2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



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    Bay Area shoppers. Anderson Honda sent an email coupon for an extra $250 off their "already low" internet price. ...just passing it along.

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    Appreciate the reply! I know someone who got a similar run-around from Crown. He ended up driving to the Triad to pick up a new Honda last Spring. I always ask for OTD prices, but have found some stealerships like to tiptoe around those figures.

    @vabeach3 said:

    Those NC dealer prices were for the car only, not drive-out. The only NC dealer I emailed back and forth several times was Crown, who initially said they would match my Maryland prices and "would not lose a deal over price." Then they came back at 29,896 including Virginia TTL, which was 1,900 over my Maryland prices.

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    Thanks for the information and advice. Will follow up when process is finished.

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    Looks like they are dealing in MD.
    Just got $26,590 from a Baltimore dealer plus $790 freight, 6% MD tax and $235 in titles and registration for a 2014 EX-L v6 with wheel locks and splash guards. No nav. Looking forward to the new V6 under 30k OTD including taxes. Happy new year

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    Hey thanks to all of you that contribute on these boards. The pricing information you all shared saved me a lot of money. Hope some of you find mine helpful too.

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    Oh, this is fun. The waiting game. I would have expected quick call backs, but it seems that perhaps the dealers are sitting on my offers to determine if they need the business enough to bite. One internet manager told me as much, telling me they couldn't get close to my target at this point as they needed to sell 120 cars before hitting their incentive. So he said he would call me back if they get closer to that point and maybe he would have more room to deal. I may or may not wait, depending on what others come back with.

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    I too have been told by more than one dealer that supposedly none of what SoCal dealers are close to reaching the mark. Best offers so far are @ 22,400 to 23,200 for the EX.
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    LIL / Carbuyer...

    Sit back and wait after your contacted dealerships have your most agressive offer. Trust me they will be considered and dealerships ready to sell today or tomm will except or counter offer.

    I will be starting my phone calls at 5 pm tonight. I'm prepared to wait til late afternoon tomm before i lower my price if dealers and me a far apart on price..

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    I feel your pain carbuyer. I just had breakfast (a banana lol) and it's 2 pm. Been on the phone all morning with only a few return emails, some of which were for different cars, from an internet person. Seems most places just dump you on a salesperson.

    I emailed a dealer close, one I visited twice already, and they refuse to give me any numbers over the phone. I hate to cross them off my list because of the convenience but they are royally pissing me off. It does seem that the car we want is hard to find: an EX-L 4 cyl with Nav is black with ivory interior. They say hardly any cars 4 cyl come with Nav. I forgot how difficult it is to buy a Honda. My Acura and Lexus purchases interestly enough were easier because of very competitive salespeople and all the cars coming loaded.

    I hope I don't need a wig after this. Hubby likes my blonde hair which is getting ripped out as we speak lol.

    Well we still have tomorrow.


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    If the lowest offer I currently have works out I would be ok with it, as it is nearly 2k off of invoice with no incentives or rebates and they know I would not be financing through them. I do believe they would be high pressure and try to get me to buy warrantees and such. Any suggestions for combating that?? The next two offers however are not quite as good -only about 1,100 to 1,300 off of invoice. Many of the other offers received were between 23,500 to 24,300 (basically at invoice!)
  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalMember Posts: 47

    I am in a similar boat as the dealership with the best numbers now only wants to chat over the phone or in person and doesn't want it to be emails (or I'm thinking in writing anymore). They have a more convenient location (but as a negative won't allow me to have car until credit union check clears their bank).
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    Ask each dealership that you are apart in price if you finance thru them will they meet your number.. worst case you pay off dealer loan when that 1st bill comes. I always tell dealers i will finance thru you if thats what it takes to meet my number.

    As far a warranty stuff or anything they try to sell you in that back office.. Say No case closed.

    Be patient your to lower numbers most likely will go up.. Close tonight or tomm. Do not be afraid to run your poker game to tomm late afternoon.. dealers always give in first.

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    Did you try to call the dealers bluecars reccommend yesterday. Might be worth the phone call and the hour plus trip to boston.

    Try Weymouth, Herb Chambers they have 3 locations, Honda cars of Boston. and Lynn

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    @lil_owl said:

    Which dealer are you getting $22,400 at? I email the Staci lady but never got a reply. The lowest I got now is $22,995. I would be happy at $22,700 if I don't have to travel really far.

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    A couple of things to know.

    Most "Internet Managers" are nothing more than a salesperson. The veteran sales people usually want nothing to do with "Internet Shoppers" since most of the "leads" and calls are a big waste of time.

    No smart store will EVER give you a number over the phone to shop all over town. Those that do are apt to "lowball" you or neglect to include something.

    Lastly, they are correct. That car you want is an oddball that few stores will order. With all of the Garmins and smart phones out there, NAVI's just don't sell very well so few are ordered.

