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2013 and earlier-Honda Accord Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • jpelljpell Posts: 3


    Prices from Hendrick Honda email you quoted seem almost too good to be true. Do you know if they include destination charge as well ($790). I''ll jump all over or try to leverage their Accord Sport A/T ($20,390). Can you either post or PM me POC at this dealership that sent this email so I can reference it if questioned. Thanks.

  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17

    So I'm now looking at getting a EX-L CVT and the price quotes I've received are without any negotiating and I beileve they do include flex cash if available.

    Deal # 1

    MSRP ACCORD EX-L  $29,060.00

    Internet Price include Destination & Handling $25,499.00

    Honda Protection Package (wheel locks, splash guards and cargo tray) 

    State Sales Tax   $1,614.88

    Vehicle Inventory Tax  $54.34 (I've never paid that before)

    License Fee  $64.25

    Inspection & Title Fee $61.75

    Documentary Fee $125.00

    Drive-Out $27,758.22

    DEAL# 2

    Selling Price 25,124.00

    Destination $790.00

    Sales Tax $1,619.63

    Inventory Tax $48.59

    License, Title, Inspection $145.00

    Documentary Fee $125.00

    Total Drive Out Price $27,852.21

    How much lower can I get them to go, from yalls experience?

    Thanks for all the help!


  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    finis and naazim-
    In my talks with Stayci, an Internet sales manager at Spreen Honda (a So-Cal dealer), I was offered $24,919 for an EX-L. She did honor this price for another forum member. Give her call. (I have since decided to go with an EX, which I hope to pull the trigger on soon!)
  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    To all of the awesome forum experts,

    First, thanks for your sage advice, it is much appreciated by us "newbies"!

    Second, I am about to pull the trigger on the EX. I am thinking of using some of your techniques. (Like the letter: I will buy today for xxx).

    Questions: I was thinking of doing this on Friday (27th). Should I wait until the 30th? (I am getting my loan through Pen-Fed, so I will have to fax the purchase agreement and wait for the check to be overnighted....does this hinder my negotiating power, or is it positive that I am already pre-approved?!?)

    In the email, besides saying you want your price to include destination and exclude any incentives, do you also say no accessories, loans, add-ons, warrantees or shenanigans or I'm out if there and on to the next closest offer? Do you ask the dealer if they can't meant your price, what is there closest price to it?

    Thanks in advance!! Looking forward to finally getting my Honda!
  • veersveers Posts: 81


    Definitely think you can go a bit lower. There is a gross receipt/inventory tax in some states, so that charge may be legit.

    Right now your best offer is at $25.5k + $125 doc fee + junk accessories. I would counteroffer at $24.7k to cover the car, destination, doc fee, and any accessories (mention that you don't really want them). Also state that you will finance through AHF and let them keep the $500 flex cash (dealers often don't mention the flex cash to consumers and use it to pad the deal). They will probably balk at your number, but hopefully will counteroffer you to $25k flat, which should be doable. Depending on circumstances you may need to settle for $25.2k, but that number should be easily obtainable.

  • @lil_owl said:
    finis and naazim-
    In my talks with Stayci, an Internet sales manager at Spreen Honda (a So-Cal dealer), I was offered $24,919 for an EX-L. She did honor this price for another forum member. Give her call. (I have since decided to go with an EX, which I hope to pull the trigger on soon!)

    Do you have the email for Stayci? If so, you PM me the email? I saw your message and would like to get in touch with her about the 2014 Honda Accord EX sedan also.

  • mog5mog5 Phoenix,AZPosts: 1

    I'm looking to lease(most likely) a 2014 Accord EX in Phoenix,AZ. I'm currently negotiating and one dealer has offered me the price of $24522. I feel that this is a bit overpriced. Any suggestions?

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    > @johnnguyen714 said:
    > Do you have the email for Stayci? If so, you PM me the email? I saw your message and would like to get in touch with her about the 2014 Honda Accord EX sedan also.

    Sent. Feel free to PM back if you have any questions :)
  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240
    edited December 2013

    lil owl

    Start your emails on the 27th but at some point you need to talk directly to each dealers internet manager to close your deal..

    Your pen fed loan wont make a difference. you should be approved within 2 days. If you strike a deal friday leave a credit card deposit til Pen fed can fax or send the check. There is no leverage lost.

