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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • If the firewall drain is clogged, water can rise in the box to the point where the next 'drain' is into the duct to the rear footwell. This is how I first discovered trouble in mine ('97 grand). The a/c drain is indeed into the frame, and I put a 3/4" hole into the top of the frame, about 4" fwd of the firewall, thru which can be manipulated a rod to [try to] clear the drain. Presently I have water appearing on the inside surface of the firewall, in vicinity of the drain, which is wetting the carpet and insulation. No real fix in sight short of teardown or putting an inspection hole/alternate drain on the inboard side of the evap.drain sump.
  • um....that 4" dimension is not critical. more like wherever you can conveniently get a drill/holesaw and then pass a nearly-horizontal rod to the drain. 3"-4" is a fair range.
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    Check to see if your compressor clutch is engaging. The "inside" of the compressor pulley should turn as well as the outside when the A/C is turned on. If not, you are not getting current through the wires that connect right behind the pulley. Buying a manual is well worth it (around 15 dollars) when trying to track down electrical problems, but the clutch not engaging and thus not pumping freon is likely the end result of your problem.
  • I have a Jeep CGL 2001. recently the memory module for the seat, mirrors and radio has become erratic!!

    There are times when it ignores the the key fob unlock controller and stays set in the wrong driver mode.

    Also, intermittantly, the set switch on the driver door does not operate to program the two driver positions, or the buttoms will work but in a haywire mode, ie you may press the set button only to have the seat change ot driver 1, then press the driver 1 button, only to have the seat change to driver 2 etc.

    So basically the memory options are all over the place.

    I have tried disconnecting the battery for 30 mins in the vain hope of the memory repowering into a stable condition.... to no avail.

    Am now at a loss as to where to go (besides the dealer) as cannot identify if there is an intermittant connection problem or is the memory module (CA$ 349.00) defective.

    Any suggestions please???

  • mdaddimdaddi Posts: 2
    I have a 1994 JGC 4.0 with major overheating problems. It overheats when I put on the air conditioning. It also overheats in “stop and go” traffic… with the air-conditioning off.

    I changed the thermostat. That did not solve the problem. I changed the water pump and that too did not solve the problem. I changed the rad and that did not solve the problem.

    Recently I changed the head gasket but that too did not solve the problem.

    I am driving around with it WITHOUT the thermostat and while it seems to be UNDERCOOLING- when I stop with the air-conditioning on, it starts to over heat, although not as quickly as before.

    I am desperately seeking any advice as to WHAT could be the problem. Any advice appreciated.

  • doctredoctre Posts: 1
    I too have the same problem :cry: . Mine is in a 96 JGC. Anyway photos of the fixes that all have provided could be shown? Love my JGC. It has 108,000 on it and runs like a little champ. Gets great gas mileage also. Just wish that the water would drain outside and not onto the passenger side floorboards (front and back). BTW - this is a great place to find answers for problems.....Doc
  • xscoutxscout Posts: 141
    This may sound a little obvious, but are you sure there is nothing blocking the airflow through the radiator? A clogged A/C coil in front of the radiator could do this. Also, when you changed the water pump did you put new hoses on? Lower hoses usually have a wire coil inside that keeps them from collapsing from the suction of the water pump. Next time the Jeep is warmed up look underneath and make sure the hose is not collapsed. One last thought, how do you know it is overheating? Is it showing the symptoms of overheating or is that just what the gauge says? If it is just the gauge maybe the problem is the gauge!
  • 59tg59tg Posts: 1
    I have A 98 5.9 GC, the prob. is that when the jeep is cold it shifts kind of hard, and also late as the jeep warms up it tends not to shift at all "stuck in 1st". I have already replaced the VSS and the result is the same when the Jeep sits awhile it will shift, not the greatest but it will shift, as it warms up thought it won't shift at all.
    Could it be a problem with the PCM or maybe a solenoid? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • mdaddimdaddi Posts: 2
    Thanx xscout for the reply.

    Last thing-first. When I changed the pump there was a spring in the bottom hose and I left it there. But I will check to make sure the hose is not collapsing when it's hot.

    I will also check to make sure there is nothing blocking the rad.

