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    just wanna clarify the problem.... when i first open the door and press the '1', the seat will adjust; then i press '2', it will move to the second position but when i try to press '1' again or any other buttons, the seat refuses to move. Then i have to wait maybe 4 or 5 min. and then the memory buttons will work again. During this period of time, the power seat works fine except for the memory. I am not sure if this problem is related to weather or not coz these few days are very hot (over 30C) and humid and the car is parked outside in the sun for 8
    hours. I am just wondering how many owners have problems with their power seats.
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    I leased an black on black 2003 A4 1.8T CVT (Sport and Premium packages) with chrome wheels (they took the regular 17" wheels and chromed them and asked $1995 for them) for $398/month (tax incl.) for 47 months with $3000 down (incl. cap.cost reduction, tax, disposition fee, license and first month's payment) and 15k miles a year in a high pressure deal (my fault for not walking...but I had been planning to get one for awhile) and the dealer sent me away with a car with at least 200 more miles on the odometer than they had listed on the paper work. They did fix this to my advantage the next day, but...they also had to fix at least two chips in the paint and the car already has a rattle in the dash in front of the steering wheel that is getting progressively worse in the 2 weeks I have had car, the car seems to have excessive wind noise, even at low speeds, and the driver's door often won't shut completely without a second attempt, and the turbo lag? is a pain in the [non-permissible content removed] when I accelerate on occasion (that seems to be getting worse, too), the stereo (not a Bose) absolutely is the worst I have heard in a car of this "quality" and has horrible reception to boot. To say I am disappointed is an understatement. But here is the real kicker for you JD Power ratings readers out there. Rusnak Audi of Thousand Oaks, CA requests that you give them a perfect score on all questions when a rep from JD Powers calls you, even if that might not be what you would have done. They even offered me a nominal amount of money to do so. So much for the integrity of those ratings, eh?
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    I own a 2003 A4 3.0 and I've been very happy so far. No squeaks or rattles in general. Recently, I've noticed one faint rattle coming from the dashboard. I can only hear it at high speeds and it sounds like an electrical short circuit. Has anyone experienced a similar behavior?

    thanks. jc
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    when first bought my 2003 A4 I vaguely remember having some memory seat problems mainly with the remotes and I believe I was able to fix them by erasing and resetting the position. I can't remember of the top of my head what the combination keys were to reset it by you should find it in the manual. Hope that helps. Good luck.

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    Hey everyone. Has anyone purchased an extended warranty for their A4 at the time of purchase or after? I have a 2001 A4 2.8 Quattro that I plan on keeping for a long time and would like to know if it is worth the cost of an extended warranty to cover it to 100k. I have communicated with the finance director at the dealership where I purchased the car and they said that a 6yr/100k extended warranty with $0 deductible would run around $2500. What do you all think is a fair price for this coverage, and is it worth getting, especially considering the dollar amount repairs would cost after the manufacturer's warranty is up. Thanks.
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             Rusnak Audi was the selling dealer to the Edmunds Audi Long-Term Driving Experience. I know they were mentioned several times during the Audi 1.8 or 3.0 CVT driving experience write-up.
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    Hi, everyone,
    I drive a 03 A4 1.8T 5 speed and it works quite good till now. But recently I suddenly heard a sound and slight shake from the accelerator pedal when I drive the car out of the garage and begin to accelerate. The sound is something like a scratch of a car's bottom touching the ground. Of course it should be listened very carefully. It will happen when the car matches the items below: cooling engine, after backing, first accelerating. It will not exist if I stop the car quickly and push the pedal again. I guess adjusting gear from R to 1 bring the sound. is it normal or some problem in my car? Thanks.
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    That may possibly be the sound from the ABS self check that is done the first time after you start the car. If so, then this sound is normal.
  • superconsupercon Member Posts: 2
    Thanks a lot for explain. Now I set my heart at ease.
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    Dashboard rattles mostly likely comes from the glove box. Go to office depot or Staples and buy a $2 Velco strip and tape it at the contact point (3 of them) inside the glove box and it should solve the problem. Good luck...
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    I own a 2002 A4 with the telematics package. I have heard there is another source, besides the Audi dealer, to get the adapter necessary to connect to the Motorola v60 phone. Does anyone know where this can be procured? I would like to use my telematics package, but I don't want to shell out hundreds more for Audi's v60 phone and adapter.
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    i've owned my '03 A4 quattro sport for almost a year now and have been very satisfied... one nitpick, though-- shifting the 6-speed is not the most rewarding experience... the majority of reviewers got it right on this one; "somewhat rubbery, long throws..."

    my personal tastes would never chose an automatic transmission so i'm hoping to "tighten" things up in my current car....

    does anyone know if a short shift kit is made for 2003 models?? if so, phone numbers? websites?

