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Nissan Rogue tranmission out twice within 130,000 miles

sher45sher45 Member Posts: 1
edited June 2014 in Nissan

I would not recommend a Rogue to anyone. I have had the transmission go out twice before 130,000 miles and Nissan wouldnt help out. The first time it was covered by an Extended warranty through Toyota extra care (good company) and the 2nd time, Nissan still wont help and unfortunately I'm just past the 120,000 miles. Nissan had extended the transmission warranty to 120,000 miles recently to avoid recall it seems and the first transmission failure occurred at 100,000 miles. The 2nd transmission went out at `131,000 miles and even though they didnt pay for the first one that went out , they refuse to pay for this one because I'm beyond 120,000 miles. Shouldnt a replaced transmission last more than 30,000 miles? I have been loyal to Nissan for some years but I've had it. Too many issues and the Rogue has been an absolute flop. Leaking windows, rear end went out etc.. etc.. As I have owned some decent Nissan vehicles, I would have felt different if Nissan would have stood behind the vehicle. I consider the response with this vehicle to be unethical and will not buy another Nissan vehicle.


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