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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • IF THEY DID THAT TO YOUR CAR YOU HAVE HIGH CHANCES THAT THEY RUINED YOUR CATALYTIC CONVERTER-look in the car manual at chapter"oil change"-SO YOU BETTER GO SOON AND CHECK IT-again is written in the manual that an oil overage can damage catalytic converter...Have you also noticed any burned oil smell?
  • very odd,because in reno nv at the audi dealership for this cars they recommend only castrol and in texas they recomend mobil one.However my car drove better with castrol and the oil stays clean.I don't know what to think anymore.My car is new and i already have valve tapping noise and burned oil smell.Please advise me what to do .Anyway tomorrow I will go to the dealership...I expect the worse of them-this happens in nevada though.PLS -ANY IDEA?!?
  • The last thing I was told was to give it a little time. I was told that, it should go away after the brake pads "settle in." I can say it is seems to be a bit better, but the clicking is still there... I have put about 2,000 miles on the car, and am wondering whether I need to now go back again to question the repair shop...
  • I have a 2005 Audi A4 that the clutch went out at 16,000 miles - Audi factory rep denied the claim -- my service manager tolld me off the record to fight it because the plate has been an ongoing problem - I would like to fight audi - please let me know if you know of other people with similiar claims -- Im sick of them telling me Im a bad driver when they know they have a faulty product!
  • I have an 2005 audi a4 that the clutch and flywheel went out at 16000 miles - the service manager even told me off the record that he has the same belief as you that the plate is the cause of the clutch problems - please let me know if you know of others with this problem and what actions you took against audi -- i plan on having a lawyer get involved - the service manager said that this would definately help -
  • What a mess...9/6, 2 MONTHS after leasing a 2006 a4, i was t boned and then rear car is a MESS and the rear passenger wheel took most of the impact..the rear axle was so badly broken it was flatbedded. The body shop said I need new suspension, new airbags, computer system, etc etc. Im really upset because when I called my dealer they said the rear axle and needing new suspension compromises the structural integrity and is grounds to be totaled. Its really unfair that I bought a brand new car and since its new and nobody has the parts, they have to be manufactured and shipped here...8 weeks. My insurance company said they wont total my car because its "worth too much" but its not fair I bought it brand new and if they try to fix it (so far repairs are at $13,000) it will never be the same. Is there anything I can do???
  • thats really terrible! Try going to a different auto body, you'd be surprised how different the price might be. CAll your dealer and ask them to suggest a repair shop that they use. Ask the body shop waht they think. When the insurance adjuster comes down, they might alter things to just make it a total loss - you never know.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    Absolutely, "work the system" and see if you can swing things your way.

    But really a top notch bodyshop can make the car right I think---and since you are leasing you don't have to worry about the diminution of resale value that comes from a history of major accident. You'd be much worse off here if you had bought the car, if that's any consolation.

    If they don't total it, it's not the worst thing in the world---but of course when you get the car back, test it out and if you hear any untoward noises, thumps, rattles, etc., bring it RIGHT back to the body shop.

    But modern hi-tech body shops are amazing in what they can do, if they are really really pro.

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  • Thats very true..I want to bring it to another shop and have someone else look at it but it was taken from the impound directly to one of my insurance company's "approved body shops" of those shops that has a deal with the insurance company which is sketchy already sent the check to them to repair it but nothin has been done yet
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 57,595
    I believe the law says you can go to any insurance shop you want.

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  • never ever go to an Audi from a BMW
    t Peterson
  • I'm searching for an alternative for the service repair shop in Miami, FL. We bought our 99.5 A4 Avante 1.8T from the Collections and has been sticking with them for the services so far. But the bloody charge for every small things and bad turn around time forces me to look for something else.

    Any Audi members in south florida area? Please share your experiences. Any recommendation are highly appricated.

  • In July, I posted a msg about clutch issues with my 2005 A4 after 25,000 miles (flywheel was replaced at my expense) and wanted to update everyone on the situation. Like the majority of the posts on edmunds, the service manager said it was driver abuse/misuse. Now, after 2 months and 2,000 miles I was stranded AGAIN with the SAME PROBLEM. Yes, 2 months! Do you think they will blame me again? The problem must be w/in the design. If anyone knows of any legal action I can take, please let me know. I have spoken to a lemon law attorney but I do not qualify since this is only the 2nd time. Suggestions are welcome!
  • Anyone have experience with installing an aftermarket Sirius satellite radio receiver? Is it easy to do? What type of receiver works with the A4 non-Bose, non-Nav stereo?
  • jsnjsn Posts: 1
    I have had the car 5 days now and the audio is driving me crazy! Almost every time I get in the car the Audio starts playing the CD at the beginning. Usually I was playing a MP3 CD and was drilled in about 4 folders, so I have to navigate back into the folder each time I stop and get out of the car. Only twice now has the car actually resumed playback where it left off. I let the dealer have the car yesterday and even after explaining the problem, they claim they could not reproduce the problem.

