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    Personally, I think the Lancers are underpowered in the OZ Rally version. Why try to market a car as sporty and put a racing wheel on it when it only has 120HP? The EVO might be something to contend with but for $30,000 alot of things will contend with the EVO.

    And for those who say a Honda has no torque, you need to look at the torque curve of both cars before you say that. Fact is, in any performance test the Lancer would get spanked by everything BUT the Hybrid Civic. The trade off of having low end torque like the Lancer does is that it will have no highway power, which is where you will probably need it anyways, while the Civic will have power all throughout it's power band.

    And before you say I am a Honda dealer let it be known that I actually work for Mitsubishi.
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    I find the Lancer to have plenty of power and a very wide power band. The Civic has a very narrow power band. You can tell the difference in feel between the two engines, especially if you are running the AC or have an automatic. The Lancer has a much more useable power band for everyday situations. I never find the need to rev beyond 4k to get on the freeway in a hurry. Can you say the same of the Civic? I didn't think so. Do you have any "performance" tests to back up the Lancer being dead last? I have proof showing the opposite. The Lancer 5 speed is capable of 8.9 seconds from 0-60, which already "spanks" the more powerful Focus and Protege, not to mention the Civic LX. You guys need to get over the horsepower war. It's a number and nothing more. If 120 horses was so bad, than why can it outaccelerate two cars with 130 horses? How much faster is the fastest cars in this price class?? We are talking about a half second difference in pedal to the metal cases. Will this make a noticeable difference? Hell no! Get over it people, because too many are trying to split hairs.

    As for the OZ model, I never expected it to have more horsepower than the other models. It would be nice if it did, but I also wouldn't want to pay more money for the extra power. It's not like Mitsu slapped on 17" wheels and tried to market this car as the be-all sports sedan. They marketed it as a sporty appearance package to jazz up the looks of their economy sedan. And jazz it up they did. I get more compliments on this car than any other I have ever owned. Everyone thinks it's a mini-Infiniti or BMW and are real impressed with its looks inside and out. They all can't believe it when I tell them its just a Mitsubishi. Those type of compliments, along with my own happiness, make buying the OZ worth every penny.
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    Personally, I think the Lancers are underpowered in the OZ Rally version. Why try to market a car as sporty and put a racing wheel on it when it only has 120HP?

    Because it sells.

    For a case study, consider the Ford Escort EXP from the mid 80s: this "sporty" model actually had a worse 0-60mph time than the basic Escort.

    Yet people still bought it.

    I think it gets back to the old question of style -vs- substance. What's a higher priority is a YMMV personal choice. For example, I personally find the rear wing to be downright silly on this general body style, regardless of make/model. But then again, I've seen a lot of older Japanese cars in our downtown area that have had $5-$10K worth of refitting with body cladding kits, fake gold trim, a sodacan exhaust kit and maybe (just maybe) some actual engine/drivetrain performance mods. For a certain segment, that's the type of "IN" vehicle, not unlike Bellbottom ... er, "Flare" :-) bluejeans, belly button piercings and so forth.

    To each his own...although I would recommend a conscious resistance to buying anything based on product ignorance, or with over emphasis of what your peers might think.

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    A Civic LX goes 0-60 in 8.4 seconds. A Civic EX can go 0-60 in 8.0 seconds. Don't take the best time for one car and compare it to the worst time for another car. I would also be willing to bet that your low-end torque Lancer has NO passing power on the highway considering low-end torque is just that, low-end, but when you are on the highway you aren't in low-end any more.

    The Ford EXP was a coupe, completely different body-style from the Escort. It wasn't a trim package. The Paseo was a Tercel but once again it was a different body style. My SI is a Civic but it's a different body style with 30 more HP. Don't compare a set of wheels and different seat fabric to a whole different body style. Even if Mitsu is taking advantage of the style vs. substance equasion in a big way. The OZ Rally stickers for at least $2,000 more than the Lancer ES (same engine, same size wheels, same interior, same suspension, same exterior) It doesn't add up .. those sure are some expensive wheels, cloth, and cruise control.