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    There is an aftermarket short shifter for the new A4, but it's only for the 1.8T models (5-Speed). Since the 2004 models will have 6-Speed for both the 1.8T and the 3.0, there should be something that would be on the market next year that you can put into your '03 A4.
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    My 2001 A4 has had a very annoying driver's window rattle since shortly after I bought it new, and I have tried several times at the dealer to get if fixed, to no avail. Anybody else had this problem? I asked them to try to adjust the window in the door but they said it couldn't be done, and just used a spray lubricant on the door seals. That helps, but only short term. I even asked them for a can so I can do it myself to avoid trips to the dealer. I've used it but the noise just comes back a day or so later and is extremely annoying. I am just about to the point of getting rid of the car because I just can't stand it. I also have a groaning sound from the back wheels when I back out of the driveway or parking spots (dealer said all was well) and an airbag light in the dash that blinks for quite a while after the car is started and eventually goes out. Dealer took a look at that and said there were no error codes for it so it was ok. Another off and on kind of problem. I LOVE the way the car drives and looks, but the noise from the window makes me want to drive it off a cliff. Also, my kids asked me if there was a cricket in the car because something in the engine bay (I think its the AC unit) squeaks continuously when the motor is running. Kind of embarassing. Anybody with any thoughts on these issues and/or recommended fixes would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    Our '02 A4 1.8T is a great car, but with one annoying problem. In warm weather, when we use the air conditioner (which is almost all the time) the windshield fogs over on the OUTSIDE, especially in an area near the lower middle. We have to keep using the wipers to remove the condensation, even on a sunny day!! At night, the problem is even worse, because the fogging creates a glare that is difficult to see through. Anyone else experience this, or have a solution? We have tried increasing the temperature inside, and that seems to help, but then WE are uncomfortable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Now that's very strange, i've never experienced that in any car! Is it very humid where you live? I would try Rain-X anti-fog but you may have to reapply it a lot as it'll be on the outside.
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    I live in the south and work mostly at night. When I come home from work I love to crank the AC (always set to Lo) to cool off but when its hot and humid (most of the time around here) I have the same problem. About the only thing that helps for me is to turn off the recirc (which I use all the time otherwise) and use the defroster with a temp setting of about 66-68 and crank the fan up a few notches. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. It is very annoying to have to smear the bugs all over your windshield with the half dry wipers to keep it clear enough to see out. I have rainX on the windshield and still have the problem. Its part of living in the south and dealing with the humidity I guess. Now if I could just get rid of those window rattles I would love my car again.
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    Another solution would be to adjust the airflow. If you're running the AC in "Auto" mode, then the cold air is going to rush out all 3 vents (defroster, dashboard vents, and floor). The condensation is from the much colder air hitting the windshield that has been warmed by the outside. By directing the airflow to only the dash and floor vents, you eliminate the cause of the fogging. Works every time for me! =)
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    Thanks, cyberpmg, for your suggestion. We do run the AC mostly in AUTO mode, and your idea makes sense! I'll give it a try.
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    My friend has a 2003 A4 3.0, about 5K miles on it. This summer, he noticed that the center console wall (where you rest your right leg while driving) has been getting hot. The problem is not as bad when the AC is not running.

    He took it into a dealer and they said that there was nothing wrong and that it will do that when the AC is running a lot.

    Does anyone know about this? Is the dealer right? Is there a solution?
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    I've sifted through nearly two hundred-something messages to try and get some info on problems and issues with the 2002++ (read: all-new) A4 and A4 Avant.

    Sure, there are some items listed, but 90% of the stuff here is 1997, 1998, 1999 (first-generation) models.

