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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    There is certainly no denying that many people have had serious problems whith their Jeeps with little to no satisfaction from the dealerships and DC. My 1999 Laredo, V8 has been trouble free aside from 2 instances in less than 36K mi with brakes/rotors.

    The first time, the rotors (brake pads, etc.)were replaced with a shared cost as it was after the 12K mi warranty on rotors. The second was after 36 mo warranty period had expired, but still under 36K mi. Because of my previously reported problem, I got a complete brake job (calipers, rotors, pads) at our local 5* dealership (NOT where we purchased it) subsidized by DC with a $50 co-pay.

    I learned on these posts (and was confirmed with the Service Dept at the Dealership)that there is a TSB on the brakes attributing the warped rotor problems to bad calipers that do not disengage from the rotors. The dragging causes heat and warping.

    To: pschreck,IMHO, unhappy owners are more likely to post than happy owners.
  • pschreckpschreck Posts: 524
    Yeah, you have a good point.
  • 2002 JGC - 33k Miles - Ac and heat work when first starting car but then won't maintain temp. Have replaced blender door actuator motors and climate control module in the dash but still not working properly. The fan also seems to surge and I have had mist coming out of vents. I have noticed excessive water underneath vehicle at times. Rotors replaced at 10,500 miles, dash board light recall, fuel tank recall, keyfobs didn't work and had to replace two electronic modules, steering column makes clicking noises, poor mpg, oh, and my heated seat burned up and the element replaced. Shoulda bought a Honda. Never Again. Any help with AC is appreciated
  • njmike1njmike1 Posts: 2
    I am the proud owner of a 1997 4.0, K&N air injection, flowmaster exhaust system 87,000 miles..."no problems" JGC. To the people complaining about the rotors, stop whining and take it to an independent shop and get aftermarket're done. period.
    I have towed a 28 foot 5000# trailer the last two summers with stock everything (except see above)
    and have had ......"no problems". I took it to a Jeep Jamboree in the Jersey Pine Barrens, sunk it up to the headlights in a creek, dried it out and my wife drives it 80 miles a day to work. No problems. I have a funny suspicion that the complainers would find a pimple on a super model
    and throw her out of bed.
  • oldcarguyoldcarguy Posts: 1
    I have a 1999 JGCL I purchased new. It has 70k miles and has been a great Jeep. I have just started having a problem where neither the air conditioning or heater will work. I took it to my favorite mechanic to check out. He determined some kind of switch(?) was bad. He said it was about a fifty dollar part. I had him order it. Before I left he decided to use his hand and hit what I believe was part of the blower motor, It was under the glove box door. After doing this everything started to work fine. That was about two months ago. It is now starting to act up again so I am going to get the part installed. Anyone every see this problem before and have a idea what the problem is or what the part is? Thanks for the help.
  • Mike
    I am glad you had great luck with your jgc. However, in my opinion the problems that plague these vehicles are unacceptable, especially in a vehicle that costs 36k to buy and then depreciates way too quickly. My last two cars, both Hondas (97 and 00), went to 60,000 miles before any real expense. (4 new tires) On the bright side, the aftermarket guys are making a killing on poorly designed American car parts.
  • so my JGC had rotors replaced @7K, now have same issue @28K, dealer says "yep, your rotors are warped but Chrylser won't replace them because your brakes are at 30%. If you replace your brakes the problem will go away." and he says Chrylser no longer warranties rotors past 12K and new TSB does not replace pads? What can I do with this repeat problem? Would I even get a good brake job with warped rotors? Wouldn't they have a better chance of cracking? I don't recall rotors only being covered 12K.
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    Question: So if the warped rotors ARE the problem, how can you expect to NOT replace them and have a satisfactory result?

    You don't say what year you have, but here is some helpful info pasted from posting #262 of this thread...
    I suggest you go back and read the TSB
    Wonder if that is why the new TSB calls for replacment of rotors AND calipers? (I replaced mine with aftermarket rotors for less than $100 from a major auto parts chain...they have NOT warped! That was less than the dealership quoted to turn the warped rotors since they were over the 12,000 brake warranty!)

    Date: 5/13/02

    Bulletin # 0500302 (supercedes 0500501 Dated Sep 14, 2001)

    Model Year(s): 1999-2002 (models built May 11, 2002 and prior)

    Description: Brake roughness or pedal pulsation when the brakes are applied. The customer may experience a vibration of the steering wheel, floor, seat, instrument panel, or a minor pedal pulsation (brake roughness) under light to moderate pedal application. The condition may be caused by excessive thickness variation of the brake rotor surface.