    Being a bit flexible on colors and equipment will get you a better deal. the best deals can ALEAYS be made on in stock cars.

    It really doesn't have to be a difficult process but some shoppers (and stores) can certainly make it one.

    I do wish you well!

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    Lil and all forum members.. THis is important

    You have to talk directly to the internet manager NO MORE EMAILING.. Thats how you close your deal. At crunch time its personal you and him/ her.. By speaking to him you know if that dealership will meet or come close to your deal.. No more email. Emailing gets you where your at right know.. Time to make dealers comitt. Getting there lowest price..

    If a manager tells you Lil 1300 below is my final offer take it or leave it.. You know for 1300 you have a sale. Tell manager you will consider his offer and if the other dealerships dont meet your number to buy today you will call him back. Do let them know you have better offers before hanging up.. This is how you negotiate and play the game. Put in his/ her mind they needs to do better to earn your business, Tell the dealers that are closer to you home you would prefer to buy from them and give them your business and not traveling further.. but you will if they wont deal or compete in price..

    You are all smart buyers and have learned alot about buying.. Apply it.. Your at the goal line buying today or tomm. Get in the end zone.. You have the most buying leverage today and tommorow..

    sounds like a great football speech........LOL

    I'm pulling for you Lil and Diva...... good luck girls keep the faith

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    @Diva, I understand as we are in the same general market area. I also am looking at a car/color combination that only about one out of every four dealerships seems to have in stock and then they usually have only one car. This definitely does reduce some bargaining power, but if you can find the car in stock, they still will want to get it out of their inventory. If you want a black or white LX CVT, you probably wouldn't have any trouble at all :-).

    I am hopeful that I am getting very close to finalizing a deal. I think the dealerships are very busy and they are taking there time getting back to people, but they generally will.

    Best of luck with your transaction.

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    Hi everyone,

    So as I mentioned Saturday, I came home with my 2014 Honda Accord EX-L CVT sedan, and I said I would come back and post my price so here it is, car including destination was $25,500 + taxes and fees bringing my OTD price to $27,500 flat. I didn't get Flex cash as the dealers I spoke to had run out already. Those that did have some, were asking between 28k-29k drive out for the same car. I really wanted the accessories that were on the car but refused to pay for them. After some back and forth, the dealer ended up including them for free. Also got window tint too! I don't know how well I did on my deal, but the Houston, TX market for Hondas is a tough one. When I purchased my 2013 Kia Optima SX Turbo over the summer I got them down exactly $6,000 off MSRP of $32,160, including incentive + 0% APR for 60 months.

    I want to thank @brian125 @veers and everyone else who provided insight to make this possible. Thank you for doing what you do! Really appreciate it. I wish I lived in states that were giving better deals on Hondas but I guess each market is different.

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    happy holidays

    The only problem with a seasoned salesman who does not work in that internet dept or is not the Mgr... ...... he/she cant close the deal by phone . You would need to go down to the dealership to meet with him.

    folks in here are trying to buy 1 to 2 hours from there home so its a waste of time going that route. To be lied to or get the run around.

    If you find good dealerships with Internet dept's you could buy or close the deal on the phone. Then go down to pick up the car.. I'm sure you know the drill. you still need to play that pricing game to get that dealers bottom line.. Guys in your business are very good at wearing people down and distracting them from pricing or twisting the truth. Not all but alot in your business do this..

    For most folks calling your area's dealers and making the best price out of the lot is the norm.. For others they want a better price. Those folks need to buy thru a dealerships Internet mgr who is usually a good speaker or computer guy.. Regardless they have the authority to close the deal by phone and send a fax buyers order to me or a customer.

    I have bought well over 1000 cars in many years of doing this. Most of my trans-actions are by fax.

    Dealerships that are not internet friendly will find times passing them by very soon.

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    A new discussion has been created for 2014 Honda Accord Prices Paid. Please continue here.

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    I just paid $25,900 for the 2014 EX-L. Think I could have done better after reading through some posts, but still under invoice so guess it could be worse

  • ahightowerahightower TXMember Posts: 539

    @leesha48 said:
    I just paid $25,900 for the 2014 EX-L. Think I could have done better after reading through some posts, but still under invoice so guess it could be worse

    Don't second guess. You got a great car for a fair price. Drive and enjoy. :)

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    I want to buy a 2014 Accord EX. I'm in MI and so far got several quotes:
    1. 22,997 + dest. + tax + ttl + dealer fee = 25741. (there are other 2-3 quotes which are close to this number).
    2. 25090 + plate = about 25200.

    The second dealer didn't tell me the breakdown of its offer but I'm wondering whether the second one is really possible? I'm in Michigan with 6% sales tax.

    Please advise.

