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    Still enjoying my ES. First Oil change went smooth. I am getting between about 32-34 mpg in my lancer although I spend most of my time commuting on the freeway to work. No complaints. The car is solid. Love my Car.
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    That's right $15,000. I got the dealer down from $16,500 to $15,500, and then with my $500 college grad rebate brought the car to a low $15,000. I don't think he ended up liking me that much. I love the car got it in silver, but wanted thunder gray. Still a great buy! I don't understand why many of the professional reviews on this car are so bad and negative. Are these people expecting the car to run, look, and feel like a Mercedez. the car is a compact car. That means it's gonna be fuel efficient, have low horsepower, at a low price, and with usually low standard features. But not the Lancer, all three especially my O-Z are hooked up from the factory. OK, so some cars like the Elantra and Protege have more horsepower- but the Elantra's a Hyundai and the Protege is a few grand more. Just add a few things to the spacious engine, and you will surpass the horsepower in all of its competitor. Look at the Lancer's competitors, all in all this is a top three in it's class. For those begging for the Evolution don't forget you'll have to drop around $30 grand. I'll stick with my O-Z for now, it's great. I'll keep posting on the progress of my O-Z Rallye until then. See ya!
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    i see a lot more lancers around here than new civics......
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    Congrats on your new OZ! You have the exact same car as mine, except mine has the automatic. You will love this car! I've had mine for 6 trouble free months and have only seen 1 other car exactly like mine. I have seen a few other OZs, but they weren't silver or they lacked the spoiler. I love how exclusive the model is (unlike the Civic). My next door neighbor calls it the little Infiniti, which I think bodes well for its looks. I like this car so much I may be buying another one soon, a black one with a 5 speed.

    p.s. Good job on the price! The Lancer had just come out when I bought mine and the dealer wouldn't budge from sticker. I did at least get the $500 college grad rebate.
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    I'm in the market for a new car, and the yellow OZ really caught my eye...I've got a couple of gripes though, that I'd like some real-time owners to attest to. First off, why would they put the 4-speaker sound system in the OZ??? It sounds terrible! Good bass, but no clarity at all. Does anyone know if Mitsu sells/installs a tweeter kit for these things? Also, does the car get any faster once it's through the 'break-in' period? Seemed kinda slow on the initial test drive. Otherwise, I love it! I'm six and a half feet tall, and I fit in the back seat. Truly awesome.
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    I agree with you on the stereo. They should have put the 6 speaker system from the LS model on the OZ since the OZ can actually cost more. I'm not sure if you can get the tweeters installed. However, I think the rear speakers are the problem. Crawl into the trunk and look how small the magnets are. They also are cheap paper cones with no real tweeters. I can guarantee you that replacing the rear speakers with some high quality ones will dramatically improve the sound (if not all four). It should only cost you $60-120 if you do it yourself. The tweeters on the LS can't make up for the sorry rear speakers. If you fade the speakers to the rear only, you will see how muddy sounding they are.
    As for engine response, my OZ with automatic is definitely peppier now that it has almost 8k on it. It seemed the same power wise as a new 5 speed OZ I recently test drove
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    I was wondering if anyone who purchased a Lancer with the 0,0,0 promotion also received the 500 college rebate (if graduating college). My dealer told me I would be receiving it, but it has been a whole month. I've called Mitsubishi Corporation, and they haven't contacted me back yet!!!! Also called the dealership, and now they're saying that I don't qualify-Can someone help me out!!!!
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    I've had my 2002 Lancer since Jan. 2002. Noticed small rock chips on the hood within a few weeks. Everytime the vehicle is washed it seems like I see more. Anyone else noticing this problem.
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    You need to hassle your dealer!!! I got the 000 deal and the $500 college grad rebate. I did have to wait over 6 weeks to get it and the dealer ended up cutting me the check because they were having problems locating my paperwork. Did you fill out the college grad form and provide proof of graduation from your college? You had to do that within 3 days of the close of the sale in order to qualify. If you did that and gave it to the dealer, then it's there responsibility to make sure the paperwork was sent so you can get the money. When I called Mitsubishi, they told me I needed to talk to the dealer about my lost paperwork and sure enough they took care of it after WAY TOO MUCH hassling. Anyway, good luck and I hope you get that money! Let me know what happens.
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    I have also noticed a few chips in the paint on my hood, but since most of my driving is in the city, I imagine I have less of a problem then those who drive at highway speeds. My mom scraped the front corner of my bumper with her 01 Audi A4 and took the paint completely off of it while her car came off unscathed. Otherwise, I think the paint job is pretty good. It has good luster, looks thick (except the bumpers and hood), and is very smooth to the touch. Paints these days seem to chip a lot easier, especially the metallic ones. I would say it's probably normal, unless your paint is flaking off all over the place.
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    I bought my oz (yellow) in oct. 2001. Never had a problem with it. I have done a few things to it. Nothing to the motor. Just to the looks. Such as pinstripes and some lettering. Even painted and pinstriped inside the rims. I re done some of the interior and added an MP3 player. I have had a lot of complements on this car. I would really like to pep up the engine. Any ideas or web sites to visit?!?
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    They just tested a Lancer, a Corolla, a Protege, and an Impreza in this month's issue. They said the Lancer was totally substandard. It was uncomfortable inside, the ride sucked, and the power was nothing. Only thing they liked about it was the fuel economy, and they said that wasn't even great.

