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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • kurtamaxxxguykurtamaxxxguy Posts: 1,798
    Are parts costs for Audis truly much higher than other vehicles? I keep getting inconsistant feedback on this one?

    Am trying to decide whether to lease or buy Audi. If Parts are very expensive, may make more sense to lease.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    sir, me and my mechanic were trying to get the oil pressure reading, unfortunately we can't locate the oil sending unit, where we'll screw the oil pressure gauge. could you pls help me again, or is there any possible where i can find any engine manual of this kind of model '99 2.8 quattro. thanks
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Posts: 334
    The labor to repair most any car is about the same... $100~$110.00/hour but the actual hours spent to repair an Audi usually runs more. Even the hourly charge doesn't mean much these days, most auto repairs are "menu priced" out of the repair manual that most all shops use as a pricing guide.

    Parts for Audis aren't that much more if purchased on line, atleast for the smaller maintenance type items, but the larger major stuff such as alternators, air conditioning compressor, starter, are probably 20 to 30 percent more than some of the more popular Asian and Detroit makes.

    Also, there are less shops around than can work on an Audi, and this makes for a more expensive repair overall.

    Leasing will be smarter if you tend to change cars often, drive less than 35 to 40,000 miles in 3 years, can write the leasing expense off your business, and take good care of what you drive. At lease end, you will be charged up for excess miles and unreasonable wear and tear to the vehicle.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You might try eBay for that. I'm sure the dealer sells the factory manual, but that might cost a bit and have far more info than you care to know. Oil sending units are often near the oil filter.
  • wilnerwilner californiaPosts: 34
    i'll try, thanks again
  • jadyjady Posts: 2
  • jadyjady Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. I have a Audi A4 (1995), from last few weeks it is having a very strange problem. There is huge air pressure in fuel tank, looks like that fuel tank pulls air in from fuel tank cap. When i open fuel cap car breath easily and run smoothly but with fuel cap on it pulls air in and rev goes high. If anyone had same problem or know about this... then i need help. I showed to three mechanic but no one could diagnose.
  • shom1shom1 Posts: 5
    Thanks for the feedback. The dealer stated in writing that the pressure plate was defective, causing damage to the clutch. My contention that I only drive freeway miles is supported by the original brake pad thickness being worn down only 16% as measured by the dealer, also in writing. My last clutch (Toyota Supra) had no repairs whatsoever when I sold the car after 18 years and 145K - I know how to drive a clutch in other words. Additional feedback would be more than welcome. I file my case tomorrow - there most definitely ARE implied warranties on cars, plus equity doctrines under the common law.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I'd try a new cap first off or if your car doesn't use a vented cap system then whatever device vents your gas tank. The gas tank is supposed to pull air in from the cap OR some other venting system. Your gas tank must vent or it will collapse from vacuum.
  • lcr6lcr6 Posts: 1
    Lately my 1998 A4 has had a wind problem, once I go over 40 I hear this loud wind sound. Other thing is when I first turn the car in the morning I get this strong fume smell, but then after driving it for a while it goes away. Any input on this would be appreciated.
  • rcmrcm Posts: 5
    Everything was fine when I last used the Lo A/C setting on my '02 1.8T Avant last fall, but now that spring is here I get no cooling at all. The A/C fuse is good. Do I have any hope that this isn't a major problem?
  • del_boydel_boy Posts: 1
    Hello, I'm new to the group and cant believe the number of accelerator problems!! I wonder if anyone can help me with mine? I have just bought a Audi A4 Avant SE estate off of a certain auction site with no listed problems. I drove it home (about 200 miles) with just the odd problem (couple of bulbs gone etc). When I went to drive it for the first time after getting the car home, a strange problem occurred. The engine started immediately but as I went to move off I pressed the accelerator and nothing happened. The pedal went to the floor but the revs didn't increase. After a moment or two the pedal started to work normally and I drove off. Before I got very far I was going up a small hill and the revs dropeed back to the idling speed and again there was no response when I pressed the accelerator pedal. I slowed to a halt and couldn't get the throttle to respond. After turning the engine on and off a few times the accelerator started working normally again and I was able to drive the car back home. Each time there is no throttle the glow plug light flashes. A local garage advised that it may be a lack of oil pressure due to (you've guessed it!) a lack of oil! Apparently some audi/vw engines have this as a built in safety device. I checked the oil and it was just below the low mark on the dip stick. So I filled it up to the top mark and the problem disappeared for a week. Today the problem occurred again when I started the car to drive home from work. Luckily the car got me home without any further problem. I checked the oil again and it hasn't gone down so I am now at a loss as to what the problem could be. The cars mileage is 123k and it had a replacement vw passat 110bhp engine at 91k. If anyone can help me that would be great as I dread taking it to Audi and paying a fortune to be told they cant find the fault! Many thanks, Del.
  • samueldsamueld Posts: 6
    Hay Shevi,
    Congratulations on the buy, I personally would have stuck with the newer car but seems you got a good price. I have a 1998 audi 1.8TQM :shades: , and that red brake light definitely means something. Either of two things your brake fluid is low, not good, or whoever did the brakes did not get the ones with the sensors on them. I noticed you posted this twenty days ago so hopefully this problem has been resolved.
    Lastly I would definitely take your car to either a Audi dealership just for a good inspection so anything wrong can be fixed before your 30 day warranty is up or another mechanic who you will be going to regularly for services. Trust me it will be worth the $70-$100 your going to spend just to double check the car.
    E-mail me if you need further feedback.

