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Land Rover Freelander



  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    The info is in the brochure, but you'll get eyestrain trying to see it. I strained mine and came up with the following info.
    S Model Colors
    Exterior Color Interior Color

    Chawton White.. Ash Black or Smokestone Grey Cloth
    Epsom Green.. Ash Black Cloth
    Icelandic Blue. Ash Black Cloth
    Java Black.. Ash Black or Smokestone Grey Cloth
    Rutland Red.. Ash Black Cloth
    Zambezi Silver. Smokestone Grey Cloth

    SE Model Colors
    Exterior Color. Interior Color

    Chawton White.. Ash Black or Smokestone Grey Leather
    Epsom Green.. Ash Black or Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    Icelandic Blue. Ash Black or Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    Java Black.. Ash Black or Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    Monte Carlo Blue* Ash Black or Smokestone Grey Leather
    Oslo Blue.. Ash Black or Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    Rutland Red.. Ash Black or Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    White Gold.. Ash Black or Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    Zambezi Silver. Ash Black or Smokestone Grey Leather
    Bonatti Grey.. Ash Black with Alpaca Beige Leather
    Alveston Red.. Smokestone Grey Leather

    HSE Model Colors
    Exterior Color Interior Color

    Chawton White. Alpaca Beige Leather/Black Trim
    Epsom Green.. Alpaca Beige Leather/Black Trim
    Java Black.. Alpaca Beige Leather/Black Trim
    Oslo Blue.. Alpaca Beige Leather/Black Trim
    White Gold.. Alpaca Beige Leather/Black Trim
    Zambesi Silver. Alpaca Beige Leather/Black Trim
    It looks like S and HSE get Black dash only. No other color combinations are available.
  • junaidjunaid Posts: 18
    I did go thro' the same stuff in the brochure straining my eyes as well, but I did not find any specific info on the trim and dash color for S models unless ofcourse its assumed that black is the default.
    I wish they had made the beige as the default, it sure looks nice. Anyways, thanks for the info.
  • Yeah, black is the default. But it's pretty nice. Smokestone seems to only be available on the colours you have to pay extra for! I don't see beige being availabe on any of the S. Since we ordered the Blue, Grey would have looked nice, but it's not available.

    Maybe later, once demand dies down, you can special order exactly what you want. Dunno.

    We initially ordered on-line, but when we went into the dealer, he had exactly what we wanted coming in December (instead of February). Since we're X-plan (fingers crossed no last minute weirdness), we shouldn't have to deal with any Dealer Markup. I wish there was still a way to track the vehicle, tho....

    Thank you so much for the rack info. That'll solve my baldness issue. :-)
  • junaidjunaid Posts: 18
    Since there is nothing going on in this forum, I thought I would bring some new information. Sometime later next year BMW is launching X3 and Mitsubishi is launching ASX/Air Trek as 2003 models, which seem to be a good competition to Freelander. Air Trek is already on sale in Japan and seems to be doing well there. And X3 would be a smaller version of X5 and would be priced around $30k. 2002 must be an interesting year for all these mini cross-utes. Land Rover definitely delayed the lauch of freelander by 2 years atleast. They should have been here long time back to capitalize on this sensitive market.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I agree with you, but Land Rover was a small part of the Rover Group, which was under control by BMW. During the last two years of BMW ownership there was a large internal reorganization of Rover Group that led to delays in development of the changes necessary to make the Freelander competetive in the U.S. marketplace. As it originally was not designed for the U.S. market (in the early 90's, who knew that a small Sport utility would sell?) there were several issues that needed to be addressed. Unfortunately, the internal turmoil caused by reorganization under BMW, and the subsequent split from Rover during the sale to Ford led to delays in getting it on the market.
  • smichsmich Posts: 31
    Hi everyone!
    Tracked my order today and found that my Freelander is now "in production". I hope that same message shows for all of you too.
    TINCUP: I notice in reading the LR Discovery discussion group,owners of discos have names for their vehicles. Is this a tradition ALL LR owners have or just disco owners?
    Just case I need to start thinking about a name for my Freelander.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    I have found that any vehicle that inspires the feelings that Land Rover owners tend to have for their vehicles tend to be named by their owners. So feel free to name it, I have had several vehicles that I felt fond enough of to name.
  • elfieelfie Posts: 47
    Do you know what date the FL will be arriving at dealerships?


  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    There is a target date of each dealer having 1 in stock by 11/21
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Land Rover Debuts Compact SUV

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  • My salesman called today to say my Freelander is due about Dec. 12, maybe sooner. I also received in the mail from LR a special keychain (numbered 184) for placing an IPO order.

  • I just received the new AutoWeek, which reports that a special-edition Freelander was shown at the SEMA show.

    Callaway presented the "Freelander Supercharged -- Performance by Callaway” with a supercharged version of the 2.5L V6, producing 250hp and 260 lb-ft of torque. It supposedly goes 0 to 60 in 7.7 seconds.

    It is not clear whether this model will be available in the U.S., but Callaway has gone to production with a limited-edition Range Rover before.

  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    Speaking of eye strain,lol after just reading all these 372 threads , I belive i recall you saying the quality esp in the Disco has greatly improved in just the last few months ?? Can you elaborate a little further with this ? If u did and i missed it i appoligize in advance.

