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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • I have a 96 JGC that needed a new transmission at 100K ($1300) and at exactly 107K the engine light came on. Took it to a dealership that said for a mere $3100 they could fix the engine light problem and all the other problems they saw. The service rep was kind enough to suggest that I just go ahead and "buy a new Jeep!" since our repairs were so high. We took it to a different mechanic who can fix the engine light problem for $320 and then we're selling this thing as fast as we can. We were hoping to get 150K miles on this car but the chances of it falling apart any day now are too high. I'm going with the Highlander or VW Passat Wagon and I'm taking a break from American cars for awhile.
  • jwrennjwrenn Posts: 3
    I, like you, read all the negatives but my mind was made up. I purchased a GC Larado 4wd I6 on Dec 15th. I never even test drove one! A 4.0L pushing 4000lbs--not real spunky but O K. The ride is a little jiggley. Like real heavy-duty springs trying to be controlled by the shocks. Sticker says mine was made in Detroit--thought all Jeep Ops were in Toledo. I'm at 400 miles so can't report on reliability!!

    Regards, Jack Wrenn
  • I read the discussion on #90 regarding the gas gauge that works when it feels like it...does anyone know the cure to this problem?
  • g159g159 Posts: 23
    Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Cherokee were made in Toledo. Jeep Grand Cherokee was produced in a brand new 1993 plant in Detroit, the Jefferson plant. Don't know about the Liberty.
  • jackojacko Posts: 6
    Head lights turn off when in manual mode, work OK in the auto mode. They tend to turn off in the first minute or two, turn them to auto and they stay on. Later when I put them on manual they will stay on. I've noticed that someone posted a similar problem while back, but have not seen a solution, would appreciate the fix, car has 38,000 and it did have a bunch of typical JGC problems.
  • I have an 02 Grand Cherokee V8 and don't like the choppy ride. I had a 1996 and it was smoother. I know the thing has a short wheelbase, but is there anything that I can change to improve the ride? I do not have the bigger tires offered as an option.
  • jwrennjwrenn Posts: 3
    I'm going to watch this along with you as I have an 02 I6 Larado with 245 tires and a choppy ride. I read a few posts back of a couple of folks replacing their OEM shocks with Edelbrock IAS shocks.

  • garmusgarmus Posts: 4
    (1) JGC Overland
    (2) Cadillac Escalade
    (3) Lexus RX 300
    (4) Lexus LX 470
    (5) Keep my 1998 LX 470 and await release of Lexus GX470 later this year.
  • I have a '00 GCL V8 and my daytime driving headlights (Canadian model?) flickers when the vehicle is idling with low rpm. It happens any time of the day but some days it never happens whether light switch is in auto or manual ( I hope this doesn't happen when the vehicle is running !! Dealer can't find any problem and not able to simulate the problem. Any one out there have the same problem?....
  • Hi All Grand Cherokee owners

    My husband and I purchased a Grand Cherokee Laredo in August 2000. My good looking Grand Cherokee is in the shop less than 24 hours after we brought it home. The horn did not work. After 3400 miles we had our first set of brakes and roters replaced. We have had 2 sets of brakes and roters placed on our Laredo within a time frame of 15000 miles. In between, the cars' steering wheel makes this terrible sound when you turn and back up. Brought in for them to problem. Still does it - no time or reason. Then we called AAA after the car wouldn't start in the parking lot of our local supermarket. It did that 3 times in one week. Our dealer couldn't find anything wrong but Chrysler sent them some kind of mother board or whatever and reprogrammed the car. The dealer had our car for approximately 9 days.

