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Jeep Grand Cherokee Maintenance and Repair



  • twodogs2twodogs2 Posts: 1
    This is in response to 207. The fix could be as simple as the relay that operates the fuel pump. That is what cured my problem.
  • deloiddeloid Posts: 18
    This is my third GC...first two were acceptable but did really well off road so I continued buying them.

    This vehicle has had the following problems by 13000 miles.

    Rotars warped twice.
    Premature tire wear
    Heating elements both front seats broke
    Cannot get cool outside air through ducts
    Shimmy and noise when turning sharply
    Failure to start easily in morning
    Transmission clunks hard when changing gears at low speeds
    Delay in engaging transmission when cold..can put it in reverse and nothing happens for 5-10 seconds.
    Pull to right when hard braking
    *** three episodes where shifted into reverse and even though foot was on the brake the vehicle lurched (accelerated) requiring hard use of the brake. ****This I consider Very dangerous!!!!!
    yellow warning light intermittently goes on
    Fuel gauge innacurate
    Clock runs fast

    I am warned the rotars will warp again.. I am told that Dc is looking at a fix for the calipers.
    The number of problems I have had for this young of a car shocks me(as a three jeep owner).
    My concerns are that this is going to be an expensive vehicle to maintain without an extended warranty and that this sudden lurching will cause an accident.

  • edgargedgarg Posts: 1
    After numerous recalls, all kind of mechanical problems, and other major disappointments with my Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4WD, (with only 35,300 miles) I finally got rid of this piece and traded it for a better quality and more reliable product. My recommendation to you: DO NOT BUY JEEP. In my opinion Jeep stands for "Just Endless Engineering Problems.
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    I am looking at SUV's, and am very interested in the Grand Cherokee (mostly before the redesign models). Are any certain year models known to be more trouble prone than others? From what I have seen, 97's and 98's weren't too bad.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    My wife was out driving yesterday when a rain storm passed through where she was driving. Anyway, she head a sharp crack, and looked over at the pasenger side of the JGC. Something had busted the mirror out. If the elctronics are ok, can the glass only be replaced, or does the whole assembly have to be replaced?
  • kimball5kimball5 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee v8 ltd, It has 58K. It continually pulls and drifts to the right, even on flat roads. I've had it aligned and all tires balanced and rotated, the tires are new. Has anybody had similar probs and/or can offer solutions? Would appreciate hearing back.
  • vin_weaselvin_weasel Posts: 237
    The same thing happened to me on a Passat. Just go to an auto glass store and get a replacement. I went to a chain called Speedy here in Canada and it cost me $15 for the mirror and they installed it for free. You don't need a new assembly.
  • zonkzonk Posts: 208
    Thanks for the help. I appreciate it!
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    I think if you check some of the archives, you'll find more complaints on the first JGC's (93-98) and then again on the 99-00's.

    Transmission failures, steering gearbox failures, transfer case viscous coupler problems, driveshaft yokes, U-joint retaining blocks, some electrical problems, water leakage, AC drain vent blockage (leaks into passenger footwell), and the infamous warped rotor problem... just to name a few.

    Don't mean to sound negative... I love the JGC. If you think these problems are numerous, go and read the recalls and/or TSB's issued for a comparable year Ford or GM SUV.

    Had a 98 JGC Ltd that went back under the lemon law for a major drivetrain vibration that the dealer couldn't find or fix. Felt like the vehicle was going to shake itself apart on the highway when the vibration would start.
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    Would a JGC not be a good car to take off to college?
  • tpeltztpeltz Posts: 3
    I purchased a 98 JGC 5.9 at a dealer in Milwaukee.It has 45000 miles on it,and runs very good. But at,or around 60mph if I let up on the throttle I hear a gear whirling noise coming from the front axle's. I didn't hear that noise when I test drove the vehicle,probably because I didn't drive it long enough on the highway,and didn't "let-up" on the gas to hear it. Has anyone encountered this Whirling Noise?? And if so, what should I do to fix it??? Thanks
  • tloke1tloke1 Posts: 185
    FYI, anyone having rotor problems with their Jeeps, DC has just issued a TSB with redesigned parts that should finally solve the problem:

    Date: May 13, 2002
    Bulletin # 0500302
    Year: 1999-2002 (models built before May 11, 2002)
    Summary: This bulletin involves the replacement of both front brake rotors and caliper assemblies. Parts required: Rotor, Caliper kit (2 calipers, pads and retaining bolts).
  • I recently adjusted the driver's side seat-back to a fully upright position in my 2000 JGC and heard a "pop" a few seconds later. Now the lever and motor "clicks" loudly when the seat is fully upright, and the lever is still engaged. I'm guessing whatever tells the motor to stop, has popped loose or something. So the motor still want's to upright the seat when it's already reached it's limit. Any experience with this? All power seat options still work fine, so I'm not really that concerned.

