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    They broke into a friend of mine's Cavalier the same way, bending back the door panel. They ripped his car to crap though, but didn't touch the radio. Weird.

    I didn't know Altimas were so popular with thieves anyway. I know Honda and Acura are, because you can almost pop their door locks with paper clips. They are really easy to get into.

    Do you still have the Altima BTW or did you trade it in? Just wondering. And what about your Hyundai?
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    I still have the '00 Hyundai Accent and the Altima. That's why the 000 deal really appealed to me (no way could I afford 3 car payments). No money down and no payments gives me plenty of time to sell my Altima. They would only give me 4k trade-in on the Altima, when it's worth 6800! So, I decided to keep it and sell on my own since I still owe 6600 on it. No way was I gonna let them add 2k to the sticker of the Lancer! They wouldn't budge either, claiming the used car market is really bad right now. I have almost 21k on my Hyundai with the only repair being the water pump (it had a bad bearing). It's been a good car and made me a believer in Korean cars.
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    I would have kept the Altima too. They seem like pretty nice cars, but they are boring rides (at least the 2000 models are anyway, never drove the older ones).

    The Hyundais are really coming up in the world. Do they hold their value any better than they used to though? I drove an Accent last week (thinking about getting one for my dad, a first time driver at 56) and it seemed pretty nice.
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    Vocus, I noticed your question about resale value so I thought I would give you an answer.

    A Hyundai Accent GL four door with an automatic transmission will be worth 48% after two years and 29% after four years. I have no idea how that compares to the Accents of the past.

    In comparison, the Lancer ES will be worth 46% after two years and 32% after four years. I have no figures on the Lancer OZ edition.

    These figures come from Automotive Lease Guide.
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    Not looking to argue, folks, but how could they possible be able to tell you the resale value on a Lancer? I guess they can look at the Mitsubishi line as a whole and the percentages of cars in its class. The Lancer has been out for just a few months. It's an all new car. I guess you could use those figures as a reference point, but I would not put too much stock in them just yet. Wait a couple of years first.
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    I bet they base their figures [at least partially] on what the car companies are saying a car is going to be worth. I am sure that people are already leasing the Lancer and so probable resale figures do exist.
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    Does Mitsu make a version currently around the current WRX of 227 hp. I'm just curious, if they do water it down, what to expect???
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    The OZ Rally Lancer is mechanically identical to the other trim levels. Same 120 horsepower. I thought I heard something of an EVO in the future. Maybe the WRX will get them to bring one here.
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    Supposedly we might be getting a late 2003 model of EVO and a possible Subaru WRX STI. Both sit right around 276 bhp....
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    My dad, my mom, and me are currently looking at these four sub-compact to compact sedans. This vehicle will be for my mom, it will be replacing her leased 1999 alero Gl. Her main concerns are that the car has an automatic tranny, air, power doors, mirrors, and windows, and cruise control. We also like keyless entry, abs, alloy wheels, and a cd player with rear spoiler. I just want to know your opinion about what is the best pick for the money and which is most likely to hold up over a 4+ year ownership. I know that Honda and Toyota are the reliability winners here but what about the Mazda and Mitsu? Another ?, where is the Lancer built and when will the public have access to crash results for the Lancer? Why is the gas mileage so low for the lancer also, the others have 30+ even 40 miles per gallon?I like all four but the lancer has me hooked, I like it. What is your opinion? The price is similar for all four but since this will be my mom's first buy car we have started out at a lower price and would like to keep it under $18,000, lower if possible. If you could please answer these questions for us it would be extremely helpful. Thanks!!
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    Any of these cars would do the trick just fine for your mom. I would not get the Corolla because this is the last year of this design, so it will be old and dated in a few months. If she frequently carries a few people around, the Lancer would not be a bad choice. It has the largest interior of this group. You might test drive a Sentra GXE in place of the Corolla. If I were picking a car for my mom out of this group, it would be the Civic. Why? Because it has the highest crash test scores. It carries a quadruple 5-star safety rating--the others do not. I know the styling is vanilla, but this is for your mom, not you. Besides, as you said, you know it will be reliable--and you don't want mom's car to crap out at night somewhere.
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    Well I just read Evo VII is coming during the fourth quarter of 2002 and is expected to price below $30,000. The article is at, go check it out. Hopefully it won't be a water down version of the real thing when it hits stateside as most cars do. The article also goes on to mention Nissian might consider bring the Skyline GT-R over, oh baby this totally rocks.
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    Would be for the Civic (surprise!!). And an EX can be had for well under $18K (not counting tax, etc.). IMO an advantage for Honda is the simple trim lines. Mazda options you to death. Even the top of the line ES needs this or that added to make it comparable to the Civic EX. I will say Mazda does have some advantages including larger tires and a better warranty but that isn't enough to sway me. There's a reason the Civic is tops. I'd go for the Titanium Metallic...beautiful color IMHO.
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    Actually, I think it's the other way around. The Protege has alot more stuff on it than the Civic does, and the engine is marginally quicker as well I think. Hondas do have outstanding reliability though. Alot of cars do actually, but stuff breaks sometimes.
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    You have to add the sunroof and ABS to make the ES equivalent to the EX. Comparably equipped the price (invoice) is within $200 or so of each other.

