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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    Where do you have your brakes replaced? How long ago? Were they using origonal parts? Your ABS light only comes on if there's a problem with your ABS system - since you just replaced your brakes, your mechanic may not have clipped in the harness for the ABS sensor and over a few miles it has rubbed through - or - your ABS module has taken a dump.
  • mohsinicmohsinic Posts: 3
    I changed em myself .. whut do u mean by clipping in the harness for the ABS sensor as i certainly did not come across any sensors just the brake caliber which we pushed in. do u have any pictures of what it should look like and otherwise if the module has been broken .. how much of a cost m i looking at. Any information would be really helpful. Thankyou
  • dl7265dl7265 Posts: 1,381
    A friend has a 2004 1.8tQ Tip 13k miles. She says that the start up is rough, the engine surges ect. It was taken to Seattle dealer. The service manager drove it for 3 days 300 miles :mad: , and claimed he could not duplicate the probem.All they will tell her is up to specs.. After getting it back, same problem. Bad gas has been ruled out. Any ideals? or known problem?

  • coop75coop75 Posts: 3
    Watch out for the Audi Xenons if you live near a big city. I was forced to get rid of my 1.8 QT A4 within six months of moving to Boston because my headlights were stolen twice. I don't know about the west coast, but it's been a big problem up and down the East Coast the last few years. Nissan Maxima also have been a target but I understand they were sued by the state of NJ and and have some sort of deterent...unlike Audi. They still have done nothing about it, at first would not even admit it had ever happaned before...this was odd considering the dealership body shop and did the repair said the saw ten in one week...basically Audi was very rude and smug about the whole thing....just a heads was a very awful thing to go through, basically being forced out a car that I loved over some damn headlights?
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    Your caliper (that holds the brake pads) has a piece sticking out of it, where the sensor harness clips into. If you left the harness unclipped, it could have rubbed against the wheel/rotor..... no pictures...
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    Audi have changed the way you remove the headlights on the new models - you've gotta take the bumper cover off now to remove them without damaging them
  • bubasupbubasup Posts: 2
    I just bought a '96 audi a4 w/ 100K miles. the car is in great shape, but the radio wont turn on, the fuel gauge is at empty w/ the fuel light on even if its full, and the ac works but it wont display the temperature or speed (the ac problem is on and off).

    Please help!!!
  • mid_mid_ Posts: 2
    Sorry i didn't finish....

    Tnks you all!!!
  • mid_mid_ Posts: 2
    hi everyone!
    this is my first time in this forum and i happened to be here because i really want to get rid of my 01 toyota celica and like audi so much... And i have to say that i am very dissapointed from what i have read so far for the past 3 hours. Audi is not reliable at all - and that sucks because i love the A4! I could only afford about 13K car. So i was woundering what would the cost be to own it for couple years in repairs -roughly? The car is 2000 A4, 1.8t, 5spd manual with 71.5K miles. I know many of you might think this is stupid and i should just concider bying a different car. In that case - any ideas in that price range what would be a simmular performance vehicle?
  • Where to start .... ? My 1999 front drive, std transmission, 1.8l A4 has experienced many of the well-documented problems and disappointments plastered all over this forum.
    1. All plastic trim under the doors came loose, since the metal clips rusted out. This was not considered a warranty issue, so I purchased new trim and installed it myself.
    2. Right front wheel bearing failed at 60-70K miles
    3. I was fortunate in that the original control arms actually worked without creaking and groaning until 90,000 miles, at which time I had an independent (and excellent) service facility replace all 8 of them. Unfortunately, the replacement control arms are now beginning to make similar noises, beginning at 110,000 miles. The good news .... a hard rainstorm or drive thru carwash apparently lubes the ball joints enough so they quit complaining for a few days.

    When Audi of America announced they were prepared to reimburse owners who had paid to have control arms replaced, I was elated. I wrote Audi, submitted every service record I could find for repairs over 5 years, and sat back thinking they would do the right thing and reimburse me for the lower control arm replacement (since Audi didn't indicate any issues with the upper arms, I didn't ask for compensation on these items).

    Approximately two months later, I received a check for a little more than $250.00, which was approximately half my cost for parts and labor on the lower arms.

    I communicated back, asking them to reconsider reimbursing me for the total cost of the lower control arms. Their response "..... since we can't determine if the parts were replaced with Genuine Audi Parts, we cannot pay 100% of the repair" (whatever this might have to do with reimbursing me for their faulty original parts??)

    I then asked them to document their rationale for paying only 50% of the repair in writing, which they verbally refused to do. Nice folks!

    I won't bore you with additional details of the back and forth communications with a very uncommunicative Audi of America, except to say that I felt stonewalled.

    Now I receive a notice in the mail from A of A stating they are in the middle of a class action lawsuit over misrepresentating the replacement schedule for the timing belt and belt tensioner. Since my car has well over the 101,000 mile limit specified in their announcement, I won't have to deal with Audi of America on this issue.

