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    Thank you for your honest and informational input. Really appreciate you taking the time to help me out. Lbugnova, must be nice to own both a TT and a Bimmer!

    Taking the wife and daughter out this weekend on a test drive marathon. Let you know how it turns out.

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    I agree that the wrx is pretty ugly and the interior is nothing compared to an audi or any of the other cars mentioned. However, I just purchased one last week, despite the mediocre, at best, looks and japanese interior. The car handles better than anything mentioned on this discussion, except perhaps the 3-series BMW, and that could be rectified with a good set of tires. It is exceptionally fast and the awd system is better than that in my previous audi a4. I now own a tt coupe (fwd) and have driven the quattro. It is faster than the tt quattro, handles better and has a superior ride to boot, not to mention a better cluch feel. If you can deal with the looks, consider the wrx, as there is no other japanese car like it and the price can't be beat. Take it from me, as i now gave the wife my tt and drive around in the wrx myself!
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    i know this site is for audi owners or prospective ones and i don't mean to throw a curveball t potential buyers, but i feel i must speak out. My tt has been in the dealer for numerous problems. The check engine light stays on all the time and the car has no power over 3500 rpm. It almost feels like a sparkplug is loose the way the engine hiccups. The dealer has had the car five times without being able to fix it. NOw, the directionals aren't working and the cd player is broken. Well, i guess i'll have to wait two more weeks to take it to the dealer so they can look it over and give it back to me the same way i brought it in. The car is now almost aggravating to drive and i have taken my wife's wrx instead. The only time i enjoy the tt is when i am looking at it. Sure, it is pretty, but the driving experience leaves a lot to be desired.
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    I am sorry to hear about your problems with your TT! Please look into the lemon laws of your state. In general, you have a lemon if the dealer can't fix the same problem more than 3-4 times, or if your car is out of commission for more than a certain number of days. If your car is a lemon, dealers must replace or reimburse.

    In general, Audis are ranked pretty high by J.D. Power for reliability, where VWs are not. Even the best automakers experience reliability issues--it's too bad you have bought one of those cars.


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    LBnova, you're right about the lemon laws. However, in my experience with a Mazda I found that the manufacturer does not have to agree to replace or reimburse without a lawsuit. I was told by the Mazda service manager that "yes, my car was a lemon...and if I wanted to pursue that I needed to have my lawyers contact the Mazda lawyers". (This was in California) In the end, I had spent so much wasted time on that car over the first three years that I had it, that I was not willing (or able to afford) to get a lawyer. Just thought I'd share my previous experience...

    BTW...what are some opinions of the Audi standard audio system vs. the Bose package on the TT?

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    we're in the market for a TT, so what do you think? We are not buying it for the back seat, although we may need it for kids in a pinch. We do want something reliable and safe what with all the giant SUV's on the road. Please comment on the navigational system, is it worth it? It's an awfully nice looking car but after you own it you want more than looks(just like a husband) Thanks for any and all input!
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    I am purchasing the 2002 TT and am trying to determine what the new colors are. I've heard there is a new blue, but dealer didn't have a color swatch yet. Has anybody heard anything?
    I was hoping it was a lighter, more metalic blue.
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    are the new colors for 2002.
    if you go to and click on the photo galleries, there's a couple pictures of a coupe in blue. it's nice.

    have you started the purchasing process? has your dealer told you when the 2002s will be available?
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    I just bought a black 225 TT coupe yesterday. I love the car. My previous car was a 99 323i which had no torque, but awesome handling with the sport suspension. The Audi is even better.

    I came close to buying a 330ci, but the turbo makes the Audi feel faster around town even though it's about the same. Also, the BMW dealers were hesitant to discount, while I was a able to negotiate $3k off the price of the TT. It's only been a day, but I feel I made the right choice.
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    I've heard you say (more than once) that the Subaro AWD is better than Quattro. How is it better? Quattro can route all power to one wheel if need be.
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    Congrats on your new car--I'm drooling. Salesperson didn't happen to mention when the 2002s were supposed to be in, did he/she?...
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    Sorry, didn't ask. Once I got $3k off the car thoughts of an '02 flew out the window. If I had to do it over again I would have done without the options and got a 225 for $33k.
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    I just bought a 2001 TT Coupe with 225 hp engine. Since the day I got it it accelerates like a dog from a standing start (0 rpm - 2500 rpm) at 3000 rpm the turbo kicks in and takes off like a rocket. As long as I keep the revs going acceleration is smooth through six gears. The dealer says it is fine and I have to wait to break it in (the car now has 1500 mi.). It seems like the engine is running too rich since it has almost a bogging down feeling starting out. Anyone experience this?
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    I just bought the same car. Unfortunately I think this is just the nature of the engine. I know exactly what you're talking about. The turbo doesn't kick in until 2500 RPM where most of the torque is available. I'm hoping as it breaks in the turbo will at least be smoother. Regardless I'm getting used to reving it and not get blown by Hondas.
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    Can anyone help on info regarding pricing on 2002 180 Convertible. I'm looking to buy
    within next week or so in the Chicagoland area. Got a quote for a 2001 model from a dealer for $31,838.00 with no options, which they say is about 6 percent over their cost.
    Other option is to order 2002 model which they could'nt say how much more 2002's price would be. I heard about a 3 percent increase but said they would still quote me 6 percent over their invoice. Anyone out there know if that's a fair deal or any info on 2002 prices. Would appreciate any help.............

