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Hyundai Santa Fe Maintenance and Repair (2006 and earlier)



  • I haven't had a problem with the molding peeling but, I did have a problem with bird droppings peeling the paint off the front of my hood. My husband and I were washing my Santa Fe when he told me that he couldn't get what ever that was off. I looked at it and said well, know wander you can't get it off because it is already off the paint has came off. Well, I was peeO'd. I called the very same day to tell the service department about it. I have already been to the service department so many times already that they know me on FIRST name basis. They said, I had to wait for the HYUNDAI rep to come in. Well, it took 2 months for that. I was told so many times that it would not be covered under the warranty because it was caused by bird droppings. Well, I went around my Santa Fe and put HIGHLIGHTING tape on the bubbles I found coming up on the car. To show them the imperfections of the paint. Well, when the HYUNDAI rep looked at my car. He decided to fix the hood. I guess they would rather paint the hood than the WHOLE car.
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    leigh8 Jun 1, 2001 9:42am
  • When we first got our Santa Fe. My husband was driving it and the light came on and he took it right to the dealership. They said, He needed turn the cap at least 4 times. That there was some kind of senser in the tank.
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  • I have had my Santa Fe since March of last year. Has little over 10,000 miles. I have had problems since day one with the gas mileage. I have never gotten the 20 miles per gallon in the city. I barely got that on the highway. Well, I just took it in this past week to have it looked at again this was the 4th time it has been looked at. They found that the 2 sending units were bad and the nipple to the fuel pump was off. I could never get the fuel gauge to show full when the pump cut off. So hopefully this problem is resolved. If not I am contacting Lemon Law.
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    roadkill55 Jul 2, 2001 3:28am
  • mastrvmastrv Posts: 16
    What dealer are you dealing with? Maybe you should go to another dealer if they are giving you problems. Also, you said that you had to "have the cap put back on the top rack that blew off" on the way down to Florida. What are you referring to? The radiator cap? You said the dealer repaired it so the repair order should say exactly what they did. How did you get to Florida without a radiator cap?
  • guyfguyf Posts: 456
    It is just a small cosmetic molding on the roof luggage rack. I had one come off mine and I just glued it back in place. BTW no problem on my V6 GLS after 40,000 KM!
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  • So thanks, dielectric7!

    Good to see the lack of an original thought still hasn't stopped you from posting on the web.

    So, back to the topic, Santa Fe Problems - are they all still being purchased by people impressed by the drivetrain warranty - the same type offered on the Neon?
  • There was actually a recall for the molding in the roof rack. Our's was lifting a little and they repaired it. No problems since.
  • Last week, however, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A.
    mailed out notices to the 3.3 million owners of
    Camrys, Solaras, Siennas, Highlanders, Avalons,
    Celicas, and Lexus ES 300 and RX 300 vehicles.
    The division agreed to pay for the cost of repairs of
    damaged cars, provided the owners could give
    proof of a "reasonable effort" to maintain the engine.

    The sludge buildup, which could affect cars with 1
    MZV-6 engines and 5SFE inline-four engines,
    chokes the engine with a buildup of sludge, a thick,
    oxidized form of oil, and renders the car

    According to the Automotive News report, it's
    unclear why the engines are susceptible to this
    buildup, but one technician quoted in the report said
    a design flaw in the 3.0 litre V6 engine is the cause
    of the problem. Larry Perry said he believes that
    Toyota reduced the size of the cooling passages to
    the cylinder heads in the engines, in order to
    increase combustion temperatures for more of a
    complete burn to reduce exhaust emissions.
    Too much heat makes oil more susceptible to
    sludge, the report stated. Perry said he measured
    temperatures that were more than 30 degrees higher
    than earlier models.

    A Sienna owner cited in the report said that an
    analysis of her oil found traces of chemical glycol,
    which pointed to the likelihood of a leaky head
    gasket, allowing coolant into the engine chamber,
    which would also raise engine temperatures.

