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2013 and Earlier - Audi A4 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Hi! My daughter is looking for her first car. We found a 2001 Audi A4 with 61,000 miles for $11,900. What do you think of that?

    Are Audi A4 Parts a lot more expensive than Toyota parts,etc if something happens with the car?

  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Just my humble opinion, but I wouldn't buy my 21 year old daughter an out-of-warranty Audi A4. I've had two Audis and loved them both but I sold them as soon as the warranty was up.

    Parts are expensive, labor is expensive, and most Audis need lots of both. When my 20 y.o. daughter needed a new car in February, I bit the bullet and bought her an 07 Pontiac G6: $600 out of pocket and $250/month for 60 months (out the door with TTL). It's not as flashy as the A4, but I don't have to worry about her calling in the middle of the night for a ride or a loan to fix her car.

    If you don't like domestics, you could get a heck of a nice used Camry or Accord and get the same piece of mind.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Hi there, first of all thanks for backing me up. I never expected to recieve a reply like that one, but hopefully it won't happen again.

    I decided to buy a 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro instead. I really liked the 2004 I mentioned before, but the fact it was not a pre-owned certified car was bugging me a little.

    My new car had only 11 miles when I bought it. I test drove a different one (same model) and the performance, response and no turbo lag was what made me buy that car. However, after they brought my car from the warehouse (I wanted a black one) and drove it home, I immediately noticed the huge turbo lag, no low end torque at all and engine noise. It was nothing compared to the one I test drove. It feels more like driving a VW 2.5. I took it back yesterday to the service dept., they inspected it again and said all was fine. That it was because of the break-in period and they assured it would feel just like the car I test drove in a few hundred miles. Do you think my car performance will improve after the break-in period? The test drive car had 70 miles on it, so I expected my car to perform the same way, that's why I didn't test drive it before buying bad, I guess :(

    Thanks so much.
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    I just bought a new 2007 A4 4dr CVT w/premium package yesterday and here's the deal I got:

    Purchase Price: $26,800
    OTD Price: $29,150

    The guy at the dealership said Audi is giving them incentives to move the A4's, so that's why I actually got it below invoice. Just thought I'd share the knowledge, this board was helpful to me in my new car search so I'm giving back.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Hi alex320, thanks, very really helpful. Which area did you get your car from? Any idea what kind of availability they have (ie. are there still many available, or supply slim)?
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Wow!! That was a great deal. I paid $31000 for an 2007 A4 2.0T Quattro 6M with premium package and the blutooth feature. I guess you really have to try hard to get a good deal...if you don't ask you won't get it!!! This is a good example.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Hey ZMP... when did you buys yours? Sounds like timing makes all the difference. Did yours have the cold weather package? Any other features?
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Hello!! I bought the car last Tuesday. I hadn't done any research on this car in particular since I was thinking about buying a pre-owned 2004 A4 instead. It just has the premium package and the bluetooth option. I think it's a 2007 instead of a 2007.5 because I had the bluetooth added without having to add the Convenience Package as required if you Build your Audi in their website. Did you read my previous e-mail I posted before Alex's? My car has a noticeable turbo lag and no low end torque. I'm a little worried and unimpressed with my car right now...I hope it really gets better after the "break-in period".

  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    I have a 2004 1.8T CVT right now. It does have low-end torque, but not off the line for some reason. I can't say I have turbo lag, but the CVT drives completely different from the other transmissions. I recently test drove other turbo cars and find the Audi turbo remarkable compared to the others. But it is a unique drive and you have to get used to it. I just test drove the 2007 and find very little difference between the way they drive. Give it some more time, I'm sure you'll come to enjoy it! But don't expect anything to change after the break-in period, this is it.

    Enjoy your new car! Thanks for the info.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Thanks! It's just that the car I test drove the same day I bought the car had such a great response, nothing compared to my car. And that was the main reason I bought the car...thanks again and good luck with your new purchase. zmp.
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    I bought the car in miami, specifically Prestige Imports. They seemed to have a good amount of A4's on the lot, so supply isn't a problem if you're looking for a model with just the premium package. I think they're the #1 audi dealer in the US, so maybe they get larger volume discounts than other dealerships because I shopped around and no one came even close to that price. I honestly wasn't even going to buy a new A4, I thought even at invoice it was slightly out of my price range, so I originally asked to see the used A4's on the lot. When the sales guy came back with such a good price on a new one instead, I couldn't refuse it!
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    No kidding, that's a killer price. I actually just saw an A4 quattro with the premium package and heated seats, black, auto, for $29,995. That's also below invoice. The 2008's are coming soon, so I guess they're starting to blow out the 2007's. I guess it then becomes a question of whether you take the lesser 2007 price or pay the higher price for a 2008 - I would think there's a $2-3k difference for a 3 or 4 yr old a4, so you basically end up getting that money back.
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    Has the Turbo Lag issue died down? Did you end up getting a 6MT or an Automatic? If the former, I would be shocked by the Turbo lag because I've test driven multiple Audi(s) with manuals and never experienced a delay in the turbo response.