    The argument doesn't hold water when looked at from a logical point of view. At least the Civic EX gives you more power, bigger wheels, and more available options over an LX and the SI adds more on top of an EX Civic. IF you want to pay for marketing go ahead, might as well pay MSRP while you are at it.
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    Hmm..either someone is lying or you don't know your product too well. The OZ has more than just wheels and cruise. The ES has 14" steel wheels, not 15" alloy like the OZ. The OZ adds a rear anti-roll bar, cruise, fold down rear seat, keyless entry, body-colored mirrors and door handles, nicer black cloth, aluminum look trim, white-faced guages with red lighting, name brand alloy wheels, special floor mats and badges, and a body kit. All of those options make the $2k difference in price quite justifiable. The body kit alone is easily worth $1-1500 in the aftermarket. If you really work for Mitsubishi, than I would think you would have driven a Lancer and have your own opinions of its power, not make assumptions like you are doing. This car hauls butt in passing manuevers. This comes from personal experience, not assumptions.

    Lastly, you are way off on your numbers for the Civic. You must have invented them to make the Lancer look a lot slower. Sorry, I didn't buy it because I know it isn't true. The Civic SI is rated at 8.0 seconds from 0-60 and thats with 160 hp. The 00 Civic LX could only do the 0-60 run in 9.5 sec. The 01 Civic's power to weight ratio is the same as that 00 model. So, there is no way it could be a second faster. The Civic EX coupe was the one rated at 8.4., the Lancer OZ is only 0.5 second slower than the more powerful and lighter Civic EX. Doesn't sound like it has such an underpowered engine to me.
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    Notice the lacking in power comments and the comments that the OZ does not differ mechanically from the ES or LS. Also, The ES is available with a convenience package that gives you the fold-down rear seat, body-colored door handles, and keyless entry. Even with that package on the ES the OZ is $1500 more. If you want to pay $1500 for some 15" wheels and floor mats that's up to you. But I would rather them have taken the $1500 and done something with the engine, brakes, and some real wheels and tires. But to each his own.

    You can debate 0-60 times and get numbers from different sources all day long if we want to. But lets use a source we all obviously have access to.

    here's a Civic coupe but the HP is the same and the weight shouldn't be that different between a EX sedan and an EX coupe.

    Edmunds puts my car at 7.9 seconds but it does put the Lancer at 9.5 seconds ..

    If you are happy with your 120HP that's great .. I hope you do like your car. But that doesn't make it as quick as a Civic or a better buy for everybody.

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    the OZ really ought to have more muscle to back up its tarted up body package. The look suggests its fast, but.....
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    si consistantly clicked off 60 in 7.4 seconds long tongue. base civics usually see about 8-8.5 second. got to to check this out, they list times for everycar.
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    Check real magazine figures. The OLD 99-00 SI was capable of 7.4 second runs. The new one only does it in 8.0. The EX in 8.4. The LX in 9.4. These times have been clocked by more than one magazine too. If a 160 horse Civic SI can only do 8.0 sec runs, than a base 115 horse Civic will not be anywhere near it. At any rate, this is a Lancer forum, not a Civic one. Let's get back to talking about ownership experiences with the Lancer.
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    This link is certainly not a new one, but anyone interested in The Evo 7 can get lots of good information from this link:

    It may take a few mins to load on a slow connection.

    I've had 2 Subaru 2.5RS coupes (a 99 and a 2000) both of which were great cars. Unless there's a massive difference in the US spec car, I'll be an Evo driver next spring. Unless Subaru get with the program on that facelifted WRX STi and import that in reasonable time and it checks out.

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    gurumike! Where ya been? Nice to see you. :)
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    lngtnge... I just posted the links to Edmunds that shows the different times for the cars. It's from one source (edmunds) and we all have access to it. If you would like me to I will pull the exact page and issue of the magazine that got the new SI at 7.6 seconds. Just let me know...
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    Can we stop the peeing match now? Who cares how long it takes for a specific car to get to 60mph? The arguing is starting to seem a little childish...
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    I could really care less about the numbers. I was just sick of hearing people come in here and claim the Lancer is dead slow and would be smoked by a base Civic when they haven't even driven one and haven't looked at the numbers given by magazines. It gets tiring to hear someone say a car is slow when the numbers show they are competitive. Not the fastest, but at least right in line with others in its class.
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    I actually thought the Lancer to be slow myself. I have never gotten around to driving one though, so I never said anything about it. I sat in one, however, and the seats didn't agree with me. I have alot of trouble with my back too, so it could just be me. But it looks like a pretty nice car, and definitely very roomy inside.
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    Just lost inspiration to pursue the E46 forum. Now I'm thinking Evo or G35 coupe 6 speed. Watch this space!
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    Well, it is nice to see you again.

    Have you found the flame wa... uh, free for all between the G35 and 330i over on the Comparisons board?

