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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • This past Saturday I placed a $500 good faith deposit on a new 2006 A4. They didn't have the one I was looking for in their inventory (or other dealership inventories), so they had to order it. Scheduled delivery in February or March.


    2006 A4 2.0T Quattro Sedan (6MT)
    Premium Package
    Sunroof Package
    Technology Package
    Audio Package w/ XM
    Sport Suspension
    Brilliant Red
    Ebony Interior

    MSRP: $36,735
    Selling Price: $34,830 ($800 over invoice)

    I'll work out the leasing terms once the vehicle arrives and I'll disclose my opinion of the dealership once the papers have been signed. But preliminary feedback on the dealership is so far, so good!
  • I am interested in purchasing a 2006 A4 2.0T auto with sunroof package. What's the best price out there in Southern Cal area? One dealer offered this deal. See below. What do you all think?

    Invoice / Retail
    Base Price.....$26,669.00/ $28,840.00
    Sunroof Pack.$1,274.00/ $1,400.00
    Destination....$720.00 / $720.00
    Prep & Inspe.$195.00/ $0.00
    Audi Assc Fee.$266.69/ $0.00
    Total.......$29,124.69/ $30,960.00

    So, Invoice is $29,124.69. I would be willing to do $350.00 over Total Invoice.
  • Just got the same deal with premium package and 6 speed manual. Howd you get 12,000 Per year? isnt it just 10,500??
  • Just ordered a A4 3.2 from a Northern New Jersey dealer...I got:

    Premium Package
    Lighting Package
    Tech Package/Navigation System & SAT
    Cold Weather Package
    Audio Package w/ XM

    Trying to decide between the Light Silver metallic w/ Ebony interior or Arctic White w/ Beige interior and Brown Polished Walnut.

    If I want the car in 2 weeks I have to take the white. If I can wait then I would get the silver. Still not sure yet.

    As to pricing:
    The dealer gave me $42,548.00 for a premium purchase.

    I'm not sure this was the best deal...but I imagine i can revisit the issue.

  • EdsotoEdsoto Posts: 42
    Because that was part of the deal... I wanted, without too much hagling, 12,000 miles per year and 400.00.

    Overall, the 2 things I miss, but not terribly, are the electronic rear view mirror and memory seats.

    I went to A/C yesterday and figured about 20+ miles a gallon.

    I completed the deal at Riverside Audi.
  • trometrome Posts: 17
    I took delivery yesterday of an 06 A4 with the S line, Premium, Sunroof and Tech Packages. MSRP was about $39,460 as I recall. It has the dark blue exterior and black interior.In a surprisingly hassle free experience here is what I did:
    Cap Cost: $37,160 ( I paid zero $ for cap cost reduction)
    Residual: 75%
    Money factor: .00159
    total out of pocket at signing: $1251
    payment: $487

    This also includes free maintenance and a free loaner when you drop the car off for service. I am very pleased with the deal and the car and would never conceive of buying, rather than leasing an Audi because they depreciate so horribly, however, they are posting such a high residual and low money factor that leasing makes a great deal of sense.

    dealer: The Collection, Coral Gables, FL.
  • first- thank you Car-Man and the service and info on this board...i dont think i could have EVEN got my deal if it wasnt for your information, especially on current money factors and residuals. You are priceless!

    I love my new A4 2.0T quarttro avant wagon. I just got it a few days ago. It is so nice-- fit and finish in the interior is great.
    below i will post numbers to my lease deal.
    first-- let me say something i realized--- at first i didnt think i would get the car i did because it was in the showroom with LOADED packages and add-ons. Things i didnt think was necessary. But heres the deal- when you lease-- you get to multiply the residual % times the MSRP, so if the MSRP is higher (loaded packages and goodies), then your residual is higher and the gap between cap cost (negotiated price) is essentially the same as if you got a lower priced car without all the fun.Especially right now with the high A4 residuals-- it works out well.
    For basically the same lease payment-- you get NICER car than otherwise 'average'. I can not tell you how much of a difference at least the BOSE and the wheels make.
    (just like shoes-- make an outfit).
    i also got the manual 6 speed-- its so much fun to drive and control with this engine, if you are into that sort of feel.
    here are my numbers:( for a 2 year 12K)-
    MSRP- $38,185
    negotiated price- 36,440
    money factor- 0.00185 (avant)
    Residual higher for avant=77% (78% if you get 10K)
    i put down 2K to reduce the cap cost (brought down to $34,440)
    monthly payment=$329, $358 (includes state tax at 9.1% WA).

