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Porsche Cayenne



  • Dear JFK663:

    Please see postings 899 and 913 for information regarding Yakima roof racks.
  • bmwx5jimbmwx5jim Posts: 9
    I just picked up an almost new roof transport system original porsche equipment on e bay for $300, they sell at the dealer for $480. fits on all Cayenne's in the grooves on the roof.
    Meanwhile..... enjoying the ride
  • bmwx5jimbmwx5jim Posts: 9
    Also, since I no longer have the BMWX5, does anyone know how you can change your handle on this forum?
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The easiest way to do it is to simply create a new user name for yourself and then after you determine that everything is in order just drop me a note and I'll have your old name purged from the system.

    tidester, host
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    probably go to the hosts and ask them....steve and tides will be able to help you, they're good guys, and they like Krispy Kremes... :)

    enjoy your ride... ~!!!
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    boy, you are omnipresent....ya beat me to the post ... :)
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Thanks for helping out!

    Isn't it your turn to bring Friday KKs this week? ;-)

    tidester, host
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    yeah, I'll throw in a few dozen....some mixed varieties with a dozen of original glazed...hmmm....! :)
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    I have the same issues with the door opener. My wife had our two grandchildren in tow and she was having a world of trouble getting the doors to open with the kids running around the car in the mall lot. She was an unnerved grandmother. No other carmaker has trouble opening their doors. This has become a safety and security issue. She doesn't want all doors opened at once. She wants what she always had with other cars, one click the driver's door, two clicks open the remaining doors.
    Also the use of the use of the horn to signal door locking is negated if you use two keys (husband and wife). The whole situation here is ridiculous since I know of no other car that has this problem. Toureg did but they fixed their problem by repositioning their antenna.
    I really like my Cay S but Porsche is really dragging their feet on this issue. Quality companies don't let things like this happen.

    Also my Nav system makes major mistakes. I called 1 800 nav maps to report the problem they told me it was a computer programming issue and I should call the company responsible for the programming. I called the phone number given to me and the result was the phone was no longer in service. I recalled nav maps and they were at a loss as what happened and what to do. Porsche should be concerned about its poor response. Competition can appear out of nowhere.

    ps can you correct my call name to "roadtwister." That is what it should be thanks.
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    I am at somewhat of a loss. Your saying that all car manufacturers should build everything the same because your wife can't figure it out, is this correct ?

    You can programme the car for both keys and turn on/off all door opening. You cannot program 1 click 2 clicks. you can turn the horn indicator off.

    I cannot see that what your asking is ever going to happen, this being the case, why did you get, of all things, a Porsche ? Its bound to be different, you are expected to adapt.

    There is no safety issue other than an obvious one which others can figure out for themselves I guess.

    If you have a problem with the Nav system take it to Porsche to fix, all NavTeq do is supply the map data, and in most cases would blame the manufacturer of the vehicle anyway.

    Please describe the problem you have found, I and others may have similar experience and be able to help.
  • Got a call from my dealer that my cay is here. Unfortunately the guy who does the prep won't be in until Monday, so I'm looking at delivery on Tuesday. Right now the car is completely wrapped...I was able to sat in it but nothing else. Hella cool and I'm glad I made the right choice.
  • modelamodela Posts: 5
    I have been struggling with the remote locks. I have changed the menu on the dashboard sevarl times to allow the remote to open all doors at the same time. It will work a few times and then revert to the one door feature. Opening one door is tricky, since the second click of the remote opens the doors sometimes but not other times. Hitting the remote again relocks the doors-- I am unable to open them again until the relock "cycles". This is very frustrating and utterly ridiculous. I will be calling the dealer --why should I have to spend time with this? The intelligent engineering went out the window--don't the guys at corporate lock their cars?
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    I think you misunderstood. I want to set the door openings to one click to open driver's door second click to open all other doors. All the other cars I have owned have this exercise down. Even my cheap loaner SUV was flawless while my Cay S was in for service. It really isn't rocket science.
    Part of the problem is where the antenna is located, which I believe is in the windshield. When you come up to the driver's door the antenna doesn't "see" the signal. Then you push again and sometimes it takes. But here is the rub if the first one misses and you go to any other door than the driver's door the car is locked. You then push again and everything locks. Now you have to wait for the 4 second delay to expire to start all over again. Not good. Kids are getting restless and dashing around. Toureg had the same problem but went ahead and relocated the antenna. No foot dragging just fixed it.
    In addition the settings for horn signals upon locking are cancelled by simply using husband and wife keys even though both keys are set the same. It is a work around for the Porsche devotees, a computer glich for everyone else.
  • mudman2mudman2 Posts: 152
    The antenna for the remotes are in the rear spoiler, some have reported greater range by un-coiling the antenna, but this will not result in a change in the modes available.

