BRAKES-1992 Buick Regal GS w/ 3800 Engine

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My ex has a 1992 Buick Regal GS w/ 3800 Engine.
She went to have brakes put on...they told her $950.00. They said the reason it is so much is that she never used the emergency brake. They advised her that GM should have told her when she bought the car that if you don't use the E/B every week..the cables all rust out and it effects the rear pads. (The car has 4 wheel Disc Brakes) They said we should go back to GM on this one...anyone out there "been there-done that?"


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    The e-brake will only effect the rear if the cable gets stuck after it has been used! Sounds like another take advantage of women cause they aren't familiar with the who's and what's on the car. Did the car need brakes? How many miles? If it does need brakes, it probably just needs fronts, rotors calipers, and pads should only cost $150 in parts. Call around to the local auto parts store to get prices, you will see how much the parts really cost. Can you do it yourself? Best thing to do is go to several shops, get estimates. Most of all find a guy that won't give you the shaft. I tend to stay away from the big brake shops, and go with the small neighborhood mechanic. They usually for the most part will only do what needs to be done, and do only that. Sears is a rip off too, they do good work, but charge an arm and a leg with a side of first born. Try Belle Tire have had brake work done there, and did a good job at reasonable price. Most of all don't let them intimidate you about anything, and make them explain in plain English exactly why it needs to be done. Take that info to another shop and see what they say before you tell them what the other guy said. If it sound like a line it 99% of the time is.

    P.S. The shop wouldn't happen to be Just Brakes, or Quick Stop would it.
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    This story smells bad...worse than burning brakes on the bottom of a mountain road.

    Let's follow the logic here.....she didn't use the ER brake so the cables "rusted up" and "affected" the rear pads.

    Now then, follow me here...if the cable is rusted out, the cable can't pull on the rear calipers, right? So how does that affect the rear pads? Or if it does somehow pull on the calipers and make them drag, then the ER brake is working, right, and just needs a lube or a new cable, yes?

    Or, at worst, a new cable and rear pads if she's been driving with flames coming out the rear wheels for the last few weeks. Seems doubtful, doesn't it?

    This sounds like one of those "shotgun" repairs, where they replace everything their greedy little eyes can see.

    A good shop.... a GOOD you an itemized estimate, SHOWS you the damage needing repair, and explains the entire process to you.

    You need a second opinion before you do ANYTHING with this car.
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    We got some other useful info posted here but I had to delete it because there were flames and insults sprinkled amid the data.

    Anyway, one poster suggested that your particular car might be prone to defective calipers...which is not exactly what you were told but should you hear some story about caliper defects on your car they might be true. Another poster has never had this problem but keep his emergency brake cable well used and well oiled.

    But in terms of this problem, have your brakes, brake rotors, brake calipers and emergency brake cable inspected at a second shop.

    If, in fact, defective calipers caused this problem, then the problem as it was described to you is still mis-diagnosed.

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