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Audi A4 Maintenance and Repair



  • donnaedonnae Posts: 3
    This is incredible. My glove box broke 1 month ago. Can anyone tell me or give me any suggestions for what I should do about my car. It was a gift from my husband for my birthday in 2002 and I have had so many things go wrong it. How long did it take the BBB to file in yoru favor?
  • donnaedonnae Posts: 3
    I hadn't heard of any engine oil problems BUT my engine had sludge in it and I was told it was my fault..... they repaired it for nothing but didn't repair it fully. I have to go in to get oil changes every 2000 - 3000 miles. Is there an official law suit out with Audi on their engine/oil problems?
  • jloukajlouka Posts: 5
    The whole process took maybe 2 months? The actual decision took less than two weeks after the actual arbitration, then audi claimed they couldn't locate the exact vehicle i had (because the color was very popular with the package combinations) so they ordered one from Germany, which took 12 weeks! I can not wait to get rid of it once and for all!!!
  • rapowitzrapowitz Posts: 12
    Try Pirelli Nero Zero A/S. I put a set on my 2001 A4 1.8T. I have had excellent luck and highly recommend. While not the top summer sport tire, they represent a great blend of handling plus bad weather (I.e rain) handling. Maybe even the occasional snow fall. Last, instead of getting 20K miles, you might expect 35K to 40K miles. They won't break the bank either.
  • Hey all,
    Serious problem here. I am changing my rear brakes and have found that my clipers don't want to retract at all. I have the special pronged tool to screw them back in, but for all I am worth, and all the turns in the world they will not retract. What is the secret???
  • Oh yeah,

    This is a 2003 1.8 T quatro. If it makes a difference.
  • seagraveseagrave Posts: 21
    I have a 2006 A4 2.0 CVT, brought it in to the Santa Monica (CA) Dealer on Monday 8-7-06 for Tranny slipping. This occurs when at a stop and giving the car a little gas the car does not move for 2-3 seconds and then the turbo kicks in. After a week (8-14-06), Audi diagnosis the issue as the Valve Body needs to be replaced. Long story short, the dealer is finally finishing the valve body replacement tonight, they are test driving tonight and cold test tomorrow morning. Will know more tomorrow.

    1. Has anyone on this board experienced this issue? Did they solve it by replacing the Valve Body?
    2. Do others have the same issue with this dealer (Santa Monica) dragging their feet when repairing a vehicle?
  • rbenjrbenj Posts: 4
    A few times, the climate control on my '04 Avant has gone from blowing cold air to warm air for maybe 10 seconds before going back to cold; I don't know why. I've also noticed warm air from the vents when the climate control is set to Econ, but this is usually on starting up when the car has been driven recently; I assume that engine compartment heat is the cause, and anyway it goes away within half a minute.

    Other than these quirks, my car has cold air (not freezing cold) when I want it and have chosen the appropriate settings.
  • I am having the same issue. I have had the car into Audi twice and they have not been able to reproduce or diagnose. Did this treatment solve the problem for you? If so, I will reccomend the same course of action to my dealer.

  • cjuricacjurica Posts: 7
    My wife has a convetable '03 A4 1.8 and there is a high revving sound all the time, I dont drive it everyday, she says its the sound is new and when i have driven it its very loud. Any ideas?????
  • Having the same issue. By chance did you figure it out?

  • The brake pads and rotors needed to be changed on my front brakes for my 2001 Audi A4 recently. The car has 92,000+ miles on it. Ever since, there has been an intermittent “clicking” sound, when I step on the brakes. The repair shop initially thought that the rotors may have been bad, but nothing changed when they completely re-did the brake system, including replacing the calipers. The shop then had someone come in that specializes in Audi to look at everything. It all looks okay, but they indicated that this has been an issue that seems to come up, when the rotors and pads are replaced at the same time. They indicated that it usually takes around 1,000 miles for the pads to set in, and they noise then goes away. I have driven around 1,500 miles, but the noise is still there intermittently. Any suggestions to fix this problem, or do I have to just be patient until the noise goes away by itself.
  • mmanleymmanley Posts: 1
    I have an '04 A4 Cab. Oil changes at 10k, 15K, 25k, 32k and again at 35.7k miles. Dealer is blaming the "sludge" on me....engine is blown ! What do I do ? Someone help !
  • dls21dls21 Posts: 1
    At 82K miles, I've opted for some major maintenance.

    I'm having the timing belt, water pump, pulleys, belts, etc. replaced.

    The clutch hasn't been slipping, but it doesn't engage until the pedal is nearly all the way out. To save another trip back to my mechanic, I'm having it replaced at the same time.

    My mechanic also found some control arms that need replacement.

    To anyone with past experience with these types of repairs: any tips?
  • Hi,
    All this stuff sounds fairly similar to the issues that have come up on my '99 A4 2.8.
    I had the timing belt recently done. I paid $750 at a local shop for everything you mentioned.