    While Toyota has offered to pay for damage
    repairs, it maintains that the offer is not an admission
    that anything is wrong with the engines, Automotive
    News reported. Instead, it is an attempt to calm a
    large number of concerns about the sludge, while
    encouraging owners to care for their vehicles

    The offer is good for one year, and extends to
    owners who show proof that they have had at least
    one oil change in the past year.

    You were saying, Jeffmust2 ????? Anyway, wouldn't it be reassuring to know that your Toyota, I mean Lexus engine, would be covered by a one year clause to cover the jello/oil problem. I think Hyundais are still being purchased by people impressed with the warranty.
  • My dealership is Bales of Jeffersonville. They have a Five Star rating in this area. The cap was a piece off of the roof rack. I didn't have a problem with it until I took it in for recall. They must have not made sure that it was snapped in there correctly and it blew off.

    javascript:popWindow('');mastrv Feb 13, 2002 9:20am
  • dgrpkdgrpk Posts: 27
    I am considering buying either a santa fe or a aztek, now I know a lot of people hate the looks of the aztek, but if we could just put the looks aside, I am having trouble making my decision.
    I would be looking a manual 4 cylinder santa fe as opposed to the pontiac 6. Its not apples to apples but as far as price it is. my main concern is reliability and safety. I have a 16 month old and would be using this car a lot. Has anyone checked out the pontiac for comparison? I hear a lot of complaints about the hyndai 4 cylinders. any input would be helpful. thanks.
  • I would compare the price on the Santa FE GLS w/V6 versus the Aztek v6.

    From what I have read on the various boards, a SF w/4 cylinder is adequate for local driving not so much driving on long trips.
  • dgrpkdgrpk Posts: 27
    a santa fe gls v6 verses a aztek 6, yes, it makes more sense to compare apples to apples, does this mean you prefer the santa fe over the aztek? what about these issues of stalling I've been reading about.
  • Well I think either is a really good deal, although I think the Santa FE maybe more problematic, I'm not saying it's not going to be reliable, but the Aztek has proven to be very reliable. Right now I think you can get a comparably equipped Aztek with the $2002 rebate, that should put you right under the TMV of the Santa Fe. I think you will get more use out of the Aztek, more cargo room, towing, better gas mileage, etc..... It's really a push though so drive em both and then decide on which you like better.
  • Anyone out there had this problem of the windshield cracking? It did so for no apparent cause. Started slowly from below the botton seal and worked its way up and across to the other side. Haven't found much love from my dealer on this one.

    Let me know.
  • The mileage is the same per Pontiac Comparison website. If you leave the Aztek rear seats in, you only have 45.4 CU Ft. vs the Santa Fe w/seats down of 77.7cu ft The basic Aztrek vs Santa Fe GLS

    Aztek Santa Fe GLS
    Base MSRP $ 19,995 $ 19,599

    Destination Charge $ 550 $ 495

    Comfort and Conveniece
    Power Windows Standard Standard
    Power Door Locks Standard Standard
    Power Steering Standard Standard
    Air Conditioning Standard Standard
    Power Driver Seat Optional Not Available
    Leather Seating Areas Optional Not Available
    Front Heated Seats Optional Not Available
    RearFolding Seat Standard Standard
    Cruise Control Optional Standard
    Wheel w/Mounted Controls Optional Standard
    Cassette Player Optional Standard
    Compact Disc Player Standard Standard
    Rear Seat Sound Controls Optional Not Available
    Rear Window Defogger Standard Standard Illuminated Vanity Mirror Optional Not Available
    Electrochromic D/N Mirror Optional Not Available
    Tachometer Standard Standard
    Remote Keyless Entry Optional Standard

    Exterior Features
    Alloy Wheels Standard Standard
    Self-Sealing Tires Optional Not Available
    Tinted Glass Standard Standard
    Power Exterior Mirror Standard Standard
    Fog Lights Standard Standard
    Daytime Running Lights Standard Not Available
    Load Bearing Exterior Rack Optional Standard
    Power Sunroof Optional Not Available
    Rear Spoiler Standard Not Available
    Interval Wipers Standard Standard