    PLEASE start a new post for "2002++ A4 problems, recalls, solutions" soon. With the improvements to just about everything over the previous model, the newer A4 is the model that I think most people are interested in buying or leasing or even buying used or certified (yes, 2002 pre-owned certified models are already showing up on local dealer lots out here in NorCal).

    Distinction between these completely different generations - and their issues - would be appreciated.

    Thank you,
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    Your Audi undoubtedly has the same A/C design as my 01 911 C4. In auto "cooling" mode once the interior temperature begins to approach or has reached the setpoint an inordinate amount of the system airflow is then routed to the defrost outlets.

    That not only wastes a lot of cooling efficiency but results in chilling the windshield such that on a humid day it reaches the dewpoint of the atmosphere quite readily.

    I always try to remember to over-ride the system into dash only or dash and footwell if recirculate is not used.

    With regards to the person with a HOT center console that is also quite normal with today's A/C systems. ALL of the system airflow is first routed through the A/C cooling evaporator where it might be chilled to as low as 35F. Then a portion of the airflow is reheated and then remixed so that the airflow striking your person is nearer a comfortable level.

    What the means is that the heater core within the A/C heating system is at the temperature of the engine water jacket, and that is what results in the radiant heating of the console.

    With such a small engine you might want to increase you A/C efficiency dramatically and at the same time eliminate the console heating.

    Turn the system setpoint all the way down to max cool, use dash airflow outlet mode only and recirculate and now use the blower speed to regulate cabin temperature.

    Most vehicles will have a water flow shutoff valve so that the heater core isn't heated in this mode. My 01 RX300 did not so I had to add a manual shutoff valve in the hose line in the engine compartment.
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    I guess it finally happened! I was on a turnpike yesterday going to work, and my car suddenly lost power and began driving sluggish. I knew immediately it must be the coil failure. I towed the car to the dealer, and the service rep didn't even want to speculate after my lengthy and detailed explanation of my
    experience. While I'm not 100% sure if it is the coils, and the dealer won't know until next week. If anyone think it is the ignition coils, please let me know and tell me how to handle the situation.
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    I have a 2003 A4 Quattro 3.0. First car with drive by wire technology. It seems there is a slight lag in acceleration when slowing down (as for a light or turn) and then accelerating again. When it does accelerate, it also downshifts and this makes it lurch forward. Hard to drive smoothly. The dealer says it is "normal." That is frustrating, but the scary part is that, on two occasions, I have experienced about three seconds with no response at all when pressing the accelerator. Once was in a busy Chicago intersection. The dealer found no problem, but reset the computer. Same thing once since then. I'm getting no help from the dealer. Has anyone else experienced this. Any advice? Would a performance chip take care of this problem?
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    Goody day all...I loved my 02 Audi A4 for the first 5000 miles. Now, I wish I had bought a BMW (second choice). I have only 25,000 miles on this car and have had the power steering pump replaced 3 times, had the sun roof motor replaced 1 time, have had numerous leaks around the doors, and the accelerator sticks, causing a minor collision. I am going out of my mind here! Has anyone had experiences like this? And I would love some idea of how I can implement the lemon law. Thanks in advance.
  • llwysellwyse Member Posts: 56
    I have about 17,000 miles on my '03. Have had no such problems. My issues are outlined in post #229 and I have a little "chirping" from the rear doors or windows. Otherwise all's well. I don't know about the lemon law specifically for Audi, but I believe there is something in <> and maybe even in edmunds about that. Put it in a search engine and you'll probably get plenty of leads.
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    I have a 2002 A4 with over 52,600 miles on it (I've owned it now for 2 years). I have not encountered the problems you've gone through. The only big problems I've had were experiencing 2 ignition coils fail (all replaced with latest version) and both catalytic converters failing (related to failed ignition coils). Anything else has been minor and quickly repairable by the service department at my dealer. I haven't had anything come back again for repair.

