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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • glassbudglassbud Posts: 12
    I have the exact same problem with my new 2004 GLS. I hear this drip and sizzle sound after I park the car (and I've been using the AC). I brought it back to the dealer who said it is water dripping from the AC condenser onto the hot engine block. They said not to worry as long as you don't "smell anything unusual" like oil burning. Water should NOT have any smell... Anyone else notice this problem with the AC on??
  • After several long trips with my 2004 Santa Fe I noticed that after traveling 30 miles my odometer reads 31 miles driven. I tested this in different states watching the mile markers. This means that for about every 100 miles driven the odometer registered 103 miles (give or take a 10th) or a 3% error. I called the service department and they told me that this has not been a complaint with others and bring it in for them to test. I asked what they would if I am right and did not receive an answer.
    Has anyone else experienced this problem
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
      Speedometers are notoriously inaccurate. Japanese motorcycle odometers used to be up to ten percent off. My suggestion is not to waste your time - you'll just get a headache. ;-)
  • lshirley2lshirley2 Posts: 14
    My 2001 V6 Santa Fe has 65,000 miles on it. As I was cruising at 70 mph with no warning the engine quit. I managed to get to the side of the freeway and called the road service. At the dealer they found that the bearings were broken and the rods were scared. Result a new engine was put in. They did charge me for a tune up and plug cables, but the engine was free. One hundred miles later the check engine light came on. The dealer told me that the catalytic converter was shot as a result of the engine misfiring. Whatever, a new converter is in also covered by warranty. The dealership was very helpful, but I am a little wary of taking the car on long trips right now.
  • big54big54 Posts: 2
    My wife bought a 2003 santa fe june 2003 (new).It has pulled to the right since day 1 and was into the dealers 3 times in the first few weeks. They had it aligned twice and rotated the tires the 3rd time-nothing changed.The car now has 13000 miles on it - every time she took it in for oil changes she complained about the problem to no avail. There is now a new service manager he has had the car 3-4 times most recently 7-21-04 when factory engineers were in town and test drove it. They then said this is designed into this vehicle as a safety feature in case you fall asleep but they do admit it is more of a pull than normal.Sounds like a lot of BULL to us but I need to know if any part of this is true. The dealer is in Longmont,Colorado. Thanks in advance,Jim. P.S. it has the 3.5 engine.
  • isend5ohisend5oh Posts: 1
    Mine is 2 wks old and sizzles too!
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
     A car should NOT pull. It will drift according to the crown of the road - but not pull. Determine if your dealer has a working Hunter GSP9700 machine (with a certified operator). If not, have them take the car to a service center that has such a Hunter machine. This machine will find almost all tire and WHEEL problems. If your present dealer has no GSP9700 but claims the car was examined on such a machine, ask him where. Then go and ask this other service center if they REALLY examined your vehicle. And what was the result of that examination; what was their recommendation.
     Get this problem on the dealer's paperwork - make sure the Longmont service manager writes that the Santa Fe 'pulls'. Write it on every service order - even an oil change. Don't know what Colorado has for a lemon law but that is always a possibility. You need documentation. The car is already over a year old. You are wasting time. Time is the dealer's good friend and ally.
     Also, you are close enough to the Big City to take the SF to another dealer, if this dealer continues to blow smoke up your wife's Santa Fe!
    There are dealers that have trained mechanics working for them

     (Usual disclaimers)
  • big54big54 Posts: 2
    harry 31 , do you or anyone else know a way to contact the main company as the 2 dealers we have contacted cant or wont tell the big secret for getting in touch with them.
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
     I don't wanna sound like a smart a$$ (but) that info is in the books (booklets?) that you received when the car was purchased. If you are going to contact the company, you should ask for a case number.

     Under FAQ at the HyundaiUSA website:
      Q: How do I contact you?
      A: You may call us toll free at 800-633-5151 (5:00a.m.-6:00p.m. Pacific Standard Time, Monday - Friday) or write to us at:

    Hyundai Motor America
    Consumer Affairs Department
    P.O. Box 20850
    Fountain Valley, CA 92728-0850
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    No phone numbers please (per the Rules of the Road link above):

    There is no way can validate that a phone number is legitimate, and is not being posted to harass someone.

    Steve, Host
  • redbirchredbirch Posts: 5
    could you please let us know how it goes after the software upgrade?
    I bought my 2004 GLS on June 30, it started to act this kind of 1st and 2nd gear back and forth jumping, but it is only after driving on highway.
    Thanks alot.
  • If all Santa Fe's are off 3 % that means they gain 3000 miles on there 100,000 mile warranty. That adds up to a lot of miles they don't have to cover
  • glassbudglassbud Posts: 12
    I'm not sure if you all know about this yet, but I just brought my 2004 GLS 2WD in for it's first service and oil change. I mentioned to the service rep that the gas pedal was extremely sensitive to touch, and that a car had a habit of "jumping" on initial acceleration. He informed me they had just received new software updates for ALL three SF engines. He downloaded the new software into the car and reset what he called "the adaptives". I assume that the adaptives are the computers settings that adjust to your driving style. The acceleration is markedly smoother without that initial jump I mentioned earlier. This software for the 3.5 GLS was updated for cars manufactured BEFORE February 10th 2004. Anyone else have a similar experience??
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17
    I'm having the same problem and bought my GLS 3.5 AWD on June 30, 2004. I am having this jerky movement when I start from a stopped position, almost like the car is briefly over accelerating - Very annoying.

    I brought my car in last week and they provided this update you are talking about, but nothing has changed. The tech even said they couldn't get my car to accept the update and they had to call som special Hyundai computer techs to make the vehicle accept the update. I will be bringing it back this week for a second time.

    This makes me nervous, as I don't want to have to go the Lemon Law route.

