2010 Chevy Equinox keeps dying- NEED HELP!!!! They cant figure it out!!

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I have a 2010 Chevy Equinox I purchased used w/36k miles on it, GM "certified" & balance of factory warranty. Unfortunately lemon laws in Va don't apply to used vehicles. 3 times now it has died while driving it. The 1st time I was towed to 4 transmission places before someone actually scanned it & told me I had to go to a chevy dealer. Not wanting to wait another 2 hrs for a tow truck again, I unhooked the battery & limped it to the dealership. They had it from Fri until Mon afternoon & told me since I "cleared the codes" by unhooking the battery & rebooting the computer there was nothing they could do to help me. It shouldnt happen again, it may have been a "fluke". So they gave me a list of all the chevy dealers on my route home in case I had the problem again. Drove fine for 2 mos then it happened again, on an interstate again. This time I had it towed in & they replaced a manual shift detnet lever w/shaft position assembly. & said the same thing, I shouldn't happen again.
It DID this time I almost got run over by a loaded log truck as I coasted to the side of the one lane road (construction area). Every time it happens it starts to run rough, them I push the gas, it wont even rev the engine, check engine light comes on & "service stabiltrak" the exact same thing happens every time!! I called GM this time. They towed it in, explained that I would have to pay a diagnostic fee...AGAIN 125k miles was "high mileage" they could not authorize a loaner car, & please be patient while they try to figure it out. 5 DAYS LATER & still no vehicle, no answers. The dealership I took it to said they have been so busy with recalls they wouldn't be able to look at it until Wed (Today) I had it towed in Sat AM and this happened on Friday.I call GM everyday, call the svc dept every day & keep being told to be patient. This is an ongoing issue, 3 times in the less than 2 years I have owned the vehicle.
I do not feel the vehicle is safe, and am starting to lose any confidence in GM as a whole., the "mechanics" etc.
I know it is some kind of computer issue but really need help from anyone who has had the same issue & need to know how it was fixed & what GM did, if anything, to assist. I called GM today & asked for a technician but getting anyone other than the woman telling me to "be patient" is getting frustrating.


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    Intermittent problems can be tough to diagnose because the equipment isn't hook up at the exact moment of the incident--being able to freeze data "real time" would be a big help to the mechanic. Some problems don't even throw codes.

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    So, they have to drive the vehicle in order to diagnose? I suppose they-GM doesn't understand that being without a vehicle for now SIX days is a major problem! I don't have the luxury of a "back up vehicle in case something happens to this one" They tried driving it to try to duplicate the issue last nite. nothing. What I can't understand is why on earth they have all the diagnostic machinery, gm tech support etc cant find or fix an issue. I have been doing research & finding out this is an issue that is ongoing. Surely they would have some idea of where to look. I am most certainly NOT going to drive it again in hope it happens again & pray they can somehow figure it out. Next time I may not be so lucky. I guess my question to GM today will be "How many folks have to get hurt or die until they figure out how to fix this issue" I if am told it can't be diagnosed... (kind of like a Dr saying too bad about your broken arm but I don't know how to fix it so just live with it & hope it gets better).... possibly I'll suggest they swap vehicles with me & THEY, some GM exec, can drive the darn thing....if it is so safe to drive.

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    Just picked up the vehicle, I am now a crash test dummy. I have a "flight data recorder" in it. If it starts the same symptoms, I am to hit the red button. (I call it the panic button) so it can record what the vehicle is doing. GM will do nothing until they have the codes. I was given the option of renting a car until they can get it to act up or drive it until it does again. I will continue to persue with GM as I doubt I am the only the with this issue.
    If anyone else has had the same issues I really am curious to know what, if anything was done to fix the vehicle & what caused it.

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    I understand your frustration. I was a mechanic for 35 years. Seen just about everything. But with these new cars and the computers, if it is a computer or software/senor issue, sometimes they can be a real tease.

    IMO the best thing you can do is play along with the recording device. I've used them a few times and have found them to be very helpful in chasing down intermittent issues.

    Good luck

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    so, I have been the crash test dummy for a month now & it quit AGAIN!! Stranded on the side of the road for 2 hrs waiting for the customer care tow truck to get there, they NEVER showed up!!, I finally rebooted the computer by unhooking the battery & limped it home. Called GM again & they say they are having it picked up & towed in.

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    Even though the lemon law may not work, you may want to talke to a lemon lawyer anyway. There may be a warranty claim you can use. Usually the "intake process" with a lawyer is free.

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    Hi lakegal,

    We are sorry to hear this! I see you have been in touch with GM already. If I can offer any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach out to me via email at [email protected] Attn:Andraya.


    GM Customer Care

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