    Please help; if you have any advice for me I would appreciate it.

  • If Audi will not replace your defective clutch after 2K miles, I would take it to a performance shop. Keep all the old parts (e.g. fly-wheel, clutch-pressure-plate, clutch-disk). Replacment parts should come from a manufacture that is different from Audi's source. Place a safety-related complaint at NHTSA's vehicle owner's complaint database I will add to that complaint and perhaps Audi will stop stonewalling before someone gets killed. Inform your local dealer that you made the safety complaint at NHTSA. It would be interesting to know how shom1 from this forum made out in small claims court.
  • I just had my breather hose warranty service done today and the dealer informed me about a category 3 cam adjuster leak. Guess what.... this was my first visit to the dealership since my 50k warranty expired. What an amazing coincidence.
  • is there a way to avoid paying a dealer $60.00 to unlock the "safe" mode on my audi 2000 A4 1.8T After having engine work the audio system went to safe mode. I don't have code because I bought the car used and the original manual was lost.
    Please help...

  • jloukajlouka Posts: 5
    maybe you should try filing a complaint with the better business bureau. I had a ton of problems with my A4 but did not qualify for Lemon Law either. (tons of problems, but never four times each). Anyway, i sort of won my case... Audi replaced my vehicle with a new one. I really wanted them to cancel my lease but at least my mileage went back to 0.
    Its worth a shot.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    to rwhiles----- you can't avoid paying 60 bucks to the dealer just to unlock the safe mode of your audio system, because the original manual was lost including the manual of the audio system. in the manual of the audio system there you can find the code, only audi dealer can utilize your code of your audio system.
  • My car is reving high and my "service inspection" light started to blink today. Unfortunately I dont have an owners manual. Can anyone tell me what this means? :confuse:
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    I haven't been to this board lately and don't plan to visit any longer because I am now an ex-Audi owner, having dumped my A4 in August because I could no longer have any confidence that something bad and expensive would not occur. This is what happened in small claims court. Audi sent a "Mediation/Arbitration Analyst" named Nicholas Cardoni from Michigan, to the court in Maryland. A lawyer and witness showed up representing the dealer, which, according to Audi, made the decision for Audi not to "participate" in the repair costs for the defective pressure plate. The dealer made a motion for dismissal on a technicality involving service of process, which the judge granted, even though the dealer's website clearly indicated the corporation served with the complaint was the owner of the dealership. I didn't have time to analyze the corporate ownership papers that the lawyer offered, so I had nothing really to work with. That left Audi of America in the case. Under Maryland rules, the defendant was required to be represented by an attorney or corporate officer; Cardoni was neither, but the judge allowed Cardoni to represent Audi anyway (bad sign). Cardoni tried to argue that the clutch was a wear and tear item, limited to a one year warranty, and that I abused the clutch. I testified regarding my driving habits, and the use of the car (freeway). I introduced the dealer's own invoice that said the pressure plate was defective, causing the damage to the clutch and flywheel. Cardoni could not, and did not offer anything to rebut these facts. Cardoni then argued that the 4 year warranty had expired (by 7 months, which it had). I acknowledged that, but argued on a detrimental reliance equitable doctrine and an implied warranty theory. The implied warranty theory relied upon Carlson v. General Motors, 883 F.2d 287 (1989), a federal 4th circuit case (Md. is in the 4th circuit). I read Carlson to say that a manufacturer can limit implied warranties (which DO apply for those of you who think otherwise) for cars to the terms of a written warranty, unless to do so would be "unconscionable or unreasonable" - I was going to argue "unreasonableness," which I knew would be difficult. The 4th circuit overruled a lower court that had relied on a case involving the reasonableness of the length of a written warranty. The small claims judge (who was running the court like a Judge Judy court at this point) refused to consider Carlson because it was a federal case (implied warranty law is derived from federal law) and only wanted to consider Maryland state cases (rare or non-existent). I then tried to introduce the Maryland code on implied warranties. The judge was unfamiliar with the Md. code, and had to have a recess to get the clerk to find the law books. After court was reconvened, the judge tried to decipher the code, and decided that I "agreed" to modify the terms of the implied warranty to the limits of the written warranty when I bought the car (total BS- I had never agreed to limiting anything). The Maryland code as I read it says implied warranties apply to cars; a manufacturer can modify an implied warranty; but that a manufacturer cannot modify an implied warranty for a car less than 6 years old or 60K miles. It's confusing, and obviously the judge was confused in the courtroom when he was trying to piece together the three relevant sections of the code. Bottom line: I established the facts, but lost because the judge held that the law limited Audi's liability to the 4 year time limit of the written warranty. The judge did express some regret that his hands were tied, knowing full well (in my view) that a defective pressure plate failing in 30K miles was just not fair and equitable. Audi must have spent some money sending Cardoni from Michigan to show up in Maryland court at 8 am, and the dealer hopefully spent some money sending an attorney and witness to court for two hours. Under Maryland law, I had an absolute right to appeal the judge's decision, and could have retried the case from scratch. I considered doing this for the 30 day period I had to file the appeal, but finally decided to chalk this up and devote my energy to more importantly spreading the word to the world that AUDI HAS NO INTEGRITY. I used to be an Audi lover, despite 2 coil replacements, a cracked coolant bottle, a temperature display malfunction, a prematurely dead battery, etc. Now I'm thinking, why would anyone buy an Audi/VW product, when they treat customers the way I have been treated?? Yes, the car drove nicely when it worked - but how many other cars are out there that are great, yet the company won't treat you like DIRT once they have your money? The amount of money Audi spent to defend this case could have been offered as a settlement, and I probably would have been a happy or at least a happier customer, and probably would have continued to buy Audis and recommend them, had nothing else gone wrong. But now, I HATE AUDI and will tell anyone even thinking of buying them to WAKE UP - buy a BMW if you need "German Engineering" or more intelligently buy a car from Japan.
  • Well, I do not know WHAT the problem is, but I will shortly become an Ex-Audi owner, of a 2003 A4.