    Anti-Lock Braking System Standard Optional
    Driver Air Bag Standard Standard
    Passenger Air Bag Standard Standard
    Front Side Air Bag Standard Not Available
    Vehicle Anti-Theft Standard Standard
    Child Safety Door Locks Standard Standard
    Traction Control Optional Optional

    Engine and Mechanical

    6-Cylinder Engine Standard Standard
    Automatic Transmission Standard Standard
    Horsepower @ RPM 185@5200 181@6000
    Torque @ RPM 210@4000 177@4000
    Displacement (cc) 3350 2656
    Bore X Stroke (inches) 3.62x3.31 3.41x2.95
    Compression Ratio 9.5 10.0
    Fuel Type Gasoline Gasoline
    Fuel System SEFI MPFI
    Fuel Economy City (mpg) 19 19
    Fuel Economy Highway (mpg) 26 26

    Steering and Suspension
    Steering Type Rack and Pinion Rack and Pinion
    Turning Diameter (Left) 36.4 37.1
    Turning Diameter (Right) 36.4 37.1
    Front Suspension Independent Independent
    Rear Suspension Semi-Independent Independent

    Tires 215/70R16 225/70R16
    Length (inches) 182.1 177.2
    Width (inches) 73.7 72.7
    Wheelbase (inches) 108.3 103.1
    Height (inches) 66.7 66.0
    Ground Clearance (inches) 7.2 7.4
    Curb Weight Automatic (lbs) 3779 3549

    Dimensions - Interior
    Front Head Room (inches) 39.7 39.6
    Rear Head Room (inches) 39.1 39.2
    Front Leg Room (inches) 40.5 41.6
    Rear Leg Room (inches) 38.0 36.8
    Front Shoulder Room (inches) 58.7 56.3
    Rear Shoulder Room (inches) 58.8 56.5
    Front Hip Room (inches) 58.5 54.4
    Rear Hip Room (inches) 61.0 54.0
    Standard Seating 5 5


    One of most important thing is the warranty.

    Aztek is 3 years/36,000 miles and the SF is 10 year/100,000 miles, The Santa Fe has had it share of problems just like any first year production model. I purchased my SF back on 09/2001. I absolutely love it and I think it will be very reliable.
  • It's pretty much a push...

    The warranty is nice on the sante fe, but it's a warranty you might need. The Aztek has proven itself to be reliable in the 2 years it's been out. I don't think you will need the warranty for it. Although if you do need a warranty, you can get one for around $750 online. Thanks for the comparo, that really puts the $2002 rebate in perspective. When you take that rebate into consideration you get one heck of a deal!!
  • dgrpkdgrpk Posts: 27
    Thanks for the input. The models I was looking at were the manual 4 cylinder santa fe and the base aztek Fwd. Reason, because of price. I have a pontiac dealer in town which is doubling the 2002 rebate to $4004, and would be able to get a tek, base, Fwd, no options, out the door for $18,000, this is after TTL. I would need to have a santa fe dealer give me invoice with no doc fees or anything to get 18,000 out the door, and thats on a 4 compared to a six. Now you may ask, why am I even wondering which to get with a deal on the aztek as aforementioned? Because I would still like to choose the car that is better in reliability for the longhaul. Not planning on taking offroad, or out of state (although that would remain an option I guess). Now you know what Im comparing in models and price. Looks like I will be having some closure on my decision soon, and I thank you for your help. What do you think of these prices? And comparitive models? Gm litogation, I can guess what you're going to say!!
    Oh, I forgot the most important of all

    I emailed consumer reports hoping to get more info on this. I was told that the aztek will not be made next year and that the man who designed it, (or persons) was fired. Now that is another big concern of my husbands. any word on this?
  • I have not heard about them not making the Aztek next year. Actually I heard exactly the opposite, Bob Lutz was quoted as stating the Aztek is a great idea, that they are looking at investing more into the looks of. It doesn't cost GM anything to produce the Aztek, it's produced right along the Rendevous. I'm thinking that CR guy was just a typical Domestic hater, like all of them at CR.

