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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • smt14smt14 Posts: 1
    When I start our Jeep it rev's up really fast and idle's fast until we put it in gear. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Also, when we are traveling down the road with our cruise control on at 60 mph, the engine RPM will be at 1800 and then it will surge up to 2000 and then back down to 1800. It does this quite often. Does anyone know what would be causing this?
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    A mechanic friend of mine once told me that all engine running problems can be reduced to this: An engine needs only fuel, air and spark, and for them to come together at the right time. I mention this because air is an often overlooked component. In the case of stalling at idle, check to make sure the PCV valve and supply tube are clean and clear. When the throttle body is closed (foot off gas pedal) the engine is more dependant on this air supply. This may not be your problem, but at least it is an easy check and cheap repair.
  • cojeepcojeep Posts: 1
    Hi-We've had our 1999 Grand Cherokee Limited since last August and have had ongoing issues: Erratic idle, stalling when put into gear, hesitation at highway speeds when letting off the gas. :( Dealerships have changed plugs, cleaned the idol control whatever plus some other things I don't remember and no improvement. Of course, the warranty we bought covered none of the above.
    We're a bit upside down in the loan and thinking about getting rid of it, but would hang onto it if we were confident this could be fixed.
    Any suggestions? And does anyone have a reliable mechanic that won't rip us off in Rhode Island?
  • afeketeafekete Posts: 1
    What year and model is it? I have a 1994 Laredo. It does the same thing. It goes through phases where it will not stall for months and then all of a sudden it starts stalling randomly. A mechanic told me that there is a known bug with a sensor (cam shaft positions sensor I believe) whichs malfunctions and triggers an engine shutdown. But have yet to find an official report from Chrysler.
  • ajgoochajgooch Posts: 1
    My solution may or may not work for you, but worth consideration I think. Read below:

    I had a similar experience, spent all kinds of $$ at the dealer, only to almost get cut in two while leaving the dealer's lot when it stalled in the middle of two lanes of traffic after the expensive repairs (including complete tune up, wiring harness, fuel injector work...) because all that they did, DID NOT correct my problem. I brought it to a local small repair shop in my town and explained the situation. He asked that I leave it with him while I was at work that day and come back for it that night - he had an idea. My wallet was almost empty after what I had just paid for the other worthless repairs, so I was hesitant to leave it without having some idea of what he had in mind. He told me to trust him, if he was right in his thinking, it would not be an expensive fix. So, it swallowed hard and put my trust in him. When I returned later that afternoon I asked how things went and what I owed. He told me I didn't owe anything yet, drive it for a couple days and let him know if it was any better. I told him I would know when I Ieft his driveway if I was all set, as it would not idle well and would almost always stall while waiting to pull into traffic. I got in the car, started it up and headed for home. I couldn't believe it!!!! The car never hesitated, never shuttered, never ran smoothly from that point forward. What was the fix? He disconnected the EGR valve (where I live they do not check emissions on that year vehicle so he didn't go to the expense of replacing) and put a screw in to block air from entering the line. It ran great!!! I was so grateful and happy, and he only charged me $15.00!!!!!!! I still to this day can remember how great it felt to have the problem solved and my Jeep running reliably again. Not sure this is what your problem is, but it sounds similar. May be worth a try. Good luck.
  • degandegan Posts: 3
    :cry: the hose you are refering is the over flow line for radiator coolant not the A/C drain
  • 98jgc98jgc Posts: 2
    I have a 98 JGC with the six and 95K. When I turn on the air you get a very strong mildew smell comming from the vents. Does any one know what the problems is and how can I fix it? Thanks
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Yep. I know.
    I posted an apology a while ago. I was going by a comment in my repair manual which showed the drain hose on a '99 (I own a '98) and mistook the coolant drain hose for the A\C drain hose.
    Grab a flash light and look inside your passenger side framerail. Better yet, get inside the Jeep and pull up the carpet and find it that way.
    I have never had that problem on my '98 so I don't really feel like taking my vehicle apart to find a problem that doesn't exist for me.
  • youn0813youn0813 Posts: 28
    I found a small amount (half of the size of my hand) liquid under my 04 JGC Ltd with 16K on it. This morning. I don't think it's A/C water because I didn't use it the day night before, but it felt like water when I touched it. I didn't taste it. Does anyone know what kind of liquid that could be? I did use A/C for a bit the DAY before, but this morning I went somewhere and parked my car, after about 3 hours I came back and the liquid was there. Any comments and help are appreciated! Thanks a lot!