    The Cayenne does not have the one click two click method of operation. You either open 1 or all doors.

    I would guess you have another issue going on, everyone has range issues but have adapted. The system does work, sounds like either your is not or the user is not used to it yet.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    My Cayenne does have two click option the options are as follows;



    But here is the curve, you can program one key to open all doors on first click but use of spouse's key deprograms that setting even though her key was set for exact same setting as my key. The same thing happens when the key programing is reversed. Essentially it always reverts to the factory default which is one click drivers door second click all other doors. And good luck on the range. Sometimes standing next to the drivers door the click fails. How do you unwind the antenna.

    Thanks in advance.
  • peteropnypeteropny Posts: 15
    I too find the range of the key remote annoying. Unless aimed right, sometimes it wouldn't even work when I'm right at the driver's door.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    can you correct my call name to "Roadtwister" that is supposed to be my name for Porsche. singerbmw was when we owned a 530i. Thanks
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    The easiest way to handle it is for you to create a new user name. Once you've done that drop me an email and I'll have your old one purged from the system.

    tidester, host
  • usc5terusc5ter Posts: 10
    I gotta go with msingerbmw on the remote key issue. It is absolutely ridiculous how they have managed to f-up something so simple as opening car doors. The most embarrassing moments are usually at valet services when the poor guy accidentally locks my car and he then keeps pressing the lock button trying to open the door not realizing there is a dumb 4 sec cycle. I have to then walk over and explain why my $70,000 car is like this. I use to own a Conv CLK 430 and that car also had a bad range however none of these retarded problems.
  • habitat1habitat1 Posts: 4,282
    Reading your posts reminds me of why I may never own a Porsche, in spite of their positive attributes.

    We will be replacing our SUV this fall with a 2005 model. It's 50/50 that we will go with something with a third row seat, but I'm hanging on to the possiblity of a 5-passenger one, so I thought I'd drop in. I'd like something fun to drive, so the X5 and Cayenne are on my list.

    Unfortunately, as much as I appreciate Porsche's engineering prowess, I really don't have much tolerance for "you'll just have to put up with ____, since it's a Porsche."

    Two and a half years ago, when in the "fun" car market, I considered the Boxster S. My neighbor was also in the market and was pro-Porsche. I confess, after looking at a supposedly $49,900 base priced Boxster S and finding a laundry list of options that took it to $60k+, I wasn't having much "fun". It wasn't the cost as much as the attitude of the dealer. My neighbor bit, and I ended up "skimping" on a $32k Honda S2000 with absolutely no options even available. We recently traded the S2000, but in two and a half years and 18k miles of ownership, we had 4 oil changes, two scheduled maintenance visits, all at a grand total service cost of under $500. Not a single repair or problem. I'd even get calls every few months from Honda North America executives just to make sure I was happy and asking if I had any suggestions for improving the S2000.

    My neighbor traded his Boxster S a few months ago. He loved it, in spite of being into the dealership at least a half dozen times for unscheduled maintenance and repairs. He was given $35k on the trade-in, meaning that his cost for 2 years of "fun" was about two and a half times mine. Different strokes, as they say.

    I'm not here to disparage Porsche. Maybe I'm just too old or corrupted to want to put badge prestige ahead of a hassle free experience. Unfortunately, Honda/Acura don't have anything fun to drive in the SUV category. So I'll suck up and try to test drive the Cayenne with an open mind, as long as the steering wheel isn't optional.
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Finally got my handle changed from bmwx5jim to my new handle Jim's cay S. I can't speak to Boxster vs Honda 2000 because I can't fit in anything that small anymore since I am 6'5" tall (although I did drive an Austin Healy bug eyed sprite in my college days), but I can testify that in the SUV class and even in the high end Luxury class, you would be hard pressed to find a more luxurious and fun to drive vehicle. I have owned S class, 745i, Jag, et al, but for 2004, My Cay S has more luxury, amenities, and yes great looks, and we have not even mentioned a blast to drive yet. My key fob works perfectly and has much better range than the MBZ does. If someone is looking for a premium SUV the Cayenne has to be on the short list if one is being honest. If you want something bigger ,there is the Range Rover, but despite the great exterior looks, the interior is a mess IMO. And the ride is like driving an 80's Town car. It is overpriced as well. The Lexus LX is over priced and underpowered as well as looking like the rebadged Landcruiser it really is. The X5 is nice, I traded mine in for the Cayenne, and in my view is certainly worth considering.
    IMO the Navigator is a consideration if you want a huge SUV, and the X5 and Cayenne if you want a Luxury SUV/sports car, and everything else if you want an SUV and don't particularly care about the luxury sport aspect of it, ie Honda, Ford, Infiniti(rides like a truck or older corvette), GM , Chrysler, etc.
  • msingerbmwmsingerbmw Posts: 42
    I clearly want to say that the Cay is the best vehicle out there in its class. It is the best by a wide margin. But I do think that the Porsche engineers and marketing department could have an attitude adjustment. Customers are looked upon to be tolerated. The lengths that Honda, Toyota, Lexus go to to satisfy their customers is mind boggling.
  • davidc1davidc1 Posts: 168
    I heard somewhere that Cayenne might be available with manual trans. next year? Can anyone confirm?
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    although I have had a few Porsches before the Cayenne, it is the best and most luxurious for the money. It has more stuff for the driver than other Porsches. I do agree that their customer service has to improve, and include a wash, good response time, factory engineers available to solve problems, etc...