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    I've had my TT coupe for two months and 2000 miles. Today some numbnutz sideswiped me in the parking lot. He/she left no note, of course. What was damaged was the plastic skirt that fits below the driver's rear wheel. Can these be repaired? Do I have to replace the whole thing? And then get it painted? Any idea what kind of costs I'm looking at?
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    Has anyone figured out how to set the auto volume adjustment on the premium radio? I followed the manual directions, but there's no noticeable difference between level 0 and level 5. The dealer says "it doesn't work," but I can't believe that.
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    I just leased the 225 hp TT fully loaded. The sticker was 39,325. I got it for 32,600. The dealers in NJ are giving agressive pricing to clear the lots for the 2002 models. I just kept going back and forth between two dealers to whittle the price down. Good Luck
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    had a TT roadster follow me for a long way this morning and it is a mighty handsome car.....Silver/black.My Crystal Blue Mica Miata is my pride and joy, but you folks do indeed have a winner.
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    I just drove a TT convt. a few days ago. It handled well, but it took me a while to get used to the lack of power(turbo lag) below 2k rpms. Felt kind of weird. I tried a manual top and found that it's not as easy as people say. I gave the top the "one-arm" test, but found it to be more difficult than I thought, with opening at least. I was able to close it with one arm. It's more difficult than I thought, but I could live with it. My wife though, could not even move the top up or down so a power top would be necessary. Also, absolutely hated the 6cd-changer behind the seat (I hate all behind the seat changers, very inconvenient). i'd rather wait for the 02 with the standard in-dash one-disc stereo. I wouldn't pay a $1 for the 6cd unit, much less $1200. They can keep it. Unfortunately, all their TT's come with the audio and premium pack. with the xenons/17"/heated seats. Guess I'll just wait until the 02 models show up. The dealer was discounting the 01's, but said the 02's would have a $1500 increase in MSRP. I've not heard of this until now, can anyone verify this? I'm thinking it's just dealer BS so he can move the 01's. A $1500 price increase would be huge for that car. Still love the car though. Hopefully we'll get one soon.
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    It is refreshing to read a positive comment from the competing camp, although I do not have a vested interest in either car, I am of the same point of view, the TT is a futuristic good looking car.
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    For all those of you who are unfamiliar with the problem you can go to Its about the air injection valve failures that are occurring in the TT's and other Audi's with the 2.7l twin turbo. They put 2 new valves in my TT before they decided to put in the 710N valve. Well, that isn't the end of my problem. They called Audi Tech support today and asked for some help. The error message was the valve again but they knew the valve was good. Apparently higher mileage A4's have been experiencing problems with thier mass air flow sensors. So they've ordered me one and were going to see if that's the final fix. BTW, I've got 28k on the car now. It's a '01 225 coupe. Has anyone else out there had the experience yet? If not I hope this helps when the time does come.

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    I have the 225 roadster, loaded up with 'greedy-guy' options and the baseball interior, I have had a great time since spring. Now winter is approaching in WI - not so fun! After some long discussions with the dealer who is pretty knowledgable, I am going to drive the car in winter with some snow tires on more suitable rims. I have also seen pictures of the new hard top and I am wondering if anyone has seen one or has experience yet?

    I talked to the dealer who has not seen one or had much information. He said very preliminary he thought it was $3100 + $500 for an 'install kit' + labor for fitting. That's more than I was expecting. Anyone know of alternate sources or have other price quotes?

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    No TT has the 2.7T engine. That engine is only available in the S4 and the A6 2.7T.

