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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    A $2K increase in MSRP implies about a $25-$30/mo. increase in the monthly lease price..

    A $2K increase in the selling price on the same MSRP car would imply a $60/mo. increase...

    Just generally...



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  • I live in the Netherlands and I am moving back to the U.S.

    I lease an audi A4 avant and recently saw on edmunds that there is $1,000 owner loyalty cash available to owner/lessees.

    Two questions:

    I want to purchase a new 2005 A4 2.0 and would like to know if I could receive the cash. The dealer in Denver says no. Doesn't seem right.

    How does edmunds get this incentive info and is there a way to get the info straight from the company. There is nothing on the audi website.

    many thanks
  • ern16ern16 Posts: 9
    I am trying to get a similar deal on the same car without the audio package. I have not really started negotiations with any dealer yet but I am looking to go $0 down for around $440/month. Could you post the MSRP and sell price for the car. Also, post if you got the deal or not. I am going to a dealership tomorrow and will post what I come up with. Thanks.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 542
    Okay, finally got a dealer to give me a detailed quote on a lease by email.

    Audi A4 2.0T Frontrak CVT with Premium and 17" wheels
    MSRP: 32,020
    Residual: 58%
    Money Factor: 0.00135
    Drive off: $1500
    Term: 36 months
    Miles: 10k/yr
    Payment: $422.29/month which includes CA sales tax.

    Claims this is the "very best" he could do and more equipment would mean higher payments. Not sure about the disposition fee at the end of the lease.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    I get a cap cost of around $30,250, using those numbers...

    I'd guess this computes to about a $2000-2200 discount from MSRP, once you take into account acquisition fees and CA registration.. I assumed an 8.25% sales tax rate..

    I don't follow pricing too much for A4s... If $2K off is a good deal, then I'd say the quote looks good.



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  • wco81wco81 Posts: 542
    Unless he left something out in the options it doesn't add up.

    It's a black A4 so no metallic paint. At, I get 31,870 as the MSRP.

    A4 2.0 CVT $28,550
    Premium Pkg $2,100
    "17" wheels" $500
    Destination $720

    Total $31870

    Well I don't absolutely love this car so the deal would have to blow me away. See if I can get more.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 542
    Oh nm. California emissions, $150, to make it $32,020.

    OK WHT, the only way to get xenons is to buy the lighting package at $1,425?

    And you have to buy the Premium Package at $2100 in order to get the Lighting Package?

  • Im thinking about getting a lease deal with Audi. I have never leased before and would like some help. I heard that you really don't need to put anything down for a lease, since if you wrecked that car right after you left their lot, you would lose that money.

    A4 2.0 CVT $28,550
    Premium Pkg $2,100
    "17" wheels" $500
    Destination $720

    Total $31870

    Im in the DFW area, what is a good lease payment for the options I have listed?
  • fitrichfitrich Posts: 1
    I'm new to this forum and just learned of the special lease offer for the Audi A4 2.0 quattro in D.C. Did you lease the car? If so, what was your experience? With whom, etc.? Thanx for your response.
  • 05.5 A4 2.0T 6MT Quattro, Premium, Sport, Cold, Lighting, Non-Metallic Paint

    MSRP: 35195
    Selling: 34195
    Cap cost: 36751 (including processing fee and tags and $2K of neg equity from trade)
    Residual 53% (42 months at 12K per year)
    Money Factor: .00092
    Tax in Charlotte: 3%
    Monthly Payment: $495
    Due at signing: $0

    Anyone think I can get the selling price even lower?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    3% tax.... killing me...

    As you probably already know... the numbers add up.. And, you'll be in warranty the entire time, so no problems with the 42 months..

    My local dealer is already advertising $1000 off MSRP on the brand-new A3.. so, I'd think you could do a little better on the A4..

    $500 less saves you $12/mo... I'd try for that, at the least.. but, I wouldn't be upset with a payment of $495... A pretty decent deal, considering you are rolling in $2K of negative equity..



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  • I know - sales tax in Charlotte is 7.5 but on cars it's 3%. Sweeeeeeet!

    I may try the 2% over invoice route and see what reaction I get. If negative, I'll go for 3%, which is roughly a $1500 discount (your suggestion).

    You're right - considering they are willing to roll in negative equity, it's a solid deal. I do think they can do a little better since sales have been a tad slow. I'll keep the board posted.