    Come one, come all!!
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    it is spacious and quiet compare to others in the same class. Just drove a 02 civic lx a couple of days ago and here are my .02:

    You have a feeling of driving a tin can in a civic, amid a very well put together tin can. I have driven the past three generations of civics and they all have this trait. The other side of the coin is that the car is very responsive and handles very well.

    On the other hand, the lancer feel like a more "substantial" car. I have no idea whether it is the setup or what, it drives like a mid size car but one size smaller. The interior materials are cheap, but I have to say it's on par with the civic
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    Ill keep this off topic quick... no matter what 0-60 or 1/4 mi times you post. It doesn't matter. They are all done by professional drivers on a closed course... Take your bone stock car to the track and try to hit the numbers they post... anyways....
    So how do you all like your lancers? I am considering buying one for my g/f and will probably be driving it to work... It seemed like a econocar when I test drove one, and thats what it is, but just curious as to any problems or issues anyones had...
    BTW... Any civics want to hook up to my tow hitch then see who gets to 60mph first?? hehehe... (I used to own a Civic... they're fun)
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    I know Hertz car rental does rent Lancers, if one would want to check the car out on an extended test drive, perhaps. I saw them at the Hertz used car lot across the street from my new job.
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    I love my Lancer. After almost 13k miles, it hasn't given me one single problem. No brake squeaks, no warped rotors, no strange engine noises, no tire vibrations, no breakdowns, etc. The car has run like a Switch watch! The only time I ever took it back to the dealer was to repaint my driver's side door sill extension (OZ model only) due to a flaking problem and a hard to move driver's seat. I have recently begun to notice a popping sound coming from the driver's door panel when traversing a rough dirt road but otherwise it has been rattle free. I think the Lancer has excellent build quality and so far has proven to be trouble free and reliable. It definitely was a big step forward from the Mirage and is just as nice as the Civic and Corolla. One thing is for sure, you won't see 5 of your car at every stoplight. You will be lucky to see one all day. And that is part of my attraction to this car. Not everyone owns one!
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    What did you think about the most recent comparo in C&D magazine for November? They had both the Lancer and Aerio in their tests, and they both ranked at the bottom half of the group. Since I know you own both, I was just curious what you thought about the reviews (if you read them yet).
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    Well, I find some of their comments to be true and others subjective. For instance, they hated the rear spoiler on the Lancer. I personally love it. I really disagree with their comments that the styling is embarrassing. I get so many good comments on the styling of my car, with most of them thinking the car is an Infiniti or "executive level car". C&D must be really out of sync with the norm for what's attractive. They found the front seats to be terrific whereas I find them so-so. In other words, I find myself to disagree with them on the subjective parts. However, I agree with them completely on the objective part. They praised the feel of the controls, the solid structure, the excellent rear seat space, the great dash layout and visibility, and the fun handling. They also panned the poor path control on the interstate. This is one of my biggest complaints with the Lancer. You seem to have to make constant little corrections to keep the car straight (the steering feels too light). Would I have liked to see the Lancer rate higher overall? Yes. And I do think it should have, but it's not #1 material. It needs more power to get to that point. But seeing the professionals agree with most of how I felt about the car was reassuring, no matter what its actual spot was.

    As for the Aerio, I figured it would rate low. The Aerio is a niche car. Its funky looks inside and out definitely don't appeal to the mainstream, so I didn't think it would do well. I do not agree with them about the digital dash though. They claimed it gets washed out in direct sunlight, but I have yet to have that problem. I wonder if they tested it at full brightness. However, they did praise the car for its performance, slick shifter, smooth clutch, sharp steering, smooth ride, and solid structure. Sounds like they liked it quite a bit, but hated its styling. Hearing that it does well performance-wise and is solidly built is all I needed to hear since I love how the Aerio looks.
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    It is supposed to have a Turbo and 275 hp! How much is this baby going to cost? Is it going to compete with other import sport compacts? Any info on the price and exact release date is appreciated.
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    That would be the EVO VII you are talking about. I have heard prices of around $30K expected. And yes, 275hp and AWD as well. Sounds exciting.
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    They are going to be around $30,000 ... I heard Monday that our dealership will only be getting 6 of them for the whole year.
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    I had to put my car in the shop (Jetta) to replace a broken dash vent that they ordered. They gave me a rental 2003 Escort, but the car was very uncomfortable for me. Since they ended up keeping my car for 2 days instead of 1, I called Enterprise to see if they had anything else I could have tonight.