    Details: This bulletin involves the replacement of both front brake rotors and caliper assemblies.

    Parts required:
    52098672 Rotor
    05093174AA Caliper kit (2 calipers, pads and retaining bolts)
    Yes, rotors are warrantied to 12K.

    When the vibration on my 99 returned at 32K, I went to my local 5* dealership asking about this and got calipers, rotors, and pads, a $650 brake job, for a $50 co-pay subsidized by DC. This is because I had been in once previously at 18K and had rotors and pads replaced. The first time I paid for the rotor parts and DC covered the rest. So when it returned again at 32K, but less than 36 mos., they covered the repair as described above. Needless to say the other guy with a '99 but 76K did not get the same deal.

    I was told the problem is the calipers. They do not completely disengage and the friction as they drag on the rotors, is what causes the warping.

    Hope this helps. (You can do a search on this thread using the TSB # for several other references to this.)
  • bigorange30bigorange30 Posts: 1,091
    Most rotors last much longer than 50K but at least that would be reasonable. I have never changed rotors on any of the cars I have ever owned. 120K, 130K, 150K and never a change.
  • year 2002, what irritates me the most is that this is a manufacturing defect, not normal wear and tear. i have yet to find where rotors specifically are warrantied for 12m/12k.
  • maybe501smaybe501s Posts: 1
    I just survived by the Grace of God a horrible accident in the asphalt jungle. Was a fluke I am sure - being hit by another driver turning in to me at a low speed. Impact appears to have been about 6 inches behind front headlight on drivers side. I (approx. 35 mph) went airborne and proceeded to flip from side to side. (roof of Jeep was not touched) I then proceeded to do a 360 on the drivers side. I miraculously walked out of this accident through the windshield.

    Why am I writing you? My front driver airbag, side airbag and top portion of my seatbelt did not deploy/function. The front passenger airbag did go off. No, it was not a T-Bone, but one would assume the impact from a flip would deploy one. The top portion of my seatbelt did not hold me, thus allowing me to crush and bend the steering wheel and hit the dash with my head.

    I am a small female, the vehicle has been supremely cared for just having it's 30,000 'check up' and 3rd detail since I purchased it. (also - I've had 4WD's for 20+ years, and this isn't my first Cherokee)

    False sense of security I had - those rollover ratings don't quite tell you....... okay, so it rolled, but then what? I was able to walk away from this (future medical problems unknown at this point)..... I want to know if anyone out there has had any airbag, or seatbelt problems or anything close to this happening.

    Any advice to pass on, I'm all ears. Haven't dealt with settlement, etc. as yet.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thank goodness you walked away from that! I hope you have no long term med problems and all turns out well.

    Perhaps the JGC experts here will provide insight on the airbags & seatbelts.

    tidester, host
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    The SRS and pretensioners are not activated until the impact sensors detect a collision above a certain G threshold occurring along either the longitudal or lateral axis. In the GJC accident in question it is entirely possible-if not likely-that the deceleration thresholds were NOT exceeded. Side curtain airbags(such as those in the Volvo XC 90) are the only type of SRS which are designed to be triggered by rollovers.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That the passenger side airbag would deploy and not the driver's. Did you have a passenger btw, Maybe501s?

    Glad you survived the run-in with the jungle. Take it easy the next couple of days; wrecks often shock the system more that they seem to.

    Steve, Host
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    I know that some current BMWs(among others) will not deploy the airbag if the crash sensors indicate that the driver and/or passenger is wearing a seatbelt AND that the rate of deceleration is below a predetermined threshold. Likewise, BMWs from @1995-on WILL NOT deploy the passenger airbag if the seat is unoccupied. It would be helpful to know how the GC SRS system is configured.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    But assuming your facts, why would the passenger side bag fire? Hopefully we'll get more details about this particular wreck.

    Steve, Host
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    But assuming your facts, why would the passenger side bag fire?

    I'm only guessing here but the collision could have been close to the threshold impulse for deployment in which case it would be a coin toss whether any deploy. Also, the rigid frame construction may transmit an impulse across the vehicle almost as though the opposite side had been struck from the perspective of the accelerometer.

    tidester, host
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    If the SRS module detects that the occupant sensor(usually a pad in the bottom seat cushion) is bad then the SRS warning light is illuminated and the system will deploy the airbag. A friend hit a deer with his 1991 318is at a speed of @30 mph. The LF hood and fender were bent and the left headlamp assembly was trashed. The airbag deployed, even though the coupe was still operable. And he never found the deer...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    I'm getting over my head here, but bear with me.