    THE CAR IS SWEET! GO FOR THE LOADED AT THESE RESIDUALS-- as long as whatever MSRP you be sure to negotiate a decent selling price well under that. It took some effort and haggling but worth it- at least i got under TMV true market value for this car. It looks like i got about $1700 discount from MSRP.

    my packages included premium, sunroof, TECH, BOSE premium sound, wheel upgrade, cold weather, wiper? and something else?. The car talks to you!

  • dmg1dmg1 Posts: 8
    I live in Mass., interested in leasing 36 month, 15K, no money down. What would be reasonable and excellent terms for an A4 quattro, 2.0T, auto, premium package, metalic, sunroof package, cold weather package. What are the negotiable factors and what should be standard factors before I go to the dealership?
  • I bought a 2005 Audi A4 this past February. I have driven stick shift all of my life (23 years) and have never had to replace a clutch in any of my vehicles. My last car which I still own and use has 176,000 miles and the clutch has not needed to be replaced to date. The reason for this background is that the clutch went on my car at 15,400 miles. Mostly highway miles. The car appeared to drive normal one day and the next morning when I retrieved it at the car valet at the hotel, their was a burning obnoxious smell coming from my car, there was a rattle / vibration underneath and the clutch was difficult to work with. I literally got to the car to a dealership when it no longer worked. The car is in the Boston area and I had to rent a car to get home to Connecticut. Has anyone heard of this before? Can a clutch just die over night? I have already replaced the gas gage, which started to stop working after a month of owning the car and I believe it is happening again. :lemon: ??
  • I just finalized a deal on a white Audi A4 2.0T here in Cleveland, OH (Fred Baker Audi), with sunroof + premium + technology packages. Deal is $425/mo inclusive of taxes (7% in cuyahoga county) on MSRP of $36,665. MF was 0.00139 with $2,125 in MSD (5 x $425/mo) that dropped my MF to 0.00099 (2.4% interest rate). Pick up is around Xmas time. Can't wait, it's been snowing like a mother here and the quattro will arrive just in time.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 551

    Is this a 24-month lease with 10k miles per year?

    How much was your total drive off not including the MSD? Or your total with MSD?

    did you get the Tech package with Bluetooth or just the Tech package?
  • 24-month lease with 12k/yr. Tech package includes bluetooth.

    I am not sure what you mean by "total drive off not including MSD" - can you please clarify?
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 551
    How much was the part that wasn't your MSD?

    e.g. Tax, registration, first month, etc.

    Or what did you pay before you left the dealership? We can deduct the MSD to compare against other lease deals (including those without MSD).
  • My out of pocket, excluding MSD, was $425 (first month) + $575 acquisition fee. I had a $500 deposit down.
  • wco81wco81 Posts: 551
    So $1500 plus the MSDs?

    What about registration, doc fees, etc.?

    Sounds like you had to pay $3500-4000 or more including those MSDs before you left the lot?
  • This is what I paid:

    Acquisition Fee : $575
    First Month's lease: $425
    License & Doc Fee: $170
    Out of pocket: $1,170

    Refundable MSD: $2,125

    Total: $3,295 of which MSD is 100% refundable at end of lease
  • Offer I am getting in Minneapolis:

    A4 2.0T Quattro 2006 - 10k/year - 24 months

    $944 signing + lisc/regs + doc fee + tax = $2088.92

    Is this is a good deal? what else can I get?

    What is the MSD?
  • Thinking about buying 2.0T, any advice are appreciated! I live in WA.

    A4 2.0T automatic with moonroof
    base: 30960
    invoice: 28663
    blue book: 29390
  • kw345kw345 Posts: 3
    I'm emailing back and forth with the Internet manager at an Audi dealer outside LA. They're offering a lease deal of $1400 down, $259/month, 12K miles/year - for 24 months. I *think* this sounds like a good deal but would like any feedback. Thank you!
  • chris47chris47 Posts: 25
    In 1999, my wife and I were looking for a new sedan. We walked into Paul Miller Audi to look at an A4. After being ignored until all other customers were gone, we were treated rudely by a saleswoman (really pissed off my wife). She called us back several weeks later with a different attitude - long after we had bought a different car.

    Last month we were car shopping again – now looking for a sporty wagon. We tried Audi of Mendham this time after driving the Saab and BMW alternatives. They said had no A4 wagons or sedans to drive. The sales guys showed no interest in trying to find a car for us and didn’t even bother getting information from us. We bought a Saab 9-3 SportCombi the next week.

    My wife and I are both professionals in our late 30’s and were buying in cash. Why Audi dealers in New Jersey don’t want to talk to us is a mystery. Audi may make great cars – I wouldn’t know, I’ve never had a chance to drive one.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    I wish Audi would make more of the Avants. But in reality, they're hard to find and dealer allocation is very limited. It may be your salesperson didn't have anything on the lot, so he/she didn't feel like they could sell you anything.