    Just food for thought, test drive your car before you purchase it, just so you know the driving dynamics of the car you're going to take home.

    If the problem persists, take it to the Audi A4 Problems / Issues board to see if other people had the same problem. I remember reading about turbo lag, but mainly with their automatic transmission, which is why I opted for the 6MT. Also, take a service guy on a test drive and show them what you mean by the problem, especially if it's continuous.
  • rallyfanrallyfan Posts: 36
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    Guys, after I bought the car I found out the exact size of the Audi to dealer incentive, it's actually 3k. Now that you know what the dealer is working with, you should be able to get an amazing deal on an A4. Good luck!
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Hello! I still have the turbo lag issue. I bought a 6M. Have you ever heard that after you "break-in" the engine the turbo lag dissapears? This is the first time I buy a brand new car so I'm not sure about that. The salesman who sold me the car called me on Sunday saying not to worry about it because his S4 experienced the same. But I have a feeling it's not going to change. I don't if I should wait until the 1000 miles to see what happens or if I should go back to the dealer this week and have the service guy test drive it like you said. I also want him drive the car I test drove before they sell it so he can compare the two of them.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Do you mean you paid 3k below invoice price? Is it a Quattro?
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    I bought a 6M Quattro. The gas mileage is very good. They did diagnosed the car and I have a receipt for the services. Everything came out to be ok. They said the injectors needed to get adjusted and so on. Can you tell me more about the sensor you mentioned could be broken?

    Thanks so much.
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    No I didn't get 3k below invoice, but the finance guy let it slip when I got a phone call a couple days later. So others can do better than the deal I got.
  • bigpapalukebigpapaluke Posts: 108
    My salesman never mentioned a break-in period, and he also had a 2006 Audi 2.0T.

    It's your investment, and if you're not comfortable with their initial diagnosis, call and set an appointment with the service department, and ask to take one of the service reps on a test drive to see if they can feel the lag too.

    I'm still surprised this issue is on the manual transmission, as it's been widely discussed that the turbo lag is most noticable on their automatics. But it could be (as one poster pointed out) a problem with the O2 sensor.
  • zmpzmp Posts: 24
    Thanks for your responses. I will definitely go back and have the service guy drive the car. Thanks again for all your help ;)
  • porchieporchie Posts: 20
    I am trying to decide between two cars, a Lexus IS250 and an A4 Quattro with S-Line pkg

    Has anyone gotten a good price on an 07 A4 quattro with the SLine pkg? MSRP is just over $35k.

    Im in Southern California, and I cant find any info on mfg to dealer incentives. The saleman at the Audi place is very high pressure, and I am not comfortable with him. Cant get a straight answer, so I am going to find another salesman to go through.

    BUT I still am not 100% sure about the Audi, love the Lexus, too & it has more included options for the same price.

    Did anyone compare these two vehicles? What prices did you get for them?

  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Alex320, thanks, that info is extremely helpful. Did you negotiate a lot for that price, or is that what they offered you? Did you pick it up from them, or have it shipped?

    I'm looking at one in New York now. They offered it for $29,900 vs. invoice of $31,500. I thought that was a fair deal, but now I'll push for a lot more. ;)
  • Has anyone seen the $3k dealer incentives documented anywhere?
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    I negotiated for a while to get that price, but I didn't know the size of the incentive beforehand. The sales guys know that you don't know the size of the incentive (I haven't seen it online anywhere), so when they tell you there is one and they offer you 1k-2k below invoice, most people walk away very happy.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Very true. And I'm not trying to leave the dealer with nothing, everyone has to make some money, but a $3k difference is immense. Glad these forums exist, because I really think the whole sales process is ridiculous... that one person get walk away with the same car for $3k less than another because they're more comfortable negotiating.

    In either case, I called Prestige and the guy told me the quattro's go for mid-high 30's. After I told him that I saw one advertised for $29,900, he immediately told me they're the largest dealer and can beat any price. Waiting for him to get back to me now. Amazing how I knocked off $5k in 15 seconds. The next $1-2k will likely take a lot longer.

    Did you drive your car back from them, or have it shipped?
  • alex320alex320 Posts: 8
    I drove the car back. That's pretty funny how you knocked the price down so fast, a couple of weeks ago any dealer would've laughed at that number, since the incentive started on July 3. I was car shopping during the whole month of June and was targetting the end of the month to get the best deal, funny how pushing the decision back a week saved a big pile of cash.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Does anyone know whether there is a difference between the 2008 vs 2007 A4 sedan? Some dealers are saying they come standard with s-line bumpers and a grill, and others are saying there's no change whatsoever. (I'm not talking about the totally redesigned model due out next year, I mean the 2008 model coming out in a month or two).
  • jescuejescue Posts: 521
    The S-line exterior package is standard on all 2008 A4 models. They will arrive late this month or early August.
  • smogilsmogil Posts: 40
    Cool... I guess it makes sense then to go for the '08 for an extra $2k, you get that money back on the resale value. Although, looking through all the pictures I can find, I can't see much visible difference between the regular and s-line exterior.
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