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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • corcor Posts: 27
    Thanks..... I did find the TSB, but it was only for models up to 2002. I spoke w/my dealer here and he claimed that they had fixed the problem the TSB was made for. I think what I am going to do is simply get some aftermarket rotors and try my luck w/those.
  • I also have a 2000 Grand Cherokee with 40,000 miles, and was about ready to sell it for something newer (NOT another Jeep!), but I agree that even with repairs, it's probably cheaper to keep the Jeep than to buy a newer car. Like you, I like the Jeep when it's running, but after about 35,000 miles, it's one repair after another. Guess I got spoiled driving Hondas and Toyotas for many years; keep them tuned up and they just go and go and go.... I hate to compare Chrysler products with Japanese brands, because the quality in Japanese cars is so much superior it isn't even a fair comparison.
  • ltlqdltlqd Posts: 1
    I'm seriously considering buying a 2005 JGC but have been reading posts about problems people have had. My fiance & I had bought one in 1997 but Chrysler bought it back after 4 months because it was a lemon. We got a durango instead. I like the size and look of the new JGC and was just wondering if you all had the chance would you buy your JGC again? Thanks!
  • hi, 04 JGC Ltd. less than 12K on it and I've been hearing whistling coming from the outside of my car when driving around. I can hear it well when I am driving near a wall or a curve without much traffic because the sound bounces back. First time when I went to the dealership, the tech said it was the drive shaft so he lubed it and told me they would replace the drive shaft if the sound comes back. It was never fixed and I brought the car back after two months in time to do another oil change. However, this time they just disregard the fact that I was told in person by the technician what they were going to do if the problem persisted and tells me they cannot duplicate the problem.

    It whistles after about 10mph and you can hear it especially well when you let go of the gas pedal because the engine noise reduces a lot. First when I heard it it would just do it when I start driving it, now I hear it all the time when I roll down the window driving around.

    Anyone have a similar problem where you hear a whistlling? It's not a uniform whistle, but sort of goes up and down. Imagine a cricket sound with instead your whistling. IT sounds like it's coming from the bottom..

    I don't understand why they can't duplicate. It's retarded. I pay $700/month and this is what I get. Every time I take it in for an oil change, it takes at least a couple of days to get it back. First when I started to have problems with the car (like steering wheel clicking that simply cannot get fixed after a few tries, wheels creaking/crakcing, other annoying noises, etc) I told myself, these aren't powertrain problems so it wouldn't affect how my car runs, but after over a year with such problems, I've had it. I seriously advise people buying from Jeep. As a matter of fact, I will never buy another American gas-guzzler. I will buy a damn Japanese instead. One of more of this Jeep and if more problems occur/persist, I'm going to file an official complaint and use whatever I can to get rid of it at the expense of Chryslter.
  • 04jgc04jgc Posts: 1
    I hear a faint chatter or clicking noise when I apply the brakes on my 2004 Grand Cherokee. After a long run around and a week at my local 5* dealer they diagnosed the problem a pebble in the parking brake assembly and they determined that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. The next day after I brought it home the noise started again. I would appreciated any replies.
  • 2005 Grand Cherokee 3.7L dies while driving (most while turning). Dealer replaced crankshaft position sensor as most likely source of problem, but it recurred. Most times were while not warmed up, but last time car had warmed up. Any similar problems by others?
  • I purchased my 04 Laredo in Nov, 2003.
    At 21,000 miles, my HVAC vac hose went which controlled the cruise control and the blower directional. Just wondered if anyone else has come across this problem?
  • I just went over 8000 miles and have had pulsating brakes at higher speeds for about 2 months now, along with a noise when I turn left and a clicking noise in the steering column on the highway. Sounds like I am in for lots of repair costs...
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Why are you in for "lots of repair costs" when your vehicle is still under warranty?
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    Yes, I would definitely buy one again, and again and again. I have owned three so far and have had minimal problems. I love the drive comfort, power, easy-to-use features and everything else about the Jeep. That's why it's one of the best selling SUV's and has been since it came out in 1993.

    Pick any vehicle by any manufacturer and then read some of the posts here on Edmunds. You can spend months reading but you will never, repeat never, find a vehicle without problems. Toyota, Nissan, Acura, Honda, no one is immune. Some may "rate" better in reliability reports but a lot of that is subjective. And a lot of those reports do not factor in the severity of problems. There is a big difference, for example, between a Jeep that has a fixable driveline noise and a 4Runner that has a sulfur smell that in so many cases cannot be fixed.

    When shopping for a vehicle, buy what you like, buy what is the most comfortable to drive, buy what has the features you like most. There are satisfied owners and there are dissatisfied owners for each and every brand out there.
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    For anyone having trouble with warped rotors on their Grand Cherokee, note that the warranty is 3/36 (NOT 12/12). New rotors and calipers were introduced in the spring of 2002 and have held up much better than the previous ones. There are still a few cases of premature warping on 2003 and 2004 models, but claims have been reduced by 80% for the newly designed components.
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    Don't know about the current models, but my '00 JGC Laredo warranty book noted that brakes were only covered for 12,000 miles. Mine warped after that and the 5 Star dealer would not go to bat for me on the warped rotors (15,000). Wanted $75 to turn the fronts. I appealed to DC and got no satisfaction even with documentation on 2 sets of warped rotor on the '99 we traded on the '00. Went to Autozone and put on a set of aftermarket rotors for less than $100 that were still on when I traded it with 66,000 miles in May '04.