    Here's a quote...
    "Outspoken and unabashed, Lutz has often criticized GM’s products in the past, but during his first appearance as a General Motors employee, he tried to put a good face on things. Wearing a GM tie clip, watch and employee pin from his days, almost 40 years ago, with the European Opel subsidiary, Lutz even found positive things to say about the oft-maligned Pontiac Aztek, which he saw as proof of GM’s willingness to take risks and innovate."
  • If safety is a concern between the SF and tek. Then I would choose the SF. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, they gave a marginal rating to the tek and a good rating to the SF. Also you will get better gas mileage w/SF. The Edmunds Total Market value for this SF is $17235

    IMO: I know the Pontiac dealer is offering $4004 as a rebate. Which is good but Hyundai has not been offering any rebates and yet the SF is selling like crazy. That is something for you to think about
  • All I have to say is dateline was present during the tests. What does that mean? Well if the airbag fired late, that gas tank blew up when the Chevy truck was crash tested when they were present, coincidence? I'm not so sure, test the Tek again, lets see what happens. The RDV is equipped with the same airbag, as is the Park Avenue, Aurora, and Le Sabre. All these did fine, so why not test the Tek again, no dateline. Sorry I just don't trust them.

    According to Santa Fe owners you guys don't get as good as mileage as the Tek.

    Also, don't forget that the Tek did very well in all the other safety test.
  • I have a SF LX V-6 and I average about 23 mpg combined. I know the 4 cylinder does get great mileage and that is what she is looking at. The most complaints about the gas mileage is the slowness of filling up the tank. When I first started driving my SF, my mileage was about 17 MPG. Then I read about how to fill the tank up properly and my mileage increased. But most everybody complains about mileage
  • dgrpkdgrpk Posts: 27
    message for you in hyndai santa fe.

    I dont own either of these vehicles yet but I must say that it seems that some of the comments on these boards tells me that they're are people with very strong feelings on their vehicle. It sometimes gives me the feeling Im talking to people that actually work for the manufacturers not the owners. Lets keep it friendly folks. :)
    of course I could get my dander up too and make it interesting!,,,,,,,,,, just kidding. :) :)!!!!!
    dont get me wrong Im glad for the info but dont want to start any wars. but I will respond to comments like everyone else but just so you know, Im doing it nicely!
  • lpjxk0lpjxk0 Posts: 10
    I have a 2002 Santa Fe 6cyl 4wd, the only problem I have is a clicking sound when I first start the vehicle in the morning. I thought it was from the serpentine belt, but Hyundai service said it was a faulty air condition compressor, they changed the compressor once before and the problem came back. Now they are going to change the compressor again and the serpentine belt, they claim there is a problem getting lubricant to the internal parts of the compressor when the vehicle is first started. Has anyone else had a similar problem!
  • I have had a 2002 GLS for a month now with only 1500 miles driven so far, and today while looking under the hood, I noticed moisture around the positive battery terminal. The wet area was about the size of a quarter. (yes, the weather is currently dry and no, I didn't just go through a car wash). No noticeable driving problems yet, just wondering if anyone has noticed or has had a battery problem...
  • harry31harry31 Posts: 128
    I haven't noticed any moisture around either of my battery's terminals.('Course the GLS has less than 1300 miles on it.)If you think your moisture is from a battery leak, check that moisture for acid.
  • I was sent a recall notice regarding the crankshaft sensor. It stated that the car could stall at anytime. You might want to check into it.
  • carseeker4carseeker4 Posts: 228
    ... info regarding this is on the NHTSA site under Recalls. It gives the manufacture date ranges, the number of vehicles affected and gives a brief description of the nature of the problem...
  • tdoctortdoctor Posts: 1
    Have had my 2002 LX for 6 months and now have about 6000 miles. Generally I am well pleased but have several minor problems. 1) Appears to have excess road noise pickup 2) Wind noise on passenger door. Had gaskets replaced and still have noise. It is not cross bars as I removed them to check. 3) Hate the inside rearview mirror, can't judge distance of vehicles at night and hard to even tell a car is behind you.

    Anyone else had the wind noise problem?
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