    In your emails to all dealerships you state:

    I am looking to buy a 2014 model, color, with no added accessories. I am would be willing to buy this vehicle from you today for xxx...This price includes dest/ charge and excludes taxes and any incentives or rebates that apply to me .I have recieved simular pricing but would like to buy closer to my house. I have heard good things about your dealership. Blah, Blah, Blah, get the picture.. Make it short and simply.Make each dealership commit to giving you there best price. Be firm on your target price til the end of the month. Let each emailing dealership know.. 1st dealer who meets my price gets my business.

    Dealerships that wont give you pricing by email or phone thank them and move on to the next dealership.

    I would take 10 mins to google then call about 15 dealerships and ask to see who is offering flex cash. while on the phone ask all dealerships for the name and number / email of there internet manager. then later email and call those dealerships first for the sale.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    Thank you brian125. While I did receive a good offer from a dealership that would still be honored, that offer was made awhile ago prior to their new dealer incentives, so I was going to see if I could get an even better price :)
  • neil_hneil_h Posts: 11

    Does the $24,919 include the $500 for flex financing?

    @lil_owl said:
    finis and naazim-
    In my talks with Stayci, an Internet sales manager at Spreen Honda (a So-Cal dealer), I was offered $24,919 for an EX-L. She did honor this price for another forum member. Give her call. (I have since decided to go with an EX, which I hope to pull the trigger on soon!)

  • Okay,

    I just came home with a 2014 Accord LX CVT purchased from Economy Honda Superstore in Chatanooga, TN.

    Price breakdown was as follows:

    MSRP: $23,545
    Invoice: $21,620

    Sale Price: $ 20,491.00

    Doc Fee: $ 599.50

    Sales Tax: $ 906.89

    Title Fee: $ 43.00

    Flex Cash $ -500.00 (incentive credit)

    Total Out the Door $ 21,540.39

    I basically bought the car for a sale price of $ 19,991 ($20,491 - $500 credit)

    Does this seem like a good deal to you folks who are in the know ???

  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240
    edited December 2013


    Good deal................ enjoy your new accord. Finding those dealerships offering flex makes a good deal even better..

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  • veersveers Posts: 81

    Sounds reasonable polly. Just remember that the $599.50 "doc fee" is just another fake charge to pad dealer profits. So total price before flex is $21,091. Still seems like a good deal, but always need to account for all charges. That's why I always told dealers give me price + destination + doc fees - flex cash.

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47

    @neil_h said:
    Does the $24,919 include the $500 for flex financing?

    No. It was without any incentives but included destination.

  • neil_hneil_h Posts: 11
    edited December 2013

    Have been in touch with dealers in Atlanta for a 2014 EX-L and so far have the following prices from various dealers I contacted (note: Invoice is $26,650)

    $25,450.00 (lowest),

    Will try for $24,919 and see what they say.

  • @neil_h - can you confirm if your 2014 EX-L quotes are for 4 cyl or V6? And is this with or without navigation?

  • finisfinis Posts: 6

    Has anyone had the experience of having a new car delivered to your home or office & signing the sale documents there?

  • finisfinis Posts: 6

    Thanks, lil_owl, for the info.

  • hps25hps25 Posts: 18

    Hi Finis:

    I will give you all details, just wait couple days. As I mention earlier in my earlier post, I learn all technique from the experts of this forum. You can read the same advice just above (read Brian125 comment)

    Hi Experts,

    Is Honda Accord EX-L comes with Anti-Theft device? Is it good to purchase from Dealer ?
    Please advice.


  • hps25hps25 Posts: 18

    Brian you are doing wonderful job, you are one of the best teacher of so many new bee in New Car Market. keep it up..!!

  • laandrewlaandrew Posts: 27
    edited December 2013

    **hps25 **
    I am in the market for Accord EX in LA area and would appreciate if you can give me more detail of your deal hunting. Sent you a private msg as well. If you dont like to share the information on the board.

  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240
    edited December 2013


    Honda accord is at the top of most lists for vehicles being stolen. every year..

    1994 Accord is listed as the number one car stolen. Has anyone got there's stolen???

    The 2009 accord is also a very high risk to be stolen according to reports .

    There is no alarm that could stop a professional thief from stealing your car. especially if he has time to do it.

    In addition to the Accord alarm which has a engine immobilizer if the key is not detected........ There are ways to limited/ deter your vehicle from getting stolen.


    gas and engine cut off switches, Heat sensor and monitoring devices.. etc..

    I tell folks in hear and we spoke about this months ago so i wont go into detail. IM me for further questions.

    The best alarm is the Viper 5902...... Phython 911 also a very good buy with almost same features..

    This alarm peared with the gas cut off switch is a monster alarm. VERY time consuming to steal. non pro's wont be able to steal with this system on your vehicle.. Your vehicle cant be towed or moved without being detected. The Viper has sensors that will alert your phone or computer if it detects any movement. These alarms are not like any alarms we had back in the day.