    My point was that Honda makes it pretty simple to buy a vehicle. DX, LX and EX. Mazda has trim lines but you have to add options too. Understand now?
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    I know about Proteges, I have owned two of them (a 1999 and a 2001) in the past three years. Honda has trim levels, but when you do want options (like I would want cassette/CD together), you either can't get it or they charge alot of money for it. I know Honda charges alot for alloy wheels, fog lights, and a spoiler, for instance. With their prices, they come to like $1000 or something. The Protege ES has that stuff standard.
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    If fog lights and a spoiler do it for you that's fine. To me those are accessories, not options. An option in my book is an AT or a moonroof.
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    It's still something I would have to pay extra for if I wanted it. That's an option in my book.
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    MT article looks interesting, this may be a nice little rocket ship.
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    The Lancer is built in Japan, one of the few cars still actually built there. Not sure when crash tests will be released, but my guess would be April or so. As for gas mileage, mine has already surpassed the highway estimate and matches or beats the city estimate. It doesn't get as good mileage as the Civic and Corolla because it has a larger engine and has a short final drive ratio to increase its peppiness. Reliability for the Lancer should be just as good, but keep in mind resale is lower, which shouldn't be a problem unless you switch cars often. I would mark the Corolla off the list as its cramped, bland, and about to be redesigned. The Civic is nice but too bland for my tastes and too slow and noisy with an auto tranny. I say its a toss-up between the Protege and the Lancer. Both offer more character, but the Lancer looks more upscale and refined. I prefer the looks of the Lancer in OZ trim and its a quieter car, but the Protege has sportier handling. You can get a better deal on the Protege and Lancer as well. I got the Lancer for the 000 deal and am completely satisfied with my purchase after 2000 trouble free miles. Anyway, that's my opinion. I suggest you test drive them all and buy the one that fits your mom's wants the most. You might also want to look at the Hyundai Elantra. Its cheaper, has a better warranty, is just as refined, and has good performance. I have had good luck with my 2000 Hyundai Accent.
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    Just some heads up info here. Apparently, Mitsu did not design the current keyless remote system to be compatible with alarms (maybe that's why they don't even offer one yet). I recently had an alarm installed and though it does work with the original remote as far as locking, unlocking, and setting the alarm goes, it has a problem turning off the alarm with the remote once its been set off. It's very finnicky and sometimes requires you to put the key in the ignition or door lock to turn the darn thing off. Mitsu has been notified of the problem and they are in the process of designing a new keyless control box to fix this annoying problem. Anyway, this is just a FYI in case you are considering installing an alarm.
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    As a current Corolla owner, and still loving it after 6 years, I would go for the Pro the next time around. I was able to sit in all of the above mentioned cars at the Miami Auto Show in November and since I prefer this size car, I spent about 1/2 hour in each car. As far as comfort and ergonomics are concerned, It's the Pro all the way. IMHO, it beats out even the Civic. Have your mom check out the Protege board here in Edmunds, these guys actually love their rides!
    A lot of my custoners are now buying Corolla's, as they seem to be quite popular. I saw some pictures of the '03 redesign, inside and outside, and it looks like Toyota has a real grand slam coming out in February. Good luck with this.
    Just my $.02 on all this!

