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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • I've got it in my owner's manual. You can find the 7/70 warranty on the dodge site, don't know about the jeep site. Your service department should have told you that it is covered. Your dealer will also have the specifics. Torque converters ARE covered, just looked.
    Good luck,
  • mbjbmbjb Posts: 39
    Hey Icbear! I use to own a 2001 Grand and if you have the part time system, in order to shift to full time or 4x4 high, you have to pull on the lever and use a little force. I know it feels like you are going to break the gear shift but it is that way so that the gear shift is not moved easily by mistake. If you want to shift to 4 low, you will have to put gear shift into 4x4 high then apply foot to brake and then shift into 4 low. I hope this helps.
  • Had this on our 2001 GC. 5* replaced steering gear assembly. Fine now.
  • I own an '01 GCL I6 with 30k miles. About 2 months ago I started have trouble starting it. It seems to start on the 2nd time I turn the ignition.
    Initially I thought it was fuel related because I noticed this after I filled the tank with 10% ethanol mix. After two tanks from my usual gas station and injector cleaner additive didn't help. I decided to do routine maintenance. Changed to Bosch 4203 plugs, new air filter. Start was even worse. MIL came on. OBD showed a cylinder 6 misfire. I took it in for service and had injectors purged. They told me to change the plugs back to original plugs since they have seen ~20 jeeps that have problems with the Bosch 4203 plugs. Did that, misfire disappeared, but I still have the hard start. Anyone else have this problem? Any suggestions? I am within a month of warranty expiring so want this resolved before then. Will return for service soon but would like to have them check for specifics if anyone has had this problem. Thanks!
  • nabornabor Posts: 6
    I noticed you have a JGC Limited - do you have the auto climate control with dual controls? If so, does yours actually work? Mine is giving me all kinds of problems this winter. I have an 02 limited w/quadradrive. Unless both controls are set on "Hi" one will blowout ice cold air (outside air), and when trying to operate the system manually, I have no control over which vents it comes out of. It blows out whatever vents it wants to, and you still have to have them on "HI". It worked okay this summer in a/c mode, but I've never had a HVAC system that is this hard to operate. I sure wish it had the less expensive manual system. Has anyone else experienced problems like this? I'm not one to hassle with dealers or service departments, if they can't fix it, trade it off and buy something that works.
  • '01 Laredo V8. My wife and I love the jeep, it is just the right size. It fits in our garage while most other SUVs do not and it is comfortable with lots of power. However, we have also had it in for the brake rotors twice (most recently at 30K miles) In most cases, I take the other reports of warped rotors with a grain of salt since many people throw these heavy trucks around like cars and it is not that surprising that the rotors would overheat and warp (yes, this should have been part of the engineering). Now after reluctently spending the 600 bucks for the 30 K service, we are experiencing long cranking time prior engine startup when cold. Likely the fuel pump problem that has plagued others. The OEM Goodyear tires are junk, they are shot at 32K and squeal incessently while turning in seal-coated parking lots. I drove a 4 Runner recently, and while I love the styling, there is just something about the interior feel that turns me off. The resale value of the Jeep is so pitiful (15-16K for a 32K sticker) I can't even think of taking that big a hit in three years, that is unless these service trips become any more routine. Too bad Jeep doesn't step up and stand behind the common problems noted in this forum.
  • I am on my second jeep the previous being a 2000 which was a wonderful vehicle that never presented any problems. I now have a 04 GC w/ Quadra-Track II and have an issue. I have had the opportunity to drive in our first snowfall of the season and noticed that it seems like there is not power being distributed to the front wheels. It seems like the right rear spins (rev's to 3500) and none of the other wheels engage. If I engage the full-time low range, all wheels get power. Should I see my dealer or is this typical? Also, what should I suggest the problem is when confronting my dealer?

  • Have 2001 JGC Ltd/quadra drive w/ auto climate control. It was OK in the summer but goofy at the start of winter. 5* replaced "control head".Solved the problem.
  • nabornabor Posts: 6
    Thanks for the info - I'll take it in and see if they will replace the control head. Other than the heater problem, it's been pretty reliable. Just need more snow to test out the quadradrive.
  • I just traded in for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited two weeks ago. Everything's fine until two days ago, and now I have (I think) two separate issues in the first day.

    1) First thing in the morning I open the driver-side door, and see a small puddle on the floor mats under the pedals. It rained the night before, so I assumed that's where the water was from. I checked on it a few times throughout the day (it had stopped raining), and there was no additional water puddle. So it seems to be external water-related.

