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Audi TT



  • I'm glad you found the info helpful. I was dealing with International Auto (Milwaukee) and Van Dyn Hoven Imports (Appleton). Both dealerships will play straight up BUT do your homework. Watch out for the $250 turn-in fee. That was a surprise for me but I guess Audi charges that everytime. They misquoted the residual which came in at 61% but the monthly payment was still in line at $431.80 including tax. I had them throw in a free oil change and lube at 2500 miles for the oversight in return for grading them well on their follow-up survey.
  • I'm a little embarrassed to post this question but I gotta know. I love my TT but I find it fairly weak off the line. Once you spool up 2nd and 3rd gear fly. I had my doors blown off by a black Suburu sedan (could've been a sleeper, I don't know for sure) the other day and I couldn't believe it. I'm sure I would've nailed him down the road a piece but we were between lights. Anybody got any advice for getting off the line quicker??
  • browndog3browndog3 Posts: 4
    For anyone comparing the tt to a bmw, there's no comparison. The bmw is old school. Go with the hip, stylish TT. Chicks dig it and it gets it big time!
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    When my wife and I were thinking about buying a beamer 300's last year, our 20-year old daughter told us about the A4. Now we have a 2000 A4 and a 2001 TT. We looked at all the others (MB, BMW, Lexus ... ), but we think nothing offers the same satisfaction of owning a TT.
  • claydjclaydj Posts: 9
    I opted for the A41.8Q. Pick it up next Thursday. Thanks again for the information!
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Congrats. That's what I have and I love it. Come on over to the A4 forum and tell us what you got!
  • bjrichbjrich Posts: 125
    I imagine this a paint nose, hood type protector coating. Please advise me all about it!
  • mouvitimouviti Posts: 1
    Hi all, Ive got a 2001 225 cq..and Ive just recently modified it with the addition of H&R springs some 5mm wheel spacers and a Garret chip....the car is totally different..especially with the springs which I would recommend to anyone out there who wants better handling out of there cars......the chip gets the car uyp to about 257hp...and negates the lagf just a wee bit.....
  • barresa62barresa62 Posts: 1,379
    Sure that Sleeper Subaru sedan wasn't a WRX. If it was, I don't think you'd be catching it, maybe keep it in your sight though. :-)
  • winfredwinfred Posts: 11
    Hi, everyone,
    I'm interested in a pre-owned basic coupe with 180hp, FWD. The most basic one, I checked the price starting from 27000 up to whatever....
    I understand the price should be around 30% less after the first year, but for the case for TT, come as a 2000 version, but basically start selling from May 99, and it is two years from now already, so how much should I pay for it? So isn't it kind of unreasonable, since the basic price for the new 2000(99) is only $30500plus options? I really like the TT, just have a very tight budget, please help me out, any advise, opinion, and tips for me to get a good deal will be great. Thanks in advance.
  • jdspainjdspain Posts: 7

     this address shows audi tt covered with stongard. It is a 3m film applied to the front of the car,about six or eight inches up on hood and lights to protect paint from stones throws by trucks , cars. It also prevents lights from being broken by a stone. It is available in kits by car mfg. You can purchase a complete kit or a smaller area of coverage. We purchased the complete kit it also covers the side mirrors, runner whatever you call it and door corners so they don't chip if the door hits an object when getting out of a tight situation.

    It is a replacement for the bras you see on cars . the item is warranted for life of veh.

    I myself drive a bmw540 and the hood is chipped pretty good. the audi tt just purchased by my son had the stongard installed shortly after purchase. Just yesterday we were washing the car and he called me over to check the running board.or step into car. or whatever you call it. and he had tar marks running along the side where his shoe hit the car getting into it. Ah, it was covered by stongard and we washed it off with a little soap and water. Also bugs come off real easy. ha. We have had it on for about three weeks,driven 1000 miles no chips... Oh, the tar it is from his development new hot top on his road. He drove his older car during the construction but did get some oil off the road. It came right off the stongard with a wet soft towel.

    hope this helps.
  • browndog3browndog3 Posts: 4
    I thought I saw a roadster with an automatic cover for the top when down, like the new Lexus and the Mercedes. Is this a new featureon the tt? The only hassle is putting the protective cover (whatever you call it) in when the top is down. Anyone else seen this?
  • ugly1ugly1 Posts: 52
    Someone (don't know who) makes an aftermarket top for the car. It's not very automatic. Its the old style that you pick up and put on.
  • jccaijccai Posts: 11
    cynflyr: I saw your post from June. Have you made your decision yet?

    I'm debating the same thing. I test drove a BMW 330Ci (auto, dealer didn't have any manual in stock) and liked it. The torque is impressive. The salesman had an attitude, though. I'm not sure what the service dept. is like. Then I test drove a red TT 225q coupe. I really like its looks, both inside and out. I test drove the 180 version last year, but the 225 is definitely more lively.