    With vehicles new tech features if you cant find a true professional alarm installer ask your local honda dealership about installing it for you.

    I have the viper on one of my high end vehicle. No problems great additional. alarm..

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  • radar007radar007 OhioPosts: 24
    I'm looking at the 2013 Accord Sport. One is new and the other has 13,000 miles but is the color I want with better Michelin tires which makes the ride better. My question is what should be the best price to get the used one for or should I just get the new 2013 or maybe even the 2014 in the color I want? Internet quote for new 2014 21,000, 2013 was 20,139 and the used 2013 is at 19,800 currently. Thanks in advance.
  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240
    edited December 2013


    If your looking for a good deal on a used 2013 accord i would wait til jan, 2014 to make a offer on that 13k mile accord. Here is a good target price for that model.

    Take that models invoice price of $22,138. Minus 3500 hundred off that price after 1/1/2014.

    18,638 is a good buying number for a 1yr old car with 13k. If money is not tight and you have to choose between a 2013 or 2014 new.. Its in your best interest to go for the 2014.

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  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17
    edited December 2013

    Good morning guys,

    So I emailed all the dealers in the area that had emailed me a price quote and this is what I've got back so far as a counter offer from one dealership here.

    My email I send them went like this,


    Thank you for your email. After much consideration and looking at all the OTD price quotes I've received with break down of each charge, I'd like to counter offer. If you are willing to accept my offer with no surprises once I show up to the dealership, I will buy and drive off in a 2014 Accord EX-L tomorrow Friday the 27th of December 2013.  So my offer is, $24,700 to include the cost of the car, destination charge, dealer doc fee, and the $339.00 in accessories (I don't want them and you can remove them). Tax, Title, and License would be paid separate from my offer price. I will also finance through AHF and you the dealer can keep the $500.00 in flex cash which is offered to customers financing with Honda. I'm very serious about buying and like I mentioned above, I will buy tomorrow if you agree to my offer. Please send me a VIN # to a White Honda Accord EX-L CVT that you currently have in stock. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear from you soon. 


    I do rgret to inform you that I must decline your kind offer. Here is a realistic bottom line drive out price. Please call should you have any questions.

    2014 Honda Accord EX-L
    MSRP STICKER  $   29,060.00

    INVOICE COST  $ 26,650.00

    INTERNET PRICE $24,560.00

    DEST CHARGE $790.00


    SUB TOTAL  $      25,649.00

    STATE SALES TAX(+)  $             1,603.06

    DEALER DOCUMENTARY FEE(+)  $ 150.00 

    VEHICLE INSP. FEE (+)  $ 39.50

    LICENSE$ TITLE $ (+)  $ 99.55


    CASH BALANCE ON VEHICLE(=)  $ 27,596.40


  • veersveers Posts: 81


    It's a good start, I would focus on the MD and northern VA dealers, as they are more likely to give you a great deal. Follow up by phone on the 30th, and try to get the internet manager on the phone (one level above the salesman), since he is the one who can actually approve the deal. Lot's of dealers will tell you that your price is impossible, but you just need to find the one who will give you the best price. I found the best prices at Criswell Honda (maryland), Hendrick Honda (virginia), Alexandria Honda (virginia), and Pohanka Honda (maryland). Brian had a list of good MD/PA dealers in an earlier post, I would definitely hit up all of them, and follow up by phone on the 30th/31st.

    Good Luck!

  • Hi, I'm likely planning to purchase an Accord EX-L V6 before year end and can use a little help. I am having a hard time following the forum threads and apologize for asking for information that probably is here in some form. I am in NY in the lower Hudson Valley. I was going to begin contacting dealers today, but am at a bit of a loss as to how best to do this. Should I just contact them through their websites and try to get a price? Am I better off calling by telephone? And finally, how much time do i need allow so the transaction can be completed in the next few days?

    Again, apologies for these basic questions, but I haven't purchased a car for about 12 years and the last time, after coming up with what I thought was a reasonable price based on my research and some failed negotiations at dealers, I just called a dealership in New Jersey, told them what I was willing to pay and eventually got a call back telling me they would agree to the price and come pick it up :-). It would be great not to have to go into a dealership to negotiate.

    Many thanks.

  • ctr123ctr123 Posts: 7
    edited December 2013

    hi experts, i am newbie here. i am planning to buy 2014 accord lx. below is a quote i got in ca from a dealer. could you plz guide me on how much further I can reduce the price for. The quote I got from other dealers are in this range with +/-100 in this price. I see flex cash is not applied here, i read only selective dealers apply that. any other useful input will be helpful.