  • agpagp Posts: 7
    For those who think the rotor problems have been solved as of the 2002 Jeep, think again. I have a 2003 GC Limited and have had to have the rotors resurfaced 3 times and replaced once in 23,000 miles. DC covered two resurfacings and the one replacement. When it came time to do the last resurfacing, DC balked saying it was now normal wear and tear. This strikes me odd in that they had replaced the rotors just 7,000 miles before. They questioned my driving habits. Considering I have had three Limiteds. am living in the same place where all have been driven pretty much the same, my feeling is they were just trying to duck the problem. The good news is that the dealership, Star Motors in Glendale recognized the problem and stepped up and covered the resurfacing. Kudos to them but what is going on at DC with these rotors? Clearly, they are still having issues with them. I am looking to purchase a new vehicle, and as much as I love the Jeep, I am now considering other vehicles in light of the rotor problems.
  • I too hear that in mine... It is in the shop again as we speak. Today they replaced the rotors, I only have 8000 miles on it and rarely drive through the hills.
    Tomorrow they are working on the steering technical bulletin to try in fix the problem you are speaking of.
    I am very disappointed!
  • No costs yet! But I was told by the repairing dealer that they will not cover me the next time.. I'm sorry but I shouldn't be having all these problems with only having 8000 miles. Don't you think?
  • I own a 1999 GC Laredo. When I purchased it, I lived in Lake Tahoe (California) and drove primarily in the mountains. The car shook and pulsated when applying the brakes immediately after purchasing the vehicle. The rotors were resurfaced and replaced numerous times over the course of two and one-half years. Only the first year and a half was was covered under the warranty or by complaining to DC. (Don't let any dealer or DC tell you its your driving!) After repeated trips to the dealership and other mechanics, I finally got fed up and purchased aftermarket rotors. I went with vented rotors all around. More expensive but well worth it. They were installed about 40,000 miles ago and low and behold no further trips to the mechanics for the rotors. There is a fix for the rotor problems on GC. DC just didn't take responsibility for it.
  • hey guys im new here so im not sure if im doing this right but here goes... i have a 1997 jeep grand cherokee loreado with a newly installed 2 inch lift and 31 inch BFG all terrains. now my problem is that the jeep sometimes wont start. i will put the key in the ignition and turn it and the engine will turn over just fine, (New BATT), but it want catch and start up. this has happened 3 time so far and i will eventualy get it to start each time after a LONG time and a whole lot of trys. I know that this could very well be causing some damage to my engine and id rather not have to spend hours trying to start it. so,,, what do you think the problem could be and how could i figure it out? some ideas i have,, fuel preassure/ filter? (most of the 3 times i think that the car was runing on the reserve tank and or low on gas...) if its not the fuel then maybe its electrical? do i need to change spark plugs, new cold start unit? thanks for any and all help guys!
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    I did a search on "heated seats" and uncovered a few problems, mostly from 2002 and one Nov 11 03, so I am not the first but it's not rampant like the brake thing. I have been relatively satisfied and have a few postings on this forum in the past few months. I do have a 70K mi extended Max Care warrantly on my 2001 Laredo I6 Selectrac 58K mis, only using warranty once in the past 22k mis, but in the past 2 weeks:
    1. The Drivers heated seat stopped heating. THIS IS THE THIRD TIME IN THREE YEARS this has quit - the last fix was using a new ECd part which was supposed to fix it for good - HA! Granted not a life/death thing but irritating and a concern based on 2002 posts it costs from $1200-1400 to fix if I was paying (trust me, even in MN I would not pay that for a warm tush).
    2. The battery has been run down and I have caught both while driving and also while sitting in a dark garage no key in the ignition, the auto headlights coming on for no reason. The dealer says they have to let is sit for a couple days to verify that prior to knowing what to replace, so I do have a loaner at least. Draining batteries (which checked out fine BTW) not a good thing in MN winters.
    3. Monday the Engine Malfunction or to most people Check Engine light came on. That was the "icing on the not so nice cake", causing me to hassle with taking the vehicle in for some fixups.

    Interesting that when I called the dealer on 1. heated seats, they said that was bad 3 times to fail and to request reimbursement of the $100 Max Care deductible from Jeep customer service. After waiting on hold for 10 mins, I did what the recorded message said to send them the info on their internet address. Now 3 days later I get an email saying I should direct all inquiries by hardcopy letter to them: unless that is some legal requirement that is really nuts (why have an email?!?!).

    So any others have heated seat problems happening multiple times? Did you have any luck w/DC reimbursement?