    I also notice the same thing jeepenvy describes in Message #402 (pasted below for reference). What could it be?

    2) My check engine light went was on when I started the car to go home from work. Related to the leaks above? I don't know, but it worries me since I haven't had this car for that long! Since the SUV is used, I don't have the manuals--still waiting for them to be shipped from Tech Authority. I assume I should bring in the Jeep to a dealer right away?

    Thank you for any advice.

    #402 of 723 water leak by jeepenvy Oct 06, 2002 (4:51 pm)
    I have a 2001 JGCL and I noticed a wet spot on the carpet by my hatch. After investigating, it looks like water is coming through the wiring harness and dripping through the "vent" along the head liner by the hatch. Has anyone else had problems similar to this?

  • I described a situation in the second point of my previous message (# 724) regarding the Check Engine Light...

    I called the local Jeep dealership to make an appointment to have it checked. The service representative took my appointment request and after asking a few questions, suggested I ensure the gas cap was secure--I was to click the gas cap tightly so that it clicked at least three times. I drove around for a few minutes, pulled over, and started the engine again--this time the light was not on.

    Apparently, when the gas cap is not tight enough and excess air gets mixed with the gas, that imbalance triggers the warning light. I don't pretend to know the why's and how's, but at least that's one less thing to worry about.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    OBD II requires the engine management system to test various components of the emission controls. A loose gas cap is read as a leak in the evaporative emissions system and hence the CEL. The EPA has relaxed the requirements so that an occasional loose cap won't throw a code, but it can still happen.
  • I own '00 JGC w/4.0 I6, Selec-Trac 4WD and 31K miles. Vehicle just started hesitating when accelerating from a stop in drive. Anyone else experience this problem?
  • evaddaveevaddave Posts: 156
    Give your air filter a check. I had a similar hesitation from a stop, and replacing the air filter did the trick!
  • Since I bought my 2000 JGC Laredo this summer it's been disappointing. First, the door locks make an annoying squeak - $150 to replace the actuator (I declined). Next, in cold weather (below 45) the car would not start without giving it gas while turning the key. Ok, I realized that my battery was basically dead so after replacing the battery took it in to the dealer to have it checked anyway. Seems there is a KNOWN problem with a seal close to the fuel tank that unreplaced may cause hard starting and eventually a new fuel pump. The DEALER said the 8/80 warranty DOES NOT cover it - $225 to fix that.
    I want to be happy with this car but I wonder what the hell will happen next?
  • Has anyone had any luck complaining to Chrysler about repairs????
  • txjeeptxjeep Posts: 1
    From all I've been able togather on this message board, the problem with my Jeeps' (V8) inability to start in cold weather until numerous attempts is:the seal near the fuel tank or an issue with the Bosch plugs ? Either way , looks like a donation to my nearby Jeep service dealership is in store..correct ?
  • isomanisoman Posts: 11
    I have a 2000 jgc with quadra drive. It had a small whine up around 50-65 mph when leving off on the gas or going down a hill when I am not applying gas. As soon as I apply gas the whine stops. As the mileage increased the whine increased. I took it in at 30,000 miles and they replaced everything in the rear end except the case. It still whines. Is there anything else that would cause this whine.
  • kitgkitg Posts: 1
    I own a 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee with approx. 69000 miles and I just noticed that it burns oil too much (1 qt/ 150mi.) I dont see any trace of leak and I dont think it smokes and the engine area is dry from leaking oil.I am wondering if anybody have the same prob.

  • driftracerdriftracer Posts: 2,692
    I've seen a larger number, as the '93 - present Jeep Grand Cherokees age, of these vehicles having failed fuel pumps and what seems like contaminants inside the tank, possibly from the fuel tank lining. Thsi also has been seen on some GM minivans and trucks.

    I've seen the TSB on Jeep GC fuel pumps, and a few opinions on both sides of the fence. What I'd like to know and discuss is how many Grand Cherokee owners have had to replace their fuel pumps and was the tank lining looked at as a possible culprit?
  • Had same problem on 2001 V8. 5* replaced rear and front pinions, Reduced the whine but still a little there but not enough to really be a bother. This is a chacteristic of the Dana axel.
  • I recently became a first time jeep owner and purchased a gcl special edition. The dealer told me that it didn't come with an alarm. They said they would install a passive alarm (DEI auto mate model 417) for $600. Being security conscious and wanting good protection for my vehicle, I had them put it in. Then when I was looking at the window sticker and reading the owner's manual, it states that the car came with a security alarm. I told the dealer that I was misinformed and that I would not have had them install the passive alarm if I knew that it came with one. They told me that they would remove the passive alarm and refund me my money. Please give me your comments, thoughts and suggestions as to how effective each alarm is and is it worth it to just keep the passive alarm in. I contacted Jeep and they said that if anything malfunctions because of the "added alarm", it would not be covered under the warranty.
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    As far as your warranty coverage goes, whether they leave it in or take it out. Isn't it too late now that they've tinkered with the electrical system?