    Here's my impression of the two cars:
    330Ci Pros: Great power at low RPM; quiet ride; tight handling; more interior room; power seats.
    330Ci Cons: Stiff ride; RWD; potential aux fan problem; full sticker price due to strong demand; low availability and possible long wait; shorter free maintenance period; quality of dealer service(?).
    TT Pros: Great looks; innovative interior; uniqueness; better ride; Quattro; better availability; good dealer service.
    TT Cons: Almost no low end torque; turbo engine tricky to manage; noisier; interior creaks and rattles; no power seats; difficult to exit; small interior.
  • jccaijccai Posts: 11
    Does anyone here know what changes are being made for the 2002 model? I'd really like to see power seats, steering wheel mounted radio controls, and maybe in-dash CD changer. Thanks.
  • From what people have been telling me, I believe that you are correct. I'm thinking it must have been a WRX. I wasn't aware of this model but I am now!
  • kyingkying Posts: 61
    I read there will be in-dash 6-cd changer in 2002 tt, but haven't heard anything about power seat and steering wheel mounted radio controls.

    is WRX out already on the street? I heard it is factory order only, and I would love to see one.
  • jccaijccai Posts: 11
    Sorry to drift off the topic for just a second... I've seen a couple of WRX on the road in the Dallas area. I drove by a Suburu dealership that has one displayed at the front of their lot also. Personally, I'm not too crazy about its styling. It doesn't look half as good as it appeared in the TV ad. But that's just my opinion of course.

    How can the WRX be that much quicker off the line than the TT? The WRX has 227hp, a turbo 4, AWD, so the setup is quite similar. Is it a much lighter car?
  • I'm looking to trade my Y2K 2.3 Z3 for a Y2K hard top TT.
    I figure they are roughly the same value depending upon miles and options.

    Anyone out there interested in a change? I like the idea of having the back seat
    for my two young boys.

    My Z is my fun car, has only 8k miles on it, and I'm just looking for a new thrill.
    The car is exceptionally clean, Topaz blue with Black top.

    All maint. is covered by BMW up to 36k miles.
  • nschulman3nschulman3 Posts: 125
    Is your z3 leased or owned? I am interested in the opposite because I am about to purchase a wrx and will have enough room to have a convertible, as i have no kids. My tt is a 2000, black with bose, 17'rims and tires, xenons,etc. Please respond.
  • I paid cash.
    I'm thinking a trade might null sales tax (not sure though)

    I live in Northern Calif. ; where's UMI?

    is your's a lease?
    is it black on black?

    you can e-mail me at
  • Packerfan2,

    Much thanks for your extremely helpful posts. My husband and I secured a red TT Coupe 180 Quattro with audio and premium packages last night from HBL of NoVa (John G.--highly recommend). After 6 months back and forth, thinking the car lacked practicality, we followed our heart and bought one of my top 5 all-time favorite cars.

    As to price--for all prospective buyers--we held fast on $1500 off MSRP, and got it. Negotiations were civil and reasonable. Once we secured a purchase price, we went back to finance, and again thanks to Packerfan2, we did just fine head to head. I used your formula to run all of their numbers, and got within $10 each time--and it's a tremendous relief to be able to comprehend the other side's calculations.

    After a lot of thinking, we rejected their best lease offer: $1500 down (simply not willing to put more cash on the table), 36 months, residual 62% at $550/month (Chase Manhattan was the lender); money factor .0033. What we went for instead was flex financing, through HBL's Mercedes affiliate. What the flex does is it grants Mercedes a DOT on your house, collateralized by the car (yes, of course it's legal in Virginia--we are attorneys!), at a rather high interest rate (9.49%--yeah, we choked too). The reason for the high interest rate is that you can deduct part of the interest, which is very important for those of us in high tax brackets. The real/effective interest rate works out to be around 6.5% after the interest deduction. Anyway, write with any questions.

    The coupe, to be named Lanibug (my nickname as a kid was Lani) is amazing. We're taking it out to the mountains in Deep Creek tonight for a spin. I can't believe we got a red one, but we're turning 30 soon, and maybe the cops will give me a lot of mulligans (fat chance?). There is no bad angle on it, and it drives almost as spectacularly as the S4. Bonus is our poodle fits in the back seat, and yet is close enough for "correction" when whining (rather frequent-- he's a Frenchman). I'll post later after we play a little.

  • I forgot to post the other details on the flex financing: $521 at 48 months, with residual of 50%. We will probably hold the car for 36 months, at which point we will have paid
    $18,756. No mileage restrictions, and the TT really holds its value well.
  • milarthiamilarthia Posts: 1
    Hi everyone! I am 24 and wanting a new car. Don't laugh, but currently I drive a '99 Eclipse GST which I financed just out of college 2 years ago. But now I am ready to grow up and get a real car! I am in love with the styling of the TT and plan to test drive tomorrow (the 225hp coupe model.) I am excited!