    We started complaining to the dealer immediately after the horn incident. After the 2nd set of brakes and roters he said Chrysler (corporate) would call. No call. The 3rd time we advised that this car is "A Lemon" and would report our problems to the appropriate parties to bring action against them for a new car. That was 10 days ago. My husband spoke to some arrogant District Serv Mgr who advised "The car doesn't meet the Chrysler Criteria for the Lemon Law". Why are we concerned, they've taken care of the problem under warranty. I then called this charming gentleman every 20 minutes for a day and a half until he returned my call. He was totalling obnoxious. We are still waiting to hear from his boss, who has not called our dealer back. Oh, this charming District Serv Mgr refused to give me his supervisor's name and wouldn't answer one simple question Does he actually expect me to believe that 3 sets of brakes and roters is normal for any automobile? Talk about being frustrated.....I've called the dealer every day since Friday, Jan. 11, 2002 and will continue to do so until someone takes this piece of crap back. $35,000.00 and I'm ready to drive this beautiful looking car right thru the dealers showroom. I've started looking for another car.

    I thought we were all alone until I talked to my hair stylist who has a '99 Grand Cherokee with 18000 miles and 4 sets of brakes and roters and 3 starters. When I came home from work tonite I checked Edmund's and found all of you.

    Something should be done. Chrysler shouldn't be allowed to get away with this. Obviously, there is a very big flaw in their brake system and to date they can't be bothered with finding out what the problem truly is.
  • It seems Jeeps are either real good, or real bad.

    Mine -- 8 brake jobs in 29000 miles, 2 steering columns, 2 pitman arm to steering links. No response from Chrysler via phone, mail, or e-mail.

    After my last repair, my dealer suggested that I get aftermarket rotors that are slotted and drilled because the factory units are junk. They also suggested I by new tires because my factory units are slightly out of round. My expense on both.

    I've called the national service numbers. Stonewalled. Filed through NCDS, Chrysler wayout of becoming a Better Business Bureau member (need to be a repectible company to be a member). The NCDS is a sham. I won my claim. The NCDS was going to make Chrysler take my Jeep back in on a trade in, (for less than market value).

    If you've got a good Jeep, enjoy it. If your is trouble some, skip the Chyrsler Arbitration (merely a delaying tactic), and either file with under your state lemon laws (which is cheap and fairly easy) or find a consumer law lawyer who knows how to win a case under the Magneson Moss act which will take more time and money up front, but a bigger refund if you win. A bennie -- Chrysler pays for all court cost if they lose, including your lawyer.

    No I'm not a lawyer, but I have retained one.

    For a good laugh, take a look at their Web Page - They declare they are striving to make the best designed, best built vehicles possible. LOL Yeah Right.

    I've started looking for a Toyota.
  • oxx93oxx93 Posts: 67
    We had a 99 limited with the upcountry suspension and now we have a 2002 without--what a difference! the 02 is a much smoother ride than our 99----we loved the 99--had no problems at all and so far so good on the 2002.
  • Anyone know how long the bearings in a 97 GCL should last? I've got 61K on it and the I took it into the dealer (mistake?) for a humming noise in the back. They said the rear bearings were going out and need to be replaced ($850). After replacing and taking for a test drive, the mechanic said there was a noise coming from the front (masked by the noise in the back). The mechanic says that the front bearings are almost as bad ($740) AND that the exhaust manifold is cracked ($950). Am I getting ripped off or is it possible that all these problems could come up at the same time and it's just standard wear-and-tear. Thanks, -Phil
  • g159g159 Posts: 23
    That is a mountain of money they want from you. Maybe they should take the Jeep as trade for the work they plan to do. I mean I think at 60K miles one may be going out, but for multiple...Plus I don't really think it would be masked by the front or back. Go to another mechanic. How long has the noise gone on? Did you bring it in for those problems?
  • 12000 miles on my jgc v8 and no signs of rotor problems whatsoever. the only thing i have had to take the jgc into service for was a faulty fuil pump and a blown out tweeter(just love the stereo so much, but i got to learn to turn it down.) i dont know, but maybe you rotor problem people just ride your breaks to hard. its an suv, not a sports car.
  • milousmilous Posts: 39
    Here's a new web page with tons of info on the WJ series Grand Cherokees (1999-2002)
  • 3rdgcl3rdgcl Posts: 1
    Besides the warped rotors problem many people seem to have with JGC's I also have a problem with the drivers seat. After only 9500 miles on an '01 GCL the drivers side seat springs seem already to be worn out. I'm a 220 pounder but really... my '97 and '99 GCL didn't seem to have this problem. Several people that have driven my GCL say..."what wrong with your seat."
    Anybody else having this problem?????
  • Hi
    I am considering buying a new 2002 Grand Cherokee Laredo - 6 cyl, auto transmission. I've read where earlier years were plagued by warped rotors, drive train/transmission problems and power window problems. Have these issues been addressed in the 2002 Grand Cherokees ?? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
  • I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and my driver's side seat also squeaks as I get in the car. Sounds like the springs are weak. Also, the vinyl on the side of the seat is cracking. The seat belt is hard to disengage when getting out of the car.