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    I have just read all of your opinions and I guess that anyone of them would not be a bad idea. I mean, the toss up is the protege and the civic it seems. The corolla doesn't do anything for me but then again it's reliable. The lancer is quite good but my dad is still concerned about buying a mitsu. In the end, I guess it will have to be the car with the best deal and which is tailored for my mom in the way that she approves of.
    Thanks for all the info!! It really has helped!
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    I wouldn't be too concerned about Mitsu reliability, at least the ones built in Japan. I had a 93 Mitsu Diamante ES built in Japan that held up very well. I sold it with 173k on it and everything still worked and was original. It looked great too. I only had a few small problems with it, but it never left me stranded. It still is on the road today with 184k, and the lady loves it and has had no problems with it. However, I'm not as convinced with the quality of Mitsus built in the US. Thankfully, all Lancers are built in Japan so I expect them to be the most reliable Mitsu.
  • homer61388homer61388 Member Posts: 54
    The protege is also built in Japan. Is it as reliable as it seems? If the Lancer is built in Japan and it is supposed to be reliable than would the protege have the same standards as the lancer?
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    I think the Protege is built well too. The structure feels very solid and its handling is very sharp. The doors have a nice solid thunk to them. It doesn't have the infiltration of Ford parts like some of Mazda's other models. I don't think you could go wrong with either car. Both offer more pizzazz then the Civic and Corolla. Let us know what you end up buying.
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    So you are not concerned about Mitsu reliability if it is a model built in Japan, but you are worried about realibiltiy if the model was built in the United States.