    We are moving from New Jersey to Portland, OR. I had my 50K maintenance last week, two days before starting our trip. Sunday evening, the transmission stopped working outside of Des Moines. Using Roadside Service, we were towed to a local Audi dealer. Customer Service got them to pay attention to us (they and Roadside Assistance have been very helpful and nice) -- but they could not find anything wrong and the car ran perfectly on Monday. We did not make up hearing clunks, having the car suddenly start to "stutter" and then stop moving in the 75 mph+ lane on I-80, surrounded by semis.... The Tiptronic manual got us off the road, and then the "check engine" light turned on.

    Now, several months ago, my car lost all power on a major highway during rush hour. I had it towed to my original dealer, and they, too, could not find anything wrong, but switched out the new fuel pump they had installed a couple months earlier (that time, the car stopped running during rush hour also).

    The "check engine" light came on a bit after this second problem but they also couldn't find anything wrong, although when it stayed on they switched out the catalytic converter.

    This is ridiculous -- not to mention dangerous and life threatening. Unfortunately, Lemon Laws don't apply to cars as old as mine, but the &^$^ thing is still in warrantee, just under 50K. Your experience in small claims court reinforces my new-found negativity.

    What gets me is that THEY CANNOT FIND ANYTHING WRONG after my A4 has stopped working in a dangerous situation, twice. What in blazes is going on?

    Hopefully, we will make it the remaining distance to the West Coast....

  • Wondering if you ever received info on this before I pay to get some major repair work done. Any answer would help. Thanks!! Also, not to be a pain, but my car is int he shop, and the sooner the reply the better. Thanks again.
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    Well, I have done a good bit of research and Adui is well aware of the problems with your car but they do not want to fix it. There are hundreds of Audi owners who have been treated this same way. When the check engine light comes on that is because there is sludge in the engine. Yes, sludge...and they issued a letter regarding this in 2004, however several Audi owners never got this letter, including me. Audi should replace your engine at THEIR cost. There is a flaw in the engine. There is a local reporter who is doing a story on this issue this month or next month. Here are some websites that you can go to, some of the websites have attorneys working with them. (good info here)

    Good luck and if you would like more information or any help to get Audi to get your car fixed I will share with you all the info that I have.
  • "...when the check light comes on that is because there is sludge in the engine..."