    -----> David
  • tcasboytcasboy Posts: 214
    You may have already tried this, but you might want to check the moonroof to make sure it is in the properly stowed position. I had left mine slighty down and although it didn't leak or anything it was a bit louder than normal and even though I looked at it and could see it wasn't seated properly, cycling it open and closed didn't help. Turns out I had the swith slightly towards the down position and all I had to do was put it to the fully up position and the noise went away. I felt like a moron but at least it was a cheap fix!

  • mjmaudimjmaudi Posts: 1
    My 1997 Audi a4 2.8 is giving me a hard time starting. It fires up slow like a diesel motor when cold then a big white cloud of smoke comes out of the exhaust after that it seems to run ok until next time I start it . can someone help me troubleshoot this???
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    I'd have the cooling system pressurized and then test the engine for a leaking head gasket first off, as white smoke is a textbook sign of coolant in the combustion chambers. If you pressurize the system, you can remove a spark plug and actually see coolant on it, or in the cylinders.

    If perhaps the smoke you see is light blue and not actually white, then you might have leaking valve stem seals or worn valve guides--not such a serious issue. A cylinder leakdown test is a way to test for this condition.
  • Thank you for being so sweet David!! Yeah, i'll get the Audi inspection done soon. Even though i dont really trust that they will look out for my financial interest with any other services...based on a couple of consumer complaints i've read online,a nd the fact that the other day, when i went in to ask about getting a replacement battery for my car remote, the guy said they would need a 2nd key. I told him that the small dealership said they only had 1. Then he told me the prices for buying a 2nd key since "usually" the cars have to be reprogrammed after changing the batteries. I was like "But it may turn out that it doesnt have to be, right?" and he said "No, its going to have to be reprogrammed". Little did he know, i had already read the manual pretty much front to back cover, so i knew that (apparently) you could program the remote locking system by yourself using one key. Anyway, i went to Radio shack and got the batteries, then pressed unlock on the remote from inside the car, followed by pushing the unlock button on the door. That didnt work. Then i was like "Maybe i need to put the Key in the door after pressing the remote, instead of doing it from the inside. So i unlocked it via the key and the remote IMMEDIATELY worked. So that was great. Well, along with the Brake light, the ABS light is on too. And one Audi place told me that that Automatically means i need a new ABS Control Module. But im thinking that maybe its just that sensor that i've read about. Im interested in getting the Timing belt replaced, just to be on the safe side. They quoted me at $1,700 for that. A guy at NTB told me i could get that done for several hundred, but then an Audi guy told me not to let anyone tell me that and that those people probably wouldnt be doing it right.