  • jeep1189jeep1189 Posts: 2
    Hey. I'm new to this. And the world of Jeeps. I recently got a 98 Cherokee Classic Model. It has an inline 6 engine with 225 horsepower. However, it is only a two wheel drive. Recently when i turn the ac on and put it in gear I hear this loud screeching noise that has turned several heads from neighboring houses coming from what sounds like the belt. I have already replaced the belt. That cost 100 bucks. It didnt work. I've taken out some of the R134. The mechanics think too much pressure was being caused by that. However, that still didn't work. I tried several theories earlier. It only squeaks when the ac is on. No matter how low or high it is. It eventually winds out. And it starts when i come to a complete stop and start again or when i change gears. I don't want to spend tons of money on it only to find out that theres nothing that can be done. Has anyone else had this problem. All help and comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • aaron269aaron269 Posts: 1
    My jeep when turning into parking spaces or any other sharp turn the front wheels act as if they are locked up. I can hear a grinding noise and the wheels hop it is worse on hot summer days. Any insight into this problem would be greatly helpful.
  • 98jgc98jgc Posts: 2
    I would try to tighten the belt. It may not be tight enough. I had a similar problem after changing my power steering pump. I was positive that it was tight enough but was releaved to easily fix the problem. Good luck.
  • rondaleerondalee Posts: 1
    I can't believe there is a message board for this stuff....who woulda thought? But I'm glad there is.
    My 93 GCL, which has had many, many issues in the past, :lemon: and currently has many other now leaking transmission fluid like there is no tomorrow. Most days there is a 3'x3' section of fluid on the driveway at home or work after it has sat all day...however, it seems to have an endless supply of fluid. Owners manual states it has a 10qt. capacity....I have only had to add 1 qt. in the weeks it's been's started as a very slow leak about 2 months ago.
    I took it to Bob Sumerel last Friday, hoping it would just be a seal or something around $300 or less.... they told me the transfer case and the transmission seals were leaking. To repair the seals the whole tranny would have to be pulled and with the amount of labor I may as well have the tranny rebuilt. $2500-3500 for everything. This poor girl has 200K miles on her already.. Not to mention I owe money on the beast..
    I am taking it to another shop wednesday for a 2nd opinion. Everyone thinks it should/could be done cheaper. I have no idea. It already has many other issues that need addressed that I just can't afford to deal with. :sick: So if this issue is gonna really run more than say $600.....I'm gonna have to sell it and cut my losses, as much as I don't want to.
    Does that quote sound high for a rebuilt transmission? Are the seals really that difficult to get to? I get crazy price ranges from talking to all kinds of people...need some input. Thanks so much!
  • jaa38jaa38 Posts: 3
    check your front sway bar, and the panard bar to see if that have any movement...........common problems
  • jeep1189jeep1189 Posts: 2
    Thanks. Any other ideas what it could be if that doesnt check out. I'll mention that to my dad tomorrow. Its just driving me crazy. I love the car. But the screech. Hopefully that'll fix it. Thanks again
  • jaa38jaa38 Posts: 3
    def. buy a jeep, we own 3...98 5.9 limited, 99 limited GC, and a 95 cherokee every jeep is over 130,000 mi and are still perfect ........cant be happier with the power and comfort. we also own our own garage and obviously if they were a trouble some car we wouldnt run them
  • jaa38jaa38 Posts: 3
    body module, everything runs through the body module thats electrical.......its most likely your problem
  • jeephemijeephemi Posts: 7
    I called Chrysler and received a Ref#. I asked to speak with the District Manager and they said that my dealer needs to contact Chrysler and they would have to arrange a meeting with the Service Rep. I am now currently waiting to hear from the Service Rep. I have had the vehicle to the dealer 3 times and will file for the Mass Lemon Law soon. If anyone is experiencing the same bucking and stumbling problems with their Hemi powered Grand Cherokees please complain to their dealers. Possibly a class action law suit is in order if the problem is not addressed.
  • jmac2jmac2 Posts: 1
    My 2001 4.6L is having the exact same idle issue. The dealership (that I sincerely trust) told me that there was excessive carbon built up on the fuel injectors. They can clean them for $189. I have not had this done yet, but am instead going to try the fuel cleaner additive.