    For my money, anything that voids the warranty is a bad idea. You're covered for theft thru insurance. Probably depends on where you live, but IMHO there's a greater chance you'll have a non-warranty covered repair expense than it will get stolen. Besides it DOES have a system.
  • jjv55jjv55 Posts: 20
    Bought a used '02 JGC Limited last May. Unbeknownst to us, the rotors were warped (we were stupid for not checking). Anyway, All rotors, calipers, etc replaced in June (we paid for half - I wasn't happy). Now, 6 mos later, all four rotors are warped again! We've had six cars between us and NEVER had warped rotors. We're out of the 12,000 mile warranty. It goes in later today and I'm expecting another fight! Any advice?
  • sbcookesbcooke Posts: 2,297
    Isn't this a known problem and they have a fix for it? You should search this board, because I believe there is a fix regarding the brake calipers. If your dealer gives you a hard time, you could probably get it fixed elsewhere cheaper and happier (i.e. paying out of pocket is happier than a tooth and nail fight with a dealer no matter how right you are).
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    The second time my rotors warped, I was over 36 mos, but under in mileage, around 32K. Because I'd had documentation of a previous occurrance of warped and replaced rotors (I paid about half the charges at 18K mi), and the TSB on the problem, the Dealer got DC to cover a full set of calipers, rotors, pads, and labor for a $50 co-pay.

    I was told that the calipers were the problem. They used different ones and 10K later all is still good (knock wood). What puzzles me is that you said the calipers were replaced. I'd start with asking what the replacements were.

    Go with supporting info, but don't be too defensive. Remember you want them to do something for you. Also, sbcooke is right. If you search this board, I KNOW the TSB number and info is posted here.
  • gatorfcgatorfc Posts: 10
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Special Edition in Midnight Blue Pearlcoat. Picture of which can be seen here:

    gatorfc "Jeep Owners: Photo Gallery" Jul 5, 2003 3:33pm

    I love it and have had no mechanical problems with it (knock on wood), however I am disappointed in the durability of the paint job. Three small spots on the hood and one on the roof have developed "spiderwebbing", small cracks, and flaking. Now I know bird drop acidity is hell on paint, but this jeep is less than 10 months old! Regardless, I've washed my jeep religiously (it being new and all) and would definitely have not left any bird crap baking on the hood. Thankfully, it hasn't spread.

    One dealer has told me it wouldn't be covered under the 3/36K unless it was a factory defect. I would think that bad paint or bad application is a defect. Another told me it would be covered. Has anyone else had this problem? Especially owners who have the Midnight Blue Pearlcoat. Could this be the start of "Defective Chrylser Paint Jobs: The Sequel"?
  • I have a '99 JGC Ltd. with a slow leak in the transfer case. I called the dealership - ballpark repair costs was $1200. Anyone ever seen a grown man cry - not a pretty sight, huh? Anyway, anyone have experience with this problem and the varied cost of possible fixes. I simply refuse to believe the only fix is to drop the entire transfer case to diagnose the problem. It seems to be more of a seal that has gone bad than a total transfer case failure. I had a leak on the front differential where the seal had gone bad, so I'm hoping this is a similar situation.

    I had a Warranty Gold warranty that is worth about $0.25 now. $1000+ in contract payments down the drain!

    Any help/advice would be appreciated.
  • The last two times that I have taken my Jeep in for its scheduled service, they have been trying to talk me into a total fluid exchange, (rear end, transmission etc.) & engine tune up. At 40,000 miles I am sure that this is a good idea, but their price blew me away. Regular $900.00, but we'll do it today for $750.00. Have any of you experienced this from any of your dealerships? I am sure it could be done elsewhere for a lot less. Thanks.
  • lhunton: I had a full tune-up done on my '99 JGC V8 @ 60,000 miles -- replace plugs, replace timing belt, clean throttle body, B/G transmission service, clean & refill front differential (4x4)...all this for a total cost of $430.40. It was done at my local Shell station in Maryland.

    The last place I'll probably ever take my Jeep is to a dealer. The catch is trying to find a trustworthy, reasonably priced mechanic. If anyone knows of a good mechanic in the North Houston area, please post the contact info. here.
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