    In regard to the "clogged A/C coil" located in front of the rad that might be the cause. First time I am hearing about it and so I will definitely check it out.

    Thanx very much for the advice and help. I'll tell you the results.
  • kaden4kaden4 Posts: 2
    I have a 97 JGC Laredo, the same thing happened mid-summer to mine. I took it in to have it charged and they said they didn't see any leaks. It worked for about a month then same thing. I took it back in and they said it would cost about $300.00 because there was a small leak, and I needed a accumulator hose assembly because you can't buy just the hose. I may be incorrect about the part needed, it was last summer. But take it in to be serviced and checked for a leak. Also, I haven't had mine fixed yet, but I was at a wrecking yard looking for parts and talked to the owner about it, and he told me to make sure and not turn on the a/c button anymore while it is not working properly because that would cause further damage. ( not sure about that though) I have also noticed that the air in my vehicle seems warm and muggy when I have just the fan on even with the air to cool. I don't know how much help this will be.
  • garyg2garyg2 Posts: 1
    have same problem also have changed tps which i was told sometimes causes it but no change.Will shift out of low if i let up on gas. will also shift properly the first thing in morning or after sitting for a few hours. any help will be appreciated.
  • fmlmsbfmlmsb Posts: 1
    I have same My hatch won't open on 1996 jeep Grand Cherokee. Any suggestions at all??
  • I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee with a 10 disk CD changer in the back of the vehicle. It has been working fine until recently i put a CD in and on the radio said "ERR" so i switched the disk around to make sure that it wasn't that the CD was in the wrong way. Since then, I have tried several CDs and they all do the same thing. Has anyone had anything similar happen to their vehicles? If so, what did you do to correct the problem? Thanks, Matthew.
  • jeephemijeephemi Posts: 7
    I'm having the same problem with my GC hemi, it has been back to the dealer twice and they say it's normal, all the hemi's drive that way. I called Chrysler and they told me to take it to another dealership and have them contact Star. I think the problem is related to the computer programming and needs to be updated with a new program. It will be going to another dealership tomorrow and if it's not fixed I will start Lemon Law precedings. The vehicle curently has 1500 miles and is 2 months old. If anybody has had success in finding a cure to this problem or can suggest a good dealership in the MA area please let me know.
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Grasp the handle with both hands out by the edges and give it a sharp pull. Be careful though; you can break the handle. Try it with increasing force until you can get it to open.

    Once open take some WD40 and spray the latch mechanism liberally. Pull and release the handle multiple times to work it in.

    Spray some more WD40 in there and close the hatch. That should fix the problem.
  • haroldcharoldc Posts: 1
    Had same problem in 93 Grand Cherokee.

    It is your transmision sensor. Little black job. Shuts car down when it thinks trans is out of wack. I could put my car into neutral, coast then restart or pump gas to get by. Then it finaly went bad. Had symptoms of bad battery.
  • jkramjkram Posts: 17
    2005 jeep grand with hemi, stutters, bucks, vibrates.
    I am having the same problem and my dealer can't fix it. Jeep is sending someone out to look at it soon. In Methuen Mass. If you get yours fixed first I'll drive mine anywhere to get it fixed. I am close to thinking lemon law. More strength in numbers. Get a message to me I will back you. I am scared Jeep is going to say it is not bad enough or we never seen this before.
  • randalldbrandalldb Posts: 1
    Have a bear of a time removeing fan clutch on a 93 jeep grand cherokee laredo, V8