    The CEL can be triggered by any number of events other than sludge. Virtually any mechanic can give the oil a gross visual inspection for sludge.

    The sludge issue is not not an engine design flaw. It is the result of Audi stretching the oil change intervals excessively, owners/dealers using non-synthetic oil, owners running the engines with low oil levels, not changing the oil more frequently when the driving condidtions are severe (i.e. short distances, very low or hot ambient temperatures, dusty air, etc.).

  • Hi. What experiences have folks with Audi DSG's had with Audi/Audi dealers if their DSG's clutch plates wear prematurely?

    Will Audi replace these if the failure occurs within the warranty?

    Or do they declare any clutch wear within the DSG is a "user expense" item?

    I did contact "Ask Audi" but their responses never offered an answer. In fairness, some other manufacturers I queried regarding potential wear parts were no better in their responses.
  • Thanks Michelle,
    I wrote an eloquent detailed email, but the system just lost it. So this time I will be to the point.

    The Audi dealership in Des Moines, when they finally got to check my car the next day (it broke down on Sunday), reported that there was absolutely nothing wrong except a minor 02 sensor fault, that it ran 100% per manufacturer's specs, that there was nothing wrong with the transmission.

    So we completed our journey to Portland, OR. There was a very hairy stretch just past Cheyenne, WY on I 80. The season's first blizzard came in, so we stopped overnight in Cheyenne and continued the next day after they had reopened the highway. Passed 53 dead semis on the side of the road and a nine mile long chain of semis moving at maybe 1 mph going east. The road was slick and not always free of ice chunks or coating. My wife, a very experienced auto mechanic type, thought that maybe the car wasn't adjusted to the altitude, as it was a mite sluggish. Also the transmission clunked once the next day, in Utah.

    Here's the punchline.

    On Saturday, I planned to check with the local Audi dealership to see what I could get by way of leasing a new Audi (this time I would not be so dumb as to buy it), but we first stopped by a Toyota dealership, to check out a Highlander hybrid SUV. Loved it.

    The Toyota folks had one service tech appraise our car. He came back saying that there were some body issues, but that the transmission did not seem right. I said that I just had it serviced ten days earlier. They had a second person check it out and he said, well, maybe the transmission just needs a minor adjustment. It seemed to hesitate going into higher gears. How come the Toyota shop immediately picked up a transmission issue two Audi dealerships could not find?!

    This pissed me off enough that I decided to hell with Audi and proceeded to accept their trade-in offer ( a few thou lower than I had wanted, but they got me mainly on body issues -- a fender scrape and some dings).

    My wife then went to collect our stuff from the car. She tried to start it, and there was a horrid noise, then everything went dead. She tried twice more. Nada. There was a CD stuck in the CD player we wanted to retrieve, so I went out and tried to start the car. No response the first time I turned the ignition key. The second time it hesitated a moment and then started up -- but the "SAFE" message now appeared in the audio screen, so I could not operate the CD player to eject our CD!

    Well, Toyota bought the car by that point. And it is still 300 miles within warrantee.

    And thank goodness the car did not act up on the stretch of I80 in Wyoming -- we would probably have been crushed by semis or rolled on the icy shoulder, sustaining major injury while emergency vehicles couldnt get to us.

    I still want Audi to cover the lousy $35 rental we got in Des Moines, which they are now balking about as the car was up to manufacturer's specs...

    And that's the story.

    Roger :mad:
  • I have a 2006 A4 quattro with 5076 miles on it. A week and a half ago, I started hearing a very annoying rattle coming from driver window/door area. Anyone else have this? What was done? It goes in Monday for the 5000 service but I'd like some info from drivers who have had this problem, too. Thanks
  • conallconall West TexasPosts: 91
    I still love my Audi...BUT it is my 2nd car.
    I.e. my daily driver is a Mazda 3.
    I had no problems with the Audi until about 60k.
    I had to replace both the clutch and pressure plate.
    The additional repairs I had at 60k probably have as much to do with the car's age as with mileage, since the car is an '82 original Urquattro.
    I had to replace a drive shaft on the driver's side, since the boot seal was torn.
    Unfortunately a couple of the synchronizers also had worn to the point where I could no longer shift into first and second. So I had to buy a rebuilt tranny.
    "Moral": If you still love your Audi (and can afford it) keep it as a second car.
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