    Vehicle Price:  $23,545.00   
    Market Savings:     -  $3,046.96     
    Vehicle Selling Price:  $20,498.04   
    Sales Tax:  + $1,854.64      
    Registration Fees: + $203.00     
    Flat Add/County Fee, Electronic Filing, Smog Fee: + $69.00   
    Documentation Fee:  +   $80.00   
    Balance Due (estimate):         $22,713.43
  • Hi Experts,

    I am planning to buy 2014 Honda Accord Sedan without Navigation White Color in next 1-2 day. Can you please suggest what is the best "OUT OF THE DOOR" price for this car in Charlotte North Carolina. Also is this good time to buy or should i wait for January ? Is this good idea to get all accessories from Dealer or getting from outside. Some dealer say that the car is having accessories of 2500$ which i don't believe.

    Thanks in advance.

  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17

    @veers, I'm actually out in Texas, so having the car shipped to me would be an added expense. So even if I was to find a deal that's maybe $500 more here compared to up north, I'd rather just deal locally. I really appreciate the help and advise you and Brian are giving newbies like me. Thank you! :)

  • Hi Experts,

    I am planning to buy 2014 Honda Accord Sedan without Navigation White Color in next 1-2 day. Can you please suggest what is the best "OUT OF THE DOOR" price for this car in Charlotte North Carolina. Also is this good time to buy or should i wait for January ? Is this good idea to get all accessories from Dealer or getting from outside. Some dealer say that the car is having accessories of 2500$ which i don't believe.

    Thanks in advance

  • veersveers Posts: 81

    @naazin, oh in that case try autonation in corpus christi, they might give you a good deal.

  • what should be the best price to ask for including everything.(out of the door) ?

  • lil_owllil_owl So-CalPosts: 47
    @laandrew @gfunk80 @johnnguyen714

    Just wanted to give you guys a tip. I created a truecar profile (using a different name) and got multiple quotes by changing my user profile zip code. Some of these quotes were slightly less than Spreen. Might be able to use these numbers when you negotiate.
  • glenglen Posts: 17


    I paid $20,400 for same vehicle (CVT) , however the Doc fee was $50, Title & License was $230, tire fee was $18.75. WATCH THE FINANCING, My financing was 1.49% with a $200 back for using credit union.

    Received email from one of the dealers who quoted me, Anderson Honda with 2014 Accord CVT for 20,388. They are in Palo Alto.

  • tt34tt34 Posts: 2

    Did any one buy 2014 Honda Accord LX in Seattle, WA area recently? How much the base price and OTD price? How much the new car sale tax rate? Which dealer do you buy the car from? Thanks!

  • naazimnaazim Posts: 17
    edited December 2013

    @veers said:
    naazin, oh in that case try autonation in corpus christi, they might give you a good deal.

    Thanks, Ive gone ahead and contacted them requesting a price quote. Let's see what they say. Fingers crossed.

  • With all these OTD prices, is lease never a good idea? How does one convert a good OTD price to a good lease deal?

  • Glen,
    Thanks a lot for sharing the info. Anderson quoted me $100 more. Is it reasonable to ask for 20,000 or 20,100 for LX CVT.

  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240

    lil owl

    Almost all dealers will honor that true car price. But to get that price the vehicle must be in dealers lot.. True car is a good tool to use in Negotiations.. Some area's will net a better deal than other area's. Thats your leverage to tell local dealers meet or beat this price..

    If true car is not the lowest price in your area you need to keep on negotiating. Make dealers meet your target price.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • neil_hneil_h Posts: 11

    Going to pickup a 2014 Accord EX-L tomorrow morning. Will post price after the deal is complete.

    When I called Geico to add the vehicle to my insurance they offered a 7 year/100000 mile extended warranty, bumper to bumper, with emergency breakdown service and rental reimbursement. Cost is about $88/year. Interesting thing was they added by default (since it cannot be added later) but said if I changed my mind, I could call and drop that warranty coverage.

    I was planning to go with Hondacare extended warranty. Don't have the price yet (will get online quote from Saccucci and Bernadi) but let's say if it is the same, which one would be the better option?

  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240
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    Your target price to buy should be from 800 below invoice to 1500. this is a good price range to be in. Most smart shoppers and edmund members are in this range price across the counrty...Very few folks have recieved a better below invoice price than 1500 on a 2014 model. In your state the markets are not selling that low.