  • ronc5ronc5 Posts: 7
    Hi guys and girls,
    I have a 01 JGC Loreado. Love it. No problems whatsoever. Of course I only have 5000 miles on it, but the transmission has driven me crazy from day one. The symptom is a very annoying jerk when it shifts into 5th. This usually occurs around 53 mph. I have also watched the tack, and it seems to drop down at shift, then seems to float up before it settles. Is this normal? Haven't taken it back to the dealer, 'cause they have a bad rep in the service dept. Any advice would be appreciated.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Ronc5... I've experiencied pretty much the same thing on my 99 and 02 JGC's. I have to say that it's annoying but it is "normal" operation for this trans.

    The transmission and shift pattern are controlled by the powertrain control module (PCM) and its software. Because this is a trans that "learns" to shift itself according to your driving habits, it's just a matter of having the dealer reflash the computer (wipe out the memory) and reload new software... hopefully with a newer revision.

    I've had this done several times on my 99 as they continue to tweak this software. My dealer now does this on his own whenever I go in for an oil change and they see that a newer PCM software revision is available. Not a big deal... maybe takes 5-10 minutes tops. Have your dealer do this for you.

    It doesn't seem to matter how you drive your vehicle and what the trans is "learning" by it. The trans feels better after they download new PCM software, but in 3-4 weeks it seems to be back to its old habits and shift patterns. It's nothing that seems to hurt the trans (unless you're experiencing the 2-3 slam shift problem). It's just annoying and something you learn to live with. Don't know if DC will ever get this straightened out.
  • ronc5ronc5 Posts: 7
    Thanks kkluig, I kinda suspected this to be the norm, but it's always good to hear other people are experiencing the same thing. I did have the 2-3 slam you mentioned, but it seems to have subsided (for now) lol. Thanks again.
  • wkilgorewkilgore Posts: 2
    Have 95 JGC that was leaking condensed water from air conditioner inside and soaking passenger side carpets. Assumed the condensation drain hose was plugged but could not find the hose outlet. Dealership said outlet is INSIDE THE BOX BEAM OF THE FRAME. Dealer wants $900 to remove Dashboard and A/C System to clean it out. Besides rubber gasket debris from the factory, if the a/c is run on "Outside Air", it pulls from a grill under the windshield wipers and gets bits of leaves, pine needles, dirt, etc. into the one-piece condensation collection pan and plugs up the drain. TO FIX THIS - READ BELOW

    I drilled a hole in the box beam, inside the fenderwell and located end of drainpipe. Used jigsaw to cut access hole (2"x 3")inside fenderwell by shock absorber. A 1/2" CPVC 90 degree pipe fitting is an exact slip fit on the HDPE drainpipe. With $.68 worth of CPVC pipe and fittings I connected the drain to my shopvac and sucked and blew, sucked and blew through the drainpipe. I pulled a bunch of what appeared to be thin rubber sheets about 1" in diameter out of the a/c drain outlet. These are from the factory but definitely are the things plugging up the a/c.

    If you have this problem and need guidance in where to drill the hole to access the drainpipe, send me an E-mail at
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    If you've experienced the slam shifting problem, then by all means take your JGC in and have the PCM software updated to stop this. I know it's an intermittant problem but letting it continue can do some serious damage to your trans or drivetrain from the shock of the slam.

    The problem is a software glitch... it can't seem to decide which of the two 3rd gears to shift the trans into. When it does, it's like an afterthought and it slams it into gear.

    Even after new software, the problem may eventually return like it did on mine. Why they can't fix this... who knows? Just have them reprogram the PCM when it starts doing this. Yeah, it's a pain but that's about all you can do and it very well may save you from costlier repairs later.
  • eenglisheenglish Posts: 22
    Hi tloke1,

    Can you give more info on this?
    Date: May 13, 2002
    Bulletin # 0500302

    I can't find this on the NHTSB website. I also have an Alldata account that is supposed to have the TSBs as well and I can't find this.