    Did your update change anything for your vehicle??
  • glassbudglassbud Posts: 12
    kalaban.... The software update did change that rapid acceleration in my car. Did the service department have any feeling as to why your car's computer did not accept the update? That makes me think that perhaps the computer is the problem in your car, not the engine and not the transmission. Will the dealer be willing to change out the computer? If this persists, and you are not satisfied, definately get Hyundai corporate involved. The number is in the back of one of your service manuals. When I brought my car in the other day, the service rep gave me a sense that Hyundai is aware of this problem in both the GLS 2.7/3.5 and Limited 3.5 models.
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17

    Knowing a few things about computers, I was very concerned about why my car "wouldn't accept the update". They gave me the excuse that mine was the first to have the update provided in my area and they hadn't received much information on what to do.

    I agree, it may be the computer. I am bringing my car in today and 8/10/04 and I will ask them to consider swapping the computer.

    If Hyundai wants to keep thier reliability rating and this issue is wide spread, they better answer the call.
  • melemele Posts: 1
    When I move my foot from the gas to the brake(and vice versa)the floor pops up and down under my right heel near the gas pedal. I was told that this is characteristic of the Santa Fe. Anyone else experience this? It's really annoying.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    That sounds unusual to me. Probably something as simple as a loose piece of panel. When a dealer claims something like this is normal, ask to sit in another Santa Fe and see if you experience this in it. If not, demand to have the problem resolved.
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17
    Well, I brought the car in yesterday and the service dept. stated: "We can't reproduce the problem".

    I made the service manager drive with me and the damn car wouldn't reproduce the problem. I told them I wasn't going to settle for them sweeping this under the carpet. They offered to have me "talk with a factory rep" and I declined.

    I told them that this problem wasn't unique to me and that I was frustrated with thier hesitation in solving the problem. They offered to call Hyundai tommorow to get "feedback".

    I'm not sure what my next step is, but I am thinking about calling the Dealer manager, as we have bought 4 cars from this group in the last 6 years.

    Any suggestions?
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17

    I was called by the dealer and they told me they are going to just replace the transmission with a new one. I am very happy about this, as eventually we would've been there at some point.

    The Santa Fe goes in on 8/23/04 and I'll report after I get it back
  • azguy77azguy77 Posts: 6
    Purchased a Santa FE LX, 3.7 Liter 4X2, it now has less than 3,300 miles on it. My "home link system" started to radial. Took it to the dealership, and because they could not tighten the system, the entire mirror plus homelink system would be replaced. Anyone else have this problem? Just happy that its going to be fixed, free of charge. So far, so good, Hyundai is holding up to its warranty!
  • andyduandydu Posts: 1
    Brought the new LX 3.6l 4WD home and in two days I saw a puddle of tranny fluid under it. Took it in. They replaced a seal. Got it back. Four days later, same puddle. They wanted to replace the seal again. I was pissed! Now they are instead replacing the tranny. Will get it back in two days. Hopefully, this will be the end of it. I'd like to drive my new car instead of loaners.
  • I have a 2004 Santa Fe 3.5L AWD with 3100 miles on it. From the day we bought it I've had a lurch problem. While sitting idling the transmission will give a "bump" and the car will move noticeably. This will sometimes happen when in reverse. Also, when accelerating from a standstill the car will give a tiny hesitation before going. The shifting is rough too. Any advice before I take it to the dealer?
  • socesoce Posts: 2
    Mine is just as old as yours.I believe that sizzling sound is coming from the ac which is noticeable after driving for a while with the ac on and engine turned off. Water drips underneath and hit the hot exhaust system.
  • socesoce Posts: 2
    Yes.Mine is an "04 3.5 L. Same thing.I will mention it to the dealer when I go for my first oil change.
  • heyrobbheyrobb Posts: 3
    Hi everybody, has anyone else had a problem with the car surging forward when cruising along on the highway?
    '04 LX 3.5L
  • tjd12tjd12 Posts: 1
    can i ask?? what problems were you having that lead to having to get a new trans in your sante fe?
    Is the sante fe a 2004?
  • kalabankalaban Posts: 17

    My Santa Fe would "lurch" strongly going from a stop to a start. My transmission would also hang when going from 40 - 55 mph.

    The service dept. applied the "new computer update" for the transmission without any noticeable difference. I told them to do something or I was going to pursue lemon law.

    They've had the car now for 3 days and I still don't have it back :( I am really upset with myself for not having gone with my instinct to buy a Honda CRV.

    I'll keep you posted.
  • bucky39bucky39 Posts: 1
    Was thinking of purchasing a Santa Fe 2004 LX but after reading all the problems with the transmission, computer, battery, alternator, etc. I am reconsidering. Are these just a few bad vehicles or is this a major problem with the vehicle?

    Rich B.
  • skuuterskuuter Posts: 144
    There have been quite a few complaints about the sudden acceleration on the Santa Fe's with the 3.5/5 speed. I believe, from all I've read and experienced, that this is due to a combination of things.

    1. Most people aren't used to an electronic throttle, which reacts differently than a cable linked setup.
    2.Some of these have required a software upgrade in order to accomodate these drivers.

    Personally, I consider it driver error. I own a 2.7 liter LX, but thoroughly test drove a 3.5L and did not have any issues. I did notice that in, a parking lot for instance, the acceleration is very gradual, until you hit a sweet spot that opens the throttle a good bit. This accounts for the "lurch" issue, I believe.

    All the other issues have been addressed and are not uncommon in any new vehicle. If you do a search against almost any other brand of car, you'll find similar issues. Remember, you'll hear more from people about the problems than you will hear from the owners who have NO issues. My wife has 21,000 miles on her Santy and we have had no issues after an inital defective vapor valve in the fuel filler pipe.
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