    It seems to me that if the passenger air bag fires for any reason, the driver's side should too. I think this should be the default behavior.

    Remember, Maybe501 said The front passenger airbag did go off.

    Then there's this air bag message today that just confuses me more, lol:

    curls "-- Best Pricing on Murano or "What did you pay"?--" Jul 3, 2003 12:14pm

    Steve, Host
  • okc1xokc1x Posts: 1
    My 98 Jeep Grand Cherokee has been a nightmare! I currently have 85,000 miles on my Cherokee and I've just been informed that my tranny needs to be rebuilt. I've already had to replace the transfer case and when I was deployed, the power steering pump went out. I owned a Cherokee sport prior to the JGC and didn't have any problems. I don't think I'll purchase another JGC, they're too unreliable!
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    OK, here's the way I think it could have happened: the driver is belted in and the SRS module detects a rate of deceleration that the belt alone can handle. On the passenger side the occupant sensor and/or the seatbelt latch sensor are on the fritz. The SRS module defaults to "worst case scenario" and deploys only the passenger airbag. FWIW, I know that on recent BMWs the passenger bag will deploy and the driver bag won't when:
    1. The crash is a low speed event, and
    2. The driver is buckled in and the passenger is not.
    As for the Murano accident, I again think that the SRS system was evaluating the severity of the impact/rollover and deploying the airbag/curtains where needed. Remember that in both the GC and Murano incidents the drivers emerged relatively unscathed. That tells me that deployment of the driver bag/curtain was unnecessary.
  • cmarc2seecmarc2see Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 2000 JGC. I liked the ride and the comfort of the car. I am concerned about the problems I am reading about as far as the brakes and other repairs. Should I stay away?
  • nikiblue1nikiblue1 Posts: 44
    Yes, stay away. Go through the posts and read the problems. I had one--love/hate relationship--was a lemon. If you do get one, get a long warranty.
  • drmzdrmz Posts: 2
    My wife's year-old 2003 GC Laredo V6, 4WD auto seems to hard shift into neutral or into 1st when comming to a complete stop or when you take your foot off the brake and start to accelerate. I'm suspecting rough shifts into and out of neutral. Problem happens 80% of the time, but sometimes while stopping and sometimes while starting. Is this common? Signs of impending tranny disaster?
    Want to get it checked and/or fixed before warrenty runs out. Any advice? Thanks!
  • flhunterflhunter Posts: 4
    Just bought an '04 GC Laredo to replace my old '94 Cherokee Sport.
    Only one complaint so far.....
    I hear a wind noise at highway speeds coming from left front area, not sure if front of window or windshield.
    Any ideas on how to fix the problem? Would rather do it myself than take it to the dealer....
  • el_kabongel_kabong Posts: 4
    I just bought a 94 GCL, and the wipers work, but oddly. On delay, they run on low. On low, they don't run at all. On high, they run on high. When you turn off the wiper switch, they stop wherever they are.

    My question is: is this a problem at the switch, or a problem at the motor?
  • curlscurls Posts: 7
    Tidester... "the rigid frame construction may transmit an impulse across the vehicle almost as though the opposite side had been struck from the perspective of the accelerometer."

    Sounds logical, but my experience doesn't support it. My recent situation with the Murano was the exact opposite. The impact was on the passenger side and the passenger side curtain deployed. The vehicle rolled onto the driver side, probably not hard enough/fast enough to cause driver side curtain to deploy. The velocity of the occupants would initially be away from impact, but then back toward the impact with more force. I believe that's the reason the impact side curtain should deploy. I cracked my head on the driver side window several years ago when t-boned on the driver side. A side curtain would have prevented that.

    I think div2 is on the right track. However there was no reason for the passenger side curtain to deploy in the Murano if there is an occupant sensor. No thing or body was in the passenger seat. The only apparent reason it deployed is that the impact was on that side.
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for the additional input. I think we're seeing a pattern develop here!

    tidester, host
  • jgc2003ljgc2003l Posts: 1
    I have had two Grand Cherokees. A 2000 and now a 2003. When the outside temperature gets into the 90's the system is just barely adequate. It appears the evaporator is too small and they have not corrected the problem. The solution I have found is to put the air on recirculate and slow the fan down to a medium speed. The air is much colder on medium than on high. Hope that helps.
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