    ON the past weekend trip to Redding, he cayenne was just cruising along at 2200 rpm, between 68 to 75 mph, and I got in excess of 17 mpg. And I was just applying gentle peddle pressure to the accelerator. The cmputer was noting 16.9 mpg, but that was after 2 hrs of freeway, it went/crept up slowly, from 15.8 all the way up to 16.9. I think the computer does not calculate instantaneous MPG, but the average, where if you drive a lot of local roads, and are getting 14 mpg, and then drive freeway, it will be awhile before the computer registers 17, since you have to makeup for all the low local fuel mileage.

      The Prius that I was driving ( rental while the Cayenne was in the body shop) had a computer that gave me instantaneous would go from 0 mpg (while I was idling) to 99 mpg ( when you are coasting down hill, with engine off, and just gravity moving the car) It calculated every second or so. It also had a average mpg for the total trip. I think Porsche should think about incorporating this feature into the computer.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    spockcat has a toureg, and the toureg owners also have a similar problem with the remote. It turns out that there is a way to move the remote antenna to the door pillars ( A pillar ) and thus get better remote range. He is nice, and will forward the info about moving the antenna...

    I'll try to see if I can post it ... :)
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    congrats thebest2003 !!

    hope you like it .. .. and don't be put off by the small stuff...

  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    hi habitat....

    good to see you here....

    I like the Cayenne and recommend it highly, but only to people like you who understands and appreciates performance . Cay may not have the reliability of some current SUVs, but I think the teething pains will be corrected. (hope VW will listen also, since they are responsible for some of the problems...)
  • Took delivery of my V6 last night. Went for a bit of a drive today. Still amazing that it's built like a tank.

    PCM has a learning curve to it. The manual isn't very well written so the only way you can learn is just keep playing it.

    Xenon light does have condensation.....I've read that's an ongoing problem so should I bring it to the dealer or fix it myself? I'm not confortable to do it myself.....

    Bose stereo is good, but not great. Loudness is plenty, but bass is a bit to be desired, consider there's a subwoofer in the back. the mid and highs are very good, though.

    Ride quality is better than what I remembered from my test drive. In fact, the V6 has a "softer" ride than the S, due to the lesser weight of the engine. Around town, the V6 is very responsive. Once on the highway, it needs a little more time for power to build up speed compare to the S. It'll only become faster once break ins are reached.

    This is my first Porsche. I have to say it's not as easy to learn all the functions compare to a Japanese car. It is a very sophisticated vehicle.....the Germans really showed their ingenuity with the Cayenne.

    Before I bought it, I was 50/50 in getting a Tourag V8 or the Cay 6. No doubt that if I went for the T-reg I would of gotten more power and feature with less money. But the thought of owning a Porsche was the tie-breaker. You can't beat the feeling that everywhere you go there are people staring it.
  • highenderhighender Posts: 1,365
    yes, it will get more smooth and more hp as it breaks in....

    other easy to do add ons are a cat bypass, and K&N or BMC air filters... but some people dispute the usefulness. I think with these high powered engines, the increased air flow is a plus...but not so with lesser engines (ie ford escort or yugo engines)

    I think you can adjust the bass and the sweet spot for audio enjoyment by using the PCMS.

    Have Porsche do the lights, though its not hard to dry out the dessicant yourself...
  • jimscaysjimscays Posts: 41
    Welcome to the Cayenne Club! I am enjoying mine immensely. Just got my Cay end of May. Highender is right about Bose adjustments. I am a stickler for good sound and there are the appropriate adjustments in the PCM Audio section. It's also cool to name the CD tracks if you have the changer, a must have IMO. Enjoy!
    (Old handle was bmwx5jim)
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