    BTW - the independent shop replaced both the belt and Audi hydraulic tensioner on my A4 at 80k miles. The OEM tensioner was replaced with a mechanical type tensioner, which the independent shop said was much less prone to fail. Now, at 140k miles, the independent shop suggests replacing the belt again. Hate to put any more $$ in this clunker, but maybe a belt replacement will get me through until next spring, at which time THIS CAR GOES AWAY!

    To summarize - I'm not sure which has been the most disappointing part of the Audi ownership experience, the failure of major vehicle components, or the difficulty Audi of America has in owning up to the problems and making it right with their customer base.

    Based on my disappointing experience with the car and with the Audi of America, I for one will not repeat the Audi Ownership Experience.
  • ilight4uilight4u Posts: 7
    I just bought a 2004 A4 Cab, and would like to add a "perimeter sensor" or "field disturbance sensor" to the factory alarm system to activate the alarm when someone reaches inside the car, or is too close to it. Has anyone found a way to add these sensors, or to integrate a Viper aftermarket alarm system with those features into the Audi A4 and have it controled by the Audi key-fob / factory alarm system?
  • coreyryancoreyryan Posts: 1
    Please help me. My '00 A4 avant just had it's 60K service a couple months ago. But just last week it started making a really loud, obnoxious screeching noise. It is only occasional (it's done it 4 - 5 times in the last 10 times out). Lasts about3 - 5 seconds and sounds like a bunch of people scratching their fingernails on a chalkboard.

    I checked the power steering fluid at somebody's suggestion, but that was fine. Any other ideas? I need to take this car on a long (500 mile) trip tomorrow. Is that going to be a bad idea?

    Thanks for your help.
  • wlpzwlpz Posts: 1
    The driver side rear brake was damaged and the brake warning light is now on all the time. I purchased and attempted to replace the calipers but I can not get any pressure to build so that i can bleed the brake line. I'm guessing that the computer has things locked down. How can I reset it so i can finish the brake job? I called the dealer service dept but they refused to to help me in any manner.

  • I have a 2002 A4 3.0 that is almost out of warranty at 48k miles. I was
    thinking of getting an extended warranty since I have had problems with
    the electrical system on my car that would have cost me a fortune if it
    wasn't under warranty. I was wondering if people had advice on where to
    get one and about how much it would cost? I have talked to the Audi dealership and got their qoute for their one through JM&A group. Any others I should look at?
  • jrueckertjrueckert Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Audi A4 1.8lt engine. Recently the oil light went on and the engine starting making a "fluttering" noise. I brought it to the shop immediately, where they told me the engine was fatally damaged and would need replacement ($9,000). Now VW/Audi knows of the problem where the oil sludge damages their engines and extended the warranty on the engine 5 yrs if you can prove you've had the oil changes per their recommendations. Which of course, I find myself unable to provide the documentation. The last one I can prove is 11 months ago. The dealership is refusing to acknowledge that their product should be expected to hold up better.

    Anyone know of any recourse legally or otherwise?
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    Get the factory warranty - aftermarket companies use junk yard, or used replacement parts. The factory warranty doesn't question the problem, just fixes it with new parts.
  • jrueckertjrueckert Posts: 2
    Just got word from dealership that Audi will cover the engine replacement due to the sludge damage. That is more like the service I've received from them in the past. I guess it's which person you talk to. My advice is keep all the oil change documentation for your car. I guess I took it for granted in the past.
  • bogart05bogart05 Posts: 4
    Dear Mid -
    I traded in my 02 Celica for my 05 Audi A4 and have never looked back. You have to realize that people who don't have problems with their cars never log on. Very few people will take the time to log on if you're happy but will FIND the time if you're unhappy. My sister had a used A6 and admittedly had a few problems with it, but Audi took care of everything. Used cars are just going to have more problems by nature. Also, you may want to consider leasing a brand new car. Their lease rate is amazing and you could probably get a really good deal on the "old" body style 2005. I can't guarantee that there won't be problems with my car, but as I'm leasing it for 3 years with everything covered, It's not something I am worried about in the future. People don't take as great of care of luxury cars because they expect them to hold up better, plus we trade up every two or three years. Consider what you are buying. Expect problems with a used car -- ANY used car, but realize that a luxury used car is going to be more expensive to fix than a non-luxury. Good luck
  • doyedoye Posts: 1
    I am having trouble with Audi. My daughter took her 1999 Audi A4 in for service and they changed her timing belt and all components associated with it. They said it was a "recall". She had 44,000 miles on this well kept Audi. Charge was $1400. Of course, recalls are paid for by the mfg. I called Audi and was told they call it a "service action" and you can imagine the run around after that. you know how she can join the class action suit?
  • ashton1ashton1 Posts: 1
    How do you get at the bulb to replace it? Is there a procedure online? Thanks.
  • gormerodgormerod Posts: 18
    This oil sludge problem concerns me. I have a 2000 Jetta with the 1.8T engine and 76000 miles. However, I have also been using synthetic oil in it for the past three years. Are there any opinions on whether or not using synthetic oil will prevent the oil sludge problem? :surprise:
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16
    Hello All,

    I have A4 1.8T Q 2002.
    I just wonder if any one has had an upgrade done to car using APR "" (Stage I ECU Upgrade) and what is the result. I am thinking to do it.