    I have another list of options, but it would take to long to go through.

    I have had 5 jeeps now and this will be the last.
  • I have a 1999 JGC Laredo with 42K miles. Despite the many horror stories I have read on this board, we have had no problems except for the brake rotors. I had warped rotors replaced after about 30K although we drove around with them for a while before getting them fixed. I paid for them under protest. I have driven many vehicles for over 35 years and never had this problem. Now about 10 -12 K mile later they are warped again. I plan to make a serious protest this time and will not take no for an answer re: not being charged for their replacement. My wife drives the vehicle in a normal manner. This is ridiculous. I now am reading that many of you have the same problem, even more frequently. How frequent is this problem? Has Chrysler or your dealerships picked up the cost for this? By the way, I purchased a 100K mile extended warranty because of the many problems I have heard about, but the rotors are not covered.
  • I own a 98 JGC and now with 34,000 miles on it. At 29,000 the brakes would pulse when depressed and I was told that it was the brake rotors that needed to be replaced. At 24,000 miles the rear differential had to be replaced because the whine was so loud it was an embarrasement to drive. Well, the vehicle now has the whine coming back and I will probably have to have it replaced again before long. At 31,000 miles the gas tank told me I had more than a 1/4 tank of gas but ran out and had to be towed to the dealership. Sending unit had to be replaced. This has been the first Chrysler product I have owned and you can bet it will be my last. I gave it to my wife to drive until the extended warranty expires as she wanted it. I have never owned a vehicle with so many problems with so few miles on it. I am driving A Toyota Sequoia now. It would appear to me now that I was dreaming when I was told that the domestics have caught up to the imports in terms of quality, fit and finish. Maybe G.M. has come closer, perhaps Ford to a lesser degree, but Chrysler has not gotten its act together IMO and needs a good kick in the pants class action lawsuit.
  • My wife and I purchased a '99 JGC Limited as our first family car. Being an Engineer I bought into the marketing of the car as "The most capable off-road SUV". I mistakenly thought this suggested a rugged and reliable vehicle. Like many who have posted here I love the car when it is working, but my patience has worn thin. The biggest problem occurred when my wife was 9 months pregnant. The car stalled in the middle of a construction zone on the highway. The dealership spent the next several days replacing the fuel pump, injectors, CPU, catalytic converter, crank sensor, etc. I actually had to take my wife to the hospital in a borrowed car for the birth of our son.