    Your TT has a 4 cylinder turbo (but it's a single turbo), the 2.7T is a V6 with twin turbos.
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    The line I wrote in my post was, "Its about the air injection valve failures that are occurring in TT's and other Audi's with the 2.7L twin turbo.That means the problem is related to TT's and other Audi's that have 2.7L twin turbo engines. If you read the sentence as my having stated that the TT has a 2.7L twin turbo engine you misread the sentence. Anyway, if you want to learn, ask and read but don't insult someone else's intelligence, especially in front of a group. BTW, you missed one, the Allroad. And while I'm in the mood, no Audi has a 4 cylinder turbo, but many of them do have turboed 4 cylinder engines.
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    Sorry, I misunderstood you. Re-read your own post from someone else's POV. When you said "Its about the air injection valve failures that are occurring in TT's and other Audi's with the 2.7L twin turbo", to me that says you think the TT has the 2.7L twin turbo engine.

    Your grammar is not as flawless as you'd like to believe.

    And yes, I forgot about the Allroad. I apologize - you are much smarter than me, thank you for showing me how stupid I am. Feel better now?
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    I read from the news that Audi are recalling TTs and A3s due to problems with the rear axle. Does anyone have any insights into this?

  • leonivleoniv Member Posts: 120
    I read where they were only recalling the quattro versions of the cars only, due to a defective machine on the assembly line.
  • ugly1ugly1 Member Posts: 52
    My dealer got it right. Apparently it was the mass air flow sensor. I've yet to see the check light come on. On a more personal note: There have been some recent posts by both myself and one, mmcbride1. I would like to apologize for both of our more recent comments. (see posts #123,125,125 & 127) I feel that they were out of line and need not to have appeared in this forum. I contacted the forum web site to apologize and to see if the posts could be removed. This was over a week ago and nothing has happened. Maybe this post will catch their attention and we'll both be removed. It's been fun.

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    I'm on the west coast, and I've negotiated with the dealer for the following on a TT: Silver/Black quattro 225 coupe with premium package and audio package for $2000 down and $485/mo. plus $39 tax ($524/mo total). Does this sound reasonable? Any advice much appreciated!
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    how much of a discount off msrp does the cap cost work out to be, not including your downpayment? also, a lot of sound advice around here seems to indicate that you should put as little down as possible...could you put down 0?
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    The cap cost works out to be about $1000 off MSRP, which the dealer claimed was rare. As far as lowering the down payment, I could put down 0, but then payments go up. The $2000 covers the 1st month's payment, $490 aquisition fee, $399 doc fee, and the rest goes to cap reduction.
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    sure, the payments would go up if you put nothing down, but you could keep that money you put down and put it toward the payments. if your tt is stolen or totalled, any money put down is gone. just a thought.

    i've read a few posts about 2002 pricing on audiworld...while there aren't many datapoints, a couple of people have paid 1.5K over invoice, which is less than what you're being quoted.

    are you in the bay area? i'm not sure how rare 1000 off msrp would be up here, given the state of the local economy, but my tt hasn't arrived yet (i'm on the list for an '02), so i don't have any personal pricing insight yet.
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    I have just bought a 2002 Roadster with the Amber Red Optic leather...I will pick up the car in 2 weeks. Can anyone tell me if the Amber Red is actually red or is it more brown? I have the Nimbus Gray exterior and I am concerned about the interior looking more brown than red. I am thinking twice about my decision since I have looked at additional photos. Thanks.
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    this is my first premium car and i've never leased before. after alot of leg work and research, fretting over the choice between the 225 TT and a bmw 330i i got the tt dealer down to 1.3k over invoice for a 48 month lease. 2k for my old trade in gets me payments of $420/month pre tax with a 56% residual. i may even reconsider the trade in and sell mine outright. anyway, this seemed like a great deal. oddly, the owner of the establishment happened to take my car out for his own personal use before i arrived to seal the deal so it wasnt ready for me to take home. this left a very bad taste in my mouth and i relayed this to them and left saying i'd return monday. any thoughts?

    1) did i get as good a deal as i think?

    2) is it normal for the dealers to drive around in these vehicles and then sell them as new? what should i make of this?

    any help on this would be appreciated.
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    Will take delivery this month of 2k2 225 coupe (36,100), w/17s (500), and prem package(1100). Plus 575 shipping. then, 1325 discount!! don't pay more than list. this is not fall 99 any more.
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    First of all, mlpopoff, I just test-drove your car, and the interior is gorgeous. Definitely more red than brown, IMO. It is the exact color of a reddish baseball glove.

    Okay, here's the deal. I just went to my first dealer yesterday. I live in Southern California. They wanted $38,375 for a 2002 TT roadster, 180 hp, with baseball leather and power top. They told me there was absolutely no negotiation.

    Well... ahem. Everybody on this board seems to have paid a lot less for the '01 models. Is this typical for a new '02? What should I do? I haven't called around yet or gotten very many bids online. I intend to do this but would appreciate any input on this dealer's offer.