  • leesha48leesha48 Member Posts: 5

    @ahightower said:
    Don't second guess. You got a great car for a fair price. Drive and enjoy. :)

  • leesha48leesha48 Member Posts: 5

    I've got the car and I am enjoying it, but this was the worst car buying experience I ever had, should have went in there more prepared the price I quoted was not the OTD price plus they pressured me into a EW which turned out to be one those 3rd party deals not honda cares like I had on my previous honda. I have canceled that and the amount will be applied to my principal. They also low balled me on my trade in blue book on that was 15,039 they gave me 14,000. What can I say other than live and learn.

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    I requested a quote for a 2014 Black Accord Sedan LX CVT from Hendrick Honda in El Cerrito. They give me an invoice at 19,766. For the out the door price they gave me an offer of 22709.93. I was wondering if it is a good deal?

  • trentoncheetrentonchee Member Posts: 3

    @ctr123 said:
    Thanks a lot for sharing the info. Anderson quoted me $100 more. Is it reasonable to ask for 20,000 or 20,100 for LX CVT.

    How much was the out the door the price with all fees included?

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    Hi Everyone,
    I just bought a 2014 Honda Accord Sport for $22,901 + Tax+Document Fee and Registration fee in Northern, NJ area. Total out of the door $25,700. I also put a down payment and finance the remaining balance at 1.9%. Is it a good deal?

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    hi everyone.. new member here. i'm looking to trade in or sell my current 2010 accord LXP so i can get a 2014 Accord Hybrid EX-L. i'm in the bay area (milpitas/ san jose) and was wondering what kind of pricing has everyone been able to get it for OTD (out the door) and where.

    much appreciate it.

  • zenexscriderzenexscrider Member Posts: 4

    Hi ,

    It is notoriously difficult to find best deals in Texas. I live in Austin and have mailed Honda dealers in Dallas, San Antonio, San Marcos for quotes for 2014 Honda Accord EX-L. The best I could get was 28000 OTD.

    Any folks from Austin who have had better luck with Honda dealers?


  • carlukok3carlukok3 Member Posts: 3

    Quoted on the phone $25,639 OTD on a 2014 Accord Sport Columbus Ohio
    Looking to pull the trigger in the next 7 days or less
    Looks like 1800 dollars off msrp ...Good deal?

  • mcshamrockmcshamrock Member Posts: 1

    I bought a 2014 EX-L V6 on January 3, and thanks to reading these forums, I think I got a pretty good deal. I paid $27,746 plus tax, title & license, less $500 flex cash and **no **games. I am from the Dallas-Ft Worth area and did have some difficulty because I was not familiar with the dealers in this market.

    I actually could have gotten the car for $500 less ($27,246) had I bought right before Christmas. As of 12/21, AutoNation Honda in Lewisville had the low price through their internet department, plus they had flex cash. After Christmas the price went up $500 to $27,746 and they were out of flex cash. Luckily, the flex cash came back after the first of the year, but the price did not go back down. I was not charged for any accessories, even though several had been added. When I went to the dealer I was handed over to Andre who treated me well. I also got a very good offer from David S at Rusty Wallis, but he did not have my color.

    Several dealers did not respond to my emails. A few quoted a firm price that was high and gave no inclination of wanting to deal, and a few pretended to deal, but would not commit. It became obvious that those dealers had no intention of making a deal via email as they kept trying to get me to come in without a firm price. I actually wasted a lot of time trying to deal with these people because I did not catch on to their little game right a way.

    In hindsight, I would check with the internet department at AutoNation and see what price they give you, and then use that price to go to the other dealers.

    It is hard for those of us who buy cars infrequently to recognize all of the games being played., but these forums are a great help. Thanks.

  • carlukok3carlukok3 Member Posts: 3

    I think you got a v good deal.
    Thanks for laying out your price in a logical way.
    I often wished there was a spreadsheet type format for pricing.
    Happy motoring.

  • carlukok3carlukok3 Member Posts: 3
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    I just picked up a 2014 Accord Sport at Marysville Honda in Ohio
    $21,908 plus Tax and fees = $23,474 OTD
    I took the financing and they applied $500 flex cash
    I was in and out in less than a hour including the financing,no games.
    I gave two other dealers a chance to match,one was a Tru Car dealer,they were about a thousand more.
    I gave my local Dealer a chance to match but were only 200 more and seemed miffed for me to ask..so it was easy choice.

  • ahightowerahightower TXMember Posts: 539

    I envy your experience! I ended up with a good deal, but the process was a beating.

  • golfnut14golfnut14 Member Posts: 1

    It looks like the 2013 Accord is a pretty nice upgrade from the 2012. However, it seems that to save any money on buying a used 2013 Accord, I would need to wait until the 2015 Accord is out (and there are 2013s and 2014s floating into used card inventories). It seems that buying a 3 year old car is kind of a sweet-spot in terms of saving money buying used vs. a new car though. Any thoughts??

