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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • momx3momx3 Posts: 13
    i'm considering purchasing a Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee in older model years. (93-97). Any input, suggestions, horrror and triumphant stories would be greatly appreciated. Also, any suggestions on comparable SUV's if the Jeep is a bad idea. thanks.
  • u2fan4688u2fan4688 Posts: 13
    Yup, I do have the sunroof, but I am not sure it cause a 3" loss. But I only have like 1" of space between my head and the cealing with the seat all the way down.. Your right...though.. the rear view iror is right in my face and my eyes are right at the sun visor. I have to duck to see traffic lights.

    I may just switch to the liberty. it has 40" of headroom compared to 39 for the GC.

    Anyone else have experiences?

    the Chrysler/jeep Customer service lady on the phone she never heard this before... I just laughed.
  • transpowertranspower Posts: 212
    I think you guys just need to spend 15 minutes adjusting the seat and the mirrors until you find the optimal position. You're giving up too soon.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I have been very happy with the two 1997 grand cherokee's I purchased. If rear seat comfort is important, get the grand cherokee. Otherwise they are both good vehicles. The L6 engine is simple and very easy to do routine maintenance on. I now have over 100,000 on both and have had only a few minor repairs($150 or less)and of course maintenance items such as brakes and tires. One thing I did find during my purchases in North Florida was that I was able to get both for less than what Edmunds said the dealer price would be(both were purchased from dealers).
  • janzjanz Posts: 129
    My '99 has been in the shop and I just drove a '05 rental for 3 weeks (no sunroof). I don't like the seating position and visibility and I'm a 5'7" female. The seat is like a wooden bench and I really felt that my peripheral vision was impaired. My husband thinks the drivers seat of the '99 is cramped. He didn't drive the rental, but I feel it is more cramped than my '99. Can't wait to get it back.

    u2fan, the new Consumer Reports really dings Trailblazer. You might want to do some research.
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    I'm just curious- did DC really hire some guys from Porsche AG to design the bodywork for the '99-'04 ZJ Grand Cherokee generation? I was told by a dealer's service manager that was the case, but I may be wrong on this one. (I say it wasn't designed by Porsche)
  • jrosasmcjrosasmc Posts: 1,711
    Sorry- my mistake, I meant the '99-'04 WJ generation. (1993-98 was ZJ)
  • momx3momx3 Posts: 13
    thanks for the input xscout.. great to "hear" real world opinions. And the high mileage info is exactly what I needed.
  • u2fan4688u2fan4688 Posts: 13
    Hi Janz,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    Yeah I saw the bad reviews on the trailblazer. My wife loves the trailblazer and explorer.. Neither gets good reviews from consumer reports..
    I'm also gonna re-test drive the 05 Liberty Limited for a day. I know it has better visibility, same engine, just smaller. My quorum is that I can't seem to find a "quality/luxury" SUV for around $30k.. You gotta pony up like 36/38k to get into a Lexus or Volvo SUV. I test drove even an 05 escape limited today and that was such a piece of junk. Tons of road noice, vibrations from the rear, cheap plastic interior,..sad.

    it will work out.
  • u2fan4688u2fan4688 Posts: 13
    I wish it was a simple as adjusting to it.

    But obviously I don't want to loose money.. it is bad for me.. I did spened the time. I spent hours trying to get it right. I even went to the dealer and they didn't help. I was even out there with tape measures trying to compare the seats and figure out angles, etc. Put seat back all the way (which I can't stand) and lowered all the way. Plus I've driven it for 3 weeks and put 900 miles now on it. I'm still not used to it.
  • debarrdebarr Posts: 4
    I agree with your husband my wife has a 99, when we go on a trip, which is usually every week, we will take it. The seats really hold your thighs tight together, it's like you are sitting on both edges of the seat with nothing in the middle.
  • debarrdebarr Posts: 4
    I am in need of a 99' JGC driver seat, I can use either the whole seat or just the seat frame, I need it to be a power seat with the track and the seat bottom frame, I would prefer to find someone that has an extra one laying around vs. finding one in a junk yard. Thank's for your help.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    A salvage (junk) yard is probably your best bet. eBay or might turn up something, but I don't think most people have Jeep seats lying around. Good luck.