    Well, they had a red Lancer ES with 27,400 miles on it. I drove it about 20 miles thus far, and it's not a bad little car. I got comfortable in the seats, despite the initial impressions that it was not comfortable. It's not as comfortable as my car, but that's expected because I am used to mine. :) The power is very adequate, and the car handles great. Well weighted steering, lots of room inside, very quiet as well.

    I am glad I got to drive the Lancer. Now I wouldn't hesitate to put it on the list for consideration as a second car, primarily for my dad.
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    See, didn't I tell all those doubting toms out there that the horsepower figure does not give the Lancer justice for the amount of pep it has? It's not fast, but more than adequate. I bet the roomy interior, especially the back seat, really impressed you compared to that teeny tiny rear seat in the Jetta.
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    I don't know, I didn't check out the back seat. It looks pretty roomy though. And the power is good, like you said. Maneuverability isn't too bad either.

    The power window motor on the passenger side is dead in this one though, and the brakes are squeaking and worn out. It's a rental though, with 24K miles, so I know they have been hard miles.
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    As you all know, I have this 02 Lancer ES rental car. Well, I had alot of errands to run today, so I figured I would make some notes and provide a review while I was at it. :) Don't flame me now, but here's what I think about the car.

    The Lancer is a nice ride actually. The interior plastics are not up to VW standards, but I like how they match the grain of the dash, the dash top, and steering wheel. The plood must go though, it's awful! Controls are logically placed, and I love the storage and big glovebox too.

    The power is not too bad, but on the highway (around 60-90 mph) the car lacks oomph. It is an economy car though, so I will say it's adequate (sorry, I am used to a turbo). Maneuverability is as good as my Jetta in the city, able to make a full U-turn without backing up on a 2-way city street. Handling, on the other hand, feels a little flaccid to me. The car doesn't change direction (without wheels squealing anyway) at the speed that my 01 Protege would. The refinement is good, with wind noise being the only objection on the highway. The engine is very quiet, and runs about 3500rpm when cruising at 80mph.

    The driver's seat is pretty comfortable to me, although I can't adjust the height in the rental because someone broke the darn handle off! :( I drove the car for 40mins. straight, and no pains in the back or butt, so that's a good sign.

    So if handling is your cup of tea, you might crave something sportier than the Lancer is. But put larger tires, a little stiffer suspension, and about 30 more hp on it, and you would have a wonderful car on your hands.
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    Very nice review of the Lancer. I parked next to one yesterday in the brown color, and it looked quite nice inside and out. Being a diehard Toyotaist, I will give the Lancer a through look see when we get ready to buy a new car for the 2004 or 2005 model year.
    Thanks for an unbiased review!

    The Sandman :-)
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    I sat in the back seat last night, and I am 6'3 and a good 270lbs. I let my friend drive, because I had a little too much to drink. :) Anyway, the back seat was pretty comfortable, even for someone my height. Alot more comfortable than the Jetta's is. :)

    The right side bolster in this seat seems to poke me in the right side for some reason. That's about the only thing I don't like about the car. That, and the power. But I am used to 180hp and a turbo though, so you all understand. :)

    I like the Lancer and all, but I can't wait to get my car back! They still have it after 3 days.. :(

    Also, this one has 27.5K on it, I estimated the mileage wrong the last time. Maybe that's why the brakes are going.
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    My silver Lancer OZ is one year old today! So far everything is going great. No problems whatsoever. I now have 14k. The brakes have become noticeably stronger although the front pads look about half worn (mostly city/suburban driving). Fuel economy has improved some, from about 23-24 mpg in the city to around 26. No rattles to speak of but the driver's door panel makes a slight popping sound when driven over certain bumps. The funny thing is that my 93 Diamante made the same noise. I finally was about to find a more comfortable position for my back. If you are short like me and find the built-in lumbar too intrusive, lower the seat down as far as it will go and it should feel more comfortable. It's still not very comfortable to me, but definitely an improvement. There's not much else for me to say. I continue to enjoy the car and it has served me well. Reliability and build quality of the Lancer is top-notch. I'm very satisifed with my purchase.
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    You bought your car on November 3? I did as well! Too funny. :) I turned one year old with 25,400 miles though... :)

    And the rental Lancer I had needed brakes badly. I had to step hard on the pedal, and it squealed like crazy as well. It was at 27K, so you probably are about halfway on the pads.