    I never really drove a Lancer, but are they that bad?
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    I'll have to read the article to see exactly what they were complaining about. I personally agree with the comfort issue. To me, the back of the front seats poke out too much in the lumbar area and you can't adjust it down. It starts bothering my back within 10 minutes, however, my partner finds the car very comfortable. I'm 5'6" and he is 5'10". As for the ride, are you sure it was the ride they were complaining about or the handling? The Lancer has the most comfortable controlled ride in the compact car segment. Its soft without feeling floaty, yet firm when it should be. It filters out large bumps with one motion and does an admirable job of filtering out the small sharp bumps too. The ride is also amazingly quiet, devoid of almost any tire or road noise. After riding in it, driving the Protege5 felt like I was riding in a bouncy loud truck. Handling is a little above average. It responds quickly to steering inputs, has good balance, and a very small turning radius, but the touring Eagle LS tires squeal and lose grip quickly. With bigger performance tires, the Lancer would be a very good handling car. As for power, I find it to be peppy and think its penty fast. I've never been in a situation where I didn't have the confidence to pull out. It could use 10-20 extra horses, but overall I don't feel its underpowered. It's just not the fastest in the segment.

    Short answer: It's far from a bad car. Read the owner's comments in the new car price section and you will see just about everyone loves their Lancer and praises it.
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    For anyone who got both of these with their Lancer, did it depend on how many derogitories you had on your credit to make you ineligable for the $500 rebate. This is the new crap they are giving me-I think they are just trying to pocket the money. The rules and policies say nothing about "subject to credit delinquencies". Can anyone help me?

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    That doesn't make any sense. You would get turned down for the 000 deal if you had bad credit, but not the college grad rebate. You are elligible for the rebate as long as you showed them proof of graduation from your college within the alloted time frame. Did you do that crucial step?? If so, you should get the rebate, regardless of derogatory remarks on your credit. The rebate is an incentive paid by Mitsubishi in order to reward those who are recent college grads. The 000 deal is the only thing that is credit dependent. Get that money!!! Good luck.
  • hacken18hacken18 Member Posts: 1 has an interesting article about the "worldwide" (which means including the US model) Lancer Evolution, here's the link
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    Regarding the purchase of the OZ for $15,000: I would love to know what part of the country the car was purchased in. I'm pricing Lancer's in South Florida and not coming close to the $15,500 that you negotiated. Any hints would be appreciated.
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    The Lancer is odd looking and slow. Get a Hyundai Elantra...better looking, more power, std. options, cheaper price, better warranty....