    the fan clucth is attached to water pump pulley by a single large bolt. Ive tried the fan clutch removal tool , but water pump pulley just turns.
    need to get a clue if any one has one left me borrow it LOL
  • canddmeyercanddmeyer Posts: 410
    Change the temperature sending unit if you haven't done so already.
  • My 2000 grand cherokee has a problem with the dual a/c and heating. Driver side is cooling and heating correctly but the passenger side does not cool or heat when I adjust the temperature controls up or down. It stays the same tremperature. Is this a problem with 1 or 2 seperate items?Any estimate on cost for this piece?
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    You need a spanner wrench to hold the water pump pulley. You might be able to go to an auto parts store and have them take a look to loan you the right tool.
    Different engines and years work differently so I'd take my advice with a grain of salt and see if you can get some advice from an auto parts store.
  • edb007thedb007th Posts: 1
    Hey all...
    I could use a little help here... I have a 96 GC Laredo w/120,000 on a 4.0. Whenever I turn on the A/C or Heat I get a smell comparable to a still day in a barnyard. Its not even possible to remain in the vehicle with it on. Theres nothing in the intake under the cowl, thats clean. ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks! :cry:
  • 05posgc05posgc Posts: 2
    I'm having the same exact problem with my 2005 GC. Although I do not have a Hemi, I have the V6. This problem also happens when I'm making a rolling turn and go to re-accelerate the RPM's drop and it feel as though it should be in a lower gear. I was told by the dealer its because the Jeep is a equipped with a double over drive..... which personally I think is a bunch of crap. I'm also having a problem with the ventilation system.....You?
  • bigdogvtbigdogvt Posts: 2
    My wife has a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited and several weeks ago she noticed when she had the air conditioner on just a little air was coming out of the vents. We took it to Goodyear and they said it needed a new heater motor. After they installed it the air worked for a little bit and then stopped. They said that maybe they got a bad motor and put another one in. They ran the air and it worked fine. My wife picked the jeep up and ran it for about 30 minutes and the air flow stopped again. Can someone please help?
  • my1yeepmy1yeep Posts: 1
    I have the same problem. Help would be great!
    Thanks - Sara:)
  • creakycreaky Posts: 1
    I have a 02 Grand Cherokee Special Edition 2 WD 4.0, just had the tires changed at 48,000, Kuhmo AT's replaced the Wrangler S/T's. Almost immediately I started to have wheel hop problems when I accelerated (modest), on the right rear drive tire. I took the car back to the tire dealer and he had never seen this before so we decided to take the Kumho's off and go with original equipment Wrangler S/Ts. Worked good at first then the wheel hops returned. I even tried installing the spare on the right rear in case they had done something to my rim, same problem. I never had this problem before I changed the tires.Any ideas, shocks maybe? :cry:
  • 05posgc05posgc Posts: 2
    At first test drive you will not notice the excessive up shifting into the wrong gear, leaving you powerless while making a rolling turn. This up shifting into what I would assume would be third gear, when in all actuality it should be in second this becomes quite annoying and frustrating.
    Upon taking my 2005 Jeep to the dealer I was told this was because the truck was equipped with a double over drive (over drive at 20 mph?) having this be my third Grand Cherokee I found this answer to be a cop out.
    Also the ventilation system is slow and sluggish when first turned on it will blow out either hot or cold air depending on the outside temp for the first 45 second until it figures out where the dial is set, Hot or cold? Floor or Vent?.
    The floor vents will always stay on even if the vents are placed on face. Again upon bring my Jeep into the dealer I was told "these Jeeps are very computerized now a days, and it would be impossible to figure out why this is happing" His advise... "make the A/C warmer if my feet got cold"....What should I expect for $34,000 Perfection? NOTE: Don't even get me started on the major blind spots in the rear when having to back up.
    Honestly if I had to do it again I would not go with a Grand Cherokee , Thank God its a Lease this is going to be a long 3 years!!!
  • paulepaule Posts: 382
    Find another dealer for service. That guy is an idiot for saying that to you.
  • transpowertranspower Posts: 212
    That's hilarious. My best guess is that the Hemi is switching from 8 cylinders to 4 cylinders, as well as shifting from gear 4 to gear 5 (overdrive). For myself, I'm waiting for the 2006 JGC with the Diesel engine; this will have as much torque as the hemi, much better fuel economy, and presumably no bucking (although there may be some turbo lag).
  • kaden4kaden4 Posts: 2
    My hatch was giving me problems sometimes it would open, sometimes it wouldn't. When it would open, we lubed up the latch thinking it was sticking, but my father in law came over and took off the back panel, there is a little linkage thing that needs to be adjusted then it will open fine everytime. It lasted about a year on mine, but now when I a parked on a uphill slant, or sometimes flat area, it won't open. If I push down on the door ledge (by license plate) with one hand firmly and lift the latch with the other, it will usually open. I guess it's time to readjust the latch.
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