    To get that 1500 below plus you would need to get many dealerships involved, be in the right area, really know how to negotiate. I suggest you read back 7 to 10 pages in here to get a idea on area pricing in your state and learn how the best way to negotiate a good deal.

    OTD pricing consists of your states taxes, tags , and doc fee charge. Every state has a different OTD price.

    You need to work on Lowest selling price.

    If you have high doc fee charges in your state you need to counter them in your asking price so its a wash on the bill of sale.

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • StingRayStingRay Posts: 3
    edited December 2013

    Great Info here

  • glenglen Posts: 17
    edited December 2013


    Anderson was $400 higher when getting quotes last week for me too, then they sent me an ad for $12 cheaper than I paid at Maita. You can offer any price you wish but make sure they don't jack-up other fee's to compensate. Financing is another area they use to their favor. You also might try Honda of Concord. I would say $20k to $20.8 is what they will sell for depending on dealer, in bay area. Offer them $20k RIGHT NOW and see if they go for it. FWIW I ended up at Maita Honda in Citrus Heights.

  • **Hi all,

    I'm looking to purchase a new 2014 Honda Accord either the EX-L w/Nav or EX-L V6 w/Nav. My location is lower Fairfield County, CT where the dealers are crazy high. You all helped with my last car. Got a great deal then. Hoping I could get some help with pricing on these two cars now. The sooner the better as I need new wheels. My old Honda finally got put out to pasture.

    In addition to prices, any thoughts on why Consumer Reports panned the Accord this year. It's always been a great car.

    Thanks in advance, diva**

  • brian125brian125 New York Posts: 5,240
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    800 to 1500 below invoice is a good deal. with 1500 plus being a top deal. Most educated buyers and us here in edmunds fall into these numbers. North east region NY,NJ, CT, deals are nowhere near that 1500 mark. If there is any one great time to buy its in the next couple of days.

    1500 below on any model accord may be do-able. It mine as well be you DIVA.... Re-read our posts so your ready to negotiate the lowest possible deal.

    Try New Rochelle Honda --- high volume and they do deal at months end. Hopefully they are working on last days / end of the year incentives.

    Friendly and Yonkers honda may also be good this weekend into monday..

    Ny doc fee's are only 75 dollars

    Sunday into monday is the superbowl of car buying. On these last days your on the goal line with alot of dealerships you have there full attension. Go for it... LOL................

     Good luck to all 

    2016 BMW X-5 35i, 2012 MB ML350

  • glenglen Posts: 17
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    Just checked Consumer Reports online, they claim the car can be had for $19,920 in SF Bay Area. So your $20K is very possible! It was $ higher a few days ago. EX CVT for $22,588

  • HI Again everyone,

    So I've just spent the last hour or so reading all of the posts back for the last couple of months. As I previously mentioned, I'm trying to buy a V6 without NAV in NY, NJ, CT area. A lot of dealerships don't seem to have the color combination I want, so I might need to go to something else. Anyway, I requested quotes from a number of places today and with the exception of one quote. which was just ridiculous, I either didn't get any reply or the only reply I got was please give us a call. In addition to New Rochelle, Yonkers and Friendly, which Brian referred to, are there other dealerships in the area that are known to be good for internet sales? Any particularly to stay away from?

    Also, I am trying to figure out what is realistic for a target price this time of the year. I was thinking $1500 under invoice incl. destination (so somewhere around 27K -- less if I have to pay more than NY doc fee) plus TTL , but I don't know if this is realistic. Thoughts?

    I need to replace a car, but it's not necessarily urgent, but I figure this is the best time to buy. I am also not averse to making a deal on a Camry if I could do better on one of those (hope that's not heresy :-))

    Thanks much for all the info here!

  • South Florida - Sedan EXL V6 (Non-Nav)

    I want to say thank you to all the good folks posting insightful information on how to negotiate and obtain car pricing. I was able to send many emails today and obtain prices each one reducing. I was able to even receive a Purchase Order with the price breakdown. I wanted to ask you folks to help determine if it's a good deal. There is one questionable figure (i'll put in CAPS), but I think they put this together to play around with the numbers and meet my number. I was seeking a 2013 but was offered this 2014. So far it's the lowest I've been quoted:

    Vehicle Price: 26,098
    6% Tax: 1627.65
    Doc/Processing Fee 124.00
    Tire/Battery 6.50
    Lemon Law 2.00
    Tag/Registration 175.00

    28,982.12 OTD

    Is this a good deal. I'm willing to pull the trigger, but before I do, I want to ask previous dealers if they can beat the price. What are your thoughts. Thanks again.

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