    I think your power steering pump may be something to qualify your A4 as a lemon. Usually, a car can qualify under a lemon law if a component has undergone 3 repairs (for the same component and for the same problem) and has not corrected the problem. You should check your state's lemon law as it varies in each state.
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    I own a '99 1.8t Avant with 78,000 miles. About a month ago I started hearing a "buzz" or "whirr" from what I thought was under the car, when I coast with my foot off the gas, window down, going about 35 mph or so. As soon as I touch the gas pedal, it disappears. The service guy at the local audi/vw dealer says I need a new turbocharger at a cost of $1300 for parts & labor. Anyone have a similar experience, or can offer an educated opinion? thanks.
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    I live in Tampa, FL and I just purchased a 1 owner '99 A4 1.8T Quattro with 70k miles(Florida car). From what I can tell the car is stock everthing. I was hoping to get some tips on what reasonable maintenance items I should pay special attention to and possibly perform now on the car to avoide potential future major problems. The car appears to be well maintained (best I can tell) and is still very tight, aside from a dash rattle in front of the steering wheel. I am hoping to get a good 3-4 more years of fun and hopefully low repair bills out of it(maybe that's asking a lot based on what I have read). However, I do not see many reported issues with the older '98 and '99 models, but it appears the '02 and '03's were a nightmare. Maybe this is because the older model owners do not frequent the message boards???

    When I took delivery of this car, it had one burnt low-beam, and a non-functioning windshield washer, both of which I insisted that the dealer who sold me the car pay for since he told me that "everthing worked" on the car. The brakes are very worn, so I know I'm already in for front and rear pads and rotors real soon.

    Any maintenance tips from "long term" owners of a '99 A4 1.8T are very welcome. Keep in mind, I have no idea what maintenance has been performed on this car, and like to heir on the side of caution when it comes to maintenance.

    I am still waiting for a manual for this car, so I don't even know what the schedule is for major items. I know that the Timing Belt is critical. Does anybody know what the average replacement cost should be, and can it be easily/cheaply inspected to determine if it has already been replaced?

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    1. I have an 03 3.0 A4 avant automatic with 5700 mi that is in for service because the is a tan glop on the ball at the upper end of the dip stick. obviously water in the oil up there but not in the crankcase as far as I can tell. Anyone run into this?
    2. The A6 3.0 loaner(15,000 mi) I have shifts much more smoothly than my A4. Both automatics. Does anyone know whether this is different programming between different models, just car to car variability or possibly a problem with my car. The 1-2 shift when the car is cold is particularly abrupt.
    As an aside the A6 has no glop on the dip stick.
  • tomjoadtomjoad Member Posts: 1

    This is my first Audi and I'm wondering if it's a lemon. I just bought a 2004 3.0 A4 Quattro last week. After I start the car up, put it into drive, and then give it just a little gas (around 3-5 mph), there is a sound like I just ran over some crushed snow--but there's no snow on the ground. But if I put it into park after it's turned on and I take off again, I don't hear the sound. Does anyone know what this is? I also noticed that night that the headlights accumulated a fog as if someone had just breathed in them from the inside (it's also 30 degrees F at night where I live). I researched buying a car for almost 2 years and am now afraid it's all be in vain.


  • gearhead10gearhead10 Member Posts: 84
    That funny sound is just the ABS calibrating or something--happens everytime the car is started up. Perfectly normal, nothing to worry about. The headlight thing, i don't know. The outside temp may have something to do with it. Ask your dealer about it.
  • michelle1234michelle1234 Member Posts: 2
    I have the same problem as llwyse. Post#229.

    I have a 2003 A4 Cabriolet 3.0 CVT and I'm experiencing many problems. The car drove fine for the first 6,000 miles but started experiencing problems at that point and seemed to worsen as time went on. The car bucks (launches forward) when it is approaching a complete stop and randomly does not engage the gas petal after pulling out from a stop. It will eventually grab the gas after some time, but by that time, I've already rolled out into the middle of traffic and the car is not accelerating. Which can be extremely dangerous especially at rush hour.

    It has been in the shop several times and the dealership can not figure it out. At first they said they could not find a problem with the car. Now they've seen the problem and they do not know how to fix it.

    They tried to reprogram the transmission for a "reverse gear problem," hoping it would fix my problem, instead the car is now worse. The problem still exists and now the remote car alarm works randomly, the reverse and forward gears take up to 10 seconds sometimes to catch when pulling out of park, yet the car will roll in the opposite direction.

    This was suppose to be my dream car and instead it is a lemon with headaches and Audi is not taking responsibility.
  • mcmuneymcmuney Member Posts: 64
    My 2003 A4 3.0 CVT is just recently givng me an issue. I've had it just over an year with some minor issues, but starting this Winter (I'm in Southern California) the car is making some noise in the morning for about 5 minutes, which stops when the engine is warm I guess. I've driven this car last Winter with no such issue. The noise (appears to be engine noise) is very hard to describe but starts with acceleration and when the wheels are turned.