  • radar007radar007 OhioMember Posts: 24
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    Just received this email for those of you who are near VA. I may consider taking a trip there to get my new Accord!!

    Are you tired of dealers in the DC metro sending out confusing price quotes? Would you like to buy a new Honda with NO surprises? This weekend only at Hendrick Honda Woodbridge, we are taking the guesswork out of buying a new Honda. The pricing below INCLUDES ALL TAXES, TAGS, FEES, EVERYTHING. THEY ARE TRULY OUT THE DOOR, BOTTOM LINE PRICES. You do NOT have to be active military OR a recent college graduate to receive this pricing. If you happen to be, YOUR PRICE WILL BE EVEN LOWER! They are so low, we can't advertise them. You'll only see them in THIS EMAIL!

    Our Honda pricing also INCLUDES:

    FREE LIFETIME POWERTRAIN WARRANTY(valid anywhere in the country, as long as you own your vehicle. PLUS, you are NOT required to perform your maintenance with us).
    PROTECTION PACKAGE INCLUDING: splash guards, door edge guards, wheel locks, tire nitrogen, and trunk tray(EX-L and above).

    2013 Honda Civic LX Automatic(2 or 4 door): $16,998 OUT THE DOOR!
    2013 Honda Civic EX Automatic(2 or 4 door): $18,898 OUT THE DOOR!
    2013 Honda Fit Sport Automatic: $17,488 OUT THE DOOR!

    2014 Honda Accord LX Automatic: $21,590 OUT THE DOOR!
    2014 Honda CRV LX AWD: $23,520 OUT THE DOOR!

    If you didn't see your vehicle of choice in this list, reply to this email for an out the door price and we will be happy to send it to you, time permitting.

    This pricing is STRICTLY valid ONLY through Sunday January 26th. Do not miss this opportunity to enjoy a fast, smooth car buying experience with NO surprises.

    See you soon!

    Luke | Internet Director

    Hendrick Honda Woodbridge | The #1 Certified Honda Dealer in DC Metro!
    14201 Jefferson Davis Highway, Woodbridge, VA 22191 | www.hendrickhondava.com

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    I just purchased a certified pre-owned 2013 Accord LX which had factory remote start, all weather mats, splash guards and paint, fabric protector included. It also pushed the warranty out to 100,000 powertrain and 60,000 bumper to bumper at no additional cost. Sale price was $18,330 which I thought was fair for both sides. The '13 is a big improvement from the '12 IMO and is identical to the '14. It all comes down to how much you want to pay for the right car. In my case it was great timing because I had my car sold(today) and picked up my new one yesterday. Good luck in your search. The Accords are very nice!!

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    Hey guys,

    Finally pulled the trigger and purchased from Colonial Honda in Richmond, VA (about a 2 hour drive from my house). Their price was $900 less than anyone in my area was willing to go (before Flex Cash was applied), so the drive was worth it.

    Purchase Date: 2/22
    Car: 2014 EX-L Sedan Silver/Gray
    Transmission: Auto/CVT
    Price before (TTL): $25,160 - 500 Flex = $24,660
    Price Out The Door (OTD): $26,699 (including 3% sales tax, $399 doc fee, county/city Property Taxes of around 1.4% of sales price, Title, Tags, etc)
    Miscellaneous add-ons/extras: None, though car does include a 7yr/100K mile powertrain warranty from the dealership.

    I'm absolutely loving the car.

  • micheletk1micheletk1 Member Posts: 4

    I have an offer for a 2013 Honda Accord EX-L Sedan from a dealership in South Florida. Car price is $23,286.36 plus TTL and doc fee of $699, for a total out the door price of around $25,800 or so. This includes $500 flex cash. Is this good for a 2013 at this point, which the dealership has 18 of them on their lot. I think they can do better, but not sure at this point.

  • ahightowerahightower TXMember Posts: 539

    Looks pretty good per Emunds TMV. Go to the homepage and use that tool to evaluate.

  • chaccordchaccord Member Posts: 4

    Can anyone recommend good dealers to buy Honda accord ex-l around Indianapolis. I am ok to go Chicago or Columbus if i get good deal. If possible send me the quotes if anyone buy Accord recently.

  • chaccordchaccord Member Posts: 4

    I was offered a deal for Honda Accord 2014 EX-L V6 26500 OTD + Taxes(Indiana). Which includes(500$ flex cash + 500$ Graduate discount + Interior I'll,Mats,Tray, Locks,splash Guards ). Can i go ahead with this deal?. Can you tell me + Taxes includes how much for Indiana State.

  • trusaleen1trusaleen1 Member Posts: 98

    Can someone please give me a Wholesale/Retail on KBB Karpower

    2012 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L 6 speed manual tranny
    70,000 miles
    No Navi

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