    Glad you are happy with the car. :)
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    Rumor is they are going to put a 2.4L engine as an option in the Lancer to bridge the gap between the base Lancer and the EVO. Is it me or is 2.4L kinda big for a small car?
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    Well, the Sentra SE-R models have a 2.5 engine in them. Nothing is too big if it fits! :)

    I never heard about the 2.4 going into the Lancer, but I think Mitsu made a mistake again in 2003 by not offering ABS on anything but the LS model. They called the OZ Rally model "sporty", then don't even offer the option of ABS. I don't get it...
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    A 2.4 only producing 160-170HP just doesn't make sense for a car of this size. I think 2.0L is as big of an engine as a car that size needs unless it is going to offer major performance gains.
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    Is there a break-in period for the Lancer? I was flipping through the owner's manual for my wife's '97 Mirage and it says that the break-in period is 500 miles. It basically says not to drive or brake too harshly. My '02 Elantra owner's manual recommends 1,200-mile break-in period with rather detailed instructions. Does anyone have any ideas where the differences come from? I'm just curious.
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    I think my Lancer manual said to take it easy for the first 500 miles. It sounded a bit low to me as well, but I suppose Mitsu engineers know their cars. I still played it safe and drove it gently for the first 800 miles or so.
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    My Lancer OZ now has 17k trouble free miles. No problems whatsoever. Great highway cruiser because the engine is so amazingly quiet and the ride is plush yet controlled. I sometimes hear a slight one-time popping sound from the driver's door panel when going over washboard surfaces but that's the only unusual noise. I have been very impressed with this car's build quality and reliability. I keep wondering why no one posts in here about their Lancers, but maybe everyone has trouble free cars and don't feel the need to tell us about it. Anyway, I highly recommend this car as an alternative to the Civic and Corolla. This is definitely one underappreciated and overlooked car that deserves more attention than it gets.
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    Glad you are still enjoying your car. :) 17K miles in how long, a year or so? I got 28K on my 02 Jetta, and it will be 14 months old on Friday... :)
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    How long out of that 14 months has your Jetta been in the shop? That information is necessary to make an adequate assessment on how many miles you are really putting on it :)
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    I bought one yesterday! Before that I'd never heard of the car until the 0-0-0 financing ad campaign enticed me to see what Mitsubishi is all about in I sorta had my eye on Protege' for my teen daughter, <two short years from college age, but not interested enough to buy anything right now.. That is until we tested the Lancer. I got it at cost (ES, auto w/ option P1 - total $15k).. No interest, 36mo. term & 1st payment due Feb., '04! Hard to pass up this one, all things considered. I am impressed with the classy exterior and functional/roomy interior. The solid sound/feel closing doors is a good thing. I just hope reliablity is an attribute to brag about down the road. These are made entirely in Japan, so there's a start. (Pity I had to say that.) More later...
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    Congrats on your new Lancer! Please keep us informed on your ownership experience since so few people decide to post here.
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    It was off the road for a month because a part was coming in from Germany for it. So 28K miles in 12 months.

    And, unlike cheap Honda, VW gives loaner cars and doesn't make you rent a car at expense.
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    Honda doesn't need to give out loaner cars. VW must anticipate the length of time their cars will spend in the shop and wanna save you that second car note worth of rental cars. They are SUCH a considerate company. Durn Honda, they just build their cars right the first time.
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    What does this have to do with the Lancer? Nothing of course. So drop it.
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    Please stop already. As an avid Edmunds fan, I'm getting a little po'd with your constant attitude and nastiness when others don't agree with you. You already had problems last year in the Protege Forum using a different name and frankly, your 15 minutes are up! Either start acting like an adult in here or please, JUST MOVE ON! U've become tedious at best.
    Happy New Year to everyone else!

    The Sandman :-)
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    sandman ... maybe one of your New Year's resolutions should be to not take things so seriously. It was obviously a joke and both of you know that and it was no more off-topic or less-relevant to the Lancer than this statement "And, unlike cheap Honda, VW gives loaner cars and doesn't make you rent a car at expense"
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    I've had my OZ for 8 months and through the 16,500 miles have had no problems. The car is running great! Still lots of compliments and also seeing more and more Lancers on the road each day. Can't wait to see the Evolution in a few weeks-just one question......Why do so many professional reviews knock the car; from Motortrend to Car and Driver....even Edmunds does not give the car the credit it deserves? Oh well, I am 110% satisfied with my ride----hope everyone feels the same about theirs!
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