    Since then things have only gone down hill. Broken rear wiper, broken center console, bump-shift, warped rotors and all before 36k miles. Now the real fun has set in. The driver exterior mirror is broken, heated driver seat broken, bad front wheel bearings, and bad rotors. BTW, the heated driver seat cost $1200 dollars to repair so be judicious with its use. Disgusted with my car I worked as best I could with the local dealership and DC customer advocacy group but no one was coming to my help. (BTW, the original dealership went belly up so I had no one on my side) As an Engineer I know those wheel bearings should not have gone bad before 50k miles. I wasn't looking for a free ride just some consideration. As a last attempt I wrote to Mr. Jurgen E Schrempp (CEO of DC) asking for someone to give my case a fair review. I received a letter from DC stating that "After thoroughly reviewing your request and our file on this matter, we respectfully concur with the decision rendered by our Senior Staff...We are sorry we cannot provide a more favorable reply". My first question to Chrysler would be what was the decision the Senior Staff made? I have never been given a straight answer as to why someone has not evaluated the problem beyond the local repair shop. In my mind this letter demonstrates the arrogance this company has for the customers trying to be loyal. This letter came from the top and demonstrates the philosophy DC is applying to its customers.

    My recommendations to those of you looking for a Jeep, it may kill you do to this after a good test drive experience, but walk away or plan on spending several thousand dollars on repairs you never considered likely. For those of you under warranty, buy the extended warranty. I did a cost/benefit analysis before mine expired but I never accounted for the cost or nature of repairs I am experiencing. ($1200 for a heated seat repair)

    I have tried to be a loyal customer but I will not return to the DC brand until the bad taste in my mouth is gone. I can't place my trust in a company that treats its customers this way.
  • I have a 1998 JGC. My rear wiper has been a problem since I bought this vehicle 6 months ago. At first it would not park properly and would stay on the rear window not allowing you to open the lift glass. This was an intermittent problem which I was learning to live with, but now the wiper blade lifts off the glass completely on the return stroke and stays lifted!
    My other problem is the horn does not sound very loud and I have to repeatedly press around the steering wheel to find a spot where it works at all. Any ideas on either of these problems?
  • I just bought my 02 GC Laredo 32 days and 1140 miles ago and got it back from the dealer today after finding the pinion seal on the rear differential leaking. Has anyone else had problems with this seal?

    I'm hoping this isn't an indicator of things to come. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good dealer service department in the Sacramento, CA area? It's still not too late for me to buy that extended warranty....
  • Hello everyone. My 97 JGC has been having this engine problem in the past 3 months. The 4th cylinder is misfiring everytime the rpm went over 3000. The service dept. of the dealership has replaced the spark plugs many times but i'm still having the same problem. They couldn't find the cause of the problem,now it's happening very often. If any of you has the same experience and was able to fix it please let me know.Thanks.
  • rlui1rlui1 Posts: 93
    Wow, so many problems with the Grand Cherokee. Seems like those without problems are the anomaly. Lexus RX-300 has no forum for problems...hmmmmm.
  • anonymous02anonymous02 Posts: 1,538
    Did the Grand Cherokee replace the Grand Wagoneer?

    When did they make the last (Grand?) Wagoneer?

    I saw one last night, and really, really like the styling. I also like the size and bulk and useful space.

    What motors did these come with?
  • sobe1sobe1 Posts: 1
    With all the discussions about transmission problems, has there been any comparison between the 4 speed transmission in the 6 cyl. and the 5 speed in the 8 cyl.?
  • What you describe just happened to me the first of this month. At 65mph I went over an expansion strip on a bridge and the entire front end began to shake violently. The steering wheel whipped left to right and I almost lost control. I hit the brakes and slowed immediately but the shaking continued until about 30mph. I got off the highway onto an access road where I could drive slower. Nursed it to the dealer that p.m. They replaced the steering dampener and did a alignment. No problems since. This problem could cause a accident and should thoroughly looked into
    I have a 97GC Larado 6cly UpCountry 4WD.
  • Wondering if anyone has had any noticeable steering problems. The JGC we purchased seems to "wander". Makes one tend to over correct. We ended up driving a friends 2001 and theirs was not as prevalent but was somewhat noticeable. We ended up taking it back to the dealer, they drove it and stated that nothing was wrong. Has anyone had this problem and if so, how did you fix it short of taking it back over and over and lemon law it?
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