    Would you care to explain all the hiding of defects and problems that Mitsu had regarding models built and sold in their home market of Japan?
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    No, I don't care to explain it, lol. I don't know why they did that, but it only affected the ones sold in Japan so it's a moot point. What I'm referring to is the seemingly average to below average reliability of Mitsus built in the Diamond Star plant. The Eclipse has never had stellar reliability and it dropped even more with Chrysler's help on the second generation. The Galant used to be a solid and well-built car, but the 95-00 models have been plagued with recalls, so-so build quality, and annoying little problems. The Mirage, however, has always been a good reliable car with few problems. The same goes for the first generation Diamante and the 3000GT. They also had a more solid and substantial feel to them with better build quality. All these were built in Japan. Therefore, I'm deducing my opinion from experience and from reliability histories of Mitsu models.
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    I don't think so, not to me anyway. I remember when alot of cars were recalled here for seatbelt problems about a year or so ago. Mitsu hid that well from the US. I would never buy something from a company that decided to hide a safety defect in their cars. That's just uncouth.
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    Lng, you said the 3000GT has always been good and reliable? I might be wrong, but I seem to remember reading somewhere (I think Consumer Reports) about the 3000GT having lackluster reliability, along with its Dodge Stealth counterpart. Am I right or not?
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    well.. Mitsu did have a large number of recalls last year for the Galant and some others that were built in Japan... still, I think mentioning a sportscar like the 3000GT is not fair... it's common to see a sportscar of any make being of average reliability or worse...
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    The large number of recalls you are referring to all belong to Mitsus built in the US. All Galants and Eclipses are built in the US. Only one recall for the Mirage and none for the SUVs which are all built in Japan. At least the recalls prove Mitsu has been making things right as far as safety defects go, but it shows lower attention to detail in the US plant. Anywho, its just my opinion. Take it or leave it. Let's get back to discussing the Lancer! Any new owners out there??? I don't want to be all alone in here :(
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    Well, my Lancer OZ has almost 4k miles on it and continues to be trouble free. I put 1500 miles on it in a matter of days and the car handled it comfortably and quietly. 3 people, their luggage, and my Xmas presents fit in the car just fine. I will be doing my first oil change soon and will let everyone know how easy or hard it is to do. Over the holidays I was able to compare it to my friend's 00 Protege and 01 Sentra. The Sentra was an ok car, but it was definitely cramped, the seats sit low giving you an in-the-bathtub feeling, the engine was noticeably louder and had a rougher sound/feel to it, and the ride was quite rough and jiggly. He did get a good deal though, paying somewhere around 13k for a GXE with auto. However, he has had 3 recalls for his car so far, which isn't good considering it's the second year of the design. I have definitely marked this car off my list to replace my 00 Accent. The Protege was a much nicer car, but I still didn't like it as much as my Lancer. The engine was smooth and had a nice sound to it when you revved it, but at 80 mph the tach read a busy 3600 rpms with a 5 speed. It's a relatively quiet car, though more wind noise was noticeable. The seats were more comfortable to my back than my Lancer, but my butt kept falling asleep, making it hard to get my legs and butt comfortable (I don't have this problem in my Lancer). I think it has to do with the low seating position. The interior looks dated, almost an exact copy of my Accent, but maybe the newer 02 models look better. The Protege definitely soaked up bumps better than the Sentra, but it still had a firm ride that seemed to magnify every little dip and bump. One thing is for sure, it does handle quite well and is fun to drive. However, I still don't like the rear styling. I have decided to mark the Protege sedan off my list, but the Protege5 still has a chance. The only cars left on my list to replace my Accent are: another Lancer OZ, Elantra, Tiburon, Protege5, and Golf GTI. After my experiences with the Sentra and Protege, I feel I made the right choice in buying the Lancer, even though it did cost quite a bit more. I simply feel the Lancer is a much nicer and more refined car. It's sporty looking and yet feels like a luxury car compared to others in this class. I highly recommend anyone to go out and drive this car. In my opinion, it has a lot to offer and you should be pleasantly surprised.
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    I have also looked at all the cars you looked at Ingtongue except the lancer. Have read car reports that it is quiet but kinda slow (most of these cars do 0-60 in the 8-9 second range, does not handle that well (tires are to blame, so an easy fix). What is the lancer turning at 80 (std.) and what has your gas mileage been so far. Thanks for your help