    (uh oh...what have I started?)
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    Just got this car on Saturday the 20th of july. I must admit its a great the OZ edition manual of course, all black with the matching spoiler. I am wondering about the chips in the hood but i see others are complaining too. Maybe the anti-corrosion warranty will cover it if it rusts or something. I have no real complaints...needs more horsepower though....maybe ill get a turbo or a high performance airfilter if it is worth it! For the price.... i paid 16,670...18,000 after tax and title and all that stuff plus the spoiler....the dealer only makes 800 dollars on the car so I dont feel bad.
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    Well I purchased my OZ April 29th, and just received the 500 cash back. I had to go through so much hell getting my rebate, took almost three months when they told me it would be 2-3 weeks. Oh well, about the pricing-here it is. I bought my car in Jersey City, NJ (where I went to college). I went to the dealership, told him I wanted the 000 promotion, and was graduating college in May. They ran my credit and with no job, no co-signer, and no down payment I was approved for the car. I told him flat out "what is the lowest you could get me the car for cause my dad wanted me to buy it from the shore where I'm from, whoever gets the lowest price gets my signature". He told me 15,500 with the college rebate. I went down to the shore told the salesman what Jersey City said and he offered me 15,000 with the college rebate, here's where it gets tricky....The shore salesman ran my credit and told me there is no way I could get the car on my own. I told him that Jersey City told me I already qualified he told me they were lying and didn't run my credit. So I shot back up to Jersey City and told him I'd take the car. As I'm signing the papers I see there is no college rebate 500 deducted (the price on the papers was 15,503). I asked him and he gave me some bull answer that I didn't qualify. I signed the papers came back the next day to talk to the sales manager and got my 500 check in the mail a few days ago, FINALLY. Thus, the car was 15,003!!! Because I fell in the B teir credit area, and am deferring the payments I have a very high interest rate, and only 9 months of defferred payments. The salesman told me they desperately needed to sell cars that month because they were 20 cars under their quota, and he really needed to sell. I got a good price on the car, but got hit with a high interest rate. If you can't get it for 15,500 or 15,000 see how low the interest rate will be-I'm sure it will come out to the exact same in the end if you end up paying 16,500 for the car and an interest rate of 2 or 3%. Mitsubishi is also running the 000 promotion and no interest through the period of the loan. I'm sure you gotta be in the A tier credit or have a co-signer with excellent credit. This girl I know went to the same dealership I did without calling me first, paid 17,400 for her OZ (automatic though), but had her dad co-sign for her. Thus her interest rate was very low. Let me know how it goes----Sorry this was so long!!!!
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    What was the interest rate they gave you? I got 9.9% through the 000 promotion way back in November. I was told that's the lowest interest rate they offered if you took the 000.

    On another note, I'm getting close to the 10k mark on my OZ and it's still flawless. No problems whatsoever. Great car. I recently discovered I have an online buddy who works for my local dealer as a mechanic. He said they haven't had any problems with the Lancer so far. That's good to hear! He did say the 95-99 Eclipse RS and GS are troublesome, mostly due to their Chrysler engines.
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    Trouble from something made by Chrysler? Should I put on my surprise face??? :)
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    I am very excited to be the proud owner of a 2002 Lancer - OZ (Dark Grey). It kinda reminds me of the BMW M3 body style. The only thing I would change is the grill. It's a little harsh for a car that is otherwise understated. I love the 5 speed but I have noticed shifting can be unreasonably stiff at times. The tires still look a little odd too but that's an easy fix. Overall, it's a fun car for a 30 something who is getting married and may need room for babyseats ;) - Anyone know where I can find exterior aftermarket accessories?
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    You can go to and go to their "virtual garage". They will provide a pic of your car, in the color you have. Then you can "put" wheels on the car to get an idea of how they look. This might help you with your wheel selection.

    Congrats on your purchase, and good luck with the car. :)

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    My interest rate was 10.9 percent. I fell in the B tier credit range. I will refinance in 8 months at a much lower interest rate! About to hit 5,000 miles and still no problems, just a lot of compliments!!!!!!
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    Congrats all you new Lancer owners. It seems the OZ model is the most popular one in this forum. It's great to see some people finally post in here. Keep coming back and give updates on your car!
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    Again, I must Elantra is a better buy. More horses...equip...better looks...better price...the Lancer looks like lil beefed up Echo...the Elantra looks, well, classy...
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    While I used to be a Hyundai owner and admire those who back it up, I have to disagree with you some. Though it does have 20 more horses, I couldn't decipher a difference in performance between them. The Lancer jumps off the line faster and felt quicker to rev, but the Elantra has more power in the upper rpms. To me, it was a wash. The Lancer does surpass the Elantra in smoothness and refinement though. The balance shafts on the Lancer make it feel just as smooth as a V6, whereas the Elantra's engine is a little rougher. The Elantra does have a better warranty and a lower price, but the styling borders on the plain side (though much more stylish then the Civic and Sentra) and it lacks important options like alloy wheels and ground effects. It's just not sporty looking like the OZ model. I do agree the base ES model looks a little funky, but the OZ model is a completely different animal. The Lancer looks nothing like an Echo, so don't know where that came from. I think the Lancer looks classier due to its large chrome grill and pull-type door handles. Plus, it looks leaner and more aerodynamic from the side. Overall, they both are great cars. Which one is a better buy depends on the owner's preferences. For me, the sporty looks and high refinement levels of the Lancer outweighed the lower price and better warranty of the Elantra.
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    USED to be a Hyundai owner? Did we finally buy that SX? :)