    Where did you get this info?

    Thanks, Eddie
  • wlbrown9wlbrown9 Posts: 867
    I'm trying to find where I got this...cut and pasted into an e-mail I sent my wife...don't know why it does not show up at site:


    Date: 5/13/02

    Bulletin # 0500302 (supercedes 0500501 Dated Sep 14, 2001)

    Model Year(s): 1999-2002 (models built May 11, 2002 and prior)

    Description: Front brake pulsation during light to moderate brake application.

    Details: This bulletin involves the replacement of both front brake rotors and caliper assemblies.

    Parts required:

    52098672 Rotor

    05093174AA Caliper kit (2 calipers, pads and retaining bolts)

    Okay..finally found it: (checked both NHTSB & Alldata...looks as if they have not updated much since the first of the year...did find one dated as late as Feb '02 on GMC Envoy, but Jeep GC latest was Dec 01)

  • bmd2bmd2 Posts: 1
    We had a problem with our '99 grand cherokee -- part of the electrical system shut down when we turned the car on. Also engine ran very rough, break light came on and trying to shift into gear was difficult. The dealer couldn't find any problem, but thought it might be the alarm system. It doesn't do it every time you start the car. Anyone ever hear of this?
  • jeep1234jeep1234 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee that I have had alot of problem with first I had the transfer case go out and had to replace it then I had some other smaller problems fixed like the multifuction switch, the brake light circuit boards, and some sort of sensor under the hood.
    But now I have a bigger problem the headlights, wipers, and radio controls on the steering weel
    will all stop working for hours at a time and then just come back on like nothing ever happened
    it has done that to me four times since January and has been to two different dealer one of them it has been to twice to be fixed and they say they cant find anything wrong with it. I have wrote Crysler a letter over the subject and have had no responce. I owned a 1994 Grand Cherokee before this one and had planed to trade the 2000 in ever few years but now I probally will never own a Crysler product ever again if they dont respond back to me.
    I am sorry for all the neg. but I think when you pay $30,000 plus for a vehice that you should not have to do anything but simple mahnince.

    thank for your time
    Randall W. Czapla
  • kw_carmankw_carman Posts: 114
    Sorry to hear about your problems. Though I'm not a JGC owner, I have been chased away from this beautiful (on the outside) vehicle due to its mechanical problems.
    Edmunds offers a handy spell-check feature for every time you post a message, and it has saved me from saying the wrong thing on many occasions.
    Good luck!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Hey, the Unofficial Deputy Roving Host® makes an appearance in SUVs. Thanks for the tip, KW - many people don't notice the blue buttons for spelling or editing posts. Lots of options here to get used to I guess.

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • '99 JGC Laredo V8 Quadra Drive. It's sitting in the garage and will not move. The gauges spin, sometimes ALL THE WAY AROUND, and all of the warning lights blink, as do the interior lights. This happens when the key is turned off and continues to happen after the key is removed. Turning the key to the ignition position calms the gauges, but does not engage the starter. It's kind of a neat light show, but it won't tow the boat. Suggestions?
  • gmanichgmanich Posts: 3
    I can't believe how much whining I see in these postings. It's like you people have never owned a car before. I'm not going to stand on my soap box and say that the JGC is the greatest vehicle ever, or that I've never had a maintenance issue with mine because I have. However, I will say it's the best, most versatile vehicle I've ever had. It's got a very smooth ride on asphalt and plenty of room for groceries, but it's capabilities really begin to shine when I leave the pavement. Whether it's gravel, dirt, mud or creeks filled with big rocks, my jeep has always been able to find enough traction to get me to my destination, and to do it in style. I have to say it actually feels more at home and sure-footed once I leave the beaten track.

    I leased a 99 GCL V8 4x4 QD with just about every option available. I've put on 38k miles, and I consider almost all of the service I've had to be routine maintenance: faithful oil changes with SYNTHETIC oil (be good to your engine, it's expensive); 2x transmission service; 2x transfer case and front/rear differential service; 1x cooling system service. At one point the rear end began to howl when making tight radius parking maneuvers, but the rear end service cleared that one up. It seems there was water in there (must have been from the last creek crossing, oops). But, just to add some spice to life, the mechanic at the dealership failed to properly reconnect the speed sensor, which slipped free on my way back from a weekend in the desert watching the Leonid meteor shower, leaving me to limp home in third gear. No, I wasn't happy about that, but I was glad to find out it was human error and not mechanical failure. File that one under that's life."