  • asiandudeasiandude Posts: 13
    Ok, so what does cause the honk and vibration from the steering wheel when turning right at low speed? My '97 GC has suffered all the same problems as you guys, only we don't have garages to rip us off here and so do all our own maint. I've adjusted the steering gear and changed the fluid - no improvement - thinking to change the gear ($$$!!!) unless there's a quick fix anyone can recommend. The brake rotors will last longer if you keep the caliper pins lubed and don't let the tyre shop monkeys over tighten wheel nuts (use a wrench not air ratchet) - sounds strange but seems to work! The trannies seem to get replaced a lot. I've just worked on mine (42RE) due to slippage. There's not much to the job if you've the basic mech skills, but the quality of the tranny components is not the best. The rear clutch discs wear out quickly if you don't change the fluid regularly (20,000 kms). Rear differential noises will improve if you put in the synthetic lube and additive. Drill an access hole and fit a plastic hose to the air-con drain so it flows out to the wheel well and stop water draining into the frame and passenger side.
    This car has cost me way too much in spares.....but I still love it. This forum is great, best wishes and Go USA!
  • michianamichiana Posts: 8
    My '93 Grand Cherokee keyless entry and cabin lights failed at the same time. The interior lights stay on all the time, and the remote entry never works. Along with the remote entry, the security system is never enabled. This all happened at the same time. All I have been able to do is remove the cabin light fuse to keep the battery from running down.
    I hope it is just a door open/close sensor.
  • hakkhakk Posts: 1
    My 2000 GC Limited with the 10 CD changer has been doing the same thing. Sometimes I can get 3 or 4 of the 10 to play, (not the same ones each time) and sometimes none at all. I tried cleaning the laser with a laser CD cleaner disk and finally got the CD disk to play but no improvement. I tried an air duster (blowing compressed air into the cavity) but that didn't help either. I even tried buying a new magazine from a dealer (around $50 !) but that didn't improve things either. Any other suggestions out there? It seems to make no difference whether the CDs are home-burned or purchased. Sometimes they play, sometimes they don't. Doesn't make any difference whether the car is moving or not.
  • 97grand97grand Posts: 2
    I have a 97 GCL and I just got an estimate for what sounds like the same problem. My estimate was only $400! So I feel better about that and am going to bring it in tomorrow to get the work done. I'll have to send an update!
  • 97grand97grand Posts: 2
    I get a lot of condensation from mine (1997 JGCL) that I notice. Maybe that's all?
  • jkramjkram Posts: 17
    I am at this point in the process. I brought it back many, many, many times. It still bucks...etc. I am to meet with the District Rep. Tuesday, June 21. I have made up my mind I will go to a Lawyer unless this guy fixes this Jeep. I am not going to even listen to any excuses, or denials. If they can't fix it. That means they did not give me an acceptable product for my money, so my lawyer will do what he can.
    I am asking you jeephemi, would there be away to get everyone with the problem together? I see alot of people on forums, complaining about it.
  • jkramjkram Posts: 17
    Our stuttering, bucking and hesitations, are not the same problem as some of the others. Our transmission is different, we have the 545rfe not the one with water in it(nag1). Our problem must be way deeper 'cause they won't even turn a nut or bolt to try and fix it! The 2005 Jeep hemi problem does not have a TSB. I wish it did. I just want to make that clear. But I am still totally, upset. I have no words to describe how upset...Like no my wife don't want to hear about it anymore after day.
  • evan34evan34 Posts: 5
    The only problem I am having so far is that I get a squeeking noise when I turn my wheels all the way to either side and I am averaging only about 11 to 13 mpg in mixed city / freeway driving. I have also noticed that my transmission likes to stay in a low gear. Does anyone have any advice on these issues?
  • Where were you able to find a manual or schematics on the AC Drain Valve?
    I am experiencing the same problem on a 94 JGC 4X4 Lim with 160K on it?
  • michianamichiana Posts: 8
    I am replying to my own post, but I made some progress with the keyless entry that does not work, the security system that does not engage, and the interior lights that stay on all the time. Last night I was poking around the relays and found that if I removed the Illuminated Entry relay (90% sure correct) the dome lights turned off when I shut the door.
    The relay didn't seem to be bad, so I after staring at a "few" wiring diagrams :cry: I think the problem is at the Security System Module which, as far as I can tell, is located somewhere in the car.
  • tsn59tsn59 Posts: 2
    Has anyone looked at the compressor to find out if it is spinning too tight? If so the extra load could make even a new belt slip to the point of a squeal. Just a thought
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