    Thanks for the input,
  • earcomearcom Posts: 16
    Audi is currently offering $1000 Owner Loyalty customer bonus cash on 2005.5 A4’s but it is only available to current Audi owners or lessees of 1998 to current model year Audi cars. What I would like to know is whether or not there is a way this offer might apply to a current owner of a VW Passat as well as a former owner of a 1998 Audi A4 2.8? Has anyone had any success with an Audi owner loyalty program using a VW vehicle?

    Too, I tried to get the .00092 53% 42mnth 12K lease program mentioned in post 444 but the dealer said the best money factor available was 0.00135 for 36 months. Perhaps I’ll try again.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Manual quattros aren't that plentiful on dealer lots right now, so a grand off isn't that bad. Maybe you'll be able to get more if it's a car in stock. Anything between 1000-1500 off doesn't seem like a raw deal.

    The 05.5's lease out a lot better than a new 06 will as well, so don't expect a dealer to give it way if he doesn't have to.
  • franciefrancie Posts: 4
    Here's where I am at.
    2005.5 A4 2.0 quattro silver w/black interior--premium, cold, light packages,

    $575 acquisition fee
    money factor of .00125 or 3%

    their sticker: 36095
    negotiated price so far: 35000

    residual: 20935.10
    36 months, 12,000/yr
    no security deposit.
    monthly payment: 441.93 plus tax.

    Is this too high? I'm not really interested in the light package but the dealer says they don't have any cars with premium+cold w/o the light package. Not too many dealers in my area to choose from.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    How much money is due at signing?

    I'm guessing you are making some kind of down payment or cap cost reduction, because the payment is $460.61/mo., using your figures..

    Unless we know the initial payment, and how it breaks down, it is impossible to know if they are being straight with you...

    The price would seem average at best, though I'm not that familiar with what the A4 is selling for..



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  • franciefrancie Posts: 4
    $2000 down, which they broke out as follows:

    1st payment 482.15 (40.22 in tax!)
    cap reducation (down payment) 1218.24
    tax on cap reducation 110.86
    documentation fee 35.00
    DMV/Admin Fees 153.75

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    Then that puts their number right on the money.. They are rolling the acquisition fee into the lease...

    9.1% tax? Ouch.. That sounds like PA or WA....

    I don't know if .00125 is the base money factor... but, if it is, the good thing about this lease is they aren't adding in a bunch of bogus fees, or jacking up acquisition fees, etc....

    So, the only thing you really have to consider: Is $1100 off MSRP a good deal, or not? I don't follow prices enough to answer that for you..

    On another note.. I know it feels good to keep your payment lower (like, under $500?), but there is really no point in making a cap cost reduction.. It is just an illusory savings.. It doesn't lower the total cost of the lease..

    If it were me, I'd take out the $1218.24 + 110.86 tax.. dropping your due at signing to about $715... Of course, this will raise your payment to about $481/mo. + tax... About $525/mo. total..

    If you can negotiate a lower price? Each $100 lower will save about $3/mo. on the payment..



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    Need help picking out a make/model, finding inventory, or advice on pricing? Talk to an Edmunds Car Shopping Advisor

  • pptppt Posts: 7
    I just started looking at the new Audi A4 2.0. I test drove one the other day. It had the S package on it and the MSRP was about 36,500.

    I am looking to lease, probably for 36 months and I have great credit. Can anyone tell me about how much I should be thinking to put down? Is $3000 down and $350/month too much for this car? Can I get this car for something more like $299/ month?

    Any information will help....this is my first lease!
  • craigp1craigp1 Posts: 17

    I never liked leasing, especially putting money down. You are better off saving the money you would put down, and use it to pay the difference for the higher monthly payment. Also make sure you negotiate the price of the car before telling them you want to lease. Dealers often advertise low monthly payments, but in order to get the monthly payment so low, a lot of money needs to be put down. Not good strategy for a lease. Go with no money down (other than the essentials).

    I'm looking at a 2006 A4, 2.0 T Quattro, 6 spd, Premium, Sunroof, sport suspension, MSRP 34,400, Invoice 32, 040, Paying 32,940. $900 over invoice seems pretty good to me. I plan on buying.

    A good way to check the lease is to see what is would cost to buy, including the best interest rate you can find. See what the total payments are. Do the same for the lease. From most expert web sites, buying is ultimately cheaper, especially if you drive over 12,000 miles a year.
  • soluvedsoluved Posts: 7
    Hi Everyone,

    Im a first time audi buyer and am currently in negotiations with the dealer for an 2005 A4 2.0 T quattro. I wanted to find out if infact Audi is offering the Audi loyalty bonus on the A4s. My sister recently bought an A4 and I figured it might be worth a shot. Please reply if anyone has any ideas.

