Honda CR-V. Deal Or No Deal?

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I live in Maryland and am in the final negotiation stages for a CR-V, EX-L, NO-NAV, NO-RES

Quoted an internet price of $25,795
Got their "protection package" (nitrogen tires, pinstriping, splash guards, etc) down from $995 to $495

Cost plus fees $1100 will be $27,294

Deal or No Deal?

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  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

    And you're still paying too much for that "junk" package but if your out the door price is okay, you can safely ignore the junk fees.

    Just make sure you don't pay to put more nitrogen in those tires when you get it serviced. B)

  • regerxregerx Member Posts: 23

    Yes, I should be clear, I basically laughed at the protection package when he told me the pinstriping was a safety feature and how nitrogen tires would save me money. To the first point I said "if at night somebody needs to see my pinstriping to see me then we are both in trouble" and as for Nitrogen tires, "on what planet will the cost of nitrogen filling make up for the incremental (if any) improvement in mileage or tire pressure?). Actually the package is now down to $399, As the wheel locks, cargo tray, and splash guards are really what I want I can live with the others, still shopping the price with 2 other dealers though....

  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,341

    Pin striping is a safety feature? What a joke!

    Nitrogen in your tires will save you money??

    How dumb do they think people are??

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