    So yes, I do like the Jeep, but have 1 year to go on Max Care and am concerned now. I bought the I6 Selectrac old technology package based on recommended reliability vs the V8 AWD, and so far that seems to be doing fine. It's all the other gotchas like of course the brake problems (which they did seem to fix for me, been running 25K miles OK now knock on wood), seats and other nitty stuff. Hopefully my new 300M will live up to improved reliability, which so far seems much higher than the JGC based on 300M users and consumer reviews plus I have had no problems in 8 months - nice car.
  • andy6andy6 Posts: 1
    I have a '99 GC Limited with 67k miles and have had the mysterious headlight malfunction within the last year. I had to have the headlight switch replaced at a cost of around $215 which has solved the problem for now.
  • naatz1naatz1 Posts: 188
    Well after 4 working days in the shop, the dealer did not ever see this mysterious headlight malfunction happen, even once. So I need to keep our posts and others for reference if it ever happens again. I may just replace the battery since at almost 4 years for the OEM unit even though it tests good it can't have more than another year in it, so plan to check out BatteriesPlus 850 CCA vs the DC Jeep deal with a $10 rebate (I need to call their parts dept and see the rating/warr on the Jeep batt).

    I did get the engine malfunction (check engine) fixed, which turned out to be a bad gas cap! For reference there is a list of these codes on - go there to figure out how to spew out codes with the old "ignition on/off" trick I know GM used for years. Luckily this was covered along with the bad heated seat 3rd time replacement for my MaxCare $100 deductible.

    BTW, the service manager did not give me any warm fuzzies that would return my $100 deductible even though this is a 3rd time defect in < 4 years. He did say they put in a new element in the seat: a $200 part but labor intensive (doable by a skilled do-it yourself person). The alternative is the $1200 seat bottom replacement others have referred to earlier on this forum ... or a cold butt. This is always amazing as 2 heated seats and all the control wiring is a $250 option when new - go figure. I sure hope 3 times is the magic.
  • I recently purchased a new 2005 gran cherokee does anyone else who owns one have problems with brakes, it seems like I have to push the pedal to the floor to stop should I be concerned or is this normal for this model please help.. southeye
  • Hi,

    Are you sure your whistle is outside? I have one thatcomes in on off load and continues on tick-over for about two minutes then dies away. It won't return on fast tick-overbutdrive it a few miles and its back again.
    Fotunately ??? I have tinatus that is inthe same key so it does not bother me as muchas it does my wife. It is pressure bleeding off somewhere, but I can't find it.
  • I have a 05GC, my brakes seemed to be fine. However, I test drove a new vehicle that they used as a demo, and on that vehicle the brakes seemed "squishy" or they seem to have a lot of air in the lines. This probably is a result of people test driving the vehicle hard (driving over 40 mph and jamming on the brakes). I'm not sure if this is the same problem that you are having, but if I were you...I would make sure that I take the vehicle back while it is still under warranty.
  • 2002 GC Limited with Select-Trac Transfer Case (The only Limited I have seen with a Select-Trac transfer case) Great SUV! However, If I shift from Park to neutral then to reverse there is a large amount of slack before reverse engages.(You can hear the wind-up taking place) The same if I shift from neutral to drive. Has anyone had this problem with their Select-Trac transfer case?

    The dealer says that this is Normal! Only two months before warranty expires! Any comments would be appreciated!

    Thanks, Bill4445
  • Bought my GC used and when I test drove it the brakes pulsated. I took it to my mechanic and he said this is usually caused by mechanics over-torqueing the wheels with a impact wrench during tire rotation or other tire work. After I purchased the GC He removed and trued each rotor on a brake lathe and hand-torqued each wheel. I haven't had any complaints since. Perhaps some other readers with brake rotor problems could check this method out before going to more expensive repairs.


    Thanks, Bill4445
  • donf1donf1 Posts: 4
    man after reading about all the brake post and seat heaters i hope 2005 will fare better
  • Don't want to be your party pooper... But check out my experience on an adjacent topic group.

    just click on my name, and see my experience with my 05 Jeep w/Hemi.

    Watch out before it's too late. Make sure that you have even the slightest squeak checked...
  • 2001 JGC...already had calipers and rotors replaced twice at only 27k miles. Right now that problem is "fixed". Newest problem is no heat from the passenger side vents. Warranty expired last month so I'm looking at some major expense as whole dashboard has to come out to repair. I cannot find TSB's on this, but a Google search turned up comment that it's a common problem. Anyone have experience with or advice on? Thanks.
  • Greetings,


    I recently test drove a limited w/ hemi and the truck had a distinct whistle that changed with speed. Has anyone else noticed this (presumably wind) related issue?
  • The whistling is coming from the cross bars on the roof rack. The dealer knows where they need to be positioned to stop it. It almost killed the deal for me buying one. I took them off and now more whistle. I haven't put them back on since I like how it looks without them on.


    In regards to the brake issue, they should be perfect. If not, have the dealer fix it. A squishy brake normally means there is air in the system that needs to be bled out.
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