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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • saleemsaleem Posts: 114
    BTW someone else had mentioned; if you're going to mention salespeople's names, please do it in a private msg

    jack47, edmunds' msging seems to be shot.. whats ur email and ill give u names in northern nj... or i guess u can go to my previous posts when i didnt know the rules :P
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    FWIW I am running into some dealers saying the $750 incentive is over (still not listed on Edmunds) and am also getting some rather high prices. Is the incentive regional? Anybody paid $750 under invoice (or better) in March yet (true invoice)?
  • cjackmancjackman Posts: 1
    I found another site that helped me save about $830 and change on my loan for a new 2007 Accord. You can check it out here:

    Everytime I log on I find something else useful there for buying cars. Plus it has entertaining news and articles.

    - CJ
  • lerigotlerigot Posts: 3
    Hi All,
    This site and everybody has been very helpful to me while shopping for my new Accord. I just bought one today for $21535 out the door. I also got LoJack for $500. I bought this in the bay area. I will post the complete breakdown very soon so that others can benefit.
    Just one more thing. There is a $1000 dealer cash incentive going on these days.
    Also, there was no trade in and I paid cash.
  • bamaflumbamaflum Posts: 39
    the 08 accords will nt be arrivi ng until at least late september early october. there are incentives and volume bonuses that American Honda is giving to dealers for the entire year on accord sales. not too mention that the amount of accords a dealer sells between now and when the 08's come out directly affects the original allocation of new Accords they will receive at release. forward looking dealers will let 07's go for less because of these reasons.

    hondaguy mentions this for those interested :shades:
  • blueguydotcomblueguydotcom Posts: 6,257
    Makes sense. We stopped to look at a Fit tonight and we noticed that that Accords were all 1400-2000 below invoice (hard to tell exactly as they add $600-700 of worthless junk to the car). Shockingly low prices on those things. 20k for an EX?
  • I am new to the game I need advice on what I should pay for a vp, lx, ex 4 cyl in the new york area. If anyone has done a deal in the white plains-yonkers area please let me know
  • dalindalin Posts: 9
    I want to get eitehr an accord or camary but found that camary price is too high. I regard CE is comaprable to VP but I found in Edmond forum, CE mannual transimission is more than 20,000 for out door price right now. Too expensive.

    It sounds great deals are going on in the North for Accord VP.

    How about in south florida around west palm beach? Is that possible for me to get a VP auto transimision for something between $18,000 to $19,000 for out door price?
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    Please tell us your location when you post your breakdown.

    The lowest offer I've rec'd so far after contacting several dealers is about 20,500 (without counter-offering), assume that doesn't include dest.
  • bobafettbobafett Posts: 9
    $22,200 is a pretty good price if it includes all dealer fees. Don't get caught up in total OTD prices, as taxes and tag fees vary state to state.
    If they want a "document fee" (say $299), make them price it out separtely.
    21,901 + 299 = 22,200
  • I just purchased a Honda Accord EX (4 cylinders, Sunroof Visor, Mud Guards, Pin Stripe and Wheel locks). I would not have got the deal without the information provided here. So I'd like to share mine here.

    2007 Honda Accord EX (4 cylinders, Sunroof Visor, Mud Guards, Pin Stripe and Wheel locks)
    Price: 20883.50
    Documentation preparation fee: 349.00
    Sales Tax: 1634.83
    Registration fee: 5.50
    License fee: 116.50
    Total Out of Door: 22989.33

    I guess this is a decent deal. Unfortunately, we have a very high sales tax rate here.

    Many thanks to you guys!
  • gudigudi Posts: 7
    I purchased Honda Accord EX with leather 4 cylinder Auto at Steevens creek honda,SanJosex,CA(Tax - 8.25%) for OTD - 23,500. Delaer has thrown wheel locks for free.