    Oh yeah, one more thing. When I went into the dealership they initially refused to let me drive a TT. They said I had to commit that it was the perfect color first, and work out payments. They said no one wants to buy this type of car with mileage on it, and this was their reasoning.

    I won't say what I said, but needless to say, I drove the car without doing anything above, and loved it. I just wondered if anyone else has heard of a dealer doing this? Is this common at a Porsche dealership, for example? BTW, I am a woman.
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    Well, I'm probably not the best person to answer your question, as I have not test driven a TT...however, on several occasions while at dealerships to drive an A4, the salesman has offered to let me drive a new TT, "just for the fun of it." I wouldn't even begin to guess whether that's a standard practice, just my experience. BTW, there's no need to be derrogatory about yourself...hogwartsgrad : )

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    I agree with you, if I buy a new car I want to be the one who puts the first miles no matter what, how many times have I heard that this or that car was the owner or sales manager car, I always tell them to keep it.

    Many years ago I bougth I bougth a Tbird, it was in the showroom, the salesman was some kind of middle easterner, probably Iranian, I could not understand him well, but he soon realized I was not aware the car had three thousand plus miles, I took it home with me and soon realized the milleage, I went back to the dealer and no dice, they said I knew it was the "Managers" car and the sale is final, if I had known the miles I would not have agreed to the price, because of that I am such an acute odometer reader now that by instinct that is the first thing I look in a new car.

    I learned a good leason the best way.
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    The 2001 TT's in the Atlanta area are selling for about invoice. I don't know about the 2002 TT's, probably not much of a discount, just my guess. I drove the 2001 TT coupe because the salesman wouldn't let me drive a convtertible TT. That really ticked me off. I refuse to buy a car I cannot test drive. Some dealerships are just snooty that way. It drives me nuts. I usually just walk out and go to another dealership (there's plenty to choose from here in Atlanta). I've heard of Porsche dealerships here in Atl doing the same "snooty" thing. Porsche dealerships can justify being snooty though b/c of their higher prices. Audi dealerships can't even pretend to be on the same level as Porsche so there's no reason for them to act that way.
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    OK fellow TT owners, who has the info on suspension parts? I'm talking coilovers vs springs and/or shocks. What about cold intake systems vs just K&N filters? Id like to lower my ride height yet refrain from getting such a stiff ride. I've already installed 18" MasItaly's on Pirelli P7000's and the ride wasnt too bad, but now I'm looking for improved handling and a little extra HP boost. Also, who knows about what the extra HP created by a chip does to your tranny? I hear that the torque increase can be more than what the tranny can handle, is that true?

    Thanks guys and gals


    seriously itching for performance mods!!

    I can also be reached by email @ [email protected]
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    Hey, are any of you guys going? It's going to be a blast. November 30 - Dec 2. Fellow TT owners from Southern Cali please register and come on down. Castle tours and wine tasting for the weekend!
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    These stories are pretty scary. I've owned several OLD Saabs (not exactly known for reliability) and nothing I've been through compares to this. I guess if this were me, I'd get rid of the car. Then again, my web skills pale in comparison to his. Yikes.
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    Why is this forum so quiet? Folks like me who are considering a TT would like to hear from the owners.
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    I am a prospective TT owner. I have recently read a review stating that the TT has a significant blind spot with the top up. Can anyone verify this? If you currently own a TT I would like to hear from you on this subject.
  • manley5manley5 Member Posts: 5
    TT(180hp) vs. BMW Z3(2.5)? I am leaning more towards buying a TT. Any input from anyone on this debate?
  • leonivleoniv Member Posts: 120
    Based on the current models, I'd go with the TT just b/c it's the new kid on the block and so attractive. TT also has a decent sized trunk for short trips whereas the Z3's trunk is a little small. The Z3 drives better though b/c of the TT's turbo lag. Last, an all new Z3 is coming out next year. If you can wait, might want to see what the new Z3 offers.
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    the TT roadster does have a pretty big blindspot--like other drop-tops. however, i installed euro mirrors (they're split mirrors) that eliminated the blindspot entirely. as a matter of fact, i liked the mirrors so much, i also installed them on my grocery-getting sedan. they're about 140 bucks, and well worth the money for any car. we installed them ourselves; it wasn't difficult.

    the TT is awesome.
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    Maxwella,thank you for the advice. I will definitely look into the euro mirrors(when I get the car, that is). I am glad that you like the TT.
  • manley5manley5 Member Posts: 5
    Leoniv,Thanks for the advice. I think I like the TT better as well. By the way, how pronounced is that Turbo Lag? From what I have read, the 180 HP TT's power kicks in at a relatively low 2500 rpm. The Z3 does have a 6 cylinder and has more torque than the TT(although not much more) Any thoughts?
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