  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I don't think I will be much help to you since I think you are asking about the 5 speed. My Lancer has an automatic, but I will answer your questions. It revs at about 3100 rpms at 80 mph. Mileage in strictly city driving with lots of stop and go has ranged from a low of 23mpg to 25. On the highway, it gets 28-30 mpg when doing 85; if you keep the speed down to 70-75, it gets between 31-33mpg. I expect it to improve some since I still haven't done its first oil change yet. My Accent's mileage improved quite a bit after its 3rd oil change. I can definitely tell you that this car is not slow. It lunges off the line with authority, often scrabbling for traction (something I cannot get my 97 Altima with 150 horsepower to do), and gains speed effortlessly. The 5 speed is even better though I didn't notice a huge difference between them on the short test drive. It produces most of its power between 2-5k rpms, so its not a high winding four banger. It's tuned for low end grunt and has a short final drive ratio to help. The suspension handles very well and benefits from a very rigid rattle free structure, but the tires definitely limit what it can do. The LS and OZ models carry Goodyear Eagle LS tires, which is simply an all season touring tire. A nice set of performance tires would work wonders on this car. Check out the Lancer! It's a nice economy car that doesn't constantly remind you what it is. Hope this info helps. Good luck in your search.
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    I did my first oil change at 4k miles. This car is very easy to do your own oil changes!! You don't have to jack up the car to get at the filter or drain plug. There is a small plastic cover underneath the filter that must be removed, but otherwise, everything is straight forward and easy to get at. I commend Mitsu and Hyundai for designing easy to service cars. I continue to love my Lancer and don't regret my purchase one bit.
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    Hello all, thought I would join in on the obvious discussion.
    I just recently bought a Lancer ES with the 0 interest/payments/down til 2003. I have had my Lancer for just over a month and love it. It is a really solid car. You cant beat the styling.
    So far gas mileage has been pretty good. I have averaged about 30 mpg (combination of freeway and around town).
    My favorite thing about the Lancer (besides the styling)is the quality. It is a very solid car. Even though I have the ES, the quality of the inside and outside workmanship is at tops. My previous car was a Galant and the Lancer is pretty close as far as space goes.
    Performance is pretty average. It has great midrange power but off the gun it is nothing to brag about until you hit third and fourth gear.
    I have the five speed which is a little sticky until the car is completely warmed up. Freeway driving is smooth and it handles 80 mph at about 3100 rpm. The suspension is very solid and it is a tall car that gives you a view above the rest in its class.
    The only downside so far in my Lancer is the tires. The factory Dunlop tires that mine was issued look nice but certainly dont enjoy turns at high speeds.
    All in all the Lancer holds its own in its class.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Glad to see another Lancer owner join this forum. I hope you will continue to come here periodically and let us know how your Lancer is holding up. I'm jealous you got the 5 speed! My auto OZ is still doing perfect at 4600 miles. Not one rattle or any other strange noise and no problems whatsoever. The Lancer has to be one of the most solid small cars around. The build quality continues to impress me. I'm anxious to see how it does in crash tests. NHTSA should release their results in a few months as should IIHS. I have a good feeling it will do quite well.
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    Just wanted to announce that I have now become the proud owner of a yellow OZ. Though still on delivery, I shall have it within the week and will keep this board posted of my successes with the car. BTW...are there any other companies that offer after market mods (primarily exterior and interior superficial) besides rmr?


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    I know the Evo is coming out next year but anyone know if Mitsubishi is going to upgrade the engine on the current Lancer? I heard someone putting in the 2.4L 140hp used in the base Galant. Any truth to this?
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    I don't know if Mitsu will add any power to the regular Lancer. My guess is that they won't since they have the Evo for those who want the power. If they were to add the 2.4, it would probably only be for the OZ model, since a lot of people have complained it needs more then just body skirts to set it apart. I personally think they should just keep the 2.0 but maybe add 5-10 horses to it for the OZ model. The 2.4's gas mileage is too low for an economy car. People would see the 21/28 figures and quickly walk away, realizing that some V-6s get better mileage.
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    I have never driven a Lancer, but 120-hp seems really low for its output. The Protege uses a DOHC 2.0 and has 130-hp. Alot of other cars have more. Am I wrong, or is there another car (besides the 2.0 VWs) with less power than the Lancer?