    Steve, Host
  • debarrdebarr Posts: 4
    I have a 99 JGC and am experiencing some tranny noise, the only time it is noticeable is when the truck is put into R, and it will only occur when I put the truck in R and immediately step on the accelerator. If I press on the gas I get a slipping sound which is high pitched in nature. If I wait a second and then press on the gas it does not happen. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
  • debarrdebarr Posts: 4
    Ok appreciate the help, not to be a smart allick but, I just happen to have a whole set of seats lying around, obviously all except the driver's seat. Imagine that. I will take your advice and try to locate one in a salvage yard.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    I didn't want my minivan middle seat so I took it out. But I threw it away; I have too much stuff stored around here as it is!

    A lot of yards can check other yard's inventory so ask if they can search outside your area too.

    Steve, Host
  • ycraigycraig Posts: 1
    I have a low humming noise coming from the left wheel area when turning right at driving speeds. I also here the noise if I jog the wheel to the right while driving straight.
    Noise is only heard while turning right. If going very slow and I make a right turn noise is not heard.(right turn from a stop) Any ideas?
  • I've glanced over the forum and it seems that most of the problems have been related to brakes/rotors. I'm interested in knowing about any other complaints - how is the reliability, 4wd, ABS, etc? Problems with dealers and warranty stuff, really anything to help me make a decision.

    I'm looking at buying a 2004 Laredo with about 21k miles and the price seems to be very decent, very much below any prices here on

    I can handle having to put on aftermarket rotors, and I will be the primary driver, but I have to remember that my wife and child will be using this vehicle also. I've never owned a Jeep, so I'm suspious as to why this vehicle seems to be such a steal.
  • How do you get the shift handle off a jeep grand cherokee?
    there's no clips screws or nothing , I don't want to try and force it off because I want to put it back on.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    It's probably worth it to run a CarFax on it. There's a link on the main page.

    Steve, Host
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Try grasping it firmly and twisting it in a counterclockwise motion (i.e.: it just unscrews). That's the way it is on my '98.
  • bbrown2bbrown2 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 JGC that is doing the same whistle. I noticed that it only does it when I am not pressing on the gas. I am actually taking it in Friday to see what is up. I think it is probable a belt.
  • what abou thte push button, what happend to that
  • mvinhmvinh Posts: 1
    My brakes lights do not come on even after I checked the fuse and the lights. Do you know if it could be the relays or something wrong with the brake lights? I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited.
  • div2div2 Posts: 2,580
    Check the brake light switch. A bad one can cause all sorts of mischief.
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    youn0813, ----- Sorry I did not get back to you sooner, I just noticed your posting. Our 1995 Jeep GC, (leased NEW), was the vehicle from hell! ---- It had drive train problems, (a very loud HUM from the front differential at 55 mph, and it would get LOUDER and the speed increased). The dealer replaced two sets of gears, and finally the whole differential assembly before the noise could be eliminated. This process took numerous visits to the dealer, (no loaner vehicles available). The Jeep had electrical problems. If I stopped at a gas station, and shut off the engine while filling the tank, I would loose all electrical accessories when re-starting the engine. To regain the electrical accessories, I had to shut off the engine, and restart the engine. The brake rotors warped. There was a noise in the suspension / drive train when backing up that the dealer could NEVER locate. When I complained to the factory rep. about the "quality of the vehicle", and the money we were paying for a vehicle of such poor quality, he said: --- "I don't care how much money your are paying"! The tread on one of the original equipment tires peeled from the casing. (There was no puncture). This happened on the N.J. Turnpike at 5:00AM at 55 mph. YES, our 1995 Jeep GC was a poor quality vehicle. I would NEVER own another Jeep product.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    I had a similar problem on my 1997 GC. After many experiments I found it to be the bearing assembly. Cost is about $140 at NAPA and is an easy replacement job with standard tools (socket set).
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    On the oil leak issue, check the PCV valve / system. If it is not operating properly, the engine will build up pressure in the crankcase, and it will develop oil leaks.-----Make SURE you are using the correct PCV valve. Go by the part numbers, NOT THE OUTSIDE APPEARANCE OF THE VALVE! Not all valves that look the same on the outside, are the same on the inside.
  • gregoryc1gregoryc1 Posts: 766
    I would check the fuel pressure and the fuel pump volume. I think you might have a problem with the electric fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter. How much mileage on the vehicle?
  • Were you able to figure out what the problem is? My jeep's doing exactly the same thing. My 2003 JGC also has an alarm that seems to be going off when we start it. It's not like a security alarm. But, it's like an alarm clock (kind of).

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