    RE: brake problems
    One month ago I had my first brake service, and yes it was because the rotors were slightly warped and the mild shuddering was bothering me. I had all four rotors turned and now the brakes are as smooth as glass, same as when I brought it home on day 1. I think that record is acceptable considering the thing weighs more than 4,000 lbs and has seen it's fair share of steep mountain roads while packed to the rafters with fully loaded ice chests and additional equipment strapped on the roof. I haven't done much towing, though. Some of the brake problems listed in the earlier postings might be avoided by reducing the amount of time spent riding the brake pedal, such as you might encounter in stop-and-go traffic. Try downshifting to take some of the load off the brakes. That's what I do. By the way, all brake rotors warp, that's why they must be periodically machined. I file my brake service under standard maintenance.

    RE: Reclining Power Seat Motor Clicking
    I read in an earlier post (#222) that somebody else experienced this. I inclined the seat to the full upright position at which point the motor began clicking. Dealer replaced the motor under warranty. No more problem. I'm not a huge man, but I do weigh 200+ and have spent many hours in that seat. It's not really surprising to me that the little plastic retainer broke, considering what I put it through. I file this under wear-and-tear.

    Now for the unpleasant stuff.

    RE: Bump-Stop
    In the second month I began to experience the dreaded "bump-stop". If you are unfamiliar with this: while stopped, the truck would suddenly lurch as if bumped from behind, although I never actually went anywhere (foot on the brake and all). Dealer replaced the drive shaft under warranty, which fixed the problem. It has not recurred. They acknowledged that the problem was not uncommon. While I would have preferred no problems at all, this one was fairly minor and easily fixed. File it under no biggie.

    RE: Loud Droning or Whirling
    At about the four month mark my Jeep began making a loud droning shortly after start-up and engaging first gear. The noise dies out after less than 30 seconds of motoring, during which I notice a loss of power. The same thing occurs when the transmission gets hot, such as when I've been cruising through the mountains on steep dirt roads in low range for a while, or sometimes when doing lots of stop-and-go in rush hour traffic on surface streets. Unfortunately, the symptoms are random and unpredictable in my experience, so when the dealer says he can't reproduce the problem I believe him. I don't know what to do about it, but since it hasn't REALLY caused me any grief other than being loud, I haven't gotten twisted out of shape about it. File it under unresolved issues that will probably get worse.

    Many of you describe problems with your Jeeps that sound pretty mundane, and might even be due to the manner in which you are treating your vehicle. I've certainly caused some of my own problems. But there are also some of you that seem to have legitimate gripes about problems that are downright scary (death wobble, electrical shutdown). I feel bad for those of you in that category because you will never know much fun it can be to own a Grand Cherokee. To the rest of you, have you ever owned a perfect vehicle? If so, why aren't you driving it?

    As for the web site, I love it. It's great to be able to go into the dealership armed with the knowledge these people give me about what's available on my vehicle of choice and how much I should expect to pay for it. These forums are also useful so I can get an idea of what to expect for maintenance. Thanks, and keep up the great work. I plan to take the information I learned with me to the dealership and buy a new Jeep Grand Cherokee!
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    There are several discussions on this same problem that I've been reading on other boards. From what I gather by those posts, it seems like the JGC's electrical and computer system are very sensitive to proper voltage at startup.

    A low or dead battery seems to be the cause and these people have been saying that you should check the battery for a proper charge and to make sure the battery connections are clean and tight. Failing that, the majority reported that replacing the battery clears the problem up.

    You may want to try this first. At most, you'll be out the cost of a new battery... which is considerably less than the dealer will charge you to find and fix the problem. They'd probably replace the battery themselves anyway.

    gmanich... very well said!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    especially the part about loving the web site :-)

    SUVs, Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards
  • That's what I will do. I'm off to Sears to get a Die-Hard today or tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens. Thanks for the information either way.
  • kkuligkkulig Posts: 150
    Please let us know if that solves your problems. People have really started to complain about this lately and it scares me to think what kind of bucks an owner may shell-out to the dealer to try and fix this when a simple battery replacement may do the trick! People really need to know this!

    Good luck! ;0)
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