    Thanks again for taking the time to give me some helpful hints David. I had written about the car on a different website - heres the link to it if you want more updated/complete information...and have some time on your hands. lol. I wrote two reviews, one is called : "Small Interior..." and the other one is called "Great performance and features" I'll revisit this Edmunds website to check for replies (apparently i get a notice via email of any posts that occur anyway). Well, so far, im loving my Audi. I hope you guys are loving yours. And feel free to talk to me! Thanks.
    *By the way, is there a REPLAY button for CDs (I have the 6-disc CD changer in the trunk)?? If so i havent read about or found it yet. The battery went dead the other day. I was late for work, but i was SO relieved that it was just the battery - an easy fix...once you find somone with jumper cables. lol And it was probably my fault - long story. But its a 99, so im thinking it was probably due soon anyway. I'll buy a brand new one for my baby soon.
  • jtdavisjtdavis Posts: 2
    We have a 97 2.8 liter A4. I had wanted an Audi since the coupe came out when I was in high school. We purchased our A4 in 1998 with only 17,000 miles on it and loved it for the first few years. Then the nightmare began. I dont have the time nor willpower to revisit all the repairs and money spent on this vehicle, but we have spent upwards of $8000 so far. I will just say this. Find a good mechanic and stay as far as possible from Audi dealerships.
    Now our A4 has a new problem. I started it up and moved it into the garage and the ubiquitous "load noise" started to come from under the hood. I cant tell where the noise is coming from due to the plastic engine cover. It sounds like air rushing. When I tried to turn off the car, the ignition switch didnt want to turn off. The car shut off as usual, but it felt like something was holding back the key from turning all the way off. I turned it all the way off, took the key out, and the radio remained on and the car beeped as if the key was still in the ignition. This one feels a little more troublesome than the usual oxygen sensor problem. Does anyone have any idea what may be causing this?
  • mason3mason3 Posts: 5
    Hi, I am new to sites of this sort but I need all the help I can get. Seems like you are having one of the problems I am having. I just purchased a '98 Audi A4 5 speed. It did not come with an owner's manual which I will purchase for about $19.95 plus tax. I had a nervous feeling since purchasing it about a week and 1/2 ago. First the radio needed a code, I finally got. Then I needed an amp, previous owners took it and cut the chords. I didn't have to pay, the dealer did but sound system is horrible, need to change it. The amp does not belong to an Audi. To top it off the 6 CD changer is not fully in tact. The part for the CDs is missing. Display screen that shows the temp & gas mileage disappeared??? Now today, the brake fluid light came on, then the MPH 2 sign keeps showing up about 4 hours afterwards. Someone please inform me before I trade this thing in. I hear it's a good car but I do not think I got one of the good ones. Also, what type of gas, and oil does this vehicle take?
  • nycaudi1nycaudi1 Posts: 1
    Help - my radio won't turn on! It still glows, but no text, no sound....not even that SAFE message I've read about. Any tips on where I might find the fuses, or anything else I should do before bringing it to the dealer? thanks!!
  • gdb20gdb20 Posts: 4
    I have a 2001 A4 1.8T and I was quoted for 745 just for the tie rods. I'm kind of skeptical to spend that much money then to find out that was not the problem. I have been hearing this intermittent noise from the front end. I drove the car from dealer this morning and it is very quiet. ofcourse they have not heard they noice since It comes and go. I'm thinking of driving it for a at least another week to see what happens. any suggestions?
  • jtdavisjtdavis Posts: 2
    Yes, stay far away from the dealership and find a good mechanic familiar with Audi suspensions. I thought Audi had solved these front suspension problems. Here is a list of my front suspension woes we have had on our 97 A4:

    Jan 2002: Replaced left front outer tie end.
    Mar 2002: Replaced both front stabilizer links.
    May 2002: Took car into dealership because the front suspension was still making load "clunking" noises. Nothing was fixed as the mechanic would have to "replace the entire front suspension to fix the problem."
    Aug 2002: Front lower ball joints "noisy" diagnosis by Audi mechanic. Nothing repaired as "everything would have to be replaced."
    Jul 2003: Replaced right front tie rod assembly.
    Apr 2005: Replaced right front CV axle.

    With all this work, the only difference I could feel or hear was the first repair. By 2002, I had given up on solving the problems. We now drive the car(when its running) with constant stretching and clunking noises coming from the front suspension. So, is it dangerous to drive your car with tie-rod problems? I cant say, but the experience with my car my be informative.
  • gdb20gdb20 Posts: 4
    Sorry to hear about all your trouble but the info is defintely helpful. I'm glad I did not let the dealer steal my money, especially when I haven't even heard the noise since I came back from there. I think I should be safe for now until I can find a good local shop to look into that further. Thanks!!
  • I am thinking about either the A4 or the Passat. Can anyone offer the Pros or Cons? I haven't had a chance to drive either, have sat in the A4 and it feels really solid. I want safety and better gas mileage (driving a ML320 gas hog now). Look forward to your comments, Thanks.
  • civic4civic4 Posts: 33
    Safety and better gas mileage? Get a Civic.

    Truthfully, My wife and I owned Audis, I had a 98 A4, my wife an 01 A6 4.2. We had so many problems with the A4, we sold the A6 before the warranty was up. We now drive Civics. I know, not the status symbol you would think of going to, but I must say, impressive gas mileage, great handling and a track record that will tempt the enthusiast who is tired of spending their 401K on car repairs. Audis are fun to drive, nice looking and provide a class factor, but dont fall in love with the vehicle, it will wring your last dollar from your Swiss bank account. PS, my A4 was eventually totaled by my stepson, but I was paid $870 for the oil sludge class action and also, surprised one day when there was a $3450 check in my mail box for a class action regarding timing belt rupture that I didn't think I would get. Add this to the insurance company not being able to read my odometer and guestimating 75,000 miles on it, when in fact there were twice that many miles, I was paid a decent $13,000 on the total loss of the car. We bought a Civic, and now are considering a new one but will wait to see what Honda will add to the cars features on the 07 model. By the way, we never admitted to my step son that he actually did us a favor by putting the Audi to rest. I would probably still be pouring cash into it.
  • dadebsdadebs Posts: 2
    I am not sure if you will get this, but... Did you end up buying the parts? If so, did it work out? My engine light is on and I may have to do this soon.
  • dadebsdadebs Posts: 2
    My mechanic told me that the computer diagnostic indicated that the problem was the catalytic converters. However, he spoke with a friend of his with a VW dealership hoping to get some insight. My mechanic was told that the computer could be upgraded or "reflushed", something about TSB was mentioned as well. However, the dealership will often tell you it is the converters because they make more money that way. Anyone have any clue about this??? I plan to follow up with more details but was hoping to find info online...thanks!