    Has anyone experienced this?
  • michelle1234michelle1234 Member Posts: 2

    Are you still experiencing this problem? Did it get worse?
  • slash764slash764 Member Posts: 2
    Well after reading 200 messages, my opinion of Audi as a reliable, longterm car has vanished. I was thinking of buying an Audi myself but now I'm not so sure. Would a Bimmer be more trustworthy? Or do the 2004 Audis have all these problems taken care of?
  • camstercamster Member Posts: 12
    This problem is detectable in all 1.8's. However with the standard transmission downshifting though this range will actually cause interior vibrations. Also it really only occured in cold weather - below than 20 F.

    Solution - trade my new 1.8 during the first year. (Got my wife a new car).
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    Audi of Bernardsville sold me an A4 which is a LEMON! I have had problems (mostly but not limited to the electrical system) from day 1. Once Audi of Bernardsville sold me the car they acted as if they had done me a favor. I have a clue for you Audi of Bernardsville, IF I AM PAYING YOU, YOU ARE NOT DOING ME A FAVOR! Don't be the next victim. AVOID AUDI AND AUDI OF BERNARDSVILLE AT ALL COSTS!!!
  • abc323abc323 Member Posts: 4
    What model is it? Was it brand new? What specific problems did you have? Just don't cry about it. Let people know what you experienced.
  • luyueluyue Member Posts: 10
    Hi, Pro,
    My 99 audi A4 2.8 quattro is in the shop for inspection, and was told the front pads would last 1000 miles before replacement. The rotor also need to be replaced together,
    They said this was the way AUDI/Benz designs, Is this true? Please Help.

  • cyberpmgcyberpmg Member Posts: 83

    The rotor doesn't always need to be replaced when the pad wears down. I've had pads replaced and the rotors are fine. The rotor wear may indicate very heavy braking and possibly using aftermarket pads that are not designed for use with your rotor. I knew someone who used aftermarket pads and destroyed the rotor.

    Maybe you might want to take it somewhere else for a second opinion?
  • luyueluyue Member Posts: 10
    Hi, Paul,

    Thanks for the advice. I am using the AUDI pads, I can tell from the dusting wheel. :) I will shop around, maybe just replace the pad at the meantime. Do you have any recommendation on the band?

  • suespazsuespaz Member Posts: 1
    Hi There,

    I am the owner of a 2003 Audi A4 Quattro. Last night and this morning, when starting my car, my gear shift was "locked" in park. It took me three times, by shutting off the car/turning it on, to get it out of park. My emergancy brake was off, and foot was on the brake. Has anyone else had this problem?

    I called the dealership this a.m., and they stated this was the 2nd call in two days where someone had this issue (the other issue was a 2002 A4). Thanks!
  • jpcojpco Member Posts: 1
    Last December I got a new (2004) A4 1.8T with automatic (6sp) multitronic&#153; Continuously Variable Transmission. Very happy with my car, but I seem to be experiencing what many other Audi owners have experienced (from Town Hall and Audi World boards). I am referring to that metallic noise the car would make after driving for a couple of feet. The noise is louder some times than others, but it always has that worrisome metallic tone (grinding noise as some would describe it). It happens when I first start the car, regardless of how long it has been parked. As other users report, some times the noise also goes with some kind of vibration on the gas and/or the break pedal. I have been told by my dealer that it is the ABS system &#150;as many others on the boars conclude. The one thing that is intriguing to me is that some times (like when I first drove the car this morning), the noise would not happen at all, which goes against it being from an ABS system routine that is supposed to take every time one starts the car. As is the case for many other users, once I am driving the car, the noise does not happen again even if I drive on reverse and then back to drive. Is this something I have to worry about? Can someone educate me a little bit more on the topic? The sound is some times very noticeable and I don&#146;t like the metallic tone of it… never heard something like this in any or my other three vehicles with ABS systems.


  • gearhead10gearhead10 Member Posts: 84
    First time I heard the grinding/meshing sound it alarmed me also. I haven't heard that kind of noise in any other cars either--I also own a Lexus and Acura and have rented many other vehicles.