    And I am seeing more and more Lancers on the roads now. With the deals that Mitsu is providing, no wonder. I mean 0-0-0 and no interest for 5 YEARS? Heck yeah! :) And, surprisingly, the car I see the most is the yellow OZ Rally Edition.

    The Hyundai looks like a Chevy Impala in the front. It's a nice car, but still the styling is pretty bland. I would recommend one of them though, from what I have read on the forums here at Edmunds.

    Mitsu needs to wake up though, and offer ABS across the line or standard, and the same with the side airbags. If the Echo can do it, so can the Lancer.

    And I never drove a Lancer, but I am curious now. Might just take a test drive for the heck of it.
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    No, not yet :( I'm waiting to see if I get the job with the state that I applied for. I think I'm also going to wait for the 03 models to come out and see if they make any changes, like optional sunroof and 16" wheels. My Accent is now in the hands of my best friend. I was very sad to see her go. My friend is claiming bankruptcy and dropped down from an 01 Rodeo V6 to my little 92 horse Accent. I was surprised when he ended up liking the car, mostly due to its fuel economy and manueverability. I'm currently driving my 92 Miata with 141k miles.

    I have witnessed the same trend. In my town, I also see more yellow OZs then any other color. Black is also popular. Mine is the only silver OZ I have seen. Strange eh? Silver is usually the most popular color. I do agree that Mitsu needs to make side airbags and ABS more readily available.

    P.S. Please don't try to compare the Lancer to your turbo Jetta!! The power difference will be very noticeable. However, if you compare it to both of your old Proteges, you should be pleasantly surprised. The Protege's 2.0 engine didn't impress me much. It was a lot rougher, especially at idle, and louder compared to the Lancer. Power with the 5-speed was just about the same as my automatic Lancer. I feel the Lancer has a lot more torque down low and thus feels spunkier off the line. It's a good car, just don't go into the test drive thinking its the barnstormer your Jetta is. At least you will be impressed with the room after living with the cramped Jetta :)
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    Actually, I have sat in the Lancer before at Carmax when I went with a friend. I found the front seats kinda uncomfortable to me. But it was otherwise a pretty nice car.

    And with 120hp, I know my VW could blow it away. But also, the Lancer is about $5K less expensive than my VW was.
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    Hey...this is the guy who thought the Elantra is better than a Lancer. Don't get me wrong...the lancer IS a nice car...but, I don't think my elantra looks like a Impala...the headlights, a little...but they also can look like a Lincoln LS, older 3-series Bimmer, etc. To me, the Lancer was just too damn boxy...the interior is very nice, but the Elantra seems, IMHO, to beat it there...feels a little better put together. I almost bought an OZ, but was put off by a VERY pushy car salesmen. What sold me on the elantra: smoother, more curvy styling. Better handling...Seems a tad quicker (Lancer engine smoother? Not really...the 2.0 in the Elantra rev's nicely), much cheaper, much better warranty. Alloy rims and a ground effects package are a plus for the OZ...but for that much more money than an Elantra GLS OR even a GT? I don't think so. Of course, this is all IMHO, so take it for what you will...see you at a stop light ;-)
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    When you think about it, the difference in price isn't as great as it seems. Aftermarket ground effects packages, alloy wheels, white-faced gauges, and aluminum trim all add up quickly. The gauges alone would cost about $200, not including installation. The aluminum trim would cost about $200. The ground effects can cost between $1-2k, and those prices usually don't include paint or installation. Granted, those packages are usually more outrageous then the factory ones, but I prefer the more understated factory look. Alloy wheels cost about $500. You would need to add cruise, keyless entry, and CD to get the Elantra's standard epuipment to the same level. Add it all up, and the Elantra GT becomes just as expensive as the OZ. The GLS would still be a bit cheaper, but the price difference would no longer be a big deal. Anyway, that's how I look at it.
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    Don't you've shown, a hyundai elantra GT would run about the same as a Lancer OZ...same options...however, you would also get leather, those neat looking bluish/purple dash (like a VW really...) instead of white face gauges, and 20 more horses...IMHO, the GT is a tad sportier looking than the OZ, and has more room inside. Better warranty, better put together from my experience owning an Elantra, and driving a Lancer OZ rental about a month back. SO, what's next?
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    I am looking into the Lancer but have seen photos of fake wood trim on the interior. That is enough to make me not buy the car. Does anyone know if it comes standard or if I can get an option of having a normal interior???
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    The ES and LS models come standard with a strip of wood trim across the middle of the dash. The OZ replaces the wood trim with aluminum trim. Curiously, why is fake wood trim such a big deal? Wood, real or fake, breaks up the monotony of cheap plastic and lends a more upscale appearance. As long as the color of the wood is good and it isn't too shiny, it can be a nice addition to any interior. I will say that there are two different wood colors on the Lancer, and one of them looks hideous to me. The gray interiors come with a nice dark oak trim that looks appealing and is nicely subdued. The tan interiors come with a bright orange-colored wood trim that simply looks ugly to me. The color of the wood looks unnatural and stands out too much in the tan interior. So, if you hate wood trim, definitely stay away from the tan interior. However, I can't imagine you turning down the car simply because it has wood trim. If you positively can't have wood trim, then buy the OZ model or have the dealer take the wood off.
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    lancer 0z 5speed msrp: 15,900