    Thanks to forum which helped me a lot in negotiating the price.
  • billkrzbillkrz Posts: 2
    Does anyone know the answer to my question: Is the $750.00 cash back and the 4.9% an either/or situation or can you receive both.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Posts: 9,731

    A VP should go out the door for less than $17,000. You should be able to get an Accord LX for well under $19,000.
  • tallman1tallman1 Posts: 1,874
    Is the $750.00 cash back and the 4.9% an either/or situation or can you receive both.

    Someone around here posted that you could choose one but not both.
  • gbegbe Posts: 3
    Anyone bought the 2007 accord VP in Dayton Ohio area? Please let me know how much did you buy and what dealer gave you a good deal. I contacted several dealers and got the lowest price for 18700.00 OTD. Is this the best price?thanks
  • saleemsaleem Posts: 114
    Under $17,000? I thought $16,200 was a good price, ppl have said-- and thats before TTL, doc, etc... how is 17K possible
  • I am receiving an offer of $24,200 before TTL for a EX-L V6. Good deal? No? It's in the Boston area. Doc fee is $184.
  • jbl8jbl8 Posts: 40
    That's the price I got, and have appeared several times here related to $20500 include destination. Someone said that you can go as low as $19500. I believe that you can get it for $20000. :confuse:
  • jbl8jbl8 Posts: 40
    Sorry about the rule. Next time we shall do private e-mails regarding sales person etc. :blush:
  • No reason not to get the SE V6 for $20.5K including destination. I got mine last November for $20.7K + dealer prep fee + ttl, $22.3K OTD. Not sure if there were dealer incentives going on then.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    stevehecht - What was the dealer prep fee? It will help to know the true price that was paid.

    A lot of these prices people are posting are exaggerated if the "prep fee" or "document fee" is not included. This is a dealer fee and is just additional money for the dealer (unlike tt&l which go to the government), and needs to be included in the cost so we can compare apples to apples.

    Person A can say I got an Accord for $20,000 + doc fee and taxes + tags, while person B can say they paid $19,500 plus same. The problem is the "doc fee" is not consistant between dealers. Person B may have had a $600 fee and person A may have had a $50 fee, so person A actually got the better deal.
  • dolfan1dolfan1 Posts: 217
    Great point. Please give full breakdown, as in post #14198.
    It would appear, generally, if you take 2K off the OTD price you're pretty close to actual car price.
  • I am in the market for a 2007 Accord, and I haven't seen too many quotes on here for an LX-V6. Is $22,156 (including destination charge) a good price? I live in the Atlanta area.

    This was only the first quote I've gotten. I plan to look into Costco's deals.
  • Forgot to add...

    What type of doc fee should I expect in Atlanta, GA? I read more than a few posts that said doc fees vary by state, so if anyone knows what is reasonable for GA, please let me know what I should expect.
  • Sounds good to me. I picked mine up in Lincoln, NE for $24,300 before taxes. In Nebraska we don't pay taxes to the dealership. I've looked around on this board and anything around $24,000 is a good deal...
  • jbl8jbl8 Posts: 40
    Not many quotes on LX and EX. Because economically, SE is a better choice for $20K. I don't like the moonroof on Accord, it eats too much of head room.
  • m1miatam1miata Posts: 4,556
    2.3" of headroom is lost.
  • I'm only 5'4 1/2, so headroom would only affect me at resale. So for me the moonroof is worth it.

    But it looks like a lot of people agree with you, since the LX V-6 isn't as popular as the other trim levels.
  • redsfan1redsfan1 Posts: 58
    I am finally going to get my new accord, v6, se version tomorrow. Do you think this is a good price below? Any tips on if you think I can negotiate more. I was thinking maybe seeing if I could get 500 off the vehicle price? What do you think.


    Here is what I was quoted below from the internet department of a Honda dealership in Ohio.--
    Our Out the Door Price (OTD) with all taxes and fees is below.

    Vehicle Price = $20,628
    Lien, Title, Reg., Doc. Fees = $275.50
    6.5% Sales Tax = $1,357.07
    OTD Price = "$22,260.57
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