    But my question is, which is better - lease or buy? And how do I know if I have a good deal? I am actually an intelligient person but find myself at a loss when I walk into these dealers! I just get so excited that I lose the "poker" face.

    I am kinda finicky and change my mind alot, which leads me to believe leasing or that "premier purchase" plan Audi has will be best - since I'll want to change every 2 years or so. I don't want to put much money down (no more than 2k.)

    The gentleman at the dealership offers the 225hp coupe (no options, i'm guessing) for 34,500 which seems good since it is like 1.5k below MSRP. This price includes "everything" (destination charge, etc.)

    Sorry to ask such a generic question in the TT forum, but, figured someone would not mind helping me out!

  • bjrichbjrich Posts: 125
    I am very interested in this stonegard. I am driving an 01 Miata and it has some chips already. Do not like bras very much.Will contact my Mazda dealer Monday.Thanks again.
  • jdspainjdspain Posts: 7
    there is also another outfit expel who supplies the 3m film.
    good luck... We have already cleaned up a few places that would have possibly been scratches or chips. John
  • Has anyone experienced a problem with the ESP system? I have a TT 225 quattro roadster and drove though a bad rainstorm, and the warning light for the ESP system came on the dash and stays on while the engine is on. It took two weeks to get a service appointment at my dealer, but they said it was ok to drive. Now it's been in the shop for 3 days, and they indicate it needs a new "rear differential". This is my first Audi, but I have a history with Saabs and so am used to weird technical problems, but was hoping for better with the TT. I hope to get the car back tomorrow, and am curious if anyone else has had a problem. Thanks.
  • Milartha--

    As to lease vs. buy, I suggest reading Packerfan2's posts very carefully as to lease calculations--I ran calculation after calculation, before and during negotiations, and got within the dealership's numbers by $10-15 bucks each time. The standard thing on leasing is that you can put no money down, or hardly any, and get yourself into a good (read: expensive) car with a pretty low monthly payment, at least compared to a purchase. For example, if you lease a $35,000 (after negotiations) car for 36 months with no money down, you would be looking at a car payment of $570 or so a month (assuming 62% residual and money factor .0033), versus $750-800 for a 60 month purchase (assuming 8%, which is high). Obviously, you're spending less total for the lease--but you have nothing left afterward. Whereas if you buy the car, and I guarantee, assuming strong credit, you can get a lower interest rate for a purchase, probably 6.5%, you own it, and with a TT, you should expect a high residual.
    The thing with leasing, there are a lot of disadvantages. For one thing, you lose your bargaining power, unless you make yourself an expert. Even if you understand all the numbers, you still get screwed at lease turn-in--and/or you hold your breath every time the car gets dinged. Except for subsidized leases (i.e. high residual rates and/or lower money factors and/or lower capitalized costs), you usually lose money on a lease vs. a purchase. If you have any question, compare the total cost of a lease vs. a purchase (i.e net cost after cost of financing, and what you have left over). With the TT, lease cautiously--here's a car that holds its value beautifully, has a strong warranty, and receives absolutely no subsidies from dealers--it doesn't need any help.
    All that said, we almost leased the TT we bought last Thursday. We ran all the numbers and were prepared to lease for the right price ($1500 off MSRP, $1500 down, 36 m for $500). But the best we got from a dealer (180 Quattro, premium and audio pkgs) was $550 for a 36 m. Leasing would have been very good for us, b/c I like to move cars after 2-3 years, and we're planning on having kids in a couple of years, but we decided to listen to all of our financially astute friends (that so doesn't include us!) and buy the car (actually flex finance it but that's a long story and given your age, I will assume you don't yet own a house).
    There are a lot of good discussions of leasing vs. buying, both on the townhall and in the Edmunds' advice section. I strongly suggest researching the pros and cons, especially relative costs, of leasing vs buying before you buy. Overall, the TT is one of the least advantageous vehicles to lease, given its strong resale, warranty, and lack of dealer subsidization.
    By the way, $1500 is pretty solid. That's what we shot for--but maybe go for more off if they are that willing to deal on the car--we are getting near year-end for the 2001s.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    But a strong residual (which the TT has) is one very good factor if you want to lease.

    Go over to the Finance, Warranty and Insurance forum and go in the Lease Questions - Ask Here topic. Car Man will be able to give you specifics on what to expect on a lease.

    In general, if you want a new car every 2-4 years, leasing can be a great way to do that. If you want to drive it for a long time, buy it. It's not quite that simple, but I would not lease if you want to keep the car for a long time.
  • nschulman3nschulman3 Posts: 125
    I currently lease a 2000 tt fwd coupe. I feel I got a great deal, especially after reading some of these posts. My car has bose, xenons, 17'rims, heated seats,etc. My lease is as follows: 1500 down (2400 total out of pocket) for 39 months at 403.00 a month (tax included). I am interested in what other readers on this post think about my terms.
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