the time.

    It's unbelievable how much I have to keep my steering wheel turned into the crosswind just to keep it in my lane. And man, when the wind lets up, I better be awake enough to react because the vehicle will instantly veer hard in the direction I'm turning the wheel.

    For the record, my 93 had the Up-Country Suspension and handled the best of the 3. My 98 handled the worst, the 99 marginally better than the 98. How do your JGC's handle under these conditions?

    The other annoyance is the P-poor low beam headlamp illumination on my 99 (my 93 and 98 were great). I remember DC bragging in the 99 brochure about how the new headlight design improved low beam illumination by 30-40 feet over the 98's. What a joke. The low beams on my 99 hardly illuminate the road out to 30-40 feet! No complaints with the high beams on.

    You can really see the difference by walking around and looking at them from the front... the low beams just aren't as bright as what you see on almost all other oncoming cars. Yes, I've had the aim checked and they're "okay" according to the dealer. I usually run with the fog lamps on too (what little light they throw) to get a few extra candlepower.

    We are infested with deer where I live and night driving is a real adventure, even with great headlamps. Anybody else out here have similar complaints? Any suggestions for a low beam lamp replacement that will throw better light without having every car you meet flash his lights at you.

    Thanks for your input!
  • g159g159 Posts: 23
    My belt was replaced at 50K miles. I would go ahead. It is cheap insurance. If the car is running fine, I don;t know if it needs that tb cleaning.
  • Thanks for the information.
    Do you remember what it cost you to have the serpentine belt replaced, i.e. if you had it done at the dealer?
  • I had a 1996 Jeep Ch. after a couple of years, the door hinges came off the drivers door. I had a Jeep dealer look at the vechile, do you want to know what they said, well we can't fix that, it is not under warrenty since you went over your mileage.. Well then I called the corp office, with no answer.. SORRY YOU ARE NOT UNDER WARRENTY, so! Unless I wanted to pay for it, which I wasn't about to do.. They said it was wear and tear and thats all, like I was hanging on the doors, while driving!! Soon after the passager side door, came off.. Well I broke my lease and gave them the car back!!

    Well thanks for hearing my story!!!
  • g159g159 Posts: 23
    Had it done at Goodyear dealership just because I was there for a oil change/tire rotation and they mentioned it. Seemed like the belt was kind of pricey maybe 35 dollars and probably 20-25 for installation. Just call some local places or the dealership. Good luck
  • cjfecjfe Posts: 1
    My 93 Jeep Grand Wagoneer (120K miles) message center informs me that I should "Service the 4WD switch". Two Chrysler dealers didn't know what it meant and assured me that there was nothing wrong. The third agreed that the 4WD switch was bad and should be replaced. $300 and two visits later I drove out with a new 4WD switch. No difference - the message center still insists I should service the switch. Another visit to check for bad wiring - all OK. The dealer thinks I am nuts but has offered to replace the computer and wiring harness!

    The message persists. It's random, not associated with time, temperature, road surface, or any maneuvering. The wheel lights on the display go out when the problem occurs and come back on randomly. The warning beeping is really annoying

    Does anyone know what this switch does? Can I short out the connection?
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a strange question about my 02' JGC that I just filled up with gas since taking delivery from the dealer. I noticed that when I took the gas cap off....there wasn't a little metal flap that prevents someone from putting something in your gas tank. Is this normal for this vehicle? All of my past vehicles have had this little hinged flap over the pipe that leads to the fuel tank.
  • cjfe;

    I also have the same problem on my 93 JGC, it is annoying as you know what, I have been driving with that beeping sound for almost 30,000 miles, dealer couldn't figure out what it was either, so if anyone has a fix please let us know, by the way, I just turn the radio up to block out the noise.

    I am trying to figure out my rough idle problem had a tuneup done, found out that wasn't the problem, was told one of my injectors were out, said I need to replace the PCM computer, sounds strange to me. I have 203,000miles on this baby, yes that's right 203k on the I6 engine.

    still rolling.

  • I am very interested in purchasing a new GC. Would I be making a mistake. Love the midside Jeep and the price is great. But I read so much negative things on this board about the vehicle.
  • max69max69 Posts: 1
    Last Spring I bought a new 2001 4WD V8 which now has over 8,000 miles and have had no problems. Love the vehicle. Get better than 17mpg in city traffic and 19mpg on Interstates here in the soutwest at 75+ mph. Passed on my 94 4WD V8 GJC with 120,000 mi to my daughter and son-in-law. It was the most trouble-free vehicle I've owned in 45 years of driving.

    Brake rotors are often mentioned as a problem. The ones on my '94 became warped at 40,000 mi (common on today's vehicles of all makes). I replaced them with low-cost units from NAPA - they now have 80,000+ miles with no problems. Use low cost organic disc pads for long life and elimination of pad dust problems on the wheels.
  • hl65hl65 Posts: 1
    Upon cold weather startup my JGC '94 w/4.0, 114K, 5spd, makes a sound like birds chirping coming from front right side of motor, as heard from drivers seat. This continues until motor is warm. Any ideas?
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