    Maybe it's a "Jersey" thing and the harsh attitude is the way people are up there with higher-line cars. Or maybe you just were really unlucky and got the few bad apple sales people.
  • I just picked up an A4 Quattro w/premium,cold weather,sunroof and auto/tiptronic from Audi of Bernardsville in NJ. I dealt directly with John Koontz (sales manager)
    The deal was 10k x 24 mos.

    349.99 a month

    2150.00 total out of pocket- includes tax upfront,registration for two yrs w/specialty plates,first month payment,aquisition fee,lic/doc fee.

    I called New Yrs eve as I was going on vacation last week. Negotiated about 2k off of MSRP of 35680 to 33600 over the phone. Gave them a deposit to lock the special rates in and picked up the car today. They had a good selection and delivered exactly what they promised. And the 76% residual with a 1.4 money factor was a killer deal.
  • bigbwbbigbwb Posts: 12
    Hey everyone,

    I will be in the market within the next couple months for a 2006 2.0T manual(no quattro) with the premium package(basically leather/sunroof & not much more). I will be selling my 2000 328CI and looking at the Audi's. My question to you all is what are good monthly lease prices for the above on a 3yr 15K lease, no money down? If I were to buy instead, what are they selling for(bottom dollar)? I currently lease a 2006 4Runner and will be purchasing this for my signifficant other. Will Audi allow you to buy extra miles up front on a lease for a cheaper rate than what they charge for a penalty at the end? The reason I ask, is that toyata let me buy an extra 5K miles for half the price at $.10/mile. Any suggestions or purchasing experience with this would be great.

    Thank you,
  • kw345kw345 Posts: 3
    Looking for price info on A4 convertible lease - down? monthly? help?
  • This is what I've been able to negotiate can anyone let me know if it's a good deal:

    A4 2.0T Sline, Technology Package (with Bluetooth)
    $37,089.00 (MSRP of 38335)
    $1,000 out of pocket lease (including taxes etc.)

    Here are the lease payments he quoted me:

    36 X $521.00

    39 X $530.00

    48 X $608.00

    60 X $556.00

    Also the dealer is claiming that the invoice price of the A4 has gone up $469.69. Does this sound right or is he trying to pull a fast one? :confuse:
  • here are 2 recent quotes, same car.
    prem package
    pwr sunshade
    headlight washers

    MSRP of the car is $36510

    1st dealer says 24mo residual is 68%, 36mo residual is 56%
    m.f. .00122
    Selling at $36,000 (510 off MSRP seems expensive)
    1st mo , sec deposit, acc fee, plate = $1281.65

    2nd dealer
    Selling price $35,100 (a little better about $1400 off MSRP)
    out of pocket was much different $1900.50
    he said m.f. was about 2.5 %
    24mo residual $24826.80 = 68%
    24mo =$537.80

    36mo residual $20445.60 =56%
    36mo = $500.36

    My problem is this configuration has to be ordered. Both dealers tell me that the programs expire each month and I could be looking at much different programs in 90 days. The two deals are close, but there is more going on than just the selling price difference. I've used an internet lease calculator and one on my palm pilot and I can't figure out where the difference happens. Any and all help appreciated.
  • rjlaerorjlaero Posts: 659
    Yes, the base price of all A4's went up $600 after Jan 1 06.

    He's not pulling a fast one and telling you the truth.
  • dlzdlz Posts: 4
    I just got the following lease deal on the A4 Cabriolet 3.0L Quattro, with Premium package, Bose audio w/XM radio, heated rear seats, in Light Silver metallic:

    MSRP $49,735 (as configured)
    Capitalized cost $45,770, plus $1,741 sales tax (NY 7.375%)
    10,000 miles per year, .00235 money factor, 61% residual
    Monthly payment: $660 including tax
    1st month ($660)
    Security deposit ($675)
    Dealer fee ($399)
    Bank fee ($575)
    Title/registration, etc. ($130)

    Seems like a a good deal...any thoughts?
  • ca_manca_man Posts: 23

    I am interested to hear what kind of deals forum members have got for 2006 A4's in the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Specifically, how much over invoice ?

    Cheers :shades:
  • mooyomooyo Posts: 1
    I checked some dealer and it only has 24,528mi on it.
    The price seems pretty nice which is $21,998.

    When I checked CARFAX it seems nothing come up except the fact that previous owner -lease- got service quite often (total 7)including two Electrical system.

    Do you guys think is it good idea to buy it or not plz let me know.
    Vin# WAULT68EX3A108886 :confuse:
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