  • smichsmich Posts: 31
    Hi all !
    just a quick update...the LR dealer in Chicago has about 4 of the S models in stock with more on the way. The sales rep said the SE models should be in stock in a couple weeks. However when I asked him if I could drive a Freelander on the off road track he told me he tried but the vehicle does not make it over the rocks :(
    TINCUP didn't you drive a Freelander on the LR off road track ? How did it do?
  • They're being sold now in the Los Angeles area. Each dealer seems to be selling the car differently (one is letting you drive off now, one is adding a $3000 premium to drive off now, and one is delivering the cars on Dec.1). But, you can get practically any combination of trim and paint, including the Monte Carlo blue. Which, BTW is absolutely GORGEOUS.

    We've hung the sold sign on a Silver S, with Smokestone interior. It's much neater and cleaner looking than the black, which already shows signs of being a lint trap on the showroom models.

    X plan is still confusing for dealers - we seem to be okay, but knock on wood. Hopefully we'll have a resolution soon (in the form of a Freelander in our driveway!).

    FYI, apparently Santa Barbara dealers don't charge advertising fee.
  • smichsmich Posts: 31
    Hey there Bigshotla, former Santa Barbara greetings to ya!

  • small world! What a great town SB is, but it's a bit of a way to go to save $300. (Plus there's this hideous detour off the PCH through Oxnard that's insane these days - you know what I mean, sorry everyone else).

    Recommend the Thousand oaks dealer for anyone in the LA area. They have a few in stock, but haven't sold one yet.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    Thanks for the info on the dealers around the So. Cal area. I think I might go down the mountain next weekend to Santa Barbara and check them out! I'd much rather drive the mountain roads to Santa Barbara than head into Thousand Oaks. I spend too much time down around LA during the week working!
  • Why is this board so dead?
  • elfieelfie Posts: 47
    I took a FL for a quick spin when I was visiting relatives over the holiday.

    I loved the car! It was perfect. I have call into my local LR dealership to see what they have or are getting, so hopefully, may buy one soon.

    Has anyone else taken a test drive?

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    We were all waiting for elfie to get back from FL and tell us all about the trip! ;-)

  • smichsmich Posts: 31
    I know you are not in the finance end of LR, but I "IPO'd" a Freelander and would like to take advantage of my EAA membership to purchase this vehicle. Am I locked in on the IPO price?

    And for MTNGAL and BIGSHOTLA ...I highly recommend the Palace Cafe next time your in SB ! I miss that town.
  • I know you aimed this at Tincup, and of course he knows better than I - but ordering through the IPO doesn't lock you into anything. You don't even have to buy the car from that dealer if you don't want. The best thing is to have an honest talk with your sales rep, he'll either say yes or no. (They seem to like being told X plan up front, but it's too late for that now) Then call around - maybe another dealer has your exact car and will sell it for x plan price. The dealer will have no trouble selling your IPO'd car with or without you.

    We've been totally upfront with all the dealers we've contacted, and in a very subdued way, they're competing for our business. Apparently we can pick up our car today at 5:00 - so I'll let you know if there's any last minute X plan failures.....
  • elfieelfie Posts: 47
    I told my local dealership about the X-plan. First they said fine no problem. Then my rep called back and said no because it's a new car. But, I mentioned that the Las Vegas dealership was willing to do it and he called back and said they would, but he "had to twist his manager's arm".

    So, I'll see when I get there. I think they are going to try and sell me undercoating and stuff because they won't give me a final price over the phone.

    I'll be buying it either this weekend or next depending on when my CD comes due at the bank.

    Not sure if this helps, but if your dealer says no one will honor the X plan, just tell them that the Sacramento & Las Vegas offices will.

    Hope this helps.

  • elfieelfie Posts: 47
    I had a great trip! Won some money in Vegas, spent the holiday with family and got to drive the car I've been waiting for.

    It doesn't look like the Freelanders are flying off the lots, not like the CRV's at any rate.

    Both dealerships I've been too have had their cars for a week and haven't sold any yet. Good thing for me since that means I get the car I want.

  • The Freelander's in our driveway, and all's well that ends well. We did it through the X-plan, not one hitch in the whole process.

    Highly recommend Hornburg Jaguar on Sunset Blvd. in L.A. They were on the ball all the way through. Matt Thomas, our sales agent, was always helpful and a gentleman. Of all the dealers we spoke to, we just kept going back to Hornburg, and to Matt.

    Yay! Now - any tips on breaking in the engine?
  • smichsmich Posts: 31
    CONGRATS!!! What color did you get?
  • silver, with grey interior. Big hit with the valets, but haven't seen another one on the road yet.
  • mtngalmtngal Posts: 1,911
    So now that you have been driving it for a couple of days, how is it? Have you tried to go anywhere interesting (maybe the snowy mountains) yet? Or a freeway report - such as how does it handle the expansion joints.

  • elfieelfie Posts: 47
    I just bought my Freelander on Saturday.

    I absolutely love it! There was a pretty nice storm here over the weekend so I got to see how the FL handled in the rain in wind. I didn't feel most of the gusts - a couple of the major ones gave me a little push.

    Have to say the buying experience was great as well. No pressure, no tatics. Just sign and drive.

    No regrets!

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