    Anyone driven an auto? How do they accelerate?
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    I do not trust what the manufacture list as horsepower and torque any more. Seems to me like they are playing number games. Go and drive the vehicles you are looking at. Then you will know for sure.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I own an auto Lancer. The car has plenty of power and chirps its tires quite easily (not an easy feat for a four cylinder automatic, something my 150 horse 97 Altima could never do). It doesn't have the same power as the Protege and Focus because it is a SOHC design, not a DOHC. Switching to DOHC would bring it right up to the same output as those cars, but also switch its power band higher up. Most Civics have only 115 hp, and a lot less torque then the Lancer (a wimpy 110 at 4500 rpms). Moving up to the Civic EX only increases the torque by 4 lb ft at an even higher 4800. The Lancer has 130 lb feet at a low 4250 rpms, only 5 lb ft behind the Focus and Protege and 3 lb ft behind the Elantra. As you can see, if you look at the total picture, the Lancer's power output is competitive. Mitsu tuned this engine to have lots of low end power, which always comes at the expense of high end horsepower, thus the lower rating. Don't let the lower horsepower fool you though. The low end grunt makes the car feel a lot faster then it is and makes up for its lack of high rpm max power (also makes for a better match to an auto tranny and lessens gear hunting around town). Mitsu also lowered the final drive ratio for quicker response. In other words, you rarely feel the need to rev the engine high to make the car go, unlike the Civic, which needs to be revved the hell out of. Off the line, the Lancer and horsepower champ Elantra felt equal. Only after 4500 rpms did the Elantra's extra power become noticeable. In everyday driving, you would never notice the difference. I only need to lightly tap the accelerator and my Lancer leaps off the line quickly and smoothly, leaving other cars in the dust while shifting lazily at 2500-3000 rpms. I enjoy not having to listen to an engine buzzing annoyingly loud just to keep up with traffic. Don't be so quick to judge a car based on horsepower figures alone. They often don't tell the whole story.
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    Thanks. If the car is not as quick as the Protege's 2.0 engine, then there is definitely no need for me to bother. I used to find that car (2001 Protege ES) underpowered when I had it. I have a 2002 Jetta 1.8T now, and I like it alot. Next is definitely going to have to be a V6 though. :0
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I now have 6600 troublefree miles on my Lancer OZ. Build quality has been excellent so far. I love how this car rides so smoothly and is so quiet!
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    The Lancer just received the IIHS's highest rating in the offset impact test and joins the elite few small cars to earn a "best pick". The structure held up extremely well and there was no injury risks. It even beat the Jetta and Volvo S40! I'm quite happy with the results and glad it turned out as good as I had hoped. Good job Mitsubishi for designing a solid, dependable, safe car at a reasonable price! Now, if Mitsu would only improve the bumper design.....

    Here is the link if you would like to see the results for yourself:

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    I bought a silver OZ Rally auto lancer for my "wife" for Christmas. To date it has almost 8000 trouble free miles (I think she only put a couple hundred of those miles on the car)

    For all you people bitchin about the low horsepower of the car their is plenty of ways to and PLENTY of horses to the lancer. So if that is the only thing holding you back from wanting to buy one then don't let it stop you. You can throw on a cold air intake for about 100 bucks and add on an easy 10-15hp. If you want to know more about adding horses let me know you can get the puny lancer pushing well over 200 horses. Well I just had to vent a little.

    I love the looks and the room of the car. Back seat has more room the the gallant. I take plenty of trips down to New Or leans with a packed car and I haven't had a knee in my back yet. The handling is great and eats up the bumps well.
    For the gas milage i have been getting around 25mpg but I think I could be getting closer to 30 if it wasnt for my fast driving habits
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Hey, we have twin cars!! I have only seen one other silver OZ like mine in all of Florida. Lots of base Lancers running around though, most of which I believe are rentals. Anyway, good to hear you are having just as good luck with your OZ. I completely agree with you on how roomy the car is (definitely roomier feeling then the Galant), how sporty it looks, and how great the ride is (plush riding yet firm). The only thing that irks me about the car is the constant lumbar sticking in the middle of my back. I wish there was a lever to adjust it. Otherwise, it's a great car and I continue to be impressed by its peppy acceleration (noticeably stronger since the car hit 6k), superb build quality, and extremely quiet, rattle free ride.
    Have you added the cold air intake to your Lancer? Was there a noticeable improvement? Where can you get one? What other reasonably priced mods have you found besides adding a turbo? I would like to add a strut tower brace, but I guess I will have to wait till the Evo comes out to get one.
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    Check out today's article in today's edition of USA Today, business section. Mitsu is boosting its sales to rental car fleets. Well, the Lancer surely is pure, unexciting rental car fodder and I'm sure I'll be getting one on my next business trip.
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