    for that price i could get a elantra GT with alloys, heated mirros, leather, VW gauges, ABS, TCS, moonroof, 2.0l 4cyl with balance shafts and 8 counterweights. plastic thats nice plastic not aluminum look plastic, more room, and a hatch, fogs

    or as i did get the GT without abs or TCS, moonroof, take out the standard 100watt cd stereo and add a MP3 deck, swap the 15s for 17s, and still stay under 15k...


    nice clean look... devoid of plastic body extensions to make it look wanna be boy racer..(as in corolla which ends up looking fugly in S form imho) not too tall... nice pops used to love owning mitsu's (starion esir, diamante LS, cordia, montero 2 door, colt vista)

     but the proportions on the lancer front are not as nice as they are on the non us spec lancer...


    what impala? no... its a saab...LOL

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    I'd appreciate it if you didn't clog up the Lancer forum with pictures of your Elantra. It makes it harder for others to download the forum, only to find info regarding a different car. That said, I think what was meant by the Impala remark was the shape and design of the headlamps. The two cars are similar in that respect. You are right in that the GT looks like a Saab when viewed from the side. Whether that is a good thing depends on the person looking at it. I personally think that the rear doesn't match the front. The strange rear styling ruins the car for me. I think Hyundai did a better job with the hatch styling on the Accent. To each their own. You did make a good choice on color and wheel design. That blue is a nice color and the rims are sharp.
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    First, please accept my sincere thanks! Your time in sharing your experiences is helping and a price tag can't be put on that.

    I test drove the 2003 Lancer: the ride was great and I drove a long steep hill with sharp curves to a small mountain top - excellent ability to climb without having to manually shift the automatic to other gears. The ride back down was sure and confident in handling the decline and curves going back... I actually prefer the horsepower as is to help me avoid speeding too far beyond the speed limit since I love speed and have a heavy foot on the gas pedal. The car is so luxuriously quiet "IMHO".

    OZ - not sure if there was supposed to be a significant addition, but I just didn't notice a difference in the ride - it could just be me, but the extras are attractive.

    I enjoyed the internal features as mentioned by other town hall members: comfort, space, and styling. I actually like the somewhat rough material to rest the driver's arm. Not much adjustment available though for the seat. Hope to make a decision in the next few days between the Lancer and Corolla CE '03, Mazda Protege, and Honda Civic - in that order.