    My dealer and other Audi owners have confirmed that it is the ABS system. It will only happen when you first start the car, not when you shift gears after coming to a stop. I've heard it every time I start the car so I can't explain the times when you have not heard it after starting the car. I'd talk to the service manager at your dealer, he may be able to answer more questions that you may have.
  • sdradioguysdradioguy Member Posts: 101
    Tonight while I was dinner, someone came along and smashed the driver's side door mirror on my A4. The mirror housing is still intact, and the power mechanism to adjust it still works, but the mirror itself is usless.

    Does anyone know if it's possible for me to replace just the mirror glass on my own? I'm afraid to even ask my dealer how much it would be to swap out the glass. I'm so thankful the housing and the mechanism are okay, because I'm sure I'd be faced with a repair bill well into the hundreds.

    Any help or tips would be appreciated.
  • giggsgiggs Member Posts: 41
    Just bought a 2002 A4 3.0 quattro last week. Love the car. But, I have never driven another so I have nothing to compare the automatic drive. The tiptronic and "S" gear are awesome. Maybe that's my problem - I'm so impressed with these features. However, I find that when the car is in "D" (drive), it is fast then sloppy and sluggish. 1st to 2nd gear changes quickly and at about 3300 rpm. 2nd to 3rd - 3rd to 4th and 4th to 5th all go in at about 1200 rpm. Rotation through all five gears occurs by the time I reach 55km per/hr (about 32 mph for my US friends). Does this sound about right? Please tell me it's not so. I'm so pleased with the car that I would find this disappointing. Also, the motor sounds loud compared to the 2000 3.0 Infiniti I30t I was driving before. I couldn't hear that Infiniti motor - quiet as can be but this A4 3.0 is a bit noisy. I know where someone parks another A4 3.0 in my parking garage at work. I'm tempted to put a note on the window asking them if I can test drive their car! I'd be obliged if someone could see fit to save me from having to do this and provide me with the benefit of their own observations? Greg
  • llwysellwyse Member Posts: 56
    I originally posted #229 about the acceleration lag and then the lurching when the tranny downshifts. Posts 238 and 240 from michelle 1234 discuss the same problem. Sorry I haven't been online for a while to respond.

    Went to the dealer again. No codes, but at least the service tech who rode and drove with me acknowledged the problem. Downloaded a readout to an Audi hotline. Again, "nothing wrong." ("No codes, no problem.") The service mgr says I'm the only one complaining about this. Yeah, right!

    I wrote to the tech guru for the Audi Club. His very interesting response is in the current issue (along with a similar letter from an A6 owner). The tech guru said he has three cars in his shop now with similar problems. Said it is a drive-by-wire "fuzzy logic" problem that Audi refuses to acknowledge. Hopefullly enough of us will keep bugging them until they offer a software download to correct it.

    The service tech at the dealer did give me a good tip that has helped some. Apparently the "fuzzy logic" that tries to learn your driving habits and anticipate your needs is learning something from me. So when my lag/lurch problem gets really bad, I clear the memory. It does seem to help. Here's how:

    Drive the car. Stop and turn it off for at least 30 seconds. Turn the key on, but don't start the engine. Press the accelerator all the way to the floor, being sure you go past the "kick down" point. THAT IS KEY!! Let off the accelerator and wait for 30 seconds, then turn the key off. Start back up and you're good to go.

    That has made the situation tolerable for me. Hope it helps you, too, michelle 1234 and others. Maybe that will hold us over til Audi gets a better fix for the problem which "no one has." :-)
  • llwysellwyse Member Posts: 56
    I should have mentioned in #253 that the response from the Audi Club tech guru ("Ask Uncle John") is in the current issue of the club magazine, "quattro quarterly." Club membership and this mag are worth the $45/yr.
  • giggsgiggs Member Posts: 41
    I'm not so sure my problem is the same as Michelle's at #238 or the lurching problem you described but the lag sounds about right. Thank you much for your response and the benefit of your hard work getting answers - I truly appreciate it. I'm going to head out and give your advise a go. I'm not familiar with this term "drive by wire" Is it in the manual or is this Audi/tranny jargon? Maybe I should check out the magazine you recommended too. Greg
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