    Also, I've heard that some companies offer new college graduate incentives. Does Audi offer any and what are the requirements?

  • joannabjoannab Posts: 2
    I think you're very close --- looks good enough. BUT -- on the 2005.5's they can give you a money factor of .00072 right now if they add $500 to the sell price (which works in your favor). It's called buying down the rate...
  • joannabjoannab Posts: 2
    yes it's true. they can take $1000 off the selling price. BUT -- dont tell them you have that car UNTIL after you get the final sale price, otherwise they could just bump you up $1000 and then take it down by that much when they show you the discount...
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    You're crazy if you think you can lease a new $36,500 2006 A4 for $350/month. Audi was advertising a $359/month lease with about $3500 down on a 33k Quattro. And that was an 05.5, not an 06. The 06's don't lease out near as well. And your trying to buy a car that's 3 grand more expensive that they were advertising.
  • I have an '01 Isuzu Trooper. So the reliability is incredible on my truck. My driving is about 75% highway driving and with my SUV getting 14.5mpg on the highway and with rising gas prices and no decrease ever insight I need to jump on the wagon and get a more gas economical ride. I have been researching the A4 '1.8T quattro, '01 and '02 models (preferably the '02).
    The question is whether or not those vehicles are worth the investment. Are there any major problems with these two cars? Does anyone considering them a money hole? I don't know the reliability on these cars, and being that I am in the Coast Guard there isn't alot to go around so reliability is a big concern of mine. Are they dependable/comparable to a camry or accord or is this the kind of car that has "it's fair share of problems?"
    thanks for the help
  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    I don't know if people are using the Audi website, they have a special on a 2 year lease on a 2005 A4 2.0T Quattro for only $359 per month (including tax).

    This is even better news. I was looking to trade-in my 2004 A4 3.0 CVT for the 2005.5 model and I was being offered a 3-yr lease payment of about $530 including tax. I was turned off by the deal. The dealer now just informed that Audi just launched a owner loyalty program last week and the same cars is being offered to me at $410 including tax. This is true good to be true.

    Has anyone heard of this loyalty program???
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    There is $1000 owner loyalty on the 05.5 A4 if you are a current Audi owner.
  • The '02 B6 A4 series is more reliable that the previous generation. Audi and VW had troubles with the ignition coils on some cars using the 1.8t engine during the '01 & '02 model years. Many were replaced (they tended to fail sooner rather than later). I had an '02 Avant with the manual transmission and the car was excellent but others have had not so excellent experiences. Due to this I would want to see the service records for any A4 under consideration and I would also want to look into an extended coverage plan of some sort. BTW, this car is not exactly a rocket and the AT transmission doesn't help matters.

    I just picked up a new A4 over the weekend and, after a few days, think the car is the bomb but I gotta tell you that I probably wouldn't buy a four year old A4... and you did mention reliability as a "big concern." For the price of a used A4 Avant you are in the ball park price range of a four-door Scion, Mazda 3 wagon and a bunch of other small, sporty wagon-like cars... but then perhaps you have a sense of adventure :P

    Hey... best of luck to ya!

  • mcmuneymcmuney Posts: 64
    Just test drove a 2005.5 3.2 A4. The loyalty program offers $1000 and .00072 money factor if you're leasing.

    I'm almost ready to make a deal but I can't get any payment calculator to tie back to dealers payments. The difference in monthly payment is always around $100 bucks. Here's how I'm calculating the monthly payment:

    MSPR: $41,570
    Residual Value: $22,448 (54% - 15K 3-YR lease)
    Purchase Price: $39,000
    MF: .00072
    Down: $5000
    Audi Incentive: $1000
    Term: 36 months

    My payment figures:

    Depreciation: $293
    Finance: $40
    Tax: $27

    Total Payment: $361
    Dealer Calculate Payment: $434

    A difference of $73 per month. Am I calculating incorrectly or is the dealer trying to screw me???
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,370
    Some possibilities..

    1) The dealer has already factored the incentive into the purchase price..

    2) What you are referring to as $5000 down, is really $5000 due at signing... If you take out 1st payment, security deposit and acquistion fee, then that lowers the downpayment part of it to around $3500...

    That equals $2500 total.. Almost $70/mo.. That is pretty close to your difference... That might be it... or not... just guessing..



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