    THE LANCER IS VERY WELL WORTH CONSIDERATION! Now for the dealer with the best price for what I really want - the Lancer.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Good luck in your decision! It would be nice to welcome a new Lancer owner to the forum. In regards to the OZ model, there isn't supposed to be a difference in the ride. The OZ is simply an appearance package for those who like sporty looks. By the way, my 02 OZ is still running strong and trouble free at 12k.
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    Well I am writing about The EVO VII. The Lancer the US has now is crap. If you bought one, sorry you should have got a civic. I was very upset at mitsu when that "lancer" came out. 120 hp, worthless. now that I know we are getting the good one I fell better. the EVO in Japan runs an 11.9 in the 1/4 mile. 276 hp. hmmm sorry viper but you'll lose that race to a 4-door. the US is said to get a 260 hp version. viper beater? probly not. but it will be darn close. a few hundred $ and it will be. i will buy the real Lancer EVO VII when it comes out in January.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    And why should we have bought Civics? To get a wimpy 1.7 liter 115 horse engine with no torque (127 if you spring for the EX, but it still lacks torque), bland styling, and a bouncy ride? Please, I'll take the peppy torque rich 2.0 liter, elegant sporty styling, and comfortable ride in my Lancer anyday. If you want to waste 30k on an economy car with a hot engine, then so be it. But don't come in here calling the car crap. If it weren't for the Lancer, there wouldn't be an Evo, so give the car a break. This forum is for regular Lancer owners with regular budgets. If you want to discuss the Evo, go to the proper forum.
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    Well said Ingtonge18!! im sick and tired of whiners that buy a $18k car and they expect a $80k car. HELLO!! The Lancer is an excellent car and for the money and it gives out excelent value and reliability. i bought mine in April 02 and i love it. The Honda Civic is excellent as well but a bit pricey for a economy car. So there......
  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    ...alot of people are dissatisfied with this generation of Civic. Looks like the cars are not all they are cracked up to be.
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    Evolover brays:
    120 hp, worthless ... 11.9 [sec] 1/4 mile...viper beater? probly not. but it will be darn close. a few hundred $ and it will be.

    Really? Gosh, gollie gee! I find men who are strong enough to push the gas pedal all the way to the floor so sexy. Especially when they make me their beneficiary on their life insurance policy before they go out and drive stupidly.


    Yeah, right. Please pardon me if I don't get even the slightest bit excited by such an accomplishment. Like fawning over one Neadertholically simple measure of performance and ignoring the total package. Can you say "Forest" and "Trees" and not know the adage I'm referring to? :-)

    i will buy the real Lancer EVO VII when it comes out in January.

    Good for you.

    Can I suggest that you buy it in bright yellow, orange, or red? Afterall, since you're apt to be parked on the shoulder quite often while the police are writing up your tickets, mimicking a giant traffic cone will help enhance highway safety for the rest of us on the roads.

  • vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    Oooh, that was harsh.. I loved it! :)
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Member Posts: 356
    Thanks. Its hard to strike that fine line between being seen as condescending when trying to deliver a firm wake-up slap for objectivity.

    One example of that is the horsepower game. There's a professional drag racer out there (who's name I forget) who's famous for his statement on the subject. Its underlying message is that its dumb to go buy a 500HP machine when the driver can't even make 50HP go fast.

    Okay, I'll be generous: let's start with the 55 horsepower in the 1979 model. Here's the chariot:


    Question now is: in stock form, how fast can you make this car go?


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    Well, it's a Honda. Mods are extremely easy to do to the car, the aftermarket is huge. The same with Acura and VW. But take a car like a Kia, for example. You can't really do any mods to the car (not readily available) to give it more power, better handling, etc., because the stuff is simply not available for the car.
  • huntzingerhuntzinger Member Posts: 356
    Well, it's a Honda.

    Yup. Its 1.2l I4 engine originally came from their motorcycle line.

    Mods are extremely easy to do to the car, the aftermarket is huge.

    It was a simple car, although I doubt you'll find many aftermarket options for it today, considering that this engine/bodystyle ended production 23 years ago.

    The same with Acura and VW. But take a car like a Kia, for example. You can't really do any mods to the car (not readily available) to give it more power, better handling, etc., because the stuff is simply not available for the car.

    Fair enough point, if your intention is to modify. That simply doesn't apply to me anymore, due to a severe shortage of discretionary free time that can be spent in the garage (unless its to grab tools to repair something inside the house!).

    It does seem that you hit a certain age where car "performance" in the enthusiast sense takes a back seat to having a car that's rock solid reliable to go to work. Question for the Lancer is how well it can meet some peoples' desire to be both fun and reliable, or is it going to be competing to be yet another "Appliance" car that Honda/Toyota excels at.

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