    P.S. Why in the heck do dealers charge $1200 per converter and you can be them online for $350? Has anyone bought them online and have someone install them???
  • mason3mason3 Posts: 5
    Hello, I agree. I had a '97 Honda Civic EX, manual transmission. I miss that car. I purchased it used, only 4 years old. Never had trouble, just maintained the oil change. The only reason I do not have it now is because I was putting at least 500 miles EVERY weekend for almost a whole year. I had a slow oil leak that eventually turned big from the constant driving. I should have paid more attention. The engine blew. That was partially my fault because I should have focused more, I thought that if I changed the oil religiously every 3,000 to 4,000 miles it would be alright. If someone tells you there is a small leak, pay attention. I still recommend this car to anyone. I was even in an accident with it. Rear ended at full speed. It just crushed the trunk. It's been through 2 serious floods from the Florida Hurricanes. The water covered my wheels & the other time the hood. Only problem was the stick shift got stuck& it took awhile to dry out the engine. After a few kicks it was good to go. Now I have an Audi and I am sooooo worried. The gas in the Civic was EXCELLENT and I put plenty miles on it. I just took the Audi on a road test about 600 miles and it did good on gas. One tank goes at least 310 miles city or highway. But there are other problems. If you have a steady career and not many big bills you can probably deal with paying for an Audi, but if you just have a job that can lay you off anytime, get the Civic. They are reliable and gas mileage is great.
  • rjorge3rjorge3 Posts: 144
    suzywhatever, I just want to give you my opinion and share with you what I have been through with my Audi.

    I have a 2005 1.8 A4 6M which I purchased on 1/11/05. This is my first German car (always drove Japanese, Toyota, Lexus, Nissan). As for the feel, drivebility and egornomics of the car, The A4 is a blast. It is fun, handles like no other car I've owned, and that interior is just to die for (in my opinion). But here is the punch line...... I will never, ever ever never, buy another Audi or other German car. My car has been in the shop four times due to engine light keep coming on. This last time, I stalled right in the Middle of the lincoln tunnel coming from NY into NJ (yes right in the middle of the Tunnel in a new car!!!!) After towing the car back to my house and then the next day to the dealer, they found that they had to replace the gas tank and all the lines. The car is still in the shop (one week and counting). The service dept say that it will drive like new again, but I have a meeting with a Lemon law lawyer in NJ to discuss my options. I had it with this lemon.

    Depending on the outcome of my case, I will either have to drive another Audi until my lease experies (in 24 more months) or if they refund my money, then I will go for the Infinity G35, Acura TL, or the new Toyota Camry. I will remain japanese till the day I die. I rather have reliability and excellent customer service rather than the "German driving experience" and constant trips to the shop. Even the guy that picked me up in the tow truck told me that he picks up more Audis, BMWs, VWs and MBs than any other brands of cars....and remember that there are more Japanese and American cars on the road..go figure :mad:

    I know that others probably have had a much more positive experience than me, but I am literally paranoid about driving or even starting my car once they give it back to me.

    This last trip to the dealer is the last straw for me...If I were you, I'd go for the civic, honda, toyota and you will not have as many problems.

    Good luck in your decision, let us know.


    p.s. just one last thing, two of my best friends also own German cars: 2004 Mercedez s500 (seven trips to the dealer since March 2005) and the other owns a 2001 BMW 525 since December 2004 and he has been to the shop at least 4 times; and none of those repairs were scheduled maintanance (oil change, brakes, tune up, etc)
  • winswins Posts: 1

    I am new to this forum and is a long time admirer of Audi. I am planning on getting a 2003 A4 3.0 Quattro with about 54k miles. A little high on the mileage but at a pretty good price.

    I am wondering about the followings,

    1) What's the reliability of these batch of A4?

    2) What about resale value? Does the A4 holds up pretty well?

    3) Please share any personal experience with this particular year and model of A4. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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