    Other think is that "oil sludge" problem AUDI has. What I done, is asked my mechanic to use one of those OIL FLUSH additive before he changes the oil. This additive rinses the engine internals. Apparently the first time he done it there were some dirt coming out with oil. So it did the job. If you use that staff it should help you keep the engine clean and happy.
  • simple2simple2 Posts: 16

    Open the boot, on each side approximattely 10cm away from rubber boot seal there is a visible round plug, which is the service holle. It is about 5 sm in diameter. Pop it with flat screwdriver and you will see botl under it. Undo it and pull it all the way out. Then simply pull the light out! There is 2 more clips holding it, but they will let go.
    This is all.
  • psledgepsledge Posts: 2
    I have an Audi '02 A4, 1.8 Turbo and recently my oil light came on which I considered unusual. I immediately went to the dealer who first reacted that it just needed topped off. I questioned the dealer about this but they were very evasive and said the problem was corrected. I drove approx. 15 miles and the oil light came back on and would not go off. I called the dealer immediately who now informs me to have the car towed immediately. It seems within 30 minutes the dealer now tells me there is a severe oil sludge problem. After returning to the dealer they now tell me about this supposedly recall that Audi discovered back in January. It is June and I never received anything from the automaker or dealership. I continued to question the dealer about the use of improper oil. It seems they were using a regular oil instead of a synthetic. I was furious! To me it would be common sense to use a synthetic in a high performance engine...duh! Now the dealer tells me they can desludge the engine and I do not need to have the engine replaced. However, I will receive an extended 5-year warranty as long as the dealer continues to do the maintenance. I am very, very leery of this situation. I see there are a few other messages posted. Curious, has anyone been notified by Audi of this problem? I am convinced if my oil light had not come on Audi nor the dealer would have never notified me that there is a problem. If others have been effected are your dealers replacing the engine or just doing some type of clean-up?
  • auditechauditech Posts: 16
    The 1.8 turbo engines can have a problem with sludge build-up. It's not so much inside your engine, but the hoses and pipes that run around it, and the oil pump pick-up screen....this fix right now is to see how badly your engine is plugged and either do nothing and switch to synth oil and a bigger filter - or replace the engine and use synth oil and a bigger filter. The turbo eng. just runs too hot - and most people don't know that you should always let a turbo engine cool down after a drive and change your oil frequently
  • psledgepsledge Posts: 2
    To Auditech,
    I greatly appreciate your response to my Oil Sludge problem. I am curious however as to the confidence I should place in the decision as to how badly my engine is plugged. My car is still at the dealer for repairs so I do not have a final decision. Although when I followed up, they indicated most likely there was no engine damage and they would be cleaning, flushing, etc. Since I originally stopped in and at first all they did was add a quart of oil and send me on my way I have very little confidence in whatever they tell me. Interesting comment about the frequent oil change. I have always wondered why/how these engines could go 10,000 miles before recommended oil change. What are your thoughts on using regular, unleaded gasoline? That's another recommendation from the dealer when I reported problems with the engine seeming to choke at times. They said the Premium gas was too rich.
    Again, your comments have been greatly appreciated.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    1.) warranty direct----1.800.632.4222

    2.)continental warranty---- 1.800.929.2694

    3.) western national---------1.800.722.4758
  • mtmanmtman Posts: 2
    I have a 2003 Audi A4 that has a fueling problem. Nearly 75% of the time I try to refuel the vehicle, the pump shuts off, apparently because of pressure. I turn the nozzle in different directions, remove it, and even start refueling at a slower rate but it still shuts off. When I remove the nozzle I can actually hear pressure being released. After a frustrating 10-15 minutes at the pump, it finally starts taking fuel normally.
    This started after some routine maintenance was done.

    Any ideas?
  • jca1jca1 Posts: 1
    I thought I was the only one with this problem. One time the pump actually gushed gas over the car and pavement because of this. Don't know why the pressure doesn't equalize when the cap's removed (the little flapper apparently continues to hold the pressure), but I find if I laboriously hold the pump nozzle at a slight angle to allow the pressure to vent while gassing up I avoid spillage or premature cut-off. Happens only when the tank's pretty empty and I'm wearing nice clothes...
  • larrytaxlarrytax Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2004 Audi A4 convertible in October 2003. Last weekend the air conditioner went out. I took it in to get serviced on the following Monday. The service was horrible and by Thursday they finally figured out that a rock hit the condenser. This is such a poor design to put the condenser directly behind the grill without any protection. This poor design cost me $1200 to fix. I have been happy with my Audi until this week and in fact I was planning on purchasing another one in the future, but after terrible service and poor design on a very expensive car, I plan on taking my business elsewhere. I wanted to warn other people of this poor design and I hope it doesn't happen to any of you. It has been a nightmare.
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