    The 1996-2001 A4s have high clutch engagements, only the first couple of inches when you press on the clutch does anything. Did the clutch engagement position change on you over time?

    Control arms are a common issue too. I'm not surprised you're having them replaced.

    And by the way, if your ABS light starts blinking, it is usually the controller module gone bad. You can get a new controller module for $550 ($750 installed), OR, if you're handy, you can remove it and send it to Modulemaster ( and have them fix it for $250.

    Oil cover gaskets often leak around now too.
  • I noticed that my clutch has been that way since at least 50,000k maybe longer. I'm currently at 110,000k and still no slippage. I was told by someone that it is a self adjusting clutch and is supossed to be that way. So I never fixed it and it just seems fine to me...
  • guestguest Posts: 770
    :mad: I have gotten some relief from Audi regarding my engine problems. I actually have gotten a reporter who is interested in doing a story on the problems with Audi. If you are interested please send me an e-mail and I can pass it on to the reporter. He is doing the story on the engine sludge problem.

  • mpls18tmpls18t Posts: 1
    Just curious what sort of engine problems you've had. I have a 2002 1.8t a4 and have noticed that there appears to be some sludge on the engine oil cap. I'm bringing it in to have it checked out tomorrow but will remain nervous driving the car knowing that the engines are so prone to these problems.

  • Audi's extended oil change intervals have been a nightmare for more than a few folks. I've always used synthetic oil and changed it either every 5k miles or every six months, which ever comes first. I'm currently on my third A4 (an '06 with the two liter engine) and so far nary a trace of sludge in any of my Audis... and two of the A4's had modified engines.

    So far my current '06, which recently had its one year birthday, has been perfect. And even last winter during the coldest weather, the car didn't have a squeak or rattle.

    Audi has indicated that improved quality is a high priority and hopefully my car will prove to be the norm, not the exception.

  • Hi, I have had my engine replaced by Audi and I am still having problems with the NEW engine. Be careful when you go into Audi, they are going to try to find a way not to replace your enigine. If you have all your records take them with you to show Audi.
  • Hello all, I am looking for anyone in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area who has had problems with Audi regarding the engine sludge problem. There is a local news reporter who is going to do a story on this problem and is looking for others to interview. If this is you or if you know of anyone please leave me a message. Thanks
  • what causes the sludge?
  • Purchased a 2003 A4 Conv. Been in the shop twice. When starting to drive you hear a creaking/crunch sound under the car. First they said it was a suspension arm, they changed it. Took it back again and they said its the sway bar, changed a part and now still a noise. Has this happened to anyone? is is dangerous?
  • I changed the thermostat , waterpump, and the 50 AMP Fan relay that tells the fan to turn on when it starts heating up, while we were changing the thermostat we also ran a water test on the unconnected radiator and water was gushing out from the other end when put on running water. There is also an Auxiliary Fan Switch that I have ordered online. But my problem is that I do not know what is causing the heating.
    Condition of Overheating:
    The upper radiator hose gets really hot but the lower radiator hose stays cool and I cannot determine what is causing this/or is this normal?. We can safely say that the radiator is working normal. We also bypassed the heater core cause the dealership told us that it might be stopping the water from circulating thru the entire system. The axuiliary fran is not turning on so that is why we ordered the aux. fan switch. Can any body tell me what else I need to do to normalize my heating problem.
  • Hi,

    I too have an A4 2001 and my car makes that same noise ever since I got my front brake pads and rotors changed. Have you gotten this fixed?

    Thanks, Alex
  • i recently purchased a used audi a4 and as of today needed to have a tire replaced (i got two nails in it). My tool box is missing the "clip" as the towing man called it to be able to change the tire. Is it difficult to acquire one? are they different for each individual car? will it be very costly to order one? the nearest dealership is in the next town and id prefer to know before i trek out there. if anyone has a please!
  • I was just wondering how you made out in small claims court?
    Still have my clutch pressure plate which I believe had a manufacturing defect, and therefore a Safety issue for Audi.
    Looks much like the A4 clutch shown here and also believed to be a Audi manufacturing defect.
    Statrting to look like a class action lawsuit
  • Following 4-5 unscheduled visits for other repairs, the tranny on my dad's A4 self-destructed after less than 32,000 freeway miles. Out of warranty by a few months, and Audi said you're on your own ($1900). Is this a way to build following?? Back to Toyota/Lexus. Audi: go to heck.
  • bring your car to oil change at least every 5000 miles-this is the advice i got from Euless AUDI TEXAS.
    By the way,..have you experienced any burned oil smell?-when you park the car for example?!
  • what is the sollution for the burned oil smell? I own a